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05/04/2007 7:32 PM

this is the mech rpg.
in the far future a large war is rageing between two groups. the communistic U.E.P and the rebal R.F.P. though the war has been at a stand still in the last few free states of the former USA the battle is soon to turn tide. which group will you join?

rules: no godmoding. the heavyer the mech the slower it is. the lighter the less damage it can take. please don't use any ranks higher than leutenent. and dont forget to eventually retreat and repair your mechs.

my character.
name: nanayashi
side: rebals
character class: soldier.
rank: platoon sgt.
mech type: light.
description: its a light mech that looks very human in nature although differs from most because of a more chrome-paintless look to it. it has two chainguns fit into its arms for primary weapons. it also has a large vibro sword in a sheath on its side. weak armor makes it very vunerable but the additional boosters on it make it fast enough to dodge most attacks.

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05/04/2007 7:46 PM

name: Shigetomo
side: rebals
character class: soldier.
rank: Lieutenant
mech type: Gundam
description: its a light mech that looks very human in nature. it has a large vibro sword on its side. Also equiped with a sheild made of gundanium this is a formidable mobile suit. the additional boosters on it make it fast enough to dodge most attacks.

05/05/2007 7:05 AM

Name: Nevio "Bonheur" Bonner
Side: U.E.C.
Character Class: Tactician
Rank: Lieutenant, Platoon Leader
Mech Type: Command, Customized

Description: Bonner's mech is a heavily modified version of the Armored Core assault design. Though the original design sacrifices armour for mobility and firepower, Bonner has added heavy armour to the cockpit and communications systems, creating a mech specialized for command. This increased defense added significant weight, however, and most of the weapon systems (with the exception of a single gatling gun) had to be removed to maintain reasonable mobility. Even with this sacrifice, Bonner's mech is somewhat sluggish compared to the original design, but it maintains the important ability to reach any point on the battlefield in a short amount of time.

Bonner's Platoon: While many platoons are focused on a single purpose, such as scouting or defense, Bonner's platoon, the "Lucky Scoundrels", is more versatile. They are united not by shared abilities but by well-earned trust in the varied abilities each possesses. Above all, they trust the tactical abilities of their platoon leader.

Platoon Sergeant Goldhirsch, Direct Combat. Pilots a high-end Mobile Suit.
Private Weber, Scout/Light Combat. Pilots a standard scout Core.
Privates Kozel and Orlov, Heavy Weapons/Indirect Combat. Pilot and operate a battle-class (non-nuclear equipped) Metal Gear.

05/07/2007 2:40 PM

Name: Thelea Teronsa
Faction: U.E.P
Rank: Corporal
Class: Spec Naz
Sex: Female
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 130
Skin Color: Pale white
Weapon: M18 battle rife
Accessory: Combat Knife, Glock pistol, Survival kit.

Name: Unit 2-04 Mertura
Class: Light
Color: White/cream
Weapon: Sniper rife, light machine gun
Melee: Combat Knife
Extra: ECS (Electronic Conceal System) wiki it for more, make the unit invisible to radar, heat sensors and 95% to the human eye. The unit can be kitted out with; parachute, explosive set charges, rocket launcher in replacement to the sniper rife.

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05/07/2007 2:48 PM

Anyone feeling up to a head shot?

05/07/2007 6:29 PM

woo ho a head shot would be nice looking but then again most mech cockpits are in the center so it probaly would only either disable it or in my case disable its ability of sight and sensors. so head shots wont do to much unless the pit is in the head.

oh and to change my mech alittle i meant fit onto the arms and not into. i can let them go or drop them if needed. stupid typos. spellings for honors

05/07/2007 6:48 PM


05/07/2007 7:46 PM

yo shig the camo block heat sigs. thermal will do nothing for you thats why i switch my radar settings around

ECS (Electronic Conceal System) wiki it for more, make the unit invisible to radar, heat sensors and 95% to the human eye


05/07/2007 7:55 PM

ahem for all who are wondering. the theata gun will be something like a cannon from a sattalite. in this case it'll shoot a continous beam till it either a) destroys the target. or b) disable the target. the uep get something like this but it send coordinates to a missile launch site and fires less power ful missiles. ( as opposed to nukes and things like that.) please use these only in a dire situation. not all the time.

