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03/05/2007 5:05 PM

Here's the plot: All the characters are going to the M. Dragonclaw School for Adventurers, the most prestigious of all the (and one of the only) adventuring schools in the known Planes of Existance. The school itself is enormous, the size of a small city. That's not counting the dungeon that it was built on top of. It is so large that not even M. Dragonclaw himself (who is the absolute greatest adventurer of all time) explored the whole thing. There are rumors that the dungeon even occupies other planes. The school has also recently started a program for villains and evil adventurers.

Your character sheet should look something like this:

Name: Stan

Race: Human

Character Archetype: Rogue/Thief

Description: Stan wears plain brown leather armor. He has two daggers at his sides, as well as two more in hidden sheaths. He has brown hair and brown eyes, and is a bit on the skinny side.

Personality: Stan is a massive nerd. Let's just say that if glasses existed yet, he would be wearing huge ones. He is neutral in respect to Good and Evil, and will gladly hang out with students aligned with either.

Class Schedule:

1st period: Advanced Arcanobiology

2nd period: World History

3rd period: Cosmology

4th period: Combat Practice

5th period: Master Dungeoneering

6th period: Master Thief Skills

7th period: Advanced Alchemy

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03/05/2007 6:20 PM

As I promised I'm joining up.

Name: Vladamir Blackthorne (Age 16)

Race: Vampire

Character archetype: Warrior/mage

Description: Vlad wears a black and red tunic with a dark red undershirt underneath. He wears a thick chain around his neck. His hair is black and shaggy. His ancestral sword is holstered in its sheath which is attached to his black leather belt. He is rather pale like all vampires and has green eyes. His pants are black, baggy and ripped. He wears steel bracers on his wrists. He is very tall (6'9") and slim

Personality: Vlad usualy keeps to himself but every once in a while he will hang out with someone. He isn't really friends with the weaker kids but he will stick up for them and take up arms along side them if the situation calls for it. He is a skilled warrior, most of his combat classes are advanced. He is also a fairly good mage, he has intermediate magic classes.

Class schedule:

1st period: Magic history

2nd period: Dark magic studies

3rd period: Advanced combat practice

4th period: Advanced hand to hand combat

5th period: Swordsmanship

6th period: Elemental magic studies

7th period: Advanced Vampirism

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03/05/2007 7:39 PM

You can join. Post whenever you want.

03/06/2007 9:16 AM

Name: Hana Rocko

Race: Human

Character archetype: White Magi

Description: She is one of the younger students, she's 4"11 with copper hair that falls to her neck, she wears a white dress that ends at her knees and plain white shoes. She has bluey-green eyes and a bit of a pale tarnish to her skin make some this she's a vampire, is isn't how ever and is scared to death of them, her exact words, "Teeth stuck in you," shivers.

Personality: HanĂ¡ is a loner the main reason being she has no idea with people as hasn't had the chance to build them. She hates Combat Practice as if it was just an excuse to have her living daylights beaten out of her, meaning she's always late to lunch having to spend the first 10 minuets trying to heal herself. She's aligned to Good as she is taught to be against Evil and tries her best but finds it hard to tell sometimes

Class Schedule:

1st period: Magic History

2nd period: World History

3rd period: Cosmology

4th period: Combat Practice

5th period: Meditaion/Healing magic

6th period: Elemental Magic Studies

7th period: White arts

03/06/2007 9:42 AM

I may or may not stick around, but why not, I'm game...

Name: Sallizaar Ferenczy
Race: Nova (human that became something else)
Character archetype: Assassin

Description: Sal is a first year student at the school, but has been training all his life. When standing he is roughly 6'5" but he prefers to crouch for the most part. His skin is Jet black with runic symbols burned into the flesh and self inflicted scars along the wrists. He has a head of long, white, straight hair with a hint of black in the very tips. He has only three large fingers and toes(one toe is on the back side of his foot like a bird) and a set of large taloned wings that are useless for flight, but allow him to glide and wear them like a cloak around himself.

Personality: Sal hates humans, and is very predjudiced due to his upringing in a place where everyone hated him. His only joys are his powers and combat training. It is hard to tell whether or not he is particularly evil, but hate is is strong point for sure.

1st period: Quantum mechanics

2nd period: relocation/transwarp studies

3rd period: Advanced combat practice

4th period: Advanced hand to hand combat

5th period: Tactical exercises

6th period: Advanced daggercraft

7th period: Advanced Quantum history

03/06/2007 4:05 PM

Darknightrei and LunaMaria, you can both play. And by the way, feel free to change your character's schedule if you think of something better.

