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04/12/2007 6:15 PM

Okay, sorry we moved, I forgot to include an OOC area.

anyway, we will get more people to read it here too.

well post here with your character info before joining

the first few game posts will to be to introduce characters. I will bring in the zombies later.

04/13/2007 12:14 PM

This will be my main character but I'll introduce a couple of others in my first IC post. Let me know if anything is out of place and I'll change it.

Name: Terry "Ozzy" Ochowski
Age: 31
Height: 5'9
Weight: 168 lbs

Appearance: brown eyes, messy brown curly hair, generally scruffy

Personality: Ozzy has a slightly immature look on life and a very carefree attitude. He is always up for a good laugh and a joke but often finds himself the butt of other peoples. He generally has an upbeat look on life and isn't the sort of person to hold a grudge.

Recent history: Ozzy was a trucker and has been a regular at McGreuder's Bar for several years. Unfortunately a few months ago he lost his licence due to a drink driving charge since which his life has been taking a downward spiral ever since.

04/13/2007 12:23 PM

perfect, he'll fit right in...until the dead start walking lol. Accepted.

04/13/2007 10:41 PM

Hey, I think I want in on this. I am a big zombie fan and I like the whole scenario and what not.

Name: Ronny "The Kid" Dames
Age: 21
Height: 5'10
Weight: 170 lbs

Appearance: Brown eyes, shaggy brown hair, grunge (rocker) look.

Personality: This one Italian is a hardass. He is a hardcore rocker and a smartass bad boy. His words sometimes lead him into unwanted fights. He acts a little bit immature for his age, but his surprising street smarts make up for that. He is quite strong, but he rather not jump into a rough fight.

Recent history: Ronny is a guitarist for the band "The Sub-Urban". They are a mix of old grunge rock and punk rock. They recently started getting big gigs and recognition. Due to this, Ronny quit college in hope of finding a career as a musician. His friend, and manager, Timmy Jones, booked the band for a small gig at McGreuder's Bar. They approved the gig because they were on there way to a much larger show at Hudson's Theatre, which was located in the city not to far from the truck stop.

Hopefully my guy fits right in, if not I'll fix him up. Any who, I'll get into the RP as soon as you approve. I can't wait to kill me some zombies.

04/14/2007 9:57 AM

nice, okay we'll do that. But, the band in McGrueder's has a different name, I am not attached to it, but I can change it if you want.

04/14/2007 10:51 AM

Sure you can change it if you want.

04/14/2007 11:24 AM

done. Well, there, you have a band now. lol

04/14/2007 12:59 PM

Just wanted to remind you I'm still interested- but have too high a temperature to be imaginative in a way that isn't scary, lol.
Can't even think of a character sheet.
Hopefully it'll have broken by tomorrow.

04/14/2007 1:12 PM

Okay, I'll try and wait for you, but you might have to just pick from amongst the peopel I have mentinoed if we get started before you are ready.

04/14/2007 2:15 PM

I should be good by tomorrow- managed a semi passable but very uninspired post in Max's thread.
Am slightly more coherent than I have been for the last couple of days so I should at least be able to think of a character.

04/14/2007 5:41 PM

It's tomorrow.
The benefit of having had nothing but nurofen plus and lucozade all day is sugar-fuelled insomnia.
Do you guys have lucozade and nurofen? I'm guessing Flark does- high five!- but you American people, do you?
Nurofen's great.
It's got ibuprofen (gotta love anti-inflammatories), which is proving great for my inflamed throat and ears (not so much for the deafness that my swollen glands are causing, but who cares), codeine (my favourite) and caffeine, yay, which means it's great not only for generally pains but also for migraines and PERIOD PAIN (see? I'm a girl)
And lucozade is liquid sugar, and a staple of my sickbed experience since I was yay high to something small and appropriate.

Oh I think the sugar/caffeine buzz is starting to wear off- lucky I took advantage of it to post huh?
Probably should have waited for you to okay the characters Dexter, but I can remove them if you like.

Better think of character sheets..

Name: Eva Wyeth
Age: 24
Height: 5'6

Appearance: long, very straight dark hair, dark brown eyes, fairly sallow skin, wears glasses with black frames (the sort of currently trendy 60s style), everything fairly sharp and angular- think 13 year old boy. Usually fairly casually dressed but neatly- almost to the point of fastidiousness

Personality: has a tendency to get quite stressed and highly strung over even the most common of life's problems, mainly because of control issues i.e. she likes being in it. Can be quite analytical- usually a thinker rather than a doer.

