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07/08/2007 6:25 PM

This is the thread for the EarthSea thread you are welcome to join just read the thread in the interest query, then post a character there and I will give you the O.K. the just copy paste.

I have made up my mind and we are going to do the last 2 weeks of the school year then we will set off on the quest.

This is my character's sheet and we can get this under way!

Name: Kino

Magic Spec: Natural

Looks: Kino has reddish blond hair which is pulled back into a ponytail. It is tied back with a grape vine with a hawks feather in it. He is 6 feet tall and has light blue eyes. He is quite pail and is pretty hairy on his face were he has a 5 o'clock shadow.

Origin: Kino comes from the northern isles were he lived on the island, Dragon's Roust. He grew up whaling with his father to make a modest living. At the age of 12 he was putt under apprenticeship of the local wizard, who was a master at Natural magic. At the grand age of 14 he was shipped off to the academy of mages.

Age: 16

Weapon: A yew staff, on it is carved a sparrowhawk chasing a mouse. And a fine steel rapier.

Boat: A whaling canoe with a side support on the left side with a cloth sail with a faded picture or a sparrowhawk.

Equipment: Kino prefers a green hooded robe with a leather left shoulder were his pet sparrowhawk perches, he also has a book with symbols with a chain that runs from the book to his belt. The book was given to him by his master when he left it is said it has unknown powers that only a master can gain but he keeps it as a good luck charm.

Other: Always has a sparrowhawk summoned. Kino doesn't like school but loves magic and he stays in school with the love of the craft. He once in a while cheats on tests by using the "Eye of the Beast" power while his pet is flying around the room.

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07/09/2007 7:36 AM

Name: Sarth

Magic Spec: Fire

Looks: Sarth has bright red medium length red hair that goes down to his shoulders. It is usually unkept and in disarray. His eyes are a dark green. Wears a black tunic with hints of red in it. He is short and stocky, with large muscles.

Origin: Lived at the island of brenter where his father was a knight. His father, from birth, taught Sarth everything about weapons. Despite his age and short size, he has a quick temper and is skilled in martial arts and multiple weapons. One day a wizard visited his villiage and told him he had great potential to learn magic. Sarth went with him, a master of fire magic. This man tought him a lot about fire magic and took him to the acadamy. Sarth was never the kind of magic person though and, because of his quick temper, is constantly getting into fights with magic, fists, and steel.

Age: 18

Weapon: An oak staff and two gladius short swords.

Boat: His own boat was destroyed by a rival of his in a magic duel. His rival destroyed it and then Sarth almost beat him to death but was apprehended in time. Now he hitches rides with other people, rents a boat, and is trying to build another one.

Equipment: His short swords belonged to his father. His father died shortly after Sarath left Brentar. Sarth went back and took the swords and a his father's diary. His father's death is a large contributor to Sarth's temper.

Other: Outside of combat, Sarth is easily angered. In battle, Sarth is calm and cool, always calculating the next move. Sarth has a reputation of a trouble maker and a violent person at the acadamy and is always avoided. Is being constantly told by instructors that he could be a great mage if he left behind his "Crude close range ways". However, because of his father's influence, he ignores these and strives to develope a unique technique that combines magic and his own combat.

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