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04/18/2007 8:54 PM

.::Uh' well..I can see this site is, and I use this term very loosely..different from any place I've RP'ed at before, and judging from the things I've seen thus far, I have a feeling that I won't be staying too long..regardless, I could be wrong, so to get introduced to your particular style of RP'ing, I'd like to fight one of you..after all, you don't really know someone until you've fought them. -Shrugs.-

Arena: The generic Endless Plain type field, nothing but grass and scattered tree's as far as the eye can see, small amounts of Fauna here and there, ranging from cardinal to deer. The skies are a tad overcast, though the sun is still quite apparent.

Time: 3:32 P.M.
Temperature: 72.45° Fahrenheit
Season: Early Summer

Rules: Basic rules. Though I do explain everything I do, I don't suppose its required unless your of exceptional skill. No Puppet mastering, god modding, autohitting, etc. etc.

Character Sheet:

Name: Watanabe Ryou Ishimaru (Young Ryou)
Gender: Male
Age: Thirteen
Race: Lagoonarian Hybrid
Height: 5'8"
Weight (Without Armor): 124lbs.
Weight (With Armor): 236lbs.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Theme: Ichirin no Hana ~Huge Hollow Mix~
Appearance: *Ask for picture, Forum doesn't seem to run on BBC or HTML, so I'm not sure how to post-

Ryou is younger by quite a few years, and his general clothing lacks the cape seen in the above. His shirt is of the same style, blue with white around the edges, but is sleeveless, his left arm covered in what seems to be one large gauntlet, however its three different pieces placed together; the colors blending together into one gun metal silver shade. His hair is slightly grayed around the edges, almost appearing to be silver, and he has an almost 'V' shaped scar on the left side of his face, starting right past the end of his eye, spanning forward till' it nears his nose, and then curving down, before fading away is it approaches his chin.

His hair is very long, however, but the front is left spiky, looking normal from the front, however at the very back of his head, under some more hair, the rest of his hair is seen, forming a long 'rope' like strand that falls down to his back, silver mixed in with the blue here and there. His right arm is covered in dozens of various scars, ranging from gun shots to blade cuts, with a few on his neck, his abdomen and back scarred a good bit too. Oddly enough, none of the scars are seen on his face.

Once his enters combat, a suit of Lagoonarian Armor forms over his body, mainly a chest plate, a shin guard, a full set for his right arm, and the Amorphous Scarf he was once well known for. The scarf itself is dark blue in shade, made of semi-crystallized mana thats woven together.


Kenkarakanko: (Pronounced; Ken-Kara-Kan-Ko/Meaning; Blade From Lagoon. Short Ver.: Kenkaro)

Type 1: Blade
Type 2: Katana
Type 3: Spirit Weapon
Type 4: Zanpukuto

Spirit: Ryou (Copy Ryou)


Sealed: The form of a basic Katana, Overall length; 27.42 Inches. Its basic design is that of a Kiraha Zukiri, a one sided blade that slightly grows towards the end, and lacks a curve. Though most of the energy is 'supposed' to be sealed within the blade, two energies do leak out; Metatron and Oni.

-Mounted At: Held Within Soul
-Blade Formed Of: Z.O. (Zol Orihalconium)

Initial Release: The Energy begins to leak out, Ryoichi alchemicly interacting with the Z.O. and changing the metal into that of the Sacred Metal of Lagoonamaris, known to generate the nearly invincible God Aura and to be unbreakable by any normal means. The Blade itself forms into a design similar to the Sword of the Scion, Lagoonverse, suggesting that the sword itself is inside the blade. Regardless, the blade is capable of generating God Auras, along with releasing a large amount of Copy Ryou's power into the wielder, augmenting their strength massively, not to mention increasing their energy capacities.

-Blade Formed Of: Metal of Lagoonamaris
-Trigger Command: Slay, Scion!

Final Release: Once the final release has been triggered, several things will happen.

For the first sixty seconds, a massive amount of power will be released into the wielder, mainly Spirit and other Ethereal Energies, as this energy will form itself into Six Wings on Ryou's back, making him look somewhat like a Seraphim. The Spirit Pressure generated from this causes a massive 'storm' of spirit energy to form around the wielder, affecting the ethereal and corporeal planes, along with most matter. On normal planets, this will often cause a storm to form overhead, the rain drenched with Oni and the lightning formed of Yuu Ryoichi.

As the clock counts down, the wings seem to burn away, like a fuse on a bomb, and the Spirit Pressure will begin to flow around the Wielder, slowly but surely absorbing into his body. While this is happening, it is possible to use the "Ichigeki Hissatsu" technique. This turns the blade into a catalyst for all the energy, focusing it onto the edge of the sword, as it will be discharged with the next slash. Discharging the technique can be done in several ways, such as an orb of energy, double helix beams, or even a spear, but the default form is a beam of light that travels forward, pitched up at a thirty two degree angle. The slash itself can actually slice through an entire galaxy, such as Andromeda, however after use, the blade reverts to its Sealed Form to regain energy, and the recoil leaves Ryou's body paralyzed for several seconds, leaving him defenseless.

