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06/15/2007 2:25 PM

This is what your character needs-

Call sign-
Suit desc-
Suit Abilities-
Ship name and Desc-
Ship abilities-

I guess to help you figure out what kinds of abilites you might need understand this concept of the mines.

The mines are expansive complexes of both large areas and runnels as wel las narrow corridors, caverns, facilities and personel areas. The mines typiclly have soem form of automated security systems and infastructures (Repair areas, generators, etc)
In a mine you can probably expect to run into robotics, drones and machines for mining, delivery and other tasks.

Some parts of the mine might be too small for a ship to fit into and contain alot of the same components as the mine. Some areas might even be developed enough for un suited humans to work.

So keep a variety of ideas. Understand as a defender you not only need to be able to fight, but to sustain yourself and adapt to the enviroment as well.

I should also note that not nesaccarily all of the story will take place in the mines... Space, space stations, planet surfaces and cities are likely as well.

I'll post my char shortly

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06/15/2007 3:37 PM

Cut me some slack i go overboard on techno babble >.>

Call Sign: Bolt
Name: Matthew Vohey
Age: 24
Bio/Desc: Matthew is a realativly young martial defender that grew up working as a mechanic on a Jupiter spaceport. Later moving to work with a computer and robotics company he quickly grew bored with everyday civilian lifestyle and looked into the growing mining industry. It is unknown exactly what happened but apparently Matthew made some buisness agreement with a individual which allowed him to aqquire a MACH suit and SASE ship.
Matthew is 5'11 with dark hair moderatly grown out to his brow. He tends to be talkative and active, but not without a slightly reserved and even paranoid demeanor. Still realitivly new to the Defender buisness he is maybe even a bit too quick to be oblivious to the ture nature of what a Defender really is...

Suit Desc:
Blots suit is a lightweight modification of the normal MACH design. It is created speceifclly to fit in tight or narrow places. It also has a tool belt in which Bolt gains most of his abilities.

-RPCA(Remoted Personal Computer Assistant)- This small handheld device sports a wide array of uses within computers. With it he can access any computer or automated system to do whatever tasks he needs. It can also be hooked into a receptor on his suit to serve as a short distance scanner showing him various mineral readins around him distinguishing carbon based, Metal based and liquid based.

-Torch tool- Can weld or cut metal. Also has a screwdriver, wrench and knife.

-Jammer- This device emits a low power high concentration electronic signal that can temporarily malfunction mechanical devices such as turrets, weapons systems, cameras or drones.

-RHL (Remote Hacking Leech) This small disc device can be thrown and will adhere to a metal surface. From a distance of up to 500 meters it can then be accessed by the RPCA. Initally if attached to a machine or robot it allows Bolt to control the machine by hacking directly into its controls. It also has a sensor that can send live camera feed, infared feed and electronic detection feed. Also can be self destructed causing a minor emp blast.

As a weapon Bolt carries a C-14 multi shot rifle. The weapon sports 3 different firing modes. Using a unique magazine filled with metal or minerals it creates a small magneticly charged shard that fires at high velocity. It has semi and automatic firing modes. Underneath the barrel it has a smaller prong that emits a short range electric shock that can stun or disable targets.

Ship- Synapse II
The Synapse II is small medium armored ship with light shields capable of moving quickly and nimbly. It is armed with an array of gadgets about as varied as bolts suit himself.
It is armed with duel laser cannons and a single missile tube that can fire Concussion, Homing or Plasma torpedos.

Blink- Being too small to support a full powered hyperdrive engine Bolt's ship has a smaller version that sends his ship into hyperspace for a split second allowing him to move a short distance at light speed creating an almost instant jump.

Control- Bolts ship can remotely bypass systems allowing him to control machinery around him.

Drill- The sharp front end of his ship can heat up and drill through hardened minerals, walls or doors.

MAX- Bolt's ship can release a small drone named MAX that is a helpful drone with a small talkative AI. Max can follow him in suit form, or move in areas his ship can't reach. Max has various functions and can fire small flares to illuminate areas.

