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06/04/2007 11:47 PM

This is roughly based an old roleplay I was in on Gaia. I edited this a lot. Please pardon the WW2 and mathematical analogies, I thought they were funny.

You have been summoned! Several Fighters have been chosen from the King of Sudentenland to visit his castle on private business. You have come to the King to find out why he asked you here.

A rebel group is rising the ranks, and terrorizing the Trollish Corridor. His name is King DeGaulle. He tells you heroes all that he needs is for us to work together to defeat this new threat. He asks you all to go and destory this terror. He tells you to head to the frozen lands of Isoceles where the Epsilon Mountains are. He then tells you that Brezan [Wind (me)] knows where this area is. He'll be waiting outside for you. Good luck.

This is a fantasy/medieval roleplay. Each character has an element for their power, just one, and no doubles, one person on fire, one on ice, etc.. As a limitation, their power has to be drawn from something. A staff, a pendant, even a pair of underwear! This is to ensure that the people are not over-powered. We want the opponent to be just as able to win as us. It makes it more fun and also challenging.

- Don't fight or argue with each other!
- Have Fun.
- No page-long posts. Keep it fairly moderate so that other people can contribute.

Please put KIRBY before your first post to show me that you read this.

In the land of Sudentenland. Outside the Kingdom gates, by a old tree. There waits my Character.

Please post a bio before your first post, something like this

Info: (With element and limitation)

[u]Name:[/u] Brezan
[u]Info:[/u] Wind, The knight of the sky. He carries a very nice looking longbow with a white, glowing aura to it. He has the ability to guide the arrows to their target with wind abilities, plus some other skills that I will reveal later on. The source of his power comes from a tiny ocarina, which is infused with Ocara, the wind god's magic, he plays it often.
[u]Age:[/u] Looks like he is 24
[u]Type:[/u] White knight of Wind.
[u]Likes:[/u] Happiness. Nice smells that travel through the air
[u]Dislike:[/u] Evil. Horrid smells that travel through the air
[u]Looks:[/u] Wears a white, chain mail suit, over white silk clothing. Dons thick, but light, shiny steel plate armor, with some very light, white, tightly woven chain mail covering joints and openings in the armor. Wears a white tabard over top that dons Ocara's symbol on it. Wears a pair of light, leather boots that allow him to run very fast. He does not wear a helmet, he likes the feel of the wind in his thick, wavy locks too much.

06/05/2007 6:58 AM

Ill get a character sheet up soon.

06/05/2007 7:09 AM


For future reference don't forget this should've gone up in the interest forum first.

Also, maybe post a list in your initial post of the element- are you going for the traditional four (and so only allowing four players), or are you including light/dark/wood/anything suitable a prospective player can think of?

06/05/2007 7:21 AM

Name: Drake (I like that name) Young

Info: Lightning is Drake's element. He duel weilds a Katana and a Wakazashi. He wears a yellow glowing stone around his neck that gives him the ability to strike fast and hard like, well, lightning. It also gives him the ability to manipulate thunder and lightning in a magical form. Only drawback here is that he can only do it when dark clouds are out.

Age: 32

Type: Champion of Lightning

likes: A fair battle, Rain and storms.

Dislike: Unfair fight, clear skys

Looks: Wears a light layer of chain mail that is forged of mythril giving him needed speed. Over that he wears light clothing usually a tunic and matching pair. Does not go around advertising his element, but a thunderbolt symbol is on his weapons and cloths. Wears light leather boots adding to the speed. Never wears a helmet but wears a black cloak with a hood.

06/05/2007 8:52 AM

Oh im sorry, i forgot kirby.

06/05/2007 7:06 PM

I was going to go straight to rroleplaying, but decided to recruit first, but but before i was able to post in the interest forum, i accidentally pushed post topic.

What i mean by element is anything that emits a force. A person could be gravity if they wanted, because it is a direct force. Stuff like invisibility would not be one, but one could be light, and so for, have the ability to bend light around them (they go invisible). To be as clear as I can be, I have listed a whole slew of elements as examples. Remember, an element is not a power, one can, however, draw powers from the element.

Friction (this one would be HILARIOUS, you could make people slip & stuff),
Cold (Cold is not actually a force, it is abscence of heat, but because it is magic, its cool)
G-force (maybe...might be too close to wind, could crush people with this),

...and anything else that is a force...

