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03/04/2007 7:00 PM

It is the year 2021. The world has evolved greatly. The technology is highly advanced and every nation is at peace. Together the nations formed one union, IAF, or International Allied Force. One army to watch over the streets of the world. This government is bent on communism rule. They are controlling the minds of millions, especially on the streets. They use the music to preach their government authority. Night clubs open up around the world. The techno beats seem to take hold of the thousands of individuals, and they become disciples of this new found religious government. Not everyone is affected by the music. In fact, you're either a Rave or a Bounty. The Bounty's are the rebels; they try to stop the Raves from occurring. They die trying, or they get hunted down.

Some people are neutral; these civilians stay out of street business. The Bounty's believe in the old denomination, or free world. They will try to help the civilians at all costs. The Government and Raves try to track them each day; throw them in prison or kill them. The life of a Bounty is dangerous, especially at Raves. You either play cool, or the beat stops for you.

In the Year 2021 you make a choice; rave or crash the party.

This is sort of a "Fight Night" RP. I want this to be as close to real life as possible. Think of a couple years in the future, and picture the technology we will have. This is no Star Wars type RP. It takes place in real world streets. The only really fictional part of this RP is the brain controlled Rave legion, and the Government itself. So fit accordingly.








Location (Country/City):


Fighting Style:

Bounty or Rave:


FS (Fighting Style Bio):

03/04/2007 8:41 PM

I'm all wrapped up in RPs right now, but I just had to drop in to let you know I think this is a really cool idea. I might have to jump in somewhere anyway.

Hope it all works out and turns out to be great.

03/04/2007 9:12 PM

Name: Ashlyn O'Shay

Sex: Female

Age: 19

Weight: 145-150

Height: 5'8

Apperance: Her skin is nearly translucently pale, and her hair has been dyed to be numerous colors. Most of the dark variety, sharp contrast ot her skin. Depending on the light, her hair seems to be a blood red color, a deep purple/blue shade, and strands of white streak through it.
The girl's build is nothing extrodinary, small waist, broadish hips, medium bust. She's curvy without being ridicolously so, and she has muscles without being obvious about them. Her bone structure is extremly small and delicate, despite that, she herself is not exactly small.
Her calves and her left forearm are riddled with scars, oddly, the ones on her arm aren't terribly obvious. The appearance of most of them old enough to be simple white lines that blend in with her pale skin.
All the jewelry she wears is silver or black based. Around her thumb is always a misshapen ring that long ago lost it's stone, around her neck is a black leather dog collar, with a moonstone 'tag' attached to it. HEr other necklace is a pewter pentacle on a silver chain, and her ears are studded with numerous silver studs. In her left ear there is an industrial piercing; her tongue and navel are both pierced with matching silver barbells as well.
The girl's face is neither plain nor extrodinarly beautiful. Her cheek bones are high and prominate, giving her an almost predatory look. Her eyes are slightly tilted, heavy lidded as if she's always in a dream like state. The color of her eyes is a simple enough hazel, a mixture of a jade green color with blue and even hints of brown, though mostly the jade green color.
ON her left side, curving up her ribs and around her breast, she has a tattoo of a black snake. In between her shoulder blades is a tattoo of a light grey feather, the tip of it slightly bloodied looking.

Location (Country/City): USA, Tennesse

Profession: Student

Fighting Style: Hand to hand is what sh'e sbest at. Ablend of Martial arts (rudimentary) Gymnastics (rudimentry) PLain street (rudimentry) Animilistic (clawing and biting.) and childish rough housing. She's okay with knives, but is hesitant to actually fight.

Bounty or Rave:: Future Bounty. (I believe yous aid there were a few people who were neutral, that's how I want to play her for a bit, if that is alright. If not, she's already a bounty.)

Bio: Her early life was normal surbian life. Overprotective mother, distant father, no siblings. Distant family. She spent a good portion of her life shuttling back and forth between her parents house once they finally seperated in her middle school years.
She spent most of her life delving herself into books. Lived in them until she finally manged to convince herself to live a real life. The change from a shy little girl to a girl who actually talked to people, was an extremly hard road for her. She went through horrible mental issues and struggled for most of her middle school year trying to either surpress her new personality, or surpress her old one.
Eventually she moved back to live with ehr father, smanaged to get some kind of sanity about midway through her sophmore year, and had a fairly uneventful highschool life after that. As of now, she's taking a year off before going to college and just hanging out.
As she'd never been one for religion or concerts, she's managed to keep away from the Raves or any other kind of mind altering like music for a bit. Those she has been to, hasn't affected her, and she's doing a pretty good job of just ignoring everything around her. Ignoring the fact that some of her friends have cahgned suddenly, changed from the liberal people she knew into pro government communistic ways. Slowly, it's been getting harder and harder for her to ignore all the changes in her nice litle world.

FS (Fighting Style Bio): I'm guessing this means how she learned to fight the way she did, if not, tell me and I'll rephrase.
Most of her fighting style comes from random clases she has taken. Her father urged her to take different kind s of self defense lessons so she could protect herself from attackers. The rest is just from her personality, and from hanging out with a rather violent group of people; and, of course, from her reading various books that taught her theories behind fighting. She herself has not had a lot of chance to be in true fights, sparring matches, yes, actual fights with real passion or anger or need behind them, no.

03/05/2007 8:34 AM

Nice resume Setsuna. You did everything correctly. As for you wanting your character to be neutral, sure. You can change it during the story. As of now I'll write my resume, and we will wait until we get some more people.


Name: Derrick Striker

Sex: Male

Age: 23

Weight: 195 lbs

Height: 5'10

Appearance: Derrick has an Italian/Asian background, so he is for the most part tan. His long black hair is spiked all over by hair gel. He usually strikes people as a quite type. Always keeping to himself. Occasionally he will talk big when needed. His style is some what plain now a day. He wears a plain white shirt with a Tokyo biker jacket over it. He wears ripped, black, baggy jeans. The shoes are simple air Nikes. He raps tape around his scarred right hand. Some people are disgusted by the long slash scar across the right eye, but he ignores them.

Location (Country/City): USA/New York City

Profession: Unknown

Fighting Style: It is a mix of Ti Kwon Do and Boxing.

Bounty or Rave: He is a strict Bounty. Annoyed by all the new "Clubs" Derrick usually stops by and is the first one to start a fight.

Bio: Derrick's mother was from Tokyo and his father was from Rome. They met when his father traveled to Tokyo for business. When Derrick was born, his father became a drunk. He ended up killing his mother and vanishing. Derrick was emotionally scarred, so he ran before they put him in an orphanage. He found an old Dojo near south Tokyo. Inside an Old Man lived. The Old man raised him like a son, teaching the ways of Ti Kwon Do and the monk. Derrick greatly excelled, but doing so his emotions toyed