03/06/2007 4:50 PM

Name: Elle (for some reason, pronunced Ella)

Race: Unknown (could be described as an Air elemental )

Character archetype: Villian who takes over the world. Kind of.

Description: Ageless. She's been alive so long that she has forgotten most of her own life, and thus constantly restarts over. She looks to be in her early twenties, with extremely pale skin that is stretched over delicate and exotic features. Her hair hangs in raggedly cut (think someone took a weed whacker to her hair) waves, it's the color of spun silver. Her eyes, extremely slanted with almost no pupil to them, are a silver gray color so light as to blend in with the white parts of her eyes. She stands at a whopping 6'3, with slim limbs that remind most people too much of a panthers. She herself is pretty in one of those wildfire ways, beautiful to look at, lethal to touch.

Personality: Pretty much isnane. She has delusions that she's some kind of demi goddess, really really insnae. Perfectly okay with screwing up peoples lives, just as likely to kill someone as she is to kiss them. Laughs at her own pain, laughs at others...does whatever she wants and believes she can get away with it. Probably can. The only thing she seems to truly care about is nature, and even that she would destory on a whim, if she could figure a way to do so.

Class Schedule:

1st period: Advanced World History

2nd period: Advanced Elemental Magic Studies (Air.)

3rd period: Advanced Torture Techniques

4th period: Poisons

5th period: Advanced Illusionary Magic

6th period: Healing Arts

7th period: Advanced Animal Care

03/06/2007 5:17 PM

Name: SparrowHawk

Race: Human

Character Archetype: Warlock

Description: SparrowHawk has red hair and usally wheres a black robe with a pink tree on front. Under his cloak he keeps his favorite potions and a rapier. He has eyes that change color with his mood. He is not fat but not skinny and is a very fast swimmer.

Personality: SparrowHawk is very odd he dosen't have many friends and after classes he goes to the alchemy room and does extra work. He acts like he is on the evil side but is fairly evenly balanced.

Class Schedule

1st Master Alchemy

2nd Magical History

3rd Magic Beastery

4th Dungeon Maping

5th Dark Arts

6th Light Arts

7th Short Blade Combat

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03/06/2007 5:54 PM

Sure, you can post. Just try not to rp other people's characters this time.

03/06/2007 6:51 PM

Ok don't worry I won't!

03/07/2007 11:58 AM

Name: Tristram

Race: Changeling

Character Archetype: Enchanter/Fighter

Description: Tristram has hair that is unnaturally black with streaks of silver running through it, and eyes that look like silver rings. His skin color has human skin tones with a faint silver tinge, but the color varies depending on how much light is hitting it. Indoors, he is pale. Outside, if there is enough light, he will be almost black (not literally; he has only human skin tones). He stands about 6'0", and yet still manages to get described as stumpy. He possesses the armor of a knight (will describe it later), but does not wear it at all times; just when he needs it. His clothes appear normal, but are infused with whatever magic he puts into them (something that can change on a daily basis, nothing major yet).

Personality: Tristram does not care about people. He cares about things. Most notably, finely made things. He is not greedy; he loses interest in things once he has figured out how to make them, but new stuff is basically at the top of his priorities. He loves to make things. It is not that he dislikes people; he is just ambivalent about their existence. He has learned to fight only because he likes to be able to use some of the stuff he makes.

This caused the woman whose cradle he appeared in no end of grief. His adoptive father was not exactly pleased either, because he was the first male to enter the family, and the man was a duke. As soon as his wife bore him another son, Tristram was off to school. Hopefully forever.

Class Schedule:

1st period: Arcanobiology (he is slightly curious as to what he is)

2nd period: Armorsmithing

3rd period: Equipment maintenance

4th period: Combat Practice

5th period: Enchanting (he can sort of do this already, but learning more is never bad)

6th period: Advanced Dungeoneering (Where better to find unique items?)

7th period: Weaponmaking

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03/07/2007 4:04 PM

Nice characters, people! Benjmn, you can join.

(edit) By the way, everyone, when your character is in a class, just rp the entire period with a post or two. No need to waste time. And also, feel free to start your own sub-plots like me and Vlad have.

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03/08/2007 1:39 PM

I was wondering, could Sal's posts be kept outside of his classes except for those he shares with others? He tends to skip classes and go off to practice and drink. is it ok?