Once the wings finally burn away and the storm is absorbed into the wielder's body, on the very instant it finishes, everything within a three hundred meter radius will be absorbed in a blinding flash that will last slightly over three seconds. Once the light fades, the wielder will be revealed, back in his or her normal form, except for a constantly rotating storm of energy at their feet, a small amount of energy spinning around them, their eyes glowing an almost shining shade of blue, their pupils white. The orb at the hilt of Lagoonverse will be opened, what appears to be a chaotic purple eye with a black center inside, on the outer rim of the eye, what appears to be a piece of metal looking somewhat like a turbine, spinning several thousand RPM's to the right.

The power given in this form, is roughly half of Original Ryou's, at his peek. In other words, several million souls of trained warriors, an entire army, and an Elitist Lord, not to mention all of Copy Ryou's power.

-Trigger Command: Bankai

LuXion: (Pronounced; Luh-Shun/Meaning; Derived From Chinese Names For 'Strength', 'Fast', and 'Fire')

Type 1: Bladed Weapon
Type 2: Lance
Type 3: Spirit Weapon
Type 4: Amorphous Lance

Materials: Adamant, Ryon, Bloodstone, Deathstone-R1, Dreamstone, Mana Fire*, Spirit Spark*, Psi Flame*, GND, and Mako.

Material Explanation: The combination of Adamant and GND alone makes it nearly indestructable by general means, while the less..common crystallized energies only go to add uncommon stengths.

Ryon is a form of fusing Ryoichi into a physical object, weaving the energy into the very atomic structure of corporeal objects, generally metals. In this case, the energy is specifically preprogrammed to, when struck by another object and of course, wielded by someone attuned to its resonation pattern, absorb the kinetic energy into the metal, before the Ryoichi will temporarely awaken, absorb the kinetic energy into its particles and then reject it. The end affect is a Kinetic version of Photons to a Mirror, and the effect happens instantaneously.

Mana Fire, Spirit Spark, and Psi Flame are also similar to Ryon, various energies fused into the very atomic structure of the metal. Each enery is specifically designed to react to the related energy in a pseudo chemical form, the energy acting as a form of Oxygen with the energy, upon contact, acting as a sort of 'spark'. This ignites the energy, burning it away as fuel until nothing is left.

DeathStone-R1, is a refined form of the DeathStone seen in the Soul Society, infused with Ryoichi and thusly binding its affects by the Resonation Pattern. In its original form, it appears to be a Dull Gray stone, that disperses an Aura which creates a disruption within Psion and Spirit energy, causing an increasing amount of pain within the user of the energy, with the first sign an accute case of nausea.

DreamStone is a rare, deep red, crystal like ore which has the property to store mass amounts of Electromagnetic Energy. Generally used in machines to either gain energy or guard against an Electro Magnetic Pulse. Its general purpose is to either immediatly convert the energy, normally for machines, or directly use it for its wielders purposes.

BloodStone is a crystal generally found in the possession of those of the Seven Deadly Sins. Its simply a shard of Carmot, and in this case, a handful of the shards have been weaved into the weapon, though because of their dangerous tendancy to..backfire, the energy has to be refilled regularly, while also taking care not to overuse it.

A bit of Mako Energy has also been weaved into the very atomic structure of this weapon, fused slightly with Ryoichi on the grounds that it could be potentially used against the wielder if not somehow bound by the Wielder's control. Its generally used to flow the energy into the wielder's body, and has been shown to generally increase their physical strength, with the side effect of being exposed to mass amounts, Mako Poisoning. Over time, it has also been show to cause the eyes' to glow a bright cyan.

Initial Form: The initial form of the LuXion is somewhat similar to 'Liquid Metal', a silver rod that lacks any absolute shape. The Ryon weaved into the weapons atomic structure allows this, by simply manipulating the shape by the owner's 'will'. Its also been seen to expand far past what its original mass would allow without changing shape due to spreading the mass out, which is due to the BloodStone, at need, transmutating the various nearby particles into more Adamant and GND, but this 'excess' metal can be seen as a flaw, and as soon as its not needed, it will simply be transmutated into oxygen and discarded.

HouLong: The HouLong, or Fire Dragon, is the first absolute form of the Duel Bladed Lance; LuXion. The basic form is that of a staff, roughly 7'4" in overall length, and 5.6" in width. Its base color is a bright emerald green, with gold ornates all around. The base of the ornate, is a horizontal circle in the circle, a single line twisting off from the circle in both directions, connecting to the end in an arc so wide it barely makes a 180° turn. On the end lies two more golden circles that line the edges.

