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07/19/2007 10:00 PM

Okay, first, Scrapper, your company is "Wham-O Energy Drinks", your team leader/sponsor, Dax Liviker, likes explosions, showmanship, and flashy piloting, and doesn't mind overhauling your walker after a battle, as long as you put on a good show! which you and talon have over-whelmingly given the crowd, making you serious fan favorite, your partner, talon's sheet is as follows (just so we (as in me) remember)

Pilot Name: Talon Mendath

Walker name: Goliath

Weight Class: Super Heavy

Weapons: 2 Shoulder mounted long range cannons, Right Hand mounted gattling gun (slug throwing), left hand mounted grenade launcher, Bicep mounted Radar Jammer

Combat Style: Talon fights from as far away as possible, using the super heavy cannons as much as possible. Most of his boosters are calibrated for moving backwards and strafing, to keep himself out of the blast radius of the cannons.

Pilot Personality: Talon has an "explosive" personality. He is known as a maniac, a loose cannon, and a danger to himself and others.


Evilmouse! You are sponsored by "Imperial Auto Financing". Your sponsor, Victor De'Elliot, likes consistancy and excellence. He dispises excessive risk taking, and does not tolerate failure. You are one of the best paid pilots, and having one of the fewest losses on record, deserve that pay, but alot is expected of you, and your partner:

Pilot Name: Frejia Delray

Walker name: The Blade Mistress

Weight Class: Light

Weapons: RH mounted plasma blade, LH mounted pulse pistol, shoulder mounted Chaff, Bicep mounted shield augmenter.

Combat Style: Frejia is fast and deadly. She aims her blade for the center servo of a mech, and tears them in half. Outside of melee her mech is little but evasive. Her entire mech is built towards staying alive at the alotted starting range, getting into close combat, and finishing the fight quick.

Pilot Personality: Frejia is quiet and business-like. Many people say that she doesn't have any friends at all, and she likes it that way. She is good at what she does, and continues to do it well, which is exactly what her sponsor is looking for.


Okay guys, thats it. If there are any changes you want to make to your mech, make them now, and post your final character sheet up here. Remember, everything is tit for tat, if your mechs weapons systems are really advanced, like Evilmouse's, then your mechs armor and shields will suffer, as your generator will be working to keep those killer weapons online. If your weapons are more simple, and quirky like Scrapper's are, then expect to have better armor. All in all, I don't plan on combat being the key element here, though it will add to the story, which is why I am going to handle it myself, in a "through the eyes of the crowd" style. I really want to get into the secret lives of these super celebrity pilots, and how they interact with eachother.

If you have any changes you would like made to your team-mate, or if I have completely misjudged your character in some way, and assigned you a sponsorship that doesn't really fit their personality, then post it here, and we can hash it out. If you are satisfied with everything, then just re-post the official version of your character sheet, and we can get this underway, and you can start meeting some of the other personalities that will be your competition as pilots, your friends off the battle platform, and your day-to-day work asides.

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07/20/2007 8:33 AM

What about Pacs? He doesn't have a sponsorship... Sniff.

07/20/2007 8:57 AM

I have a box of tissues here, I too have been taking this hard. LOL

07/20/2007 9:05 AM

:-P I think it is cuz you posted after he started the thread. I am sure he will let you in tho.

07/20/2007 9:13 AM

sry yo be so late to post. I kept checking the genral to threadsloke a dimwit... Um... Can someonedo me a favor and copy/pasted char sheet in here for me? I dont have Internet, and I post with my iPhone... But of doesnt have copy paste, and I reallydo t wanna retype the whole thing... Its easy for you people and your fancy keyboards... Buri have a really tiny onethat makes everything ten times harder.

07/20/2007 9:18 AM

*laughs* Yeah I can see that.

Name: Trent Backlash

Mech name: RAB-13

Wieght class: middle wieght


1 shoulder mounted long range high powered rifle ( shoots explosive, uranium depleted, armor piercing rounds. Massive damage from afar, not oprable up close. When not in use it flips back and imbeds itself into his back, so as to keep from getting hit, and to prevent throwing his mech off balance in high speed manuvers. )

2 5 shell explosive shotguns mounted on each fore arm ( shoots five shells at once. Massive damage up close, near to none from afar. )

2 foot mounted rocket boosters for inceased speed, and momentary flight.

Combat style: a death dealer from long range, or close range. Trent has a small window at mid-range where his shotguns cant reach and his rifle accuracy drops to nill. But from afar when his shoulder mounted rifle is out and trailing, Trent can disable a mech in one round. At close range his shotguns can blow limbs and weapons from mechs. To keep his weakness near impossible to take advantage of he uses his two extra, high powered rocket boosters to keep himself either very close or very far from his target. Having developed a reputation as one of the most skilled and well rounded fighters in the league, Trent lives and breaths mech fighting. Always doing maitenance and checks in his mech daily, Trent doesnt have a life. And after just recently losing his last teamate in mech battle, Trent is now looking for a new one.

Pilot personality: Trent is a shy guy, who doesnt spend much time outside his hanger. He is always covered in some kind of grease or grime from his mech, which he constanly keeps in tip-top shape. He keeps his hanger in just a good as his mech, everything is always clean and in a specific place.

07/20/2007 9:48 AM

:-P I think it is cuz you posted after he started the thread. I am sure he will let you in tho.

Yea I know, so I'm not fussed...well not yet anyway hehehe. All in good time eh.

Its easy for you people and your fancy keyboards... Buri have a really tiny onethat makes everything ten times harder.

Hey the fact you can type anything on that tiny thing is a miracle in itself keep up the good work though!

