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06/15/2007 8:16 PM

The year 603 in the world of Aregium.

For a picture of Aregium, visit this site:


Plot Outline:

Jilom, for some reason, has suddenly started to mass hunt, kill, or capture Wyrms, with no explanation given. Aeria will soon be taken, and the Wyrm number is dwindling. Few have escaped so far; some enter Endervorr by intruding on its airspace. Others fly to other islands, seeking refuge. Some even try to blend in Jilom; not transforming, keeping their features hidden.

The Wyrm have no reason to be attacked, nor do they want to fight back, in case of further provocation. What are they to do? What is Garrum to do? An exile from his country, he is unable to return and help them; but he cannot sit idly by.

And so Garrum goes to find answers. Seek help. Do what he can. Unlike the other Wyrms who are taking this passively, he is not accepting of this fate. There must be some way to save them.

The continents

Jilom - About 80% Human, 15% Elf, 3% Kemono, 2% Other. Jilom is mainly human, and sports a wasteland near its northern peaks and a dense forest near the south. The large cape on the north-eastern side is sparsely populated, and somewhat cut off because of the hard travel through the wasteland. It has only one Warp Gate; in Meren, the capital. Not even Echi, the center of trade, has a Warp Gate. Covered in many roads, from the trade roads, to travel roads, to small carriage-worn roads scattered all over.

Endervorr - About 20% Human, 40% Elf, 30% Kemono, 10% Other. Endervorr is the more racially diverse of the two, and has a larger center of trade, Ahmus. It has two widely used Warp Gates, one at Ahmus and another at Yarshe, its capital. It has many ruins scattered about, since it is closer to Illithien; it is rumored that the elves came here first and built ruins and glyphs to facilitate travel; however, many are hidden and unused. Endervorr consists mainly of plains; but the Great Plains that take up the southern half are more flat, and better for farming; while the northern plains are hilly and provide cavers and hiding spots for the Gates.

Both continents are about the same in technology; which is comparable to that of our regular fantasy era (about Medieval times? Maybe a little more advanced.)

The Islands

Illithien - Home to the elves, the two islands are essentially giant mountains, with small valleys and forests littered around them. In the center of both mountains are ancient glyph chambers; to facilitate warping between the islands, and other islands of the world.

Aeria - Aeria is only reachable by sky; but that is simply because the waters around it are in a constant state of tumble and whirpool. It consists of four islands, each one housing different aerial kemono. From north to south, they are the Crows, the Ravens, the Wyrms, and the Herons. They have built their cities and villages in the treetops, and thus their landscape is much like a giant forest all around; with normal trees twice their regular size because of the small usage of ground space.

Heyir Streit - Home to all kemono, Heyir Streit was at first simple islands connected by sand bars that arose during low tides. Many islands also house other races, but since the islands are to small, the races don't have much to propagate with. Now, they also sport Warp Glyphs, and are a center of trade, as well as being the only way, by ground, to go from Jilom to Endervorr (only during low tides, as sand bars are then visible and tangible).

Anilan Isle - Once larger, Anilan Isle is slowly sinking into the waters. The resulting tidal waves have destroyed much of nearby Jilom; and has now turned part of Jilom into a desolate, barren, wasteland. Anilan Isle, however, sports the worlds largest compendium of knowledge; Anilan Library. Currently, many scholars are transporting books from Anilan to all over, to preserve the knowledge. Also sports Warp Glyphs for access to other islands.

Meinos Cluster - The cluster of islands where the minotaurs live. Not many are living at the moment; but if one were to go there, one would find a vast plain of hills, and each hill having a door; an entrance into the underground mines and metalworks of the minotaurs. There are only two Warp Glyphs on the isles, and no one is sure which ones have them.

Biraz and Yazir - Twin volcanic isles, each with the exact same landscape. However, Biraz is home to more Fire Sprites than Yazir. Both have Warp Glyphs located in deep chambers of the volcanoes. The lava here is also shipped to the Meinos Cluster for metalworking, as it exhibits odd qualities of being able to be held without fear of burning while in solid form, but exudes an extremely high degree of heat in solid form.