Also, sorry I haven't posted lately.

03/08/2007 4:00 PM

Sure, if you think it makes sense for your character.

(edit) For those of you with Dungeoneering classes, remember the dungeon under the school.

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03/08/2007 6:44 PM

Hey murloc_hugger um Dash ran into me in the hall!

03/08/2007 6:48 PM

Yeah, but you weren't around when he talked about the plan.

And also, for those of you who didn't get the "Gray Fox" reference, it's from the Elder Scrolls series.

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03/08/2007 6:56 PM

Yea I noticed that. Good one. Also the note said to meet the secret admirer in the fightball feil tommorow but no big deal.

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03/09/2007 3:24 PM

Uh....one post said first period started in an hour, next post said he had slept through 1st and 2nd period. What time is it?

03/09/2007 3:28 PM

Vlad and Stan were in Vlad's room discussing the stuff that happened the night before, so in truth he only slept through first period. Stan took all that time to try and wake him up.

03/10/2007 6:49 AM

Name: Aillia

Race: Shape shifter

Character Archetype: female hero >.< (not overly done though like most,she still loses often enough)

Description: The shape shifter wore a cape of black with the symbol of a howling wolf upon its back. a symbol of who she was..well thats what she claimed..really it was just cause it looks cool. a plain black shirt of cotton underneath it with black breaches for horse riding. Sword strapped to her back(for combat in human form). Her eyes a Deep Red contrasting to the white of her complexion.

Personality: Shes the girl who freaks out if shes failing anything. Tends to get picked on a bit, but generally stands up for herself. though is a close friend when you breach the cold wall she sometimes puts up.
Class Schedule:

1st period: Advanced shape shifting

2nd period: World History

3rd period: War tactics

4th period: Combat Practice

5th period: Master Dungeoneering

6th period: controlling of skills level 5

7th period: Advanced healing

03/10/2007 9:14 AM

This is bugging me some what sorry if it if make life hard for others but this is just me...

Hana's weekly time table


1st period: Magic History
2nd period: World History
3rd period: Cosmology
4th period: Combat Practice
5th period: Mediation
6th period: Elemental Magic Studies
7th period: White arts

1st period: Extra credit White arts
2nd period: Extra credit White arts
3rd period:Combat Practice
4th period: White Defence
5th period: Healing magic
6th period: Elemental Magic Studies
7th period: Free

1st period: Free
2nd period: Astral Projection
3rd period: Biology
4th period: Extra credit White arts
5th period: Meditaion
6th period: Combat Practice
7th period: White arts

1st period: Magic History
2nd period: World History
3rd period: White Defence
4th period: God Studies
5th period: Mediation
6th period: Astral Projection
7th period: White arts

1st period: Extra credit White arts
2nd period: Extra credit White arts
3rd period: God Studies
4th period: Free
5th period: Healing magic
6th period: Elemental Magic Studies
7th period: Free


1st God Studies
2nd Elemental Magic Studies


1st White Defence
2nd Astral Projection
3rd Astral Projection

03/10/2007 10:58 AM

Deaths_Crucifix, you can play. LunaMaria, you can use that schedule if you really want, just don't expect anyone else to keep track of it, it's confusing.

03/10/2007 11:30 AM

thats fine just I was bugging me for some reason

03/12/2007 2:27 AM

Name: Tommy Oliver

Race: Human

Character Archetype: Warlock/Swordsman

Description: Tommy wears a black sleeveless shirt, with tan khaki pants and black sandals. He has a bandana wrapped around his head, the symbol of fire upon the front of it, showing his favorite element to use, with long brown hair falling over the back of the bandana and brown eyes. He has three swords, two at his side, such as a samurai would keep them, both just simple katanas, and another on his back, this one being another katana.

Personality: Tommy tends to stay to himself, though he considers himself alligned with the people who do Good. He's very loyal and will defend a friend in need with his life. He tends to be very sarcastic once someone gets to know him, or he's fighting someone and wishes to irritate them. Other than that, he's a very easy going guy but loves to train and spar anytime he can.

Class Schedule:

1st period: Elemental Magic Studies

2nd period: Dark Magic Studies

3rd period: War Tactics

4th period: Combat Practice

5th period: Magic History

6th period: Advanced Swordsmanship

7th period: Tactical Exercises

I don't know if I'm to late to enter, but if I am, just disregard this please, but if not, just say so and I'll post. =D

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03/12/2007 11:08 AM

Feeling slightly Urked here... I've been trying to get Hana into the so far main story line but she keeps being left out just this is the second time and I don't want to keep work on may own story lines by myself so how wants to join up with Hana?