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07/20/2007 12:51 PM

thanks!! But that last post was really bad, usually I try to keep it neat and semi- gramatically correct. But if someone wouldn't mind copy/pasting my character sheet for me that would be a great help. But I will be getting Internet here shortly hopefully... We will see.

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07/20/2007 1:02 PM

Already did.

07/20/2007 1:03 PM

LOL... I really am stupid... Thanks verbal scrapper for doing that, I didn't notice when I was scrolling down. I need to slow down.

07/20/2007 1:05 PM

OK, I have one question, is there any kind of ban on using liscensed characters?

07/20/2007 1:08 PM

so are we waiting de smeone to make a first post or is it open season on that empty thread?

*cocks shotgun*

Because I'm ready! LOL

07/20/2007 2:13 PM

If you are ready to go, and happy with your character sheet, please just repost a final version of your character sheet.

I would prefer that all characters are original characters Dark, but if you really want to, by all means.

and... pacs... lemme go over to the intrest thread and see what I can come up with!

07/20/2007 2:24 PM

Okay Pacs, you are sponsored by "Reinz Trucks" an industrial truck manufacturer. Your team leader Micheal Reinz, is the son of the company owner. He likes tough mechs with even tougher pilots. He doesn't get on your too bad if you lose, but of course, cracks open a few beers for the boys in the hanger when you win.

Your Team-mate:

Name: Logan Bremol

Mech name: Behemoth

Wieght class: Super Heavy

Weapons: Behemoth is armed with 2 forward firing super-bazooka's, tooled from military grade anti-tank cannons. Supported by two enormous missle housings on each shoulder, capable of firing dozens of homing missiles at once.

Combat style: Behemoth is heavilly armored and tightly riveted. He has never lost by mech destruction, only by judges decision. His armor is nearly impregnable, and uses almost no sheilding.

Pilot personality: Logan is over-weight, and a bit of a drunk, but he loves being on WWTV and is always looking for ways to get more power from his generator, so he can slap another layer of armor on Behemoth.

07/20/2007 2:27 PM

are we ready? I'm at work and its incredibly slow, so I am ready when you are.

07/20/2007 2:48 PM

Its up. We are ready! Post away!

Oh, and in referance to the whole "mech jargon" thing. I have played basically every mech game there is out there, and really.... i just make things up as I go along

"Forward mounted super-bazooka" ?

C'mon. Whats the difference between a super bazooka and a regular one? I dunno. I mean.. this one is the size of a volkswagon, but other than that.....


Just use your imagination, have fun, and let the drama flow! I'll take care of the blowing things up. hahaha

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07/20/2007 3:06 PM

right!!! Its on!!! Bout damn time!

07/20/2007 3:06 PM

right!!! Its on!!! Bout damn time!

07/20/2007 4:04 PM

Hehehe! Well.. I was kidna holding out for a third person. And one showed up!

07/20/2007 7:37 PM

Name: Jin Saotome

Mech Name: Blodia

Weight class: Heavyweight

Weapons: The Blodia is equipped with modified Power Knuckles for close quarters attacks, a heavy BIT orbital auto-cannon, and top of the line Command Walker combat legs allowing for high-speed movement and housing the standard 4x LRM, 2x SRM, and a modified 'Razors Edge' stablizer (foot).

Combat Style: Blodia is a high-speed, close combat Cybot with only a single layer of medium armor. The excess power allowed by the abscense of heavy armor is used to increase the strength of the Blodia without sacrificing speed. At long range, the Blodia's BIT unit begins to fire its light laser and Blodia uses it's small array of missles as a minor defense until it can get in close and shred its enemies. Blodia is one of the few mechs without AI assisted combat piloting. Jin prefers, instead to focus the AI on targeting and information.

Pilot Personality: Jin's father (Ken Saotome) belonged to a unit that was killed in an accident one year before the start of Walker Wars. To honor his memory he seeks to become the best mech pilot alive and wants to prove his worth through the mech battle circuit. Jin's mood goes from calm to rage within seconds, but he remains a good guy.

07/20/2007 8:17 PM

Pilot Name: Sal Mannix

Walker name: Vault

Weight Class: Super Heavy.

Weapons: 1 Rapid Mini Quad-Ion Pulse Barrel rotating around left forearm of Walker, 6 Short range Slug Missiles from chest. 2 X-Series MRM, Single Bolt Waist Cannon.

Combat Style: Close Combat, takes the hits of a number of combinations long range and short range weapons, with Medium to Heavy Armour Plated 11 Series, High Density Shield Generator is the key to the amount of punishment that can be taken as near inpenetrable as the sheilds are the time is limited and if Vault is unable to take down mech in the first several encounters of attacks his crushing Zephyr 230 powered Mech will count for nothing if shields fail and often Sal relies on the shields too much to fully punish the opponents.

Pilot Personality: Sal the quiet behemoth at near seven foot tall, the most patient, passive man you'll ever meet. Avoids confrontation where neccesary...yet if you somehow manage, he is the most ferocious fighter if you ever reach his temper. Built like his walker, walks like his walker, and definitely fights like his walker close combat is not a option for opposing man or machine.
Has been out of the scene for a number of years, wants to prove to himself again that he still has what it takes to be amongst the best in the mech industry.

07/23/2007 12:51 PM

I take it I'm not invited to this party...

07/23/2007 12:52 PM

hey is anyone going to post anything? This is a fun one I dont want it to die....

07/23/2007 12:56 PM

If I could I would say yes, but its not my thread... He may not want anyone new in since its already started.

07/26/2007 5:22 PM

You know, you could at least give me a yes or no...whatever...forget it...

07/27/2007 8:44 PM

I would't fret Dark. Crix hasn't been on this post in a bit. He's not ignoring you he is just preoccuppied.

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