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06/05/2007 10:10 AM

Use this thread to post your story, Recko, to stave off any confusion.

If you'd like I'll copy the specs of the challenge in here as well.

06/05/2007 11:25 PM

Original post by Max

Alright, here is the idea that I have.

It's a real-time, real-world RP. I want you to make a character that is just a normal person...any kind of person you could find. They can be rich, poor, young, old...anything.

There is only one change to the state of the world as we know it: the richest man in the world is John Barne, and he has just died. He had no family, no friends, no one to give his estate and money to. In his video-will, however, he said this:

"I want all of my belongings to be given away at random. Everything I own, in one large sum...all of my estates, the entirety of all of my bank accounts, each and every one of my belongings, to be given to one random person in the United States. I have set up a program on my computer, the password to get to the program is 'Raffle.' When you run it, it will give you a random 9 digit number. That is the Social Security Number of the person who will receive my inheritance."

It was all over the news, and Governor Shwarzeneggor (John Barne lived in California, so the government of course tried to play off of the fame of the story) announced that they would run the program on National Television on June 4th.

It is set pretty much real time, so that each day that passes in real life is a day that passes in the RP. If you don't get a chance to make a post that you wanted to on the appropriate day (say you got overscheduled) just make a note in the beginning of the post that it was supposed to be dated for the previous day.

I set it up so that we can start tomorrow, you can have a post to get your character introduced and introduce the story into your plotline however you would like, and then the next day (both literally and in the game) you would find out that you won the inheritance.

You would then have to go through the next five days of doing what you wanted with the wealth, dealing with the paparazzi, the fame, the sudden exposure (or maybe not, if you are already a famous person...if you would like, you can have your character be someone rich and famous already, and it'll just be an addition to your wealth. You would have to figure out a way to make it interesting, though).

Oh yeah...figure the money that you got is roughly 5 billion just in gold bars, cash, bank accounts, and other actual monetary units. In estates' and items' worth, tack on another 3 billion (the approximate amount of all of the things you now own is worth...including paintings, houses, mansions, boats, expensive jewelry...whatever. It's a lot)

Now this may seem silly, but it'll be easy to fluff it off, so I want you to keep it interesting: that's the hard part.

Also, I suppose if you two wanted something more fantasy/science fiction, I can come up with something different. Let me know if this is good, or if you need any other information.

06/07/2007 8:26 PM

Sorry for the lack of posts.

My computer has been having problems with Internet. Today is the first time I've been on for more than 10 minutes without chaos breaking loose.

When I can finally post (friends computer =)) I'll try and catch-up with pillage and to the present date of that day

It won't be just one long post, don't worry. I'll cut it into sections.

06/08/2007 3:35 AM

Thanks. :P

06/09/2007 6:02 PM

See its shorter...kind of..........not really.

I'll have another 3 for tommorow at least

06/09/2007 8:04 PM

You better! :P

06/10/2007 3:09 AM

Damn sleep......gets in the way of everything

06/15/2007 8:45 PM

Don't get mad I've been working on it. It'll be up soon enough. I haven't been able to post it, but when I do It will be the completed (or at least until that day)

06/15/2007 10:47 PM


I haven't been reading it, because I don't want to taint the story with pre-conceived notions as I wait for your next post.

Once you're done just give me a notice here in the OoC.

Much to dismay we've pretty much given up on the real-time posting, it wasn't working out.

How many days do you have written so far?

06/22/2007 11:51 AM

I'm sorry everybody, but I think that we have to stop this and go back to the drawing board

The whole point was to see if we could keep up with the posts and as you can clearly see that is not possible

Max sorry for making you wait for nothing

If Pillage keeps posting that's fine with me (I'm sure you want to know what happens in his story) but I'll be using the OOC here to start trying to lay down guidelines since it has become apparent that it IS needed for participants

I also think that The Idea will still work, but probably only in summer since I've seen the number of members visiting rising because of the end of school (for most)

I'll be making criteria/ rules for participants as well as judges so I'm hoping you'll help me on that aspect

I'll be using what was posted in the community as well as the RP no-noes thread to help me out

If you know any archived or old threads that can help please link them here so I can use them

06/22/2007 3:45 PM


So you're pulling the plug...why?

Pillage has quite a lengthy story built up, and I don't believe it's finished. If he has, he hasn't told me.

I hadn't put a deadline on because I haven't seen you on.

I was hoping to see you writing more, and being able to compare these stories...so please tell me why you're not going to finish this up.

06/22/2007 7:23 PM

....Al right then I'll finish.

07/04/2007 3:36 PM

I'm sorry Max, I can't do it, I'm sorry I made you put up with this and I'm sorry I've taken so long to come back and respond. You wont be seeing me around.

IF you really like the idea, then I leave it to you and Pillage and anyone else who wants to help

If not then it will just fade into the archives.

So just not to hold you in suspense any longer I'll give you the overview of what would have happened.

The following day Jon wakes up late and gets fired from his job, he then hears on the TV that They will announce who inherits the money the following day and they show the video will that states that John Barnes inheritance be given away.

After Jon Amon is announced the winner he and Mike (his roommate) decide to drive to California and leave in the middle of the night Jon falls asleep and notices a black car before dozing off

He wakes up and Mike is stopping at a gas station Jon get out of the car and notices that a black car is parked at the gas station as well. He walks to the bathroom and a man exits the washroom as he is enters. While he's in the washroom he realizes it was the same car as before and thinks they might be following him

When he gets out of the washroom he sees 2 men standing outside the black car staring at him. He runs for his car but he gets caught by the man he saw leaving the bathroom. HE holds Jon at gunpoint and a grey van drives quickly from the other side of the station. Jon and he captor jump in and the men in front of the car start running to try and catch him but one of the men from inside the car throw a bomb out of the van and a loud explosion is heard and felt as they drive off

Jon is taken to a holding facility where they put him in a dark room and leave him there for 2 days before Scott saves him

HE is then taken to a private airport and they fly out to California. It is during the flight that Scott explains that the draw had not been so random after all. They had picked him to inherit it by luck, but the program had been a hoax since Jon had been chosen months prior to his death.

Scott explains his master John Barne didn't want so much power being taken by he government or stolen by those that would use it to harm others.

They arrive in California and Jon is brought to Mr.Barne where he learns about John Barne and finds a room in his study where he had written a hidden journal.

A few days later Jon and Scott go to the governors to gather his inheritance, but learns it had been his plan to take his inheritance from Jon. Scott then holds both the governor and Jon at gun point while also revealing it had been he who had originally captured him and had hoped to brainwash Jon to control him and get the inheritance for himself, but the men betrayed Scott after learning Jon's true identity and so he killed them and took Jon back.

While Scott explains this, the governor slowly makes his way to the alarm and is able to get to it before being noticed. Guards rush the room and Scott pulls of his brown jacket, to reveal the bomb he is wearing underneath and shoots the governor in the leg after he calls Scott insane. When he does this Jon takes the chance to attack Scott with his cane and pushes him through the window he was standing in front of.

Scott falls onto the ground and the ground and the bomb explodes, shaking the house and leaving only small remains of Scott.

In the days that follow Jon receives his inheritance after finding a page in John Barnes Diary that says he was chosen to receive the inheritance.

Jon then finishes reading Mr. Barnes private diary and the story ends with Jon who sets up a chair and records his own will which states that his fortune should be given away


Thank you for having waited having been patient, I'm just sorry I wasted yours and Pillages time

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