03/12/2007 12:05 PM

The whole fightball team story will be over shortly as soon as Murloc posts aain I suppose.

03/12/2007 3:08 PM

Sorry about that, I didn't know it was bugging you, or I would have ended it sooner. I'll try to start the main story soon.

(edit) Yes, you can join, you're not too late. We were just about to get out of this sub-plot.

[Edited by Murloc_Hugger on Monday, March 12, 2007 3:15 PM]

03/13/2007 3:12 AM

Great, but I'll start posting as soon as we start the main story, and can you find a way to incorporate Tommy in, like a mission or something. something of those sorts?

03/16/2007 4:23 PM

I think the main plot is about the demons and I just put my person and if you want my guy to be "good" i will make that

03/16/2007 6:44 PM

Just so you know, you can be evil without siding with the villians. But you CAN side with the villains if you want. I'd just rather you not join them until I reveal more about them.

[Edited by Murloc_Hugger on Friday, March 16, 2007 6:46 PM]

03/17/2007 7:03 AM

Ok i will join in on the bad guy plot later, I just will leave the plot alone.

03/17/2007 7:03 AM

Ok i will join in on the bad guy plot later, I just will leave the plot alone.

03/17/2007 8:19 AM

Would you mind another character?

I'm intrigued, but don't have a fully-fleshed character yet.

I would probably end up on the 'good' side, if you'll allow me to.

Just let me know, and I'll make a character up for your approval.

03/17/2007 10:45 AM

You can post a character, the main plot has barely started.

03/18/2007 11:22 AM

M_H, I sent you a PM, but haven't received a reply yet. What technology is available? Can I incorporate modern technology with magic?

03/18/2007 11:33 AM

If you want, you can incorporate steampunk style technology, but keep in mind that it isn't very widespread.

Also, I was just wondering, what's a PM?

03/18/2007 11:36 AM

Personal message. Look to the right, you will see in white letters "NOTIFICATIONS" and under that "New RPGC Mail" followed by the number of new messages you have.

Click on that, and you will see my message to you.

Now my turn to ask a question.

What's steampunk style technology?

03/18/2007 12:11 PM

Steampunk is basically a type of fantasy game where there is technology, but it's all run by steam and gunpowder. You know, stuff like steam armor, cannons, even simple flying machines. Just keep in mind that you will be one of the few people in the school that even knows what it is.

03/18/2007 1:00 PM

Name: Leo

Race: Half-elf

Character Archetype: Inventor

Description: Leo is a walking contradiction, in terms of appearance. He is lean, but not muscled. He looks rather handsome, when he isn't covered in soot or chemicals, or peering from behind massive goggles. He looks like he would be the type of person who would wield a bow and arrow, a sword, and be an athletic fighter, but he isn't. It seems like he is a stereotypical gnomish inventor trapped in a handsome, could-be athletic body.

Personality: Leo loves to build things, and hence destroys many things trying to figure out how they work, and how to build one for himself. Many see him as crazy. He talks to himself - a lot - and often "spaces out" when contemplating something in his head. He is very intellectual - while many people study, he merely peruses the text once and has it memorized. Thus, he can build most anything, and thanks to his half-elven connection to magic, many times bestows magical properties to his creations, "just to see what it can do."

Class Schedule:

1st period: Advanced Arcanobiology

2nd period: Quantum Mechanics

3rd period: Advanced Engineering

4th period: Advanced Elements

5th period: Arcane Mechanics

6th period: Advanced Elements II: the 'other' elements

7th period: Advanced Alchemy


Is that ok? In explanation of the 6th period class, I took the 3rd period as meaning "Earth, Fire, Wind, Water" and put the 6th period class as meaning "Light, Dark, Metal, Electricity, Wood, etc." In otherwords, elements that aren't considered 'core' elements.

03/18/2007 1:08 PM

Nice character! I think that would add an interesting flavor to the campaign. You can post now.

(edit) Uhhhh, Sparrowhawk, I thought I told you to wait to join the bad guys.

[Edited by Murloc_Hugger on Sunday, March 18, 2007 5:00 PM]

03/18/2007 5:20 PM

Sorry I just couldn't wait want me to delete it or something?