Jarmis Isle - Home to Werebeasts and the Demonlings. Jarmis Isle is in a constant state of fighting; but not war. Their rule is that only the strongest, most cunning, and most knowledgeable is fit to rule. Therefore, every year, there is a sort of contest held; for all of Aregium to participate. The winner is titled ruler of Jarmis, and defends his or her crown the following year. Also has Warp Glyphs.

Races of Aregium

Humans - Typical, meaty, menfolk. Womenfolk too. Healers, laborers, scholars. They can do just about anything they really put their mind to. They're not very attuned to much, but with training and diligence, they can be extremely potent or knowledgeable in their fields. Live to about 100 approximately. Very good with technology; although what technology is at this time, isn't very advanced. They did, however, create the warp glyph system using the elves' ancient chambers, and facilitated quick warps between select islands.

Elves - Not your typical tall, pointy eared, majick users or arrow shooters. Their only difference is that they're born with a crystal in their forehead, and are actually the same height and build of men. The crystal, however, gives them a sort of enhanced resistance to majick. Thus, many elves stray down the path of majician, or hunter; since they can deal with any majick with ease. There have been, however, warrior-like elves, as well. Longest living race; known to live for an approximation of five thousand years. They grow at a normal human's rate until they are anywhere from 18-35 years old. Then aging stops. Their crystal also reflects their age. The brighter it is, the younger they are. Eventually, all crystals go black, and the elves start to age again; albeit it slowly. However, when the crystals are black, they have the most effect. The crystals go grey when they die.

Kemono - Beastmen. They have the ability to transform into certain animals at any point in time. Wolves, Tigers, Lions, Ravens, Crows, and Bears are the most common; though there are many other ones out there. Wyrms used to be common, but are now being hunted out of existence. Known to be more human-like and can blend easier with humans. However, when transformed, most beastmen cannot speak the "Common Tongue", but cna communicate to other beastmen with growls and such. A few beastmen have taught themselves the ability to speak "Common Tongue" even when transformed, however. Also quite long lived, but lifespan varies with race. Wolves and Bears live the shortest, about 2000 years, whereas Wyrms can grow as old as 8000 years old. That isn't to say that Bears can't live 4000 years, or a Wyrm might die of old age at 5000 years old.

Werebeasts - The result of a majician's attempt at becoming Kemono, gone wrong. Werebeasts are like kemono in the fact that they can change into a more feral-like form; but they retain their human form. Thus, one would be a werebeast, but stand on two legs. Just have the strength, body, and appearance of their respective beast. Also known to have more feral urges than the kemono. They are also born with a crystal in their forehead, thus giving them a certain resistance to some majicks; however the crystal's colour never changes.

Sprites - Much smaller people, the sprites are quite common; but most tribes are difficult to locate. Each tribe of Spritelings are attuned to a certain element. The wind sprites, for example, live in the clouds. The water sprites live in the sea, or close to it. Based on their element, they can also use respective majick attuned to that element, and receive boosts of strength when they are near their own element of kind. They can vary in appearance as well. Water sprites may look like mermaids, or even be actual dolphins, or may just be human-like in their appearance, just miniature. It has never been reported to see a sprite over three feet tall.

Demonlings - Not quite demons, per se, but they do have qualities of demons. They have the odder skin tones; red, orange, some even blue or green. They exhibit qualities much like a human; they look the same as a human in every aspect but their colours. They can also sport other distinctions, like horns, tusks, or tails. They're adept with any majick except healing, and though they don't sport crystals like the elves, they do have a resistance to majick. However, they tend to age at an odd pace. One year they might not age, the next two years they might leap from an apperance of 5, to 16. Somehow, they end up living to about 3000 years old, before their body gives up on them.

Other races - Few sightings of other races have been reported; but there are a few races that are notable. One are the minotaurs, friendly and tall, and great smithers. They live on a cluster of islands.

Majick compendium

Cantatio - Majick that requires incantations. Divided into many schools, such as Healing, Destruction, Enchantment, Protection, Bolstering. Also practiced in many languages, from different dialects, to different languages altogether. Cannot directly change surroundings.

