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03/26/2007 1:27 PM

This is an idea I came up with a while back, but couldn't come up with a sufficient story line so I ditched the idea. Until today when I realised you could do all the work, and I'd take all the credit when it becomes a massive blockbuster. Kidding. Anyway, this is set roughly 50 years after Episode 6, hence why I named it Episode 7 "The Siths' Last Attempt". Catchy eh? Moving on, the idea is that there is a genetically altered sith that's been living in a bacta tank for 1000's of years when the sith first started hiding. You know about that right? They only kept to two numbers, a master and apprentice ect. Well anyway, their original plan, according to me because this is my thread, is that they were going to keep altering this sith over time, infusing him with medi chlorines (I'll check up proper spelling later). Also they played a voice message over and over in his head saying random crap like kill all Jedi's, they are your enemy. Basic stuff like that. Well this was going fine, hiding him on Korriban, a sith planet, until Palpatine came along and thought his idea was better. So he left the fellow to become insanely powerful in his tub while he tries to rule the galaxy. However he released the big guy from his tank with a remote when he realised he wasn't going to win (literally seconds before he hit the ground, if you've seen the ending. A bit too late if you ask me). So now, with 1000's of years of sith planning infused into his brain, and enough force power to move planets, he's basically ready to kick some ass, do you agree? Well hope you have fun with this one.

P.S. I know it's harsh but I'll be playing as this powerful sith. Why you ask? Well because I'm the creator of this thread! Plus I'm probably the only person who will join this thread who's not just going to kill everyone at once, don't worry I'll be nice to all you guys. Oh yeah, you can be characters such as Luke Skywalker, on the account of 2 things

1. You got to make sure you write the story so that it is appropriate to the character, e.g we can't have Luke pole dancing.
2. They can't be one of your all time favourites from episodes 1-3 that are already dead. That means no Vader's, Yoda's, Maul's; Bobba Fett is aloud because he is actually still alive if you happen to read the books like I do.

So if you want to start off here's what you do. I'll use my character as an example.

Full name: Darth Sol Tua'ra
Species: Genetically altered clone
Age: unknown
Height: 2.5 meters
Role: Sith
Weapons: Many light sabres
Description: he is coloured blood red to drive fear into enemies. He has enormous muscles and amazing force powers. However he was never taught to speak.
History: just read the above information, I'm too lazy to right it out again.

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04/08/2007 9:12 AM

Here is a better name maybe Darth Sol Tua'ra for an alien name and here is my character;

Name:Zaim Callous
Sex: Female
Race: Ryock (a creature sensitive to the force)
Age: 23 years old
height: 2.1 meters
Weapons: Single bladed green lightsaber
Description: Pale girl that wears a red robe with a hood pulled over her eyes to hide those milk white eyes and foresight very useful at finding things which are hidden.
History: She was searching planets looking for a jedi trainer when on her home planet where she returned to restock supplies and a powerful sith destroyed all force sensitive creatures on the planet because the jedi were on the planet and the sith couldn't find them so do what comes naturally and pop (well I say pop more like ARGGGHHH BOOM a thousand heads exploding not nice anyway) for some reason Reatca survived and went looking for living Ryock and she heard a ripple in the force on Korriban and it was Vorg he seized her mind which was easy she was only 18 and a Ryock force powers run out and replenish at 18 and she was corrupted and a servant to Vorg. hope you like it Kurtz_Webber

What type of clone is Vorg or is he a cross like a Rancor-Human that would look like a giant man or a man sized Rancor scary.The chain between the sith one master, one apprentice isn't always like that because oh yes maybe the fact of 5,000-10,000 Siths in the sith war with the dark reaper Woo big flying saucer that that blow up about a 5,000 mile radius and whooped the jedi even though one destroyed but he is dead YES.

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04/08/2007 8:15 PM

For Some help, 54 ABY would be the year you are searching for. The only information that is even close to being written already is in 40 ABY where The Galactic Alliance( New Republic) fights against a new rebellion by the people of Corellia. In this the Solo's and Skywalkers are pitted against each other, and Jacen Solo falls to the dark side. SO I believe you can make this work if you use Jacen Solo somehow in the story.

04/15/2007 4:52 AM

yeah, reatca is a good character. by the way i used the name you suggested, ty for that. oh and also ty animus for that info, i may use it later.

if other people are reading this they may want to come up with some jedi or republic characters, cos so far it's all sith/ converted sith.

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04/22/2007 12:12 PM

np on the name I got loads names from loads of games anyway so there are sith 5 different type of sith (according veria on star wars knight 2) these are sith assassins who don't wield a light sabre but taught the ways of the sith, then apprentices who are like assassins but wield light sabres, then sith marauders who are betters trained in blade skill, then sith masters who are force based sith and good blades men then the, highest of the high darkest of dark yadda yadda yadda ( I had to listen for about 2 minutes of yadda yadda yadda) then it is the sith lord OH SO EVIL who are ultimate in blade and force (I killed one by shooting it in the hand then kicking him in the face ohyaaaa

04/22/2007 1:30 PM

Full name: Jaden Korr
Species: Human(coruscant)
Age: 16
Height: 6'0"
Role: Jedi Apprentice
Weapons: single bladed blue lightsaber
Description: Jaden wears padawan robes .and carries himself with pride. He has red hair and blue eyes
History: Jaden had always loved being force sensitive, when he was taken to Master Skywalker's academy on Yavin 4 as a baby he grew up strong in the force. Possibly a little head strong and confident in himself Jaden will be a powerfull Jedi.

04/25/2007 11:57 PM

Name: Rikku Shadder
Species: Human(Alderaann)
Age: 15
Height: 5'2"
Role: Frigate Captain
Weapons: Blaster Rife
Description: Shortish brown hair, varying colored outfits, keeps herself clean keeping as a member of the Alderaan royal family should

Name: Jastor Komp
Species: Human (Alderaan)
Age: 28
Height: 5'8"
Role: Frigate co-pilot
Weapons: Sight-finder Blaster
Description: Long black hair in a plat, keeps to plain browns and grays, acts as Rikku's bodyguard.

Rikku mother escaped from Alderaan before it's destruction and since then she's grown up on the move and from such has lean to be a excellent pilot. Part of a resistance movement against both the remaining parts of the Empire and the new republic for letting there planet be destroyed, running out of the Corellian system Rikku and Jastor run weapons and supplies to enclaves of resistance all over the galaxy.

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05/03/2007 9:13 AM

But he didn't stay there very much did he....

05/04/2007 11:19 AM

I forgot how fun droids were... to add to my others... last major onw I'm promise

Name: Luka
Species: Droid (R9)
Age: 5
Height: 3"11'
Role: Astromech droid
Weapons: Droid side cannons (light)
Description: White and green plating with a blue central "eye" equipped with full R9 tools yet to have a memory wipe but having only one owner there has been very few changes from when this droid was new.

See you tomorrow Jam

05/26/2007 3:53 AM

have we forgotten 'bout story c'mon plz do one more post jarden

05/26/2007 4:23 PM

sorry...ive been busy maybe later

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