Oh and by the way, I forgot to mention, each element has a God or Goddess (or god-mix-of-both, hehe, just kidding) that gives them their powers. You don't have to list the deity's name, but because each character is working for, so to speak, a deity, they will most likely act according to how that deity will act. (Fire, doesn't have to, but likely, will have a bad temper, wind (me) will most likely be easy going (blowin in the wind, take a breather), etc,)

is (i think) a good suggestion.

Hope this clears it up ;)

06/05/2007 7:51 PM

I so totally call darkness, nobody may steal it from me. I will splode your head if you try. I'm pullin up an old favorite from the Marvel thread. This is actually the bio of the original Sin, I made him long before I came up with the Symbiote.

Name: Sin Dragor

Info: Darkness is Sin's element. He can manipulate shadows around him as well as create his own. He weilds a massive 7 foot long heavy blade, shaped like a dragon wing. Through it he can control shadows and release dark energy. His main stats are strength and agility. His strength allows him to weild his blade as if it were light, it really most likely ways a ton. He can create portals of darkness which allows him to move fastly and stealthily. He can also move fast without the portals. His only weakness is light. During the day his ability to create his own shadows is limited. He can only use shadows around him. He has no shadow of his own since it has been said that he is a walking shadow himself.

Age: 23

Type: Shadow Knight

Likes: Violent battles, sitting in the shade

Dislikes: Easy fights, bright lights

Looks: I got myself a pic, ignore the staff it was his original weapon when it was drawn but I changed it later and I don't have a pic of him with his sword. It was made by a friend of mine, I also have a pic of his weapon. Sin:http://i100.photobucket.com/albums/m5/DarkSora265/ZERO.jpg Weapon:http://i100.photobucket.com/albums/m5/DarkSora265/AD.jpg

06/06/2007 5:52 AM


That cleared up the elements nicely, thanks adamsonite.

06/06/2007 12:18 PM


Yeah he looks alot like Sora. When he was drawn my original idea was a side story I did for Kingdom Hearts, Sin was Sora's older brother. He was the keyblade weilder before Sora and he was summoned by the king to go on a mission with Riku and Kari's older siblings, Raiv and Kanname. Blah blah blah, fan-fic fan-fic fan-fic. SQUIRREL HEAD!

06/08/2007 7:50 PM

Name: Leif Tryst
Info: Nature is Leif's element. He weilds a large longbow with an emerald set in the middle of it. The emerald gives him his power. Leif is able to make plants and such twist around something or move them. He is sensitive to any pain done to plants and animals which can affect his fighting.
Age: About 23
Type: Calm fighter
likes: Forests and tranquility
Dislike: Fire and barren ground
Looks: Chisled feartures, emerald eyes, hooked nose. He wears soft green boots and cloak with little armour, only a black pad on arm.

06/09/2007 12:13 AM

We'll wait for a few more ppl to come then we'll start

06/09/2007 10:28 AM

Hmm. Its hard to chose an element as you describe them when they are all so closely linked to the four main elements Water, Fire, Eather and Air.

Heat and Friction. Stone and Earth. Wind and Fire. Its is far to difficult for one to exist without the other. But as you said, Magic is know to do many an odd thing.

Name: Celan

Age: Appears mid twenties. Actuall age...

Power: Ice or Cold, as adamsonite called it

Source of Power: A large crystal embeded into his lower back and held by a brace over his midsection. (He's a little paranoid. This keeps it from going anywhere.)

A tall scruffy looking man seen wearing large dark cloaks. He is from the tall ice mountains of the north. Not antisocial, but someone who enjoyes their privacy. Works well with dark types. Cold being the absence of heat.

Carries a long staff of ice for which he uses to focus his abilites.

Likes: He likes to be left alone, But was always stubborn enough never to shirk any duties given to him. If that means a direct order from his lordship, than so be it.

Dislikes: Idiots and people who refuse to use their brain. Not angry or violent by nature, but watch out when he snaps. He absolutely hates the hurt or death of innocents.

[send me a message when you are ready to begin.]

06/09/2007 11:25 PM

((With cold, keep in mind that you could do more than just freeze water. You can make mud solidify, lakes freeze over. You could do more than just ice.))