Mentis - Majick that is thought of. More spontaneous, and usually also more flexible. The user can bend their surroundings to change. For example, if one is standing in a cave, a Mentis expert could will the stalactites and stalagmites to grow or shrink depending on their situation. It is usually weaker than Cantatio strength-wise; but with usability, it can be quicker on the get-go.

Sprite Majick - Majick that only sprites use based on their element. A mix of Cantatio and Mentis, and more deadly if the sprite is near their home element. Exhibits weakness in elements that would obviously be contrary to their own. For example, Water Sprites would not do well in a volcano, or near a desert; but then Fire Sprites will not do good near water, or snow.

Beast Majick - More feral and savage, Beast Mages have also been called GeoMantras. Their majick is much like Mentis in that it relies on what their surroundings are; but is only usable by Kemono and Werebeasts. They also consider "Nature" their element. In the forest, one may use the peace and serenity to enhance healing; where as near a mountain, one could call upon the metals and rock to become shields, or bolster their garments to become stronger.

Glyphus - Majick that uses inscribed glyphs. Since all Glyphus creates doors to other places, this is used a lot for warping, travel, or summoning. The larger the Glyph, the more energy required to activate it, and the more time. One can activate a glyph just by touching it and summoning their majick as needed.

Summoning - A mix of both Cantatio and Mentis, Summoning majicks do just that; summon other-worldy beasts and entities. Although, summons are generally weaker than Glyphus summons; since they are generally faster to summon and do not require the drawing of a glyph.


"Common Tongue": Essentially the "Humans Language", Common Tongue is a language created by man, derived from Elvish, and other languages. There are different dialects, sayings, and phrases in Common Tongue that vary from place to place


Will update more when needed.

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06/15/2007 8:16 PM

Physical Description: (Eyes, Hair, Skin, Clothes, Accessories, Weapons, Anything you can SEE)
Majick user? (Please, keep things balanced) If so, what kind?

06/15/2007 9:34 PM

do we have to repost our char sheets from the interest forum?

06/16/2007 6:11 AM

You should, just so it's all in one place.

06/16/2007 11:42 AM

Name: Parth Bolder

Race: Kemono (Turns into a Gray wolf)

Age: 953

Gender: Male

Physical Description: He turns into a gray wolf and when that happens, has gray fur. When he is in Human form, he has gray hair on his head, he also has a gray tail. When in human form he wears light clothes that permit him to run fast. His human weapon is a gladius which is a short sword. Whether he is wolf or human form, he always wears an emerald pendant around his neck with an enscription he has yet to decipher. In both forms, he wears his backpack with personal belongings in it.

Majick user: Yes, created his own form. It is a combination of Mentis with Beast Majick.


Parth was born on Endervorr somewhere near Ahmus. His parents were killed when he was born and all that was left behind was a Emerald pendant that described who Parth was. It is a emerald in the center of a golden amulet, the gold has inscriptions in a differn't language. Parth was taken in by a human family that eventually died of old age. Parth spent the rest of his life wandering, making friends, making enemys, and looking for the answer.

06/16/2007 8:02 PM

name: mesuko
race: human
age: 25
gender: male

physical des.: brown eyes/hair, tan skin, has on brown leather vest over a long, thick white shirt, also wears brown pants with stitches in them and a pair of sandles, he has a golden necklace with the shape of a circle of throns with to triangles comeing out of the sides and a third triangle in the middle with a square around the whole piece, he has a longsword and a small knife that has a few carved in markings, on the left side of his face he has a scar along he face starting below his eyelid and curves around his mouth and ends below his lip.)

majick user: yes, mentis ( not a fully learned skill but has an ability to use it. )

background: mesuko was a lad that lived on the streets for most of his life. He always had the ability to do things with his will but it was hard to control. However one day as a stranger passed he acidentaly used his ability to throw another kid across the street. When the man noticed this he took mesuko in to train him to be a warrior. He also taught mesuko how to control his power more but sometimes he couldn't hold it in and it had grown to an amazing level of strength. He journyed with his mentor to many places and had been a mercenary for awhile. He gained his scar from a large battle he was in with other members of a guild that hired him for a difficult job that led them into a large encampment to save a few kidnapped women from a army of kemono bandits. One had come up behind him in the heat of battle and caught him a good slash across his face. He could've used his mind to heal it but he decided to keep it as a token of a job well done.
He was normally a man of jilom but when they started a mass genocide for no reason he sided with aeria and is known to do mercenary work for guilds against jilom and also occasionally goes with a gang known as the immortal warriors who he gets information from on jilom actions and movements. He rarely uses his powers but recently has been bothered by a shadowy figure about his powers.

