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06/13/2007 8:31 PM

Ok all of the storyline, and the character sheet is in the interest post. but if you missed that here is the rundown. Zombies have infected most of the world. On the north american continent people have made a new group of soldiers who are trained to destroy this threat. now they have stopped the infection from spreading five months after the infection began. now they are in the city of new haven trying to find clues on how the infection spread and trying to find survivors.

the character sheet is like this:

job: survivor green zone, survivor red zone, soldier (this controls where you start )
class: soldier only ( sniper, demo, marksman, etc.)
rank: also soldier only
weapons: can contain one machingun/rifle. one secondary weapon. one pistol of any kind. secondary weapons can be either rifles/machineguns/pistols/or shotgun. no rocket or grenade launchers.
equipment: anything from med kits to zombie serum ( all characters will start out with one serum.
bio: if any

some basic rules: no godmodding i.e you char cannot automatically hit every zombie with a headshot unless they are a sniper that has taken time to aim. if (or once) your character has been bitten you must administer the serum within three days or less. not everything will be all action. we will hunker down occasionally. dont forget to tip your server!!!!!

I'll make my char in a sec.

06/13/2007 10:17 PM

name: john miller
age: 35
job: soldier
class: marksman
rank: staff sargent
description: he has brown hair and brown eyes. he has a scar on his right cheek from one of his countless missions into infected cities. he normally has a straight face and rarely ever shows emotion. he normally wears urban camo with his blue body armor. he is white.
weapons: M8 smr, remington 7400 semi auto rifle 30.06, desert eagle .50 cal pistol
equipment: 15 clips for M8, 5 clips for deagle, 5 boxes of 30.06 bullets (20 per box), zombie serum, key card for wall access, first aid kit, travel pack, dragon scale body armor, ammo vest, tactical helmet, pocket knife, flashlight, 3 meal kits, lighter.

bio: before the infection john was a farmer who use to hunt. he lived alone out in the country and was the only person that survived the onslaught of the zombies in a nearby village. he then found his way to a un infected military base with other survivors who he met while traveling. since then he join up for the special forces and has been involved in nearly 20 missions against the infection. he was reassigned to this team so he could teach the rookies a few tricks. he is known for being able to survive outside of the base for weeks at a time.

06/13/2007 11:31 PM

Ill get a character up soon.

06/14/2007 12:09 PM

Name: Austin Brown

Age: 37

Job: Owns his own Bookstore

Class: Survivor in red zone

Rank: Survivor in Red zone

Description: Has red hair and green eyes. Wears a pair of cargo pants and a T-Shirt and has a jacket. Always looks on the bright side of things.

Weapons: Uses anything he can find but always has a 12 guage shotgun and a 9mml pistol.

Equipment: Has extra ammo for his weapons, gold pocketwatch, his deceased wife's wedding ring, matches.

Bio: Before the infection, Austin was a bookshop owner and constantly went hunting or hiking. He had a beautiful wife named Sarah and two kids named James and Hannah. When the infection happened, his wife was killed by the zombies and Austin went into a blind rage and killed many zombies. His wife's last words were "Just survive, promise me, you will survive". Austin, James, Hannah, and many other survivors from his area are holed up in Austin's bookstore.

06/14/2007 12:25 PM

nice char. just add which area in the city they are ( other than the south side which is the green zone ) right now im guessing they're in the sw corner? that had the small shops and few apartments. or are they in a more infected area like the north nw or ne areas? and how much extra ammo? just so i have an idea of how much ammo you'll use before you'll have to use other things for battle. other wise your character is good.

06/14/2007 12:31 PM

They are in the most infected area. Extra ammo, well in the bookstore, the survivors have made an ammo dump and stockpiled food and provisions. Austin always has a lot of shotgun cartridges in his belt, like 20. And for his pistol he has 5 extra clips, the pistol shoots 12 shots before reloading, the shotgun 12.

06/14/2007 5:03 PM

Name: Joey Kolb


Job: Soldier

Class: Engineer

Rank: Specialist

Desc: 5'11 Black hair in a standard millitary high and tight style cut. Wears normal soldiers uniform with a modified MOLLIE Ruck system, light body armor with sappi plates and a load bearing vest.
As an engineer he is trained as a versitile soldier. While still capable of functioning as light fighter infantry engineers can handle demolitons, fortifications, breaching, vehicles, mines,communication as well as various other Tasks.

