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06/09/2007 12:12 AM

This would be like Mystery Men. I am going to be Cinnatron with the power of ultimate spice. it is kind of stupid, but trust me it'll be fun. I'll think of a story if i see people wanting in, because i really dont think this will go anywhere, and why not, you could even use the mystery men guys if you want. Just post a short bio so we know who your heros are. Thanks.

Cinnatron and his band of misfits have known each other for years, and are best friends. When they all suddenly lose their jobs at the companies theyve been at for years and find that they are getting into deep debt, so they turn to crime fighting as a quick escape, and form a small company (much like in Ghostbusters) in order to allow themselves to write off items as company costs and live the leisure life that they are used to, but when the city's local hero is killed in action, they are called to terminate the enemy...are they ready?

Name: Cinnatron
Power: Ultimate Spice, uses various spices located on his utility belt for power. Has a propulsion gun for the spice, basically a spring launcher with CO2 and little paper packs that burst open releasing spice via a ladyfinger. Also carries his pepper spray.
History: He's a cook, thats how he gets his spices. He spends all of his time going onto roleplay forums.

Try to keep posts short and to the point. Example: under lets say 35 lines. Long descriptions and endless gibber-jabber aren't very funny to me UNLESS the long descriptions are mocking long posts, which would be funny. I guess if you have to make them long you can, but if posts get long they tend to interrupt flow. It gets very hard for each person to add a bit to the story.

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