03/18/2007 6:05 PM

Yes, you should change it.

03/18/2007 6:34 PM

Wait a minute. Wasn't Leo in his lab or something. We went into a classroom.

03/18/2007 6:38 PM

Well the lab is a classroom...

Sorry, I thought it would be a good place to merge our storylines.

I can change it if you want.

03/18/2007 7:37 PM

Eh....whatever. It's cool.

03/19/2007 10:27 AM

The vials I threw at Hathnuk were a flammatory acid, which simultaneously corrode whatever it hits and ignites when it is contacted by oxygen.

It's up to you how many hit, although I would prefer at least one hit. :-D

03/19/2007 7:01 PM

Okay, I have a serious issue with the way this thread is going...

Everyone is too "Oh, I slash him, and he dies," and "I wade through the zombies, slicing them to pieces as I make my way down the corridor," and that's if it's a good post.

Also, the totally out of place, inane posts, and the fact that people post for other characters is just a -little- (and by little, I mean a lot), aggravating.

So to be honest, I liked the idea, and I liked my character, and there were some interesting characters that had potential to make an interesting story. There was potential for this thread, but the farther it goes, the worse it gets.

So I'm going to read for a few more days, but to be honest unless the quality begins to improve I'm going to just kill my character off.


p.s. I'm sorry I have to be like this, but enough is enough. This was ricockulous.

03/19/2007 8:26 PM

Well I have a few issues with your issues.

Everyone is like "Oh, I slash him, and he dies," and "I wade through the zombies slicing them to peices as a make my way down the corridor", for the following reasons

1.Taking 6 or seven posts just to kill one unimportant enemy is annoying and a waste of time
2. Running through the corridor and slicing them to peices is alot like the first reason, because they're unimportant basic and weak enemies and our characters are experienced enough to be able to do that

I'm not quite sure what you meant by out of place, maybe when other characters aren't in the same room as the characters that are following the plot? If so then I have to tell you that is standard for roleplaying

The same goes with posting for other characters, that is standard as well. Almost all the roleplayers on this site will do a small bit of roleplaying another character. Moving them or whatever isn't that harmful to the story or anything.

Well I hope that clears everything up for you so that you come back tomorrow a little less annoyed.

03/19/2007 8:54 PM

I didn't mind for the little guys. A little more detail would have been nice, but it was fine.

"In the blink of an eye he dashed at Hathnik and his sword cut through the yellow crystal and straight through one of Hathniks arms."

This is what you wrote when you killed the head of the undead army. Who the fuck ever heard of a 'boss' going down that easy? It's ludicrous! One would think that the final battle would be a little more interesting than that.

Tossing a character out of the way of a cleaver is one thing, but doing something to a character that completely contradicts the player's previous post is something else entirely.

When I said out of place, I meant in regards to the RP itself. i.e. Stan's dancing and trying to be a "bigger nerd." That was...I don't have words to describe what that was.

03/19/2007 9:26 PM

I was just trying to be funny with that "bigger nerd" comment. And Hathnak wasn't really that important.

03/19/2007 9:36 PM

The OOC comment was funny. The dance was out of place, in my mind.

But this is your thread, so you have full reign to blast me as wrong and ban me from the thread.

03/20/2007 12:25 AM

Allow me to explain.

1.That was never meant to be a fatal attack and it only occured because Vlad was in Blood Rage, which is a vampire power that occurs when the vampire is enraged or just really damn hungry. It gives the vampire increased strength and agility. Also it increases the power of the senses and thus awareness of the environment

2.Hathnak is not technically the "boss", if you scroll through some of Murloc's posts then you would know about Hathnaks master.

3.Now that you have explained it a bit further I suppose I get the whole "messing with someones character thing".

4.He's got you there Murloc, the dancing thing didn't seem to fit the current storyline.
However all the inventing and not being afraid even though you are in the presence of a terrible creature seems to fit into that category.

5.Banning him from the thread would be a bullshit idea because he's a great roleplayer and it would kill the story to just rip him out like that.

03/20/2007 12:37 AM

1. I understand the Blood Rage, but I still have problems with it. I will drop it for now, though, with a general undertone of 'it could have been played better.'