Recent history: Eva is an aspiring writer, graduated with a degree in journalism but wants to get into novels. Is spending the year in America with boyfriend of 3 years, Alan- for the last couple of months of their year there they've decided to go on a roadtrip before returning to England. She met Alan through a friend in college; initial thoughts were that he was stupid but had a nice bum (played rugby), but somehow she managed to end up going out with him long term. She is planning on breaking up with him after getting home: she'd prefer someone taller, but will probably phrase it better when she tells him. To help finance the time spent in America she took on some work with a company that publishes trashy romance type novels, thinking she could bang them out quickly to earn some handy money. It's proving harder than she thought.

I have a very strong feeling that Alan is a sacrifice to the zombie gods, but just for the sake of completeness (and to try to get rid of some of my sugar energy so I can sleep) here's a character sheet:

Name: Alan Cartwright
Age: 23
Height: 5'10

Appearance: quite stocky, fit and relatively muscular (but not heavily so or defined) from playing rugby. Fairly short blonde hair, blue eyes, quite clean cut.

Personality: quite easygoing, laidback almost to the point of appearing vacant, one of those public school boy types who appear affable-yet-dim. He is [i]not[/i] as dim as he appears, but generally isn't bothered enough to correct people's assumptions.

Recent history: Did a business degree, but it was really just a chance to play ruggers and please Daddy, yah? Met Eva in his first year in Uni, was- frankly- amazed that they had any mutual acquaintances considering how different they were. She was so completely different to most of the girls he knew that she was immediately interesting- the fact that she could be patronising was irrelevant because she was patronising to everyone. Is planning on breaking up with her when he gets home-she doesn't really fit in with Daddy's idea of good wife material for a VP of his company, and, frankly, he's had slagging off his rugby mates because she looks a lot like a 13 year old boy.

04/14/2007 5:59 PM

*Sob* i'm never gonna get off the hook for that am I? Well once again, if I randomly called people I knew nothing about SHE it would be rather odd no? And calling people IT for some reason isn't socialy acceptable. any way, your characters are fine, adds a bit of diversity to the mix, I like it.

04/14/2007 6:06 PM

*Sob* i'm never gonna get off the hook for that am I?

Female prerogative ;)

Glad they're approved, means I'm nearer to killing off Alan, lol

Have to sleep so expect no more posts from me for a couple of hrs at least.
Oh! Hunger! I feel hunger for the first time in 3 days! Must be getting better- or just really excited at the thought of killing someone off.. hope it's the former..

04/14/2007 7:22 PM

Female Perogitave? Kill off?


04/14/2007 8:59 PM

*waves her hand around* Never done a zombie roleplay....but it looks interesting.

Here's my character sheet.

Name - Katherine (Kat) Idina Tarane
Age : 21
Height : 5.4
Weight : 110

Appearance : Dark blue eyes, small nose, pouty red lips, fair skin and wavy brown hair, usually kept in a ponytail. Thin and shapely at her best, frail and waspish at her worst. Usually seen wearing a pair of jeans and a cute preppy tank top.

Personality - Normally happy, but during child hood she was diagnosed with depression, something that occasionally still surfaces. Often she is a flirt, enjoying the effect she has on men, despite the ring she still wears on her finger. Its a serious rock. In a dangerous situation, she is far more likely to run. In fact, she does it all the time, and won't stop until she's free from it all. Fighting never seems to occur to her.

Recent History : Kat has fled her hometown of Rocksalt, Iowa with no particular destination in mind. Somehow she likes the idea of California, but she's not sure if she'll ever make it. Honestly, she's running out of gas and money. Behind her she leaves a secret, a fiance, and a pair of screaming, scheming parents - oh yeah, and a town who wants to lynch her for witchcraft.

Don't worry, she's not actually a witch or anything magical at all. But we won't go into what actually happened for while. Unless you want to know. But whatev. I'm gonna go ahead and post, but I'll delete it if I'm not accepted.

[Edited by CandlestickJay on Saturday, April 14, 2007 9:08 PM]

04/14/2007 9:43 PM

Hey candlestick just wondering, do you have a myspace, msn, or aim? If so, wanna chat sometime lol?

04/15/2007 3:03 AM


I'm just enjoying joshing with you ;)

I'm not going to push it too far- you're the DM, who knows what horrible things you could have up your sleeves for me? lol

04/15/2007 6:57 AM

No, I don't I'm sorry. but msg me and we'll see if we can get something figured out.