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06/15/2007 5:48 PM

okay i'm sorry this is sooooooo long. >.<


[b]Call sign:[/b] Cheetah

[b]Name:[/b] Lin Jones

[b]Age:[/b] 21

[b]Physical Description:[/b] Lin is on the slightly shorter side of average height for a female. Around 5'3" or so. She has a very thin build, not many curves. Her hair is long enough to reach mid-back and is straight and jet black in color, but she tends to wear it in a sort of tight, braided bun behind her head to keep it out of the way. Dark eyes reveal by their shape that she is of Asian descent. Creamy complexion of skin, thin eyebrows, bangs over her forehead, and thick lips that rarely seem to smile.

[b]Bio:[/b] Lin's mother died during childbirth, and Lin herself grew up on distant Pluto with her father, a powerful man in drug trafficking network. Venusian Spice, more commonly known as Xfusion, discovered on Venus shortly after the first mine was made there, is a rock that is crushed and injected with the persons own blood (they have to draw the blood, mix in the powder, and reinject) and used as a very strong stimulant. The drug is dangerous, valuable, and highly illegal. Due to her father's power and wealth, it was quite easy for Lin to obtain the funds to have her MACH suit and SASE ship made, which she obtained only several months ago. She is now somewhat of a double agent, working for both her father and the company that recently hired her as a Martial Defender.

[b]MACH Suit:[/b] Lin's suit is designed for speed, flexibility, and stealth, above all else. She had her propulsion installed in the bottoms of the foot coverings, and when she uses it to travel, she resembles the pose of superman flying, though with her arms at her sides. The "skin" of the suit was made extremely thin, almost dangerously so, to give her more flexibility.
Other devices:

Most of her devices were built in to the suit to cut down on things sticking out that would take away from her aerodynamicness. Besides built in climate control and oxygen rebreather, a switch on her left wrist activates a kind of chameleon cloaking device, picking up on the textures and colors around her and changing the suit's color to blend in. The device requires a great amount of energy and can therefore only be activated for about 30 minutes at a time before "recharging," otherwise she would be in danger of running out of power for the life sustaining abilities of her suit. On her right wrist resides a button that injects a pre-mixed and pre-measured dose of Xfusion which is concealed inside her suit. As a safety precaution, the button has to be pressed once then held down again for about 3 seconds before she is injected - that is to cut down on accidental injections.

A holster attatched to her suit at her right hip holds a small pistol, which Lin only uses when up-close combat would be too dangerous.

Pocket-type things on her legs contain spaces for other removable items she carries with her:
The first item which she nicknamed her Nanny (doesn't stand for anything in particular) is about the size of a small flashlight when deactivated. It's black, and it has a small wheel which she can roll with her thumb to activate various pre-programmed settings. A stream of nano-particles comes from what is essentially just the handle, and the settings adjust the density, hardness, and length of the beam so that it can be used in various ways, such as a blade for cutting, or a rope, or a pick for climbing, etc. The Nanny also has a panic switch which releases the power source, creating a sort of inpenitrable barrier for several minutes, and allowing her to run from enemies. The Nanny is then rendered useless until she is able to replace the power source. In addition, new settings can be programmed into the Nanny by plugging it into her ship and using the on-board computer system.

The second pocket contains smaller items such as an extra clip for her pistol, one extra power source for her Nanny, and several small round objects simply called Orbs. The Orbs are about the size of marbles and release a cloud of smoke which also contains slightly radioactive particles. The purpose is to both block vision and jam electronic tracking devices. The Orbs must be thrown and hit something with enough force to cause the tiny explosion that cracks the casing or else left on the ground to be stepped on.

[b]SASE ship-

Name:[/b] Wrath

[b]Description:[/b] Generic dull silver coloring, more rounded than angular, and about average size. A single flood light is located on the top of the front of her ship, which can be turned on to provide bright light in dark areas. Her on-board computer is used to adjust climate settings, program her Nanny, and also serves as a kind of GPS, giving direction towards coordinates that she punches in.
Her energy shield was designed to capture and store energy from attacks it blocks, as well as serve to protect the ship from damage. Additionally, there is a small opening on one side of her ship which will fire a type of electromagnetic projectile that will home in on a disable a nearby target (machine or ship) which she can then fly to and connect to to drain energy from it - which is then stored for use with her weapons and shield.

