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03/09/2007 12:13 PM

Welcome mates. Welcome to Australia. The birds are singing, blokes are ordering beers, dingos are stealing babies and what not. Except things are not all right here in Aussie. No, things have taken a turn for the worst and Australia is now seperated from the world by an international fleet. Why? Well let's start at the begining.

In the year 2052 scientists and their now improved stem cell toy have figured out how to genetically alter beings. Creating mutants if you will. I am not talking about, super healing, weather controlling, laser beam eyes no I am talking about slight alterations to your average animal.

A group of scientists were under the employ of a rich investor by the name of Edward Cooper. Wanting a more interesting animal to hunt he ordered the reserchers to begin altering the DNA in animals to make a more intelligent and agressive species. The scientists bought a small lab on the island of Tasmania to do their work and in time the lab grew into a massive compound almost spanning the entire island.

By 2059 the first batches of animals were ready to be released. Almost every animal that lived in Australia had been modified and was now being released to fend for themselves.

Scared and being chased by numerous hunters the animals fled far into the mainland, finding corners that humans dare not traverse. There they bred and where few once roamed now entire villages seemed to be popping up. And yes I do mean villages. The scientists had given the animals the ability to reason and with it they were rapidly becoming more and more humanistic. As their population grew they expanded, stealing guns from local hunters, raiding small towns and taking them as their own. Natural enemies now seemed to work together to rid the large island of the human race.

As word got out of strange new animals, some wearing clothes and firing weapons, the government turned the other cheek thinking it to be a hoax. The scientists on Tasmania however knew better than that. They with the help of a small band of hunters went to seek out the species. The scientists were fascinated by the new developments but the hunters were there for kicks and grins.

Long story short a massive war broke out between these new mutated animals and the humans. Being more numerous and having better survival intincts the mutants quickly over ran the island. The U.N didn't know what to do, they didn't want to stand aside while the Australians were slaughtered but they didn't want to make any rash moves against these new beings. What was left of Australia was evacuated, some sent to New Zealand others to England, and others to the U.S. The island was quarentined, noone was to go in or out until the U.N knew exactly what they were up against.

So the date here and now is 2072. The cities of Aussie are in absolute shambles. New cities are being set up by different mutant tribes some just as complex as anything a human could make. Sometimes civil war breaks out and some shots are fired but war doesn't last long between the species. Tasmania is still a research and development island, the scientists are fascinated by the beasts and will capture a few every now and then for research.

So what do these beasts look like? Well I don't know how many of you remember the Palladium Books After the Bomb series but that's basically what we're thinking of. For those of you who don't know take your standard beast, and think of what it would look like if it walked on two legs and had functioning hands. They think and act like humans but maintain some animilistic qualities as well. Some have begun building cities, manufacturing guns, doing your standard human thing except without the proper resources it looks pretty shanty.

There is a faction of humans trying to take back Australia and every once in while they launch an attack from New Zealand. They have been for the most part repeled but their attacks are becoming more fierce, their numbers more numerous. There is also an undercurrent of humans who are helping the mutants to fight and the mutants accept this offering wholeheartedly.

One last note. Each species specializes in something, dogs loyalty, Emu's make awsome mechanics, dingos are suave tricksters. I won't name them all but if you can think of something just let me know and I will ok it. Also if you want to bring in an animal from another part of the world just let me know and most likely I will say yes. Remember these scientists were altering all sorts of species so anything within the bounds of reason works for me. You can play a human or mutant if you want and you can even play the opposing side if you so fancy.

So here we go.

Name: Ginger
Species: Kangaroo
Age: 25
Apperance: Ginger likes to dress out of the ordinary. She wears a bright orange flack jacket and has three piercings on her right ear and one on her left. She has a tuft of hair on the top of her head that she dyes different colors and spikes into a mohawk. Currently it is bright green. She often has a cigar haging out of her mouth and carries a bunch in a baggy in her pouch. She has goggles fitted for her head that rest across her forhead. And sometimes when she's feeling really funky she'll bring out the spiked bracelets, one for each wrist and tail. She speaks American english pretty well because the group of humans that took her in were Americans. Her arms are longer and her hands slightly larger and more agile than your average kangaroo due to the mutations.
Weapons: Currently none, but watch out, she is a tad bit trigger happy when she gets the fully automatics.
History: Her dad was a raging alcoholic who went to fight for independence in the war. Her mother was left alone and tried desperatley to keep the two out of harms way. Ginger can remember those days, watching the world go by in mums pouch. That was until she got shot. Ginger was taken in by a group of rebellious humans and raised amoungst them placing down mine fields and doing some guerilla warfare. When all was said and done, Ginger hopped off on her own looking to make a new life. Now she thinks she might have found one.

BTW: I like this map I found, so if you are looking for one you can use this if you want of course if anyone has a better one it would be much apprieciated. http://www.amazingtravel.com/gallery/australia_map.asp

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03/09/2007 2:27 PM

I'm in... just give me a little time to throw together a character sheet of sorts...

03/10/2007 8:40 AM

It sounds insane so naturaly I have to join but I'm also gonna need time to think of character stuff.

03/10/2007 11:11 AM

Unsure if I'll join yet but a chance to post a map =) I'll get to work

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Do I get to name set areas or did you have anything major in mind to change... (Thinking the middle pace is like the seat of government for the creatures)<br />
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Wow that was fast work<br />
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03/10/2007 3:11 PM

Apologies if I'm wrong and if Scrapper actually [i]asked[/i] you to do the map (beyond a general invitation) but this is her thread, so I imagine she would know how a map would be laid out and would also know the names of places.

