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06/01/2007 10:36 PM

Al right the threads are set and we are Live (so to speak). Ok Max if you're not up to it (or have become unable due to shcheduling) tell me now because this is the only chance where I might be able to replace you (temporarily) as a judge. You basically control our creativity here =)

Also since this is the first one we're trying lets only do only a few posts (10-15 I think Is good)

When you Finish posting add one more post with the words [b] END OF THREAD [/b]

I'll try not to post without you having posted something as well

If your schedule gets mixed up and this drags on for more than (or close to) 2 weeks we'll cut it there and let max grade us on what we where able to do

06/02/2007 6:27 AM

Alright, here is the idea that I have.

It's a real-time, real-world RP. I want you to make a character that is just a normal person...any kind of person you could find. They can be rich, poor, young, old...anything.

There is only one change to the state of the world as we know it: the richest man in the world is John Barne, and he has just died. He had no family, no friends, no one to give his estate and money to. In his video-will, however, he said this:

"I want all of my belongings to be given away at random. Everything I own, in one large sum...all of my estates, the entirety of all of my bank accounts, each and every one of my belongings, to be given to one random person in the United States. I have set up a program on my computer, the password to get to the program is 'Raffle.' When you run it, it will give you a random 9 digit number. That is the Social Security Number of the person who will receive my inheritance."

It was all over the news, and Governor Shwarzeneggor (John Barne lived in California, so the government of course tried to play off of the fame of the story) announced that they would run the program on National Television on June 4th.

It is set pretty much real time, so that each day that passes in real life is a day that passes in the RP. If you don't get a chance to make a post that you wanted to on the appropriate day (say you got overscheduled) just make a note in the beginning of the post that it was supposed to be dated for the previous day.

I set it up so that we can start tomorrow, you can have a post to get your character introduced and introduce the story into your plotline however you would like, and then the next day (both literally and in the game) you would find out that you won the inheritance.

You would then have to go through the next five days of doing what you wanted with the wealth, dealing with the paparazzi, the fame, the sudden exposure (or maybe not, if you are already a famous person...if you would like, you can have your character be someone rich and famous already, and it'll just be an addition to your wealth. You would have to figure out a way to make it interesting, though).

Oh yeah...figure the money that you got is roughly 5 billion just in gold bars, cash, bank accounts, and other actual monetary units. In estates' and items' worth, tack on another 3 billion (the approximate amount of all of the things you now own is worth...including paintings, houses, mansions, boats, expensive jewelry...whatever. It's a lot)

Now this may seem silly, but it'll be easy to fluff it off, so I want you to keep it interesting: that's the hard part.

Also, I suppose if you two wanted something more fantasy/science fiction, I can come up with something different. Let me know if this is good, or if you need any other information.

06/05/2007 12:32 AM

[b]For the receiver's eyes


If you are reading this, Safe Mode has been breached. They've done the impossible, smashed our unbreakable stronghold, blue-screened that which does not blue-screen. They also said the Titanic was unsinkable. Ruthless bastards.
I am probably dead by now, and if I'm not, may it come swift before they can force anything from my broken tongue. This is an official beacon, I know. To use it otherwise is punishable, yes. But that no longer matters, and I need somewhere to record my final thoughts. They say [a bloodstain obscures the next few lines]. Nothing matters now, except death and land. These petrified boys around me are just final obstructions to the Virus. To consider them any more human rips at me, and nobody here deserves another source of pain. The rumbles and erratic behaviour are closer every minute. They know what's coming - though none speak, the air among us is clammy, freezing and traumatised. It's funny. You read about final stands, how a surrounded force pushes to the last man, together in life and soon death against everything. The determination and brotherhood that blinds the doomed to everything but tearing down as many foes as possible with them. Even that's abandoned us.
May you, the reader, find a less painful demise than us, the forgotten. May you never bow to them, even if death relieves you. Refusal is our last weapon now, more loyal than hope or strength or the very bullets we'll soon give them. Find solace while you have the chance.
The war is lost.

[i]Welcome to the OOC section, all. Post/commentate all you can. If you want to be worked into the story, post here. The story can't be written by anyone else, according to the rules, so nothing from others will affect the story itself.[/i]

[Edited by Pillage on Tuesday, June 5, 2007 2:42 AM]