In the center of both ends, lies a hole, roughly 5" in diameter. On the inside lies more amorphous metal, which can release from this hole and take several forms, however, the base is a curved blade roughly 1'7" in width, and very thin. Both blades are arced back in the base form, the arc opposite from one another.

In its next form within the HouLong stage, the two ends are altered into what seems to be the face of a traditional japanese dragon, the base color emerald green, golden horns, red ornates on the face. This hole is then within the mouth, and this form is generally used as a duel flamethrower, both holes spewing Ryoichi as it decomposes as the hole, forming Qi, Mana, and Psion, which are ignited by the metals of the lance, slight traces of Ryoichi then being emitted and latched onto the flame to manipulate it.

The general form is on the ethereal plane, but the Ryoichi latches it to the first three dimensions of the corporeal plane, while drawing in mass amounts of thermal energy. The Ryoichi can also solidify the flame to form two blades.

Twin Fangs: In its final form, the Lance splits at the middle, as the halves seem to collapse upon themselves, and if the Dragon Heads' haven't been formed yet, they will. The Dragon's will form the new Handguard, as a traditional Katana Hilt will form below the Handguard, an emerald green base with what seems like a sort of brown cloth covering it, rather than Ray Skin.

The blades' are generally amorphous, but their base form is basically an extended version of the dual lance blades, longer and curved back slightly more, and at the base, it seems to split off, forming a second blade.

The sub blade length is slightly over one shaku, roughly fourteen inches, while the primary blade is slightly under two shaku in length, precisely 23.4". It should probably be noted the Dragon Handguard's hold the same flamethrower techniques of the Houlong form.

Ryo Saya: Ryo Saya is more of a shield than a weapon, however, it can be used offensively. Its forged from the Sacred Metal of Lagoonamaris, allowing it to generate a God Aura, but the main energy is held within an orb in the center, the orb completely covered by the metal. This orb holds a preprogrammed pocket of Ryoichi, that reacts whenever a foreign source of energy approaches. The Ryoichi leaves the orb, instantly surrounding the target on a FTL Time Frame, before latching onto the matter of the corporeal plane, before it will literally latch onto the corporeal reality itself, the very fabric of space time.

By now, it will have formed a Cube around the object in question, and literally forced it into an area of a single dimension; Time. This will prevent it from being able to continue its attack, effectively blocking whatever it was. As noted, it can be used offensively, but this requires manual operation.

-Mounted: Left Shoulder, Top Item In The Left Arm Trio

Yuu Ryoku Tsukurite: Ryoku for short, this armor is formed of three belt like bands of Z.O. Armor, the inside of which customized to act as a catalyst for basic energies, such as Ryoichi, Qi, and Mana. There are several crystals within each band, from the bottom up, Qi, Ryoichi, and Mana Crystals, each designed to act as a storage device for each energy. As the energy flows into each separate band, its stored within the crystals, and over time, condensed and compressed, roughly tripling its power. The newly upgraded energy is then released back into Ryou's body, as more energy flows in, this cycle repeating itself over and over to build up Ryou's power.

-Mounted: Left Arm, Muscle Area, Middle In The Left Arm Trio

Reikon Kougake: The Gauntlet that spans from where the Ryoku ends to the end of the arm, is made of the Metal of Lagoonamaris and infused with so much Ryoichi, it took one fourth of Ryou's Ryoichi reserves to forge it. The customized Gauntlet is designed to exist on two planes of reality, the corporeal and ethereal, and its two basic functions are;

One: Directly Rip A Soul From The Body

Two: Absorb Said Soul And Displace The Various Energies Into The Ryoku

Being made of the MoL though, its often used as a shield.

-Mounted: Left Hand, Last In The Left Arm Trio


-Ryoichi: Translating into 'Excellent One', this energy it the solution to many problems and weaknesses. Fusing a form of particle energy, mana particles, into spiritual energy, Ryoichi energy came into being. Spiritual Energy can easily have its signature changed, and this is the solution to that problem. Ryoichi energy is a forced fusion of dormant, shattered, dead psionical tethers, with spiritual and mana particles. The result is, the spiritual energy has been forced to fuse with the mana particles, forming Ryo energy, which is neither Mana, nor Spiritual energy.

The mana particles, change their energy signature every instant, at the speed of light, making it impossible to change the signature of the spiritual, and even if the signature is changed, the constant rhythm, will influence the energy into following the pattern, forcing it to change back. The remnants of dead psionical tethers are tossed in, to prevent it from being effected by psionical attacks, which is also why the Ryoichi energy communicates via certain resonations of changing signatures, because thoughts or commands cannot be transmitted between each particle. It should be noted, that Ryoichi energy contains no properties of the past two energies, meaning it isn't effected by neither Anti-Soul energies, nor Mana Fire. For an example, it would be somewhat similar to spraying water on an electrical fire, not only does it not put the fire out, you're most likely going to get shocked.