04/15/2007 8:25 AM

Your character is fine, very interesting back story. Well, the zombies will show up soon, I'm kind of waiting for everyone to have hung out a while longer. But they will come.

I'm just enjoying joshing with you ;)

you sneaky monkey... and here I was...worried I was part of some sort of feminist assasination plot. Phew....

well...in any case...back to the zombies.

04/15/2007 7:14 PM

oh wow, I run away for two hours and two pages have happened? I'm sorry guys, but ya'll are moving too fast for me, and I don't want to slow you down. So have fun, and we'll just pretend Kat got eaten cause she was standing outside for too long. You could find her mutilated body or some such nonsense. Lol cya around!

04/16/2007 8:04 PM

well darn. I was looking forward to more posts I wanted to learn about that witchcraft stuff. Okay well, I hope you reconsider.

04/18/2007 3:35 PM

so, again, I'm heading to bed as you people are just getting active *sighs*

as before, do whatever you like with my guys- but one death maximum, if you're so tempted ;)

04/19/2007 9:40 AM

Sorry I missed a few post there guys. We can assume my character went to sleep in the kitchen with the rest of the crowd.

04/23/2007 11:06 PM

Hey everybody...I hope nobody gets upset about the mammoth roleplay I just posted. I broke it down in to 3 posts to try and make it easier to read.

I was going to spread it out more, but you guys got in the truck faster than I expected, so I went ahead and did the whole thing at once.

This is definitely the longest rp I've ever written. Hopefully the quality is decent.

*wipes the sweat off his forehead*

04/24/2007 1:13 AM

that was impressive!

sorry I haven't posted in a while- I'm cruddy at combat and was oping someone would eat Alan, lol.

I'll try and get something up once I'm back from work.

04/24/2007 8:04 AM


I'll admit I gave a slight groan upon first seeing how much you had posted, but it turned out I genuinely enjoyed reading it all. Excellent posts Dangrel.



Guys, I've just posted there after Dangrel and done a bit of a brief recap of what happened at the end of his post just to explain where I was in relation.

[Edited by Flark on Tuesday, April 24, 2007 8:41 AM]

04/25/2007 8:58 PM

Thanks a lot. I really appreciate it. :)

I'll have to wait until tomorrow to post again, that one took a lot out of me. lol

04/26/2007 10:57 AM

nfrat, I don't mean to have a go but you just kind of killed that whole action scene with your last post. Things had just set up nicely for a good bit of conflict before you decided to control EVERYONE and make them run into the bar. I suspect Dangrel might have had some other ideas for his soldiers before you made them all retreated. Can you try to keep the controlling of other people's character to a minimum in future please.

Another minor point is I think Ronny finding the Glock after the weapons had already been dealt out was a little unrealistic. I have to say that if I was the GM here I would make you completely re-write that post before we continued.

It's Dexter's call. I'll leave it for him to decide what to do about it.

04/26/2007 3:01 PM

Flark, I apologize, and i'll fix my post now. It was a lazy post to begin with, lol. As for the action though, I thought dex made it clear everyone ran into the bar, but I guess i'll just fix the whole thing.

04/26/2007 3:09 PM

Flark, I apologize, and i'll fix my post now.

Thanks nfrat, that's much better.

I thought dex made it clear everyone ran into the bar, but I guess i'll just fix the whole thing.

If you mean this part?

"Come on!!" Frank shouted to the overrun army men while he ran for the bar.

All is doing is telling them to run for the bar, I would have thought it would be Dangrel's call to actually control them in doing so.

Anyway, thanks again for the edit. :)

05/02/2007 7:06 AM

Just wanted to mention I'm still around- just confused as to where Alan is, lol.
I'll assume he's inside and healthy with our new soldier buddies.

Think I'm in too much pain at the moment to be creative though, damn my two x chromosomes.

05/07/2007 3:31 PM

I'm going to RP tomorrow. I was just waiting a few days to see if we could get everyone caught up, and to see if people like ZombieKiller13 were still around.

05/07/2007 5:54 PM

zombiekiller said he is having net problems, might as well count him out, but I can play his ppl.

05/30/2007 4:02 AM

Is Flark still here?

05/30/2007 2:23 PM

*shrug* I don tink so

05/30/2007 2:28 PM

Is Flark still here?

*shrug* I don tink so

Eeek! Sure I am. Sorry guys.

05/30/2007 2:51 PM

Eeek! Sure I am. Sorry guys.

There we go. Posted. Sorry about that, for some stupid reason I thought we were waiting on Dexter and hadn't noticed he'd posted already.