06/05/2007 10:35 PM

[b]Location Undisclosed

1408 Hours[/b]

I can't give my location, but if this message comes to you on time, there's hope. We're the only ones left, Sir. Assuming you're still alive is ridiculous, but I know they won't have your secret base yet. The laptop is theirs. Safe Mode is theirs, but I believe we could freely walk through it for a limited time before we're discovered and killed. That's more than all we need.
If indeed you're reading this, you plan to take your life before they come. You've nothing to lose. Me, who feels lower than those worms, I have everything to gain. There's one way to eradicate them, ourselves and everything. I know there's resistance - we can't be the only survivors. After their atrocities, there must be uncertainty in their ranks. If we start anew, we will triumph, at the cost of all we love. But when they fell on us, I fled. When the blue-screen took our last hope and they dumped the data before our eyes, I shut down the system and fled. It haunts me. I need to atone for my cowardice. To do that and be truly content amid all this, I have to die. If my assumptions are right, I know you'll join me for one last blaze. We are going to end the world.
They haven't considered our warheads. There's a disk - if you startup with it, and give the right sequence, strategic points in the system will be wiped. This engages enough force to literally wipe the entire hard drive. From here, a new format will eventually come to be, and the system will be literally reborn from time's beginning.
This disk is called Windows XP. I believe, very soon, it'll be in my possession. We'll meet in the near future, but I can't do this alone. I need to be on the laptop itself, and your part of the start-up screen, that infinite desert, is all we hold.
Be patient, we can stop them.

06/07/2007 1:04 AM

[b]Time and location undisclosed[/b]

Forgive the shorthand, time is very short. Soon they'll find me and open fire. If I escape this one, I swear ... Keep watching. You won't hear from me today. Something terrible has happened.

06/08/2007 10:51 PM

[b]The Network

0233 Hours, Saturday June 9
[Recorded 2334, Friday June 8, three hours ago; transcribed][/b]

We must move quickly. I have the disk. Wipe their power's source, the laptop, and they'll be a minor presence on our network's remainder. When our full force smashes the paltry shell we leave them with, they will be gone forever. The laptop couldn't be saved, but there's still hope. I've found sympathisers on the netwrok's lesser ports. They have Registry Fix, System Restore - everything. Yet it seems a simple anti-spyware scan could end them. We just need - hah. Why do I say 'we'? I'm the only one left.
I must go into the startup alone, on foot, if I make it that far. This doesn't feel like a longshot anymore. They have the network's strongest model at their disposal and multiply faster and faster, yet I've nothing but hope. Tomorrow I'll bring this tape with me and record every step. If they're civilised or respectful (even the Nazis adored and protected art), and I don't make it, this will survive. A testament to the enemy's struggle. I've seen these savages at work and shouldn't expect mercy, yet everything my eyes touch blooms into hope now. I'll trudge into the once secret base and avenge my superiors. I'll kill dozens if it must be. I'll bring bullets for every living thing between this disk and the Virus's existence.
Sir, your death at their hands had purpose - me and the nuclear holocaust awaiting them.

06/14/2007 6:01 AM

Hey judge, what are the rules on weeding your story for inconsistencies? I imagine I'll have a few.

06/14/2007 5:19 PM

Well, to be honest I haven't been reading it because I don't want to get pre-conceived notions evolve into entire plots and subplots due to the wait time between your posts, which could thereby affect my judgment.

So, in short, if there are inconsistencies it will probably deduct due to lapses in organization and clarity, but it will (most likely) not be the sole reason for me blasting your entire story.

Unless it's really bad. :P

Also I don't know what happened to Recko...

Let me know in here (the OoC) once you have finished. I've pretty much decreed that the week-long deadline or whatever we had null and void, due to inconsistencies in us being online.

It's amazing the difference one word can make. Take the following sentences for example:

It will (most likely) be the sole reason for me blasting your entire story.

It will (most likely) [b]not[/b] be the sole reason for me blasting your entire story.

Big difference, no?

[Edited by Max on Thursday, June 14, 2007 5:22 PM]

06/15/2007 1:58 AM

It will (most likely) be the sole reason for me blasting your entire story.

It will (most likely) [b]not[/b] be the sole reason for me blasting your entire story.

Haha. Glad we've both experienced my concern in action. Alright, I won't edit anything. This'll be interesting ... So what do you think of the writing competition itself versus the original idea of an RP in real-time? I've gone with the [i][recorded earlier][/i] concept to deal with days I can't post, then skip ahead to wherever we are. Personally, I prefer interaction, so it's a kind of battle. If we sort out a set of rules, we can always do both.

06/15/2007 4:53 AM

Well, the real-time concept was my own, and I still would like to see it implemented. Unfortunately, things come up, and it just becomes unwieldy.

Oh, well.

Hopefully Recko will get on sometime soon, and continue with hers.

06/18/2007 2:30 AM

Huh, Recko's a girl? I never would've guessed.

What kinda things come up? We can probably work them out.

07/04/2007 5:46 PM

Heh, I'm a girl that's a new one...(seriously I'm not a girl)

Pillage thanks for supporting my idea and I really like your story

I'm sorry to say I won't see the ending.

If you really did like the idea then I leave it to you and Max, if not then just forget about it

I'm sorry I've wasted your time with this when you could have been working on your other forum posts

Thanks again for all your help Pillage

I will truly miss the RPGC

[i] and as I turn to say goodbye the words seem to escape me&[/i]

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