06/16/2007 8:30 PM

Can we post in the RPG area?

06/16/2007 8:47 PM

Uh, yes? That's why I started it... >_>.

06/17/2007 6:05 AM

Ok, its just some people get all bitchy if you post in the story without permission.

06/17/2007 7:47 AM

>_> You'll find I'm pretty lax most of the time.

06/17/2007 2:39 PM

Name: Llor (SilverHand) Naolin
Race: Elf
Age: 1,326
Gender: Male

Physical Description: Llor is a tall elf, but if you saw him, you would think the opposite; he always is stooped over on his staff. The staff is made of ebony wood, but strangely, Llor has no trouble carrying it. It has a small knob of the same wood on the tip of it, which is enchanted, and can help him with his magick, if he is to weak. His hands are pale and his fingers dexterious. He wears a large silver shimmering silver cloak, made up of two layers of threads; one black, the other crystaline white, which merge into the silver you see, unless looked at from the side. Normally, he has his hood up, but if ever it is down, you can see the long, angular face. If you look at him, it is the eyes you are drawn to, pale grey, with small flecks of their former color, blue. These flecks of color, along with his hair and ears, are the only things left of his elven side, as all other features have been absorbed or twisted, through the long years of slow corruption. Llor is pale and skeletal, and can barely take any physical hardships.

Majick user? Yes, Llor is a cantotio magick user. He speaks in a language that sounds slightly like elvish, and has many of the same sounds and words, but is more powerful then normal magick, for the price of physical costs. For ever spell, Llor must expend one of the numerous leaves he keeps in secret pockets throughout his cloak, and without these leaves, he can only do the most basic spells.
ackground/History:Llor grew up as a normal elf, until he had almost become an adult. He grew up in the great house Naolin, but one day, due to his naivete, a criminal befriended Llor, and convinced him to steal an artifact from his house. Due to a sadistic nature and an awful sense of irony, the criminal then had Llor undergo a strange ritual, which drained his physical strength, but increased his mental capacity. After this, his family disowned him, and so he left the elves. He now hates all living things, but especially elves. He has acted as a traveling mage, coucilor of affairs, and scholar since then, barely earning enough money to keep him alive, if you call Llor living.

{If any of you have seen this before, I apologize, Im just trying to test this character out.}

Note: While it cant be seen, there is a small button on Llor's staff, which activates a level which looses a long stilleto-like knife out from the butt of his staff.

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06/17/2007 6:46 PM


YEah, I saw this in the character bio threads, I believe.

06/18/2007 10:41 AM

yep. Posted it there for a bit of critique, and edited it as such. Hey, is there a way to subscribe to threads on this? (Sorry, Im still a noob here... >.<)

06/18/2007 2:59 PM

I dunno, I just started myself. XD.

Oh, added a new thing to Kemono; most are unable to speak "Common Tongue" while transformed, though they can usually understand each other through growls and screeches; humans/elves/anyone who isn't a Kemono usually can't.

A few can, however. Just to leave it open. Just not many.

06/18/2007 8:06 PM

there is no way to subscribe to threads here. i checked.

06/19/2007 5:28 PM

I really love the idea and was wondering if there was room for me and my abnormal characters.

06/19/2007 5:39 PM

Well, why not submit a character sheet and we'll see?

06/19/2007 6:54 PM

I finnally got it done so here it is:

Name: Kreias

Race: Chimera (Mixture of animals not the classic serpent, lion, goat mix, I will specify which if you want me to.)

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Physical Description: Kreias is a rather odd looking person to say the least. He has eyes that seem to be a patchwork of different colors and shades varying greatly around his iris. His hair is also rather different varying from shades for brown to black and even platinum blond. Kreias' skin has blended more from prolonged exposure to sunlight into a relative shade of tan only varying slightly in shade. Kreias is generally wearing drab usually dusty canvas pants and a thin wool t-shirt. He can usually be found wearing along with his normal clothing a red bandana with a black thorn pattern on it to keep the sweat out of his eyes while he works. Apart from that all he is usually found with is farming tools and what ever else he may need to accomplish what he is told to do.

