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05/03/2007 6:30 AM

This is basically a story about life and death... you can add whatever you want... so long as the sotry line flows through... and i hope i can get through to the end of this Phase and do other Phases of this... Oh and for people who are wondering... Why Twilight? You'll have to rp to find out...

05/03/2007 10:06 AM

Two things, quickly:

Firstly, you probably need to give ppl more information than 'it's a story about life and death', lol- are you playing on Earth, are there powers, is there a goal, basic character sheet etc, so people know what they need and whether they'd be interested.

Secondly usually ideas are posted in the idea section to generate a bit of interest before a thread is generated in the RP section, just to guage whether there is interest so that the RP section only had threads that are fairly (at least in theory..) active.

Apart from that good luck with the thread.

05/05/2007 12:31 PM

More Info....

Apart from this being about life and death, this roleplay takes place on earth... in a metropolis city, kinds like New York or Tokyo. As most of the main characters are dead, somethings like a name, how they died, and other information. However certain clothing, tattoos or even jewelery... yes jewelery... can spark of something like what they use to do or what they were as a person. Also tattoos and other things can be used as nick names until they find out their names. As for powers... there are four types of special powers involved in this roleplay, all using a spiritual energy. 1st is a basic spiritual energy, which allows certain speed and strength... 2nd stage heightens the senses, kinda like spidermans spider senses it allows the person to sense certain attacks, allowing to dodge them. 3rd stage ups all three senses to a new even greater height, changing the form of the person, which can be influenced be a spiritual animal or mythical creature. 4th and finally stage can only be used by a few higher spirits.

The goal for the story is to find out who you were, how you died and make it back to your body before your body ends up in the realm of silence. Basic Character sheets would make things easier and if you need help on what to put down then just ask.

If any other info is needed please state...

05/05/2007 2:40 PM

This is sounding more and more interesting.
Good job!

As I mentioned in interest forums I'd be interested in one of the high spirits (maybe Deceit if I can think of something not too stereotypical, lol), and also possibly a regular character now that I learn more ;)

05/05/2007 4:53 PM

Same as above except with Love.

05/06/2007 9:43 AM

I may change this, not able to do any great thinking at the moment.

Main character:

Name- unknown as yet
Age- 16
Gender- female
Appearance- quite slight, not tall (about 5'4). Eyes are as dark as her long, straight hair. She's wearing baggy jeans that hang to the ground and a short dark coloured t-shirt that only just reaches the waistband of her pants and has writing too faded to read. She is only wearing one shoe- a Converse all star trainer, yellow with purple and pink hares on it. Her other foot is bare. From one of the front belt loops of her jeans hangs a short bit of chain that looks like it's been broken, and around her left wrist is a silver charm bracelet carrying only one charm- a rabbit.

Second character:

High Spirit- Deceit.

(I'll post more up on this later onece I've cemented a concept and checked that it's ok)

What else do I need to include in a character sheet for this?
I'll assume they don't know their own history from what you posted already, but tell me if that's wrong.
And re the spirit powers- do they all possess that to some degree and start to discover it?

05/06/2007 10:09 AM

To clear a few things up... the High spirits aren't evil... it's one of the twist to the story...
Only a description is needed for a character sheet that and gender and age... everything else can be added later on so it gives you enough time to think of something...

As for the spirit levels most characters should have lvl 1 spirit lvl... gaining lvl 2 only can come to those who... in the past... have had some contact with the dead... as in like an imaginary friend or a loved one that died and they spend most of their days sitting opposite their grace talking to it. After that, lvl 3 is gained when the height of the persons spiritual level hits its peak and has to expand changing the person into an animal like creature or mythical creature. Lvl 4 which is only used by High Spirits gives the user a unique look, usually making them deadly and gives them an unlimited amount of spiritual energy.

05/06/2007 10:50 AM

the High spirits aren't evil

I wasn't seeing them as evil, tbh.
Maybe it's because of reading too much Sandman or of being a biologist but they're just aspects that are present in the lives of everyone.

05/06/2007 11:31 AM

I see them as the light in the darkness... not all dark... not all light... but Twilight...

05/08/2007 10:52 AM

Okay, posted finally.

Sorry it was short and disjointed, it's just the feel I was getting.

05/08/2007 1:28 PM

Wow... can't help but post great Idea....

05/08/2007 2:19 PM

Don't forget your character sheet..

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