05/07/2007 7:55 PM

fine w/e

05/07/2007 8:08 PM

To avoid confusion about my post, since I started writing it before the Theata gun was fired:
-The firing that I'm referring to at the beginning of my post is the sniper fire.
-The enemy that Goldhirsch is chasing toward our base is just the decoy that Nanayashi fired earlier.

Also, good call on ignoring Shigetomo's post. It's a tough decision to make.

EDIT: Also, I'm guessing from the description of her location that Mertura is across the river in West Haven?

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05/07/2007 8:27 PM

Any room for me and my mobile gun platform?

05/07/2007 8:45 PM

if it move's has guns attached ( unless you dont want any on it that would be fine to ) we might have to tear down a few buildings but we'll let ya join.

05/07/2007 9:35 PM

Its big.. or rather the mech is..

Name: Ty Ketsei
Faction: U.E.P
Rank: Sergeant
Sex: Male
Height: 6'
Weight: 160lbs.
Skin Color: Golden tan
Weapon: C7A1
Accessory: Survival kit, .45LC with inverted barrel, A bottle of muscle relaxant in it.

Name: Amanozako
Class: Mobile gun platform
Color: Black/teal
Description: A six legged gun platform made to bombard targets as well as put up a defensive against enemy mechs, it is slow and requires to be at a complete stop to use anything besides the chain guns.
Weapon: A main 300mm artillery cannon, two smaller 70mm turrets on either side of the platform, six 30mm cannons, four bottom mounted chain guns for infantry removal
Melee: None (unless you get stepped on)
Extra: When employed as a base defence the 70mm cannons can be replaced with missile batteries. It is designed so that it can be airlifted to the battle field by a "carry-all."

Tell me if anything needs to change..

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05/08/2007 9:06 AM

Um... I was moving so how did i keep firing and how did i get jumped on as I was moving down the back of the hills... don't have to change but let me know cuss I'm kind of doing two things at once... raikoh you really up for a head shot and I chose head due to the fact its cruel to try to kill a player strait off.

=p got the occ in the post... I'll let it slide for once but that was a bit harsh.... hah his legs gone... so yeah one I am really far away .... 70km sounds about right and it'll be back real soon just got to find a new suit....

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05/08/2007 1:37 PM

LunaMaria, why did you respond to Shigetomo's post?

05/08/2007 2:36 PM

To start with I just miss out the OOC saying not to and second.... it's much choice isn't it so I want give him a chance I can can't I? and just to see what happens, I mean now I have to write on a whole different level.

05/08/2007 3:00 PM

sry when your were moving i guess i automatically thought you were shooting to. just thats what i thought. it's a good thing the gun hasn't really shot yet. i just told it to look for movement of enemy/ neutral mechs. so your safe for now.

oh and i was thinking. how about letting people have two mechs. one for a different situation. or one in case the current one is destroyed/ needing repairs. sounds good?

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05/08/2007 4:45 PM

I'm out. I hate to quit so soon after joining, but this is all too confusing for me to keep track of. One of you can take control of my mechs if you want, or you can just leave them in the background.

05/08/2007 6:32 PM

man sry you wanted to quit. i do have to admit though you were doing good with the tactics and that sort of thing. you had to make me change tactics a few times. we'll keep your guys in the background for now. so lets see. we're still at 2:2 sides wise. hey we're doing pretty good here i think. oh and shig get outa there get a new mech and get to the front lines man. the sniper will be dealt with later as i found yet another loop hole to find him with.

05/09/2007 12:28 PM

I'm as you should have guessed a "Girl", do they have those where you come from?

05/09/2007 3:16 PM

lol sry bout that ill edit that right now.
at least i think that was one of my posts. oh well sry

05/13/2007 10:06 AM

I know it's your RP but... you seem a bit god moddy to me... Now i'm guessing there aren't super pilots (while some may be good) so if say each is killing 12 to so each battle .... thats over 100 units and that is just an hour or so... so how may units are they churning out?

Now I came in a bit hard but think of this fasted passed but just like normal battle just bigger... a battle of 100 real troops say US vs Iraqi only a max of 10 troops would die on each side and the others would go back to base... this battle is way to lossy... but thats just how I feel.

05/13/2007 12:43 PM

Mind if i join in?

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