2. Hathnak was the one who made all fo the zombies, so while he may not be the biggest threat in the entire story, he is the biggest threat in this fight, therefore he is a 'boss'

3. I apologize for not explaining it correctly the first time.

4. Actually, it is in-character. As with many 'gifted' minds, it is also a curse - a failure to recognize crucial real-world concepts while off in invention-land. If it is a bit too much, I will work on it...I'm trying to make him almost-autistic like in his detachment from the world, but capable of communication. If you recall my character sheet, he is like the stereotypical gnomish inventor in mediocre fantasy novels.

5. I thank you for the compliment.

03/20/2007 6:41 PM

Killing the thread was not my intention, so I've posted, and hopefully we can continue. I just ask that you keep the things I've posted into consideration.

Also, I think one thing that may help to understand my character: He is almost schizophrenic. Most of the times he is totally absorbed into his work, and would easily fall into the textbook definition of a 'Mad Scientist,' but he has few and random moments of of humane-ness.

03/21/2007 12:09 AM

I just have one thing to say about remembering the things you posted. I'm going to think about them and remember that it turns you into a whiner if I commit such acts (That is a joke), but as for actualy carrying them out we shouldn't have to bend our posts just to make you happy. I admit that one or two things were wrong but others are things you were just being picky about. I tried controlling all the posts in an RPG of mine before. I would bitch at people too if they did something I didn't like or thought that it didn't fit. It made the whole thing suck alot. I learned my lesson and I don't do that anymore. Everyone has different writing styles, you can't change people to fit your ideas. There is no right or wrong way to roleplay. There are certain rules set that just give it form and govern the way it should be so things don't fall into chaos. With that in mind we should all follow the rules and stick to our styles but try to keep in mind the few things he mentioned.


03/24/2007 1:24 AM

"I wade through the zombies, slicing them to pieces as I make my way down the corridor,"

Sorry to bring this back up, as it seems to have been resolved, but I feel the need to defend myself. I had my character wearing full plate and gave him what is pretty much a sword of disruption. Lots of slow moving unarmed zombies over however long it would take to get through corridors of dormitories to the classrooms where your characters were could not be briefly or interestingly described in detail, at least in my opinion. So I described how the first one died, and then figured that ya'll would get the idea and did not describe the others. Maybe I scrimped a little too much, but the post felt long by the point that I actually went into the hallway, so I posted like I did.

03/24/2007 10:04 AM

gave him what is pretty much a sword of disruption

I don't recall reading that fact, but I may be mistaken.

Lots of slow moving unarmed zombies

They weren't slow moving, they were magically enhanced to have extra strength and speed and other stuff (I reallly don't know, as different people have put different stuff)

I think that may be part of the problem, because people are posting things that are conflicting with previous posts. For instance, I have no idea what Hathnak's body looks like, because first the arm was cut off, and the body burst into flames from Vlad's sword, and then in another post the crystal melted off in goo, and he twitched and fell, so I don't know which one is right.

03/24/2007 1:35 PM

I don't recall reading that fact, but I may be mistaken.

Meh. The big "ability" that my character has is that he enchants stuff. A lot, and instinctually. Which to be honest is seeming a bit overpowered right now, but no one has complained about that, and I can always handicap that by making it exhaust him or something. I think the exact words I used were "he wove an enchant on the blade that should disrupt the magic that kept these meat-puppets walking."

They weren't slow moving, they were magically enhanced to have extra strength and speed and other stuff (I reallly don't know, as different people have put different stuff)

I think that was posted after I posted. I was just assuming they were typical zombies; slow, overcoming opponents through sheer force of numbers.

03/24/2007 1:43 PM

Meh. The big "ability" that my character has is that he enchants stuff. A lot, and instinctually. Which to be honest is seeming a bit overpowered right now, but no one has complained about that, and I can always handicap that by making it exhaust him or something. I think the exact words I used were "he wove an enchant on the blade that should disrupt the magic that kept these meat-puppets walking."

I liked your character, actually. The fact that it was so easy for him was it's own handicap, because he always changes it. So when it may actually be useful, he might have changed it already, because it was boring...

It's just knowing how to handicap yourself, and you've done pretty well, just that one part that I used for an example that wasn't a huge deal, it was just perfect for an example.

03/27/2007 6:47 PM

Ben, if I may call you that (I don't really care if I can't, I'm going to anyway :P) I edited my post so you might want to edit your post, Vlad didn't hide the head in my edit he stashed it in a sack and tied it to his belt, also he went down the hallway (with the other supposedly following him) and outside the door of a classroom. Just wanted to give you a heads up.

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