[b]Weapons:[/b] Wrath's main weapon is a type of plasma cannon that fires from both sides of the front of the ship simultaneously. Large balls of plasma are shot from both barrels and cause powerful damage in an area of about 20 square feet.
As a secondary weapon, homing missiles are able to be shot in rapid succession from the "nose" of the ship.

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06/15/2007 5:53 PM

Really good char :P

We have a tech/support type char, we have a stealth char... Seems like we need a HEavy firepower/weapons type guy and a i dunno normal type person whatever lol. Be creative you two :P

06/16/2007 12:24 PM

Ill get a character up soon. Im thinking hard about this.

I was planning on doing a Gun weilding goliath that doesn't take crap and has a quick temper. Aka, HEavy trooper.

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06/16/2007 6:21 PM

Call sign- C-4

Name- James Stanton

Age- 41

Bio/Desc- Grew up on Earth as a mechanic. When he was around the age of 18 his parents died and he joined the Martial Defenders. He quickly became a weapons and demolitions expert. After he led a mission where they freed a mining colony from terroists where he used "Explosive negotiations". He earned his reputation and the name C-4 and is always used for the most difficult of missions.

Suit desc-
C-4's suit is heavily modified with weapons, armor, and special add-ons. It is heavy, moves slow, but it is almost indestructable and very powerful.

Suit Abilities-

APPS- (All Purpous Personal Sheild)- A device that can turn on and it emits a personal sheild that absorbs laser bolts and uses toward powering the suit.

Whipcord: Shoots out a grappling hook that can be used to asend cliffs or tie up prey. It is located on the bottom of his left hand.

Flamethrower: Shoots out a flame that can burn things to a crisp. The flame is lit from a combonation of differn't fluids so it is hotter and doesn't freeze in the coldness of space.
It is located on top of his left hand.

RPCA- Same as Bolt's only it is built into his left fore-arm plate.

Energy Sword- A metal rod is embeded under his right Fore-arm. When activated, the metal rod extends a little and metal rods extend on the side. Then a beam of energy shoots out the end making a sword for close range combat.

Those are the things embeded in the suit. Now for the stuff that isnt.

2 holsters at side- Has 2 pistol holsters at his side. They house 2 high powered pistols that fire laser bolts of high magnitude that penatrate shields easily. They are perfect for short range.

APR-(All Purpous Rifle) A rifle than can be used for any occasion. It has a machine gun fire option, a burst option, a single shot option, and a fletching shot option. The rifle has a scope on the top for sniping.

Ship name and Desc- The Hidden Fire
The Hidden Fire is similar and differn't to C-4's suit in many ways. It large, has a modified engines and a hyperdrive. It can accomodate 3 other passengers besides the pilot. It alos has modified shields and armor.

Ship abilities-

Laser Turrets- Turrets that shoot lasers and can swivel 360 degrees.

Flamethrower- Has a forward flamethrower that is the same, but bigger than the one in the suit.

Missle turrets- Same as laser, only with differn't types of missles.


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06/16/2007 10:53 PM

Cool sounds good but I do have a question for you.

Considering space, mines under extremley high pressure, Sensitive space suits and electronics in a mine your trying to defend do you think that a grenade launcher and excessive flames are a wise idea? Just keep that in mind with your charcater, a small piece of shrapnel cracking a face shield, or support... could be catastrophic :P

Really cool character though. Nice job :P


Disregard for some reason I coudl have sworn I read "Grenade launcher" somewhere in your weapon... >.< Its late...

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06/17/2007 6:12 AM

No, i didn't think there was a grenade launcher, maybe i put it in subconsiously..........

06/17/2007 4:14 PM

so what happened to the other guy.... >.> propaganda or whoever

06/17/2007 5:41 PM

I dont know. Anyway, can we start this one?

06/18/2007 4:05 AM

I hope this doesn't conflict with your world.

[b]Call sign:[/b] Rev

[b]Name:[/b] Samuel Argus

[b]Age:[/b] 37

[b]Character Appearance:[/b] Samuel is a solid six feet tall. His height is accompanied by an average build - big enough for big guns, small enough to hide in the shadows. He lacks a head of hair, but makes up for it by usually sporting a five o' clock shadow.