Majick user: No

Background/History: Kreias was "born" from the failed creation of a corrupted majick user. At first Kreias was just a mindless creature suited only for its purpose to kill, unfortunately he went out of control and in a last ditch effort by his master he was sealed into his current form. Now useless Kreias was disposed of and was supposed to be dead but a leak in the seal allowed a portion of his former strength and vitality to resurface allowing the drowning Kreias to reach land.

The next few years of his life he was introduced to the cruelty and hardships brought about by the xenophobia of man. Alone and afraid Kreias wandered blindly into a seemingly abandoned barn only to pass out. The next morning to his dismay he was discovered but instead of being beaten and sent away like all of the people before him he was allowed to stay and learned to work about the farm. He had finally felt at home when the seal holding his true self in broke, in one bloody night the family that had taken him in was mercilessly slaughtered leaving Kreias scarred yet again. Rejecting himself he reverted back to his human from and shunned his other self establishing a mental block shutting out what he really was as well as all the memories of his own cruelty.

He wandered another couple of years until finally he reached Jilom and applied to work on a farm for no pay and only what ever meals they would give him. Finally settling down he slowly calmed down finally enjoying life though not quite understanding the world around him.

If you want me to change or add anything let me know.

06/19/2007 7:29 PM

sry i had to control you guys alittle. you waited for me to show you the way so i wanted to make sure you guys got to the clans base safe. now your free to do as you please in there.

06/20/2007 4:15 AM

Race: Chimera (Mixture of animals not the classic serpent, lion, goat mix, I will specify which if you want me to.)

Please do.

sry i had to control you guys alittle. you waited for me to show you the way so i wanted to make sure you guys got to the clans base safe. now your free to do as you please in there.

That should be okay... I'll read the RP thread and make sure right now.

06/20/2007 8:58 AM

Hey, I'll just say a little bit more about my post. If its a question of power, Llor can only teleport to places he has seen, and then, he could only teleport short distances, plus all the time it takes. So, in a fight, Llor wouldnt be able to teleport without getting cut down, but for things like this, he can do it pretty easy.

(Just hope that clears things up, just in case.)

06/21/2007 12:42 PM

Sorry I took so long but life caught up to me for a little bit.

Anyway the combination of animals that makes up my character is: wolf, raven, and panther the general look of him in chimera form is basically wolf head, panther body and raven wings in scale to the body.

Hope this clears it up enough.

06/21/2007 5:15 PM

Okay, now have chimeras been created before? Because if so, Llor would probably have at least heard of them, so I want to try and keep his knowledge open... Or would that be the first chimera?

06/21/2007 7:35 PM

Well there are other islands, if you look at the map; and within all the countries, there are a small percentage of "other" races, so it's plausible to say that either its the first, OR that there are many chimeras.

It's your choice, really. Aregium is pretty open-ended.

06/22/2007 11:47 AM

Okay, and I just want to say one last thing. On monday, Im going to leave for a two-week vacation, and so I dont think I will be able to get on frequently, or for long periods of time. I apologize if Ive said this before, Im in a hurry, and so Im just going around, posting this in all of my RPs...

06/22/2007 12:28 PM

You guys do know its the Wyrms being hunted, not the Kemono. My character is a Kemono, Keiji is a Wyrm.

06/22/2007 12:35 PM

true. but think of other kemono possible being persecuted because of the war. either way the place is a sanctuary

06/22/2007 12:52 PM

Just curious but do I have the ok to post?

06/22/2007 6:25 PM

Yeah, I swore I said after you cleared up your chimera animals, you were okay to post. >_>.

Not all Kemono are being hunted. Which is the weird part. Only wyrms, no single other kemono is being hunted. That's why it was made specific.

And it's not really a war. It's more of a mass slaughter. The wyrms aren't fighting back; they've gone into hiding.

07/10/2007 6:45 PM

Hello? Is anybody there still, or am I checking this for nothing? If so, I'll just go to my other RP's...

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