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06/18/2007 12:12 PM

Basically, this RP is about the life of prisoners in the California State Prison. You have this schedule each day: breakfast in cells, then Yard time for 2 hours, then 5 mins of showers, then cell for the rest of the day (there are other meals but that's not important.)

A block is the home of the people who told who was a gang leader, or otherwise lost all respect.

B block is the hard-core criminals

C block is the lesser but still bad criminals

Chara sheet:

Block (you may get moved to A but choose B or C depending on your crime


He has already been in prison for 6 months and has little respect. He is tall and muscular, due to his past life as professional boxer and wrestler.

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06/18/2007 4:15 PM


C'mon- you've been around long enough know to know that before you post an RP thread [b]you put a post up in the interest forum[/b], otherwise dead threads just end up cluttering the boards.

You also need to give a [i]purpose[/i] for your story- is it just about hanging out and character development, or is it about seeing who's going to prove to be the alpha dog, or is it about staging a riot/takeover?

06/20/2007 6:55 AM

All three. What would YOU do if you were in prison?

06/20/2007 7:05 AM

Maybe it was a prison that was going to be overtaken by zombies- or where the prisoners were being experiemented on by the government, physically or psychologically.
Who knows?

That's the kind of info you need to give in a thread.

And I'll try to refrain from mentioning that there have been no expressions of interest, kind of proving my initial point.

Oh, whoops- my bad.

06/20/2007 11:07 AM

It's a ordinary prison. But if you hate the idea, just let it die.

06/20/2007 2:56 PM

You're not getting it- I wasn't critiquing the idea, my two points were only that, firstly, you really should post it in the interest forums first as you tend to get a better reaction, and secondly that if you'd given a bit more info on the type of storyline it would give people a greater idea of whether it would be something they were interested in.

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