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05/02/2007 1:16 PM

heres the character sheet











that may be a little to much info but i think it will work

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05/02/2007 4:01 PM

Im intrested just give me a bit of time to make a charecter.

05/02/2007 4:07 PM


05/02/2007 5:09 PM

What kind of ....alternate quest?

05/02/2007 5:57 PM

i was thinking we could do something to aid the beseiged cities of middle earth such as helm's deep and minas tirith...but thats totally up to the players

05/08/2007 3:50 PM

Name: Encaitaro

Race: Wood elf

Gender: male

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 130

Hair: red

Eye: blue

Appearance: wearing tradition clothes of wood elves he also wears a cape with a hood and he usually wears the hood up on his head but occassionally he will take it off.

Weapon: Bow with arrow quiver and a large elven knife

History: Born in Mirkwood some 500 hundred years ago he grew up as a rival to Legolas and is equal with him in bow skill. When he was an adult he was appointed captain of mirkwood's archers and then began his quest when he learned of Legolas's departure for rivendell.

05/09/2007 5:07 AM

Name: Afeldar

Race: Wood elf

Gender: Male

Height: 6'3

Weight: 150

Hair: Blond

Eye: Blue

Appearance: Wears a hooded top that blends perfectly with the green of the trees in Mirkwood, dark brown trousers that contain many pockets.

Weapon: Elven bow, Elven blade in a delicately patterned sheath Quiver.

History: Afeldar was born in Mirkwood son to Dalkri. He is 650 years of age. Recently appointed leader of the watch that surrounds Mirkwood. He feels he is very important within his current role, and some might say the position has gone to his had. He has been appointed the role not for his archery skills but for his tracking ability and his amazing eye sight. He does struggle with a bow more than any other elven archer, and is much better with his sword than his bow.

05/09/2007 3:34 PM

Argh. seems I got left behind.
And everyone i everywhere across middle earth.

05/09/2007 6:12 PM

I just figured that i would point out that everyone would know where Legolas went. He was sent there for a specific reason. There really wouldnt be anyone looking for him.

06/02/2007 11:21 PM

So sorry, i didnt see the OOC messages, hope im not too late...

Name: Earith

Race: Elf

Gender: Male

Height: 5'10

Weight: 189lbs

Hair: Jet Black

Eye: White-ish

Appearance: Wears a long elvish light chain tunic with a blackened chain insignia built into the centre of the chain shirt, depicting his family crest. Wears a cloth tunic over it, along with basic silk pants, normal lorien armor over the chain tunic and under the cloth one. Wears his Rangers of Balarign tabard over-top of the layers, showing the ROB ensignia. Wears a Mirkwood cloak over top of all of this. His horse is named Priget, a gift from Theoden, he has various mementos (the frefresh maker, hah, terrible joke) from each kingdom.

Weapon: Lorien longbow with a 25 arrows quiver. Long elvish dagger. Basic equipment pack.

History: His whole line are ambassadors of Lorien to the other kingdoms. His older brother Aerith was the one to receive the honors, but he died in battle, so it was passed to him. He has diplomatic immunity, to a limited extent, in most areas, but he is never in one place long enough. Due to his position, he cannot be enrolled in any army, so he has his own band of men and elves that ride around and help those in need. Called the Rangers of Balarign (named after the first Elven ambassador to the first Rohan King. Earith's ancestor, Balarign)

06/12/2007 2:33 PM

Name: Sinrah

Race: Human (Rohan)

Gender: Male

Height: 5'2

Weight: 198lbs

Hair: Brown

Eye: Blue

Appearance: Wears the armor of the Rohirrim and wears a ring bearing his family crest and rides a brown horse given by a hermit who lived in the Firien wood as a gift for helping him.

Weapon: Rohan spear and a silver mace, small scout pack filled with provisions wood cutting axe plus tinder box

History: Sent by Theodon to scout for mordor raiding parties with his sister Giwen who was a shield maiden but she was captured by orcs and taken near mirkwood and slain Sinrah still looks for her even after a year but is soo giving up and returning home.

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