-Yuu Ryoichi: 'Superior Excellent One', and as the name implies, it is indeed superior. There are actually many dormant energies within Ryoichi, and Yuu Ryoichi is the product of awakening those energies. The Yuu Ryoichi energy is the offensive counterpart to Ryoichi's defense, and as such, can only be used for offensive techniques, lest' it cause a great deal of pain to the user. Used in attacks, the Dead Psionical tethers are weaved throughout the energy, inside and out, more or less preventing the use of psionical techniques against it. A basic list of whats weaved together to form this energy;

2% Of The Yin Found In A Soul
2% Of The Yang Found In A Soul

Due to the small amounts of the two halves of a soul, it will create an influx of soul energy so great, it could be described as the black hole of Qi. Its area of influence is roughly two hundred meters, which further shows the influx's strength. It will literally pull a soul out of a being at the speed of light, while the Oni will destroy the soul energy which is drawn to the Yuu Ryoichi. Fortunately, the Yin & Yang is bound by the Ryoichi energy, and thus' bound by a resonation of Ryoichi, so it won't affect Ryou.

-Oni: Oni is the product of a fusion of Dead Psionical tethers, Anti-Mana, and Anti-Soul Energy. It is a forced fusion, similar to Ryoichi energy, and is formed of particles with resonation patterns, more or less to keep it from effecting Ryou. When introduced to Soul, Mana, or Psionical energy, it presents acidic properties, and will 'eat through' any form of the aforementioned energies.

-Mana: Basic ethereal energy, that can be channeled into by humans or some other race, to be wielded. By channeling in it into your body, you also transfer it to the corporeal plane, but very skilled warriors can wield it on both planes by using a catalyst to act as an anchor, such as matter. By doing so, one can also manipulate whatever he latches it onto. The art of using Mana is known as Magic, and it can be augmented in a number of ways.

-Qi: Spirit energy drawn straight from the soul. Because its drawn straight from the soul that is anchored to the corporeal realm by the body, it automatically exist on the corporeal realm, however, in certain cases, such as being emitted from the soul on the ethereal realm, it exist on the ethereal, and can function similar to Mana by using a planar anchor. Its only real difference from Mana, is the fact that the main element found in a soul is Qi.


-Full Control Of Mana Particles
-Full Control Of Spirit Energy Particles
-Full Control Of Metatron Ore
-Full Control Of God Aura
-Full Control Of Ryoichi & Its Variants
-Full Control Of Psion Energy
-Creation Of Ethereal Energy Types
-Energy Fusion
-Inhuman Physical Prowess
-Extensive Knowledge Of Most Combat Related Subjects
-Soul Sense
-Mana Sense
-Multiplanar Vision -Corporeal & Ethereal-

04/19/2007 9:35 AM

judging from the things I've seen thus far, I have a feeling that I won't be staying too long..

No offense, but that probably wasn't the wisest statement to make at the beginning of your two-thousand word character sheet intended for a simple sparring contest.

04/19/2007 10:52 PM

No offense intended, but that really doesn't make me want to stay >-> On another note, thats a very simple Character bio in comparison to some.

04/19/2007 10:58 PM

Perhaps if you were in an area where people knew what premises you were basing it off of. We are not exclusively RPing in any one system, so in order for us to understand what you are talking about, you have to give us background information.

04/20/2007 5:58 AM

No offense intended, but that really doesn't make me want to stay

The only reason I brought it up was because you had already mentioned you had a feeling you wouldn't be staying too long. I'm not here to try to persuade you into staying, I was simply trying to point that a comment like that is unlikely to encourage anyone to make the effort towards joining your thread.

Personally I hope you do stick around long enough to find out this is a very versatile and enjoyable site. And again, no offense intended.

04/20/2007 8:04 AM

Background information? Joining a thread? Geez, you guys look too much into things. Its a Friendly Spar, just a fight between two characters, nothing more and nothing less. Two characters enter, and fight; that simple.

04/20/2007 8:26 AM

Background information? Joining a thread? Geez, you guys look too much into things. Its a Friendly Spar, just a fight between two characters, nothing more and nothing less. Two characters enter, and fight; that simple.

I'm actually in agreement with you here that background information isn't really necessary for a simple sparring thread. Personally I think there's already more than enough information to make the average brain hurt. ;)

04/27/2007 5:37 PM

Yeah, it looked interesting until I saw that first sentence. Isn't it a waste of time to actualy make an account on this site after you've looked it over and found that it wasn't to your liking? Anyways, good luck on finding someone to spar with.

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