Yes, magic can do a lot ((In a virtual world of course, magic is not real. Its just like UFC))

I think we are ready. Remember, more ppl can join in any time, as long as they get a just of the story.

I'll put the first post up soon.

06/19/2007 5:18 AM

Name: Zeva Mahalia
Info: With a temper to match she is Zeva, a feisty half naked centaur women. She controls her powers with her hands, meaning if given a weapon its not much use to her, and will most likely in battle melt in her hands. Generally she hasn't developed complete control of her emotions or her abilities. her main draw back is thus..she is very dangerous. If cold or wet she can't use her fire also that counts for if she is standing in water etc.
likes: Battles,warm days, the sun, guys and girls.
Dislike: People standing in her way,cold days,
Looks: Centaur women. with purple eyes and extremely pale skin. She wears a skin tight type armor that covers her slender form, its a deep red colour with silver trimming. The horse part of her is black with white socks, except for a large white strip that runs down the centre of her back. Her human hair is black also with a white fringe.

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06/20/2007 11:31 PM

I think we should start this.

06/22/2007 1:24 PM

Umm, im a little lost as to what is happening right now, can you help summarize?

06/22/2007 3:53 PM

- We all have suspicions as to why the king isnt sending the army to deal with the problem
- We are about to head to the Arbregost forest to seek a fierce warrior
- We've established that my character likes playing with flies, and that he is very easy going
- When we get back from this quest to arbregost, the king will explain why he dont sned the army

06/26/2007 5:56 PM

Is it too late for me to join? This sounds really interesting.

Dance Kirby Dance.

06/27/2007 12:07 AM

of course not, you can be the powerful wizard guy, or simply meet us on the road if you want....knock yourself out :)

06/27/2007 1:25 AM

((Accidental post. Sorry))

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06/27/2007 9:47 AM

I think I'll just meet you guys on the way, I'd probably make a very bad powerful wizard >_<
Anyway, character sheet:
Name: Lala Temtembara

Age: 27

Info: Lala is from a small nomadic tribe called the Kirkik and is the greatest warrior her tribe has seen in almost a hundred years. She controls earthquakes and tremors, drawing power from the tattoo that covers her back and shoulders; an intricate tribal design made up of interlocking circles and graceful claw markings. The same design is tattooed onto the palms of her hands and the soles her feet, since she controls her powers through her hands and feet. If any part of her tattoo is covered, her powers lessen--if her whole back is covered, not only can she not use her powers, she can barely walk. From infancy, Lala was trained ot be a tribal dancer, and still is to this day; her combat style most definitly reflects her dancing skills, and her earthquake summoning is very much like a dance. Quiet and graceful, Lala doesn't talk much because her voice makes her sound very very young. Not that it's exceedingly high pitched, or she speaks in baby talk, but Lala's voice never matured over the age of about thirteen. She hates it and it moste definitly adds to the irony of someone as small and graceful as Lala controlling something as large and cumbersome as earthquakes. When Lala does talk, it's usually logical, thought out, and not without a hint of sarcasm. She is a nomad, so she has trouble staying in one place for an extended amount of time.

Type: Earthquake Dancer

Source of Power: Tribal tattoo on her back.

Likes: Warm weather, grace, open spaces, the smell of earth, rain.

Dislikes: Loud people, being confined, cloaks, roses (she's allergic.)

Appearance: Lala is small and slender, she stands at about 5'4" and carries herself to the full extent of ehr height. She has long dancer's limbs and the walnut-colored skin of her tribe. She wears light-weight, black leather gauntlets that cover her arms from wrist to the base of the shoulder. The same black leather encases her legs in snug-but-comfortable leggings, that cover the tops of her feet, wrapped in tar-colored cloth bandages. A soft fabric top ties at her neck and drapes across her chest, tieing again at the small of her back, leaving her tatoo and spine exposed, it's the bright lime that marks her as a nomad. She wears a green band on her right bicep to mark her as a Kirkik dancer. Her eyes are marine green and her glossy back hair is cut in whisps around her shoulders, with two strands that she leaves in front of her ears and have grown to her waist.

I have a picture of Lala, but i'm a stupid-head and don't know how to upload it, if anyone could tell me I would lurve you forever.

07/08/2007 7:44 PM

Ack! I'm gone for a week and nothing happens? Guys!

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