[b]Character Biography:[/b] Samuel was born and raised in the underground complexes of Mercury. During his childhood, he began to hate the artificiality of his home. He decided to seek something more organic.

Samuel spent several years planet-hopping. He eventually ended up in a spaceport on Neptune. On the liquid-based gas giant, he was coaxed into enlisting in the army by a drinking buddy. Here, Samuel learned to kill.

At first, the horrors of fighting were too much. With some perseverance Samuel discovered he was adept at what is essentially murder. The cold wave that washed over him while pulling the trigger became an exhilarating thrill.

After the Neptunian Civil War, Samuel dropped from the army. He started to feel that artificial claustrophobia close in him again, so he gathered his belongings and left the humble spaceport where he was stationed. It was on this second journey that he realised he needed the cold wave; Samuel needed his fix. He was soon hired by a private military contractor called Massa Incorporated. It was here that Samuel began his life as a Martial Defender.

[b]Suit Description:[/b] Samuel's MACH suit is a larger version of the standard model. It was designed by a technician at Massa to make use of large weapons, such as railguns which can be charged using the suit's onboard energy supply. A small, versatile computer is grafted onto the underside of his right wrist. This allows Samuel to store any useful files he may find while taking out a contract.

[b]Suit Abilities:[/b] Adrenaline Boost - Through his computer, a small dose of an adrenaline boosting substance can be injected into Samuel's bloodstream. It sharpens his reflexes, allowing him to react faster to any hostiles.

Vision Modes - The suit allows Samuel to see in several different modes, such as thermal imaging and night vision.

Gun-Link - Several nano-interface cables in the gloves of his suit allow Samuel to connect directly to any weapon with similar technology. This enables him to fire a gun even while his finger isn't on the trigger.

Underneath his left arm is a holster containing a revolver; an eight-gun to be precise. It is held in a docker's clutch, allowing Samuel to grab it in an emergency. This gun is loaded with Gun-Link technology.

Samuel's main weapon is a CM7 Assault Rifle. They are manufactured in the Cydonia region of Mars specifically for Massa Inc. employees. It is a highly adjustable weapon, allowing various attachments to be connected, such as suppressors, scopes or even grenade launchers (hehe). This gun is, again, loaded with Gun-Link technology.

[b]Ship Name:[/b] Dead Star 544

[b]Ship Description:[/b] Samuel's SASE ship is a standard affair in terms of design. Its main difference is a large, detachable railgun sitting on the roof of the vehicle. The weapon can pierce through a foot of solid steel, but it takes a few minutes for a charge to be prepared. Two machine guns are attached to the front of the ship for engaging a target between rail strikes.

[b]Ship Abilities:[/b] Dead Star 544 is equipped with the latest navigation hardware and software, courtesy of Massa Inc.. The ship is also equipped with more powerful versions of Samuel's MACH suit's abilities, such as enhanced vision modes.

Oh and...

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so what happened to the other guy.... >.> propaganda or whoever


06/18/2007 4:58 PM

Is this going to start soon?

06/18/2007 5:18 PM

Yeah Ill post the First DM post tonight

06/22/2007 9:23 AM

I'm slightly confused about something. Darthwedge referred to his landing place as a space station, but I thought we were supposed to be landing on Mars. It could be some sort of space elevator though.

Space elevator

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06/22/2007 10:12 AM

I dont know, i assumed that this thread was dead because no one is posting in it.

06/22/2007 11:13 AM

I was thinking something similar, but I haven't seen Squirll around in a while.

06/22/2007 11:23 AM

Hmm, interesting. Well we can wait until he gets back and ask him.

06/24/2007 12:12 PM

SorryGuys, I had to go to the field very suddenly and stay a while, and now I am on leave so it might be a bit.
I'm sorry IF I didnt make it clear, but the station is in orbit around mars where they will be docking and then getting off to head to the briefing. Sorry this threadh as moved so slow >.<

06/26/2007 10:48 AM

blah. can someone tell me how to receive email notification when someone posts in this topic?

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