I left it open for Dangrel to decide if Tyler falls or not.

05/30/2007 6:58 PM

ooh! nicely done old chap.

I love Ozzy, he has so many unknown objectives....hee hee.

I want to post real bad now. HURRY UP DANGREL!!

06/04/2007 4:12 PM

okay, is it just me Dangrel and Flark now? or is anyone else playing?

cuase if not we should make a catostrophic event to kill of their characters ;)

06/04/2007 9:50 PM

Tell Nanuk and Zombiekiller to get back in here! :p It's almost been a month since you said he was having internet trouble, so maybe it's fixed by now.

06/05/2007 7:17 AM

I'm lost!

I don't know what the hell is going on and I'm rubbish at combat!
(not the best idea to join a zombie thread then , was it? lol)

Anyway, I said ppl could do whatever they liked with my little people

06/05/2007 1:09 PM

hmmm okay then, I guess Nanuk (THE FEMALE) is out. I will ask zombie killer. I am not sure what his status is. We'll find otu soon tho.

06/14/2007 3:47 AM

Hey guys, I've been having internet trouble for the past week. Everything should be fixed by tomorrow, then I can RP.

06/14/2007 12:42 PM

I am back finally. My internet started working again right after school ended. Thnx for not killing off my characters guys.

06/14/2007 2:50 PM

Cool, welcome back. I'll try to get a post up tomorrow too.

06/15/2007 4:37 AM

Cool, welcome back. I'll try to get a post up tomorrow too.


I hope you all approve, but I figured we needed something drastic to kick-start us back into action.

If you aren't quite ready for some all-out-action just yet then you'd best get that window boarding back up - QUICKLY!! hehe.

06/17/2007 12:13 PM

I like it. But now how do we get out of there? I think we should try to head for my characters' bus and try top get to the closest safe zone. We can listen to the radio and find somewhere better than the bar. I wish someone else would hurry up and post.

06/17/2007 6:54 PM

is it too late to take up where I left off, or did you kill the band off lol

06/18/2007 6:43 AM

They're still alive but not for long if you don't do something. Read what's happened and you will understand.

06/19/2007 2:33 AM

My troubles have been fixed too, so I'm back now.

06/19/2007 9:09 AM

[Posted By Dangrel]
My troubles have been fixed too, so I'm back now.

Welcome back. :)

[Posted By nfrat33]
is it too late to take up where I left off, or did you kill the band off lol

[Posted By ZombieKiller13]
They're still alive but not for long if you don't do something. Read what's happened and you will understand.

He right, if you don't get your guy(s) onto the roof pronto they're about to find themselves in a whole world of shit. :D

06/19/2007 2:54 PM

ok i g2g soon but ill be sure to post tomorrow, dont kill em yet!!!!

06/20/2007 2:45 PM

welcome back, Flark.

Gentlemen....let us kill the undead.

06/21/2007 2:00 PM

Are we going to put everybody in the van? I think there's around 15 people altogether.

06/21/2007 2:09 PM

There are still a few other vehicles parked around outside, I guess some people might be able to make use of them. Either that or we take the opportunity to waste a few of the not so essential characters.

The prison sounds like a good plan to me by the way. :)

06/22/2007 9:22 AM

thx. Prisons are good bases.

Well there WERE 15.

alot are dead now.

more need to die on the way to the Max.

06/22/2007 9:46 AM

Okay, I need time to think up the Prison complex and whatnot. I plan to kill off a few of my CHaracters, and replace them with ppl from the prison. This is an oppurtunity to more players to join OR to switch out some characters

we need guards and inmates. Maybe a few Civs. Anyway, when we get to the prison part, I will make a PT. 2 cuase i want to consolidate what's going on.

06/22/2007 10:27 AM

Sounds good to me. but I just killed off the only character that I didn't want. I want to add an inmate when we get to the prison. Why didn't anyone think of my bus when they were talking about vehicles?

06/23/2007 6:43 AM

Okay, try to start wrapping up posts. Once all our characters are accounted for we move on to the prison.

Start thinking up characters. Guards and inmates, I want some interesting people in here.

I am gonna do a few inmates and a few gaurds. Just be ready to submit your knew characters to me when we start pt 2

07/05/2007 3:03 AM

I was just asking if part 1 was officially over yet, but then I saw the thread for part 2 in the Interest Query forum, so nevermind. :)

[Edited by Dangrel on Thursday, July 5, 2007 3:10 AM]

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