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04/12/2007 7:28 PM

I've had this idea for a few days. This is a realistic type of RP so you can't use magic but you can use certain special traits. The main idea is that the characters live in a large city full of criminals. There is only one hunting department in the entire city, The Dog Pound. They dish out assignments to local hunters. The hunters go out and bag the criminal and then bring them back to The Pound. The owner hands them a nice wad of cash and the hunter goes on their merry way. Player characters are for the most part regulars to The Pound.

There is one big crime boss in the city, he has the most men and the most power. The eventual plot will have alot to do with him. I'm willing to allow someone to play his character. If you do decide to become the crime boss you can also have another character. You can choose to be a hunter or criminal, hunters go after NPC criminals but can also go after player chracter criminals. Criminals can attack hunters and rob from other criminals. There are smaller crime bosses in the city but they won't be mentioned, meaning if you want one in the story you have to play those characters yourself. As a crime boss you can organize a small gang of criminals. I know this is confusing so I'll put it simple.

Hunters: Work for The Dog Pound, catch criminals
Criminals: Fight against the hunters, steal from citizens, rob other criminals as well, can join gangs
Crime Bosses: Are the same as criminals except they can lead gangs
The big Crime Boss: Can only be played by one chracter, leads the biggest gang in the city (I don't have a specific character sheet already layed out for this character so you will have to make up your own.)

You can have multiple characters of any of the three types but really to keep things from getting out of hand you should only have about two.


Character Sheet:

Alignment: (Hunter, Criminal, Crime Boss, The BCB Note:There will only be one BCB)
Hunting gear: (For Bounty Hunters only, Used to capture criminals)
Crime tools: (For Criminals only, Used for theviery or other such crimes)

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