Weapons: Primary weapon is a XM8 Carbine which he has a standard load of 210 rounds (Seven 30 round mags), His secondary weapon is a millitary issue shotgun he has 16 shells in his side pouch and 10 others looped through his mollie straps. He also has a personally owned SIG P226 pistol with 4 clips.

equipment: As an engineer his ruck system contains all the equipment he needs for his job. The main components are..

demo kit: contains 12 blocks of M112 (C4) and 8 1/2 lb blocks of TNT. The demo kit has the blasting caps, det cord, shock tube and other supplies neseccery for demo. IT also contains 2 pressure activated anti personell mines and 2 claymores.

Soldier kit: 1 combat life saver kit(with 3 seringes of zombie syrum), 1 entrenching tool (small folding shovel), 1 breach piece(fiberglass handle with interchagable axe, hammer and pick heads), 120ft of thin nylon rope, Grappel hook, matches, iodine tabs, 4 MRE's, socks and other everyday essentials. He carries his access key to the wall on his belt.

bio: Joey just got screwed. He found himself in debt to student loans for his first few years of community college and decided to join the Millitary. Mere months after he arrived at his first unit the zombie crisis arose and he was called into action. Just recently finally receiving a promotion from Private first class to Specialist he has been asigned to New Haven as a support engineer.

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06/14/2007 7:29 PM

pretty good char squirll. you might wanna add a key card to access the wall so you can get back in if things turn rotten. lets see ok so darth is in the north end. has lets see uh is that 20 things of 12 or just 20 extra shots for the shotgun. oh and for my guns they hold:
M8: 30 shots
Rem.: 7 shots
deagle: 10 shots.

oh and i forgot to add that the remington has a scope attached to it.

so either we can start tomorrow or the day after. or wait for one or two more people to join.

06/15/2007 6:14 AM

Ok, the pistol has 12 shots in a clip. he has 5 extra clips

He has 20 extra shotgun shells. The shotgun can hold 12 shots at once.

And yes, start now.

06/15/2007 7:02 AM

ok now darth why dont you make the first post. i gotta put some thought into mine right now.

06/15/2007 7:48 AM

Ok i will

06/15/2007 7:57 PM

Sorry i didn't get it up today, i am still thinking. Ill try to have something up tommorow.

06/15/2007 8:05 PM

ok. well i'll put mine up since i got one figured out.

06/17/2007 12:05 PM

Is it too late to join. I was in another zombie game but it's moving kinda slow. If it's not too late then here's my character:

Name: Viktor Kraig
Age: 18
Description: long, dark brown hair. He wears a green Air Force jacket and a pair of aviator sunglasses as well as a pair of green Converse All Stars. He is wearing a Beatles shirt under his jacket. He is about medium weight and height.
Job: survivor in West Side
Equipment: 2 boxes of 100 rounds for Python. 2 boxes of 200 rounds for Garand. two med kits.
Weapons: Colt Python revolver, old M1 Garand of his grandfather's
Bio: Viktor was at the mall with a couple of his friends when the infection broke out. Zombies got into the mall and killed most of the people including Viktor's girlfrend and his best friend. He managed to slip out of a service door and make it to his car but that got stuck a couple of blocks away at a pile-up. He grabbed his two guns out of the trunk and managed to make it into a nearby restaraunt where several other people were hiding. They barricaded the doors and windows with the tables and have been there ever since.

P.S. Is the power on in the city?

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06/17/2007 5:29 PM

good enough for a character. and yes there is power in the city. and thanks for telling what part of the city your in. that helps me figure out what will sound right and what wont go well in your posts.

06/17/2007 11:51 PM

dont be shy on posting. post whenever you want. as long as it doesn't use information your character doesn't know about. for instance the mission and some of the other missing teams are things the red zone survivors wont know about. but they will know about other things told in the story. they've gotta make sense.

06/18/2007 9:41 PM

note: i'll let you carry more than three weapons but the other weapons are unequipped and you cant pull them out and shoot them. that is all.

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