It seems a bit strange to me that you don't want to join the RP but want to be involved in naming places in it and essentially creating the world (through mapping it) that ppl are going to be playing in. Surely it would be better for someone who will be playing and so who will be invested to do that?

But I am currently crampy and painkiller-less so perhaps it won't seem that way in the morning.

not sure if I'm up to playing another manimal at the moment Scrapper, so I'll have to think about it. Interesting idea though- and quite out there, lol.
(You never make things easy for yourself, do you? ;) )

03/10/2007 4:49 PM

Name: Scrub
Species: Koala
Age: 30
Apperance: Scrub is very short as he is a koala. He has short legs so he has tamed a dingo to carry him and his gear around. He wheres blue tin engineer goggles and a black trench coat and holds a scoped SMG. He also has metalic teeth and claws on his dingo. Often seen with a piece of gum in his mouth. Also he carries a Ipod with his white ear buds (mostly listening to pink floyd).

Weapons: Scoped SMG painted pink strapped on his back with some grenades in his trench coat.

History: He was born in a very advanced village of koalas. All of them were ether engineers or farmers. Scrub was born into a family of wealthy engineers who made guns and other do-dads. He was hired as a mercenary by the king of the koalas and set off as soon as he tamed his first dingo, that dingo's name was Jaws. He grew very attached to it but it was killed by a hippo attack which Scrub was leading away from a village. When his mission failed he quit his job with the king. He tamed a new dingo not naming it for fear of getting attached. He is an outcast doing what he pleases, and is not afraid to fight.

Waiting for the O.K.

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03/10/2007 9:21 PM

Sparrowhawk brought up an interesting point to mind (by the way I have the best picture of your character in mind. It is hilarious I love it!) There are in fact still wild animals about. I am not sure if I mentioned that before. For instance Scrub would have to tame the dingoes because he is in fact a Koala and dingoes eat koalas. So riht on with accuracy. However if Scrubs was perhaps a dingo then he would be like alpha male of the pack. Just wanted to make that clear.

As for Nanuk. Tis good, I am happy as long as I have at least one RP going with ya. And I don't want you to strain your creative limits. And when have I ever made anything easy? It's the story of my life.

As for Luna. I am assuming the red border line is the blockade. You are all good except that the blockade needs to extend around Tasmania and I haven't quite figured out New Zealand yet.

Just so everyone knows alot of the map and the story line are kind of still up for interpretation so don't worry about messing anything up. I am sure Nanuk, Leo or Rath will tell you I can make just about anything fit into my story as long as you are not pulling M16 out of an invisible pocket or something. Also good to know, if it feels like you don't know enough about the world, make something up! It was a huge war so everyone i going to have their own stories to tell and history is just being rewritten so if you want to make up a battle or a town that your "tribe" created, go for it! The more creative the better.

On that note I am going to make a little map of my own and show you the rough lay out so far. Go here and just click on the picture. It will enlarge. I didn't know what else to do so that is the best I can do. http://scrapwitheverb.blogspot.com/

Well post when you want I can't wait to see the first ones!

03/11/2007 7:31 AM

Leo brought up another good point. I didn't mention when the fighting started. So assuming the experiments took place in 2052 skirmishes broke out in about 2055 and then they dissappeared for about oh about a decade. Then battles began again in 2066. These would be the taing of villages and what not. All out war started the year after in 2067. It ended in 2069 so the mutants have just recently been settled into the island and have just only begun to call it their own. You might here talk of renaming Australia or of somebody calling it home but that talk is rare and hushed. Everyone still expects another push from the humans so noone is ready to hope just yet.

Hope that was helpful. Someone post! I am dying here.

03/11/2007 4:37 PM

This should work, though if there is anything I need to change let me know.

Name: Tobias Dyer
Species: Human
Age: 16
Appearance: Tobias has the look about him of your typical teenager up to no good with his usual mischievous smile and cocky attitude. He is usually wearing baggy black cargo pants, and a heavily worn black hoodie, (hooded sweater& just making sure every one knows.) accompanied always by his black toque (beanie, hat& to lazy to think of more synonyms). He usually has his pockets stuffed with various things such as a lighter, loose change and his favourite set of lock picks.
Weapons: Currently none.
History: Tobias grew up in a suburb of Calgary, Alberta and spent most of his life running through the mundane events that occurred, such as being beaten up, and being isolated from his fellow students because he was "different." Frustrated by every day life he made his way grudgingly along hoping for a change. He got his wish, his family had decided to take a vacation to Australia for the summer just before the battles started. When the U.N. started evacuating people Tobias was isolated and seeing it as a sign set off on his own. He spent the next few years moving from place to play stealing to stay alive becoming slightly insane in the process. He currently wants nothing to do with the war going on and generally stays away from conflict.

03/12/2007 9:19 AM

oo I never considered nuetral characters. I like it! Hehe I like the hat comment. Alright sounds like we have a crew coming along here. Now I just have to cross my fingers for a good story.

03/13/2007 5:30 PM

I finally got it all together. It's probably not as good as the others. I based it off one of my favorite game characters. We have the same name.

Name: Ty
Species: Tasmanian Tiger
Age: 15

A little something like that but less cartoon-ish

Weapons: Two high tech boomerangs (shown in the picture), has the ability to create many more boomerangs, eventualy gets elemental rangs of fire, ice, and thunder.

History: Ty and his parents lived in a small town in the outback called Burramudgee. Ty's father was a tech specialist who worked for a man named Boss Cass. Cass promised he would bring peace between the two sides if Ty's dad would create weapons for him. Eventualy he double-crossed Ty's dad and killed both his father and his mother. Ty now lives in the ruins of Burramudgee. He seeks revenge on Cass and doesn't care about the war.

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