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05/06/2007 3:22 PM

this game will be set in an alternate resident evil universe...i.e. not game or movie related...but you will be able to bring in characters from the movies/games. Or you can make up your own characters and use them.







and thats the character sheet

05/06/2007 8:47 PM

name: jake hams

age: 25

description: 6-2 160 pounds. brown hair. works as a plumber. has a tan shirt on and blue jeans. brown eyes. tattoo of a japanese symbol on his right hand.

Gender: male

(call it equip for those without weapons or those with other things i would think)
equip: duct tape, knife, pens, a pad of paper, a rag, and a revolver with 36 rounds.

history: after just getting off duty jake decided to go to a bar for awhile. however he didn't plan that zombies would start attacking the city. now he's trapped in a bar with a few other survivors. they barricaded the doors but no one knows how long they'll stay that way.

05/08/2007 3:33 PM

hey is anyone else gonna join or was this all for nothing?

05/08/2007 3:40 PM

it was only an idea...no one has to join

05/15/2007 5:22 PM

Ok Shigetomo...Stop posting "ideas" in the actual RP forums and put them into the interest section. This kind of thing, this posting of ideas where they don't belong is really annoying and people don't like it.

Also you seem to have a bad case of RP diarhea, you have posted several RPs now. All are existing stories with detailed storylines that are difficult to RP. How about joining some RPs and playing, gain some experience. Also your total lack of background story, detail, explanation, originality and consistency will deter anyone from playing your RPs. Please try not to do this as it is largely frowned upon. How about coming up with something of your own and putting some detail, backstory and originality into it. Maybe someone will join.
Good luck and hopefully you'll learn from this.

05/16/2007 8:20 AM

Shigetomo has been posting in the ideas section- and as far as I can recall, I posted once mentioning that they generally go in the ideas section and he started doing that.

Although in fairness, Shigetomo, you don't wait very long before then moving them to the RP section, lol.

Two people does not interest make: sometimes people don't post in the ideas section, and if you have a really good idea you don't like to see it wasted and moving it to RP section can remind ppl and get them to actually post. But , generally, give it a couple of days to generate interest, and if it doesn't then [i]consider[/i], if it's a good idea, posting it in the RP section (this, for example, happened with Max's Everyday Exceptions thread- in the interest section we spent a number of days talking about the idea but no one else really posted, but we knew it was a great idea and worthwhile so posted it up in the RP section where 2 more people joined. Even if no one else had joined we knew we were dedicated enough to the idea that the two of us would continue it, and it wasn't th etype of story that [i]needed[/i] more players- some do, so keep that in mind if you're trying to gauge how much interest you need for your post)

But I do agree with Critch that established RPs with established characters can be difficult and uninspiring to play, and you might get more look getting people interested in threads if you try something different. I'd hate to play a character I already knew, I'd find it limiting (it's fine for computer games- who doesn't love webslinging or playing as Vader?- but in written RP it's stifling).
Playing a new character in an established world is great (like Civil War, or FR/DL/SW, Silent Hill, Resi threads etc): you're playing in a world you know and probably like, but aren't limited by having to maintain and be true to an existing character, and so you have more scope to be original.

And Critch- this is turning into near stalking from you- if you don't like his style of play then just don't read the threads, it'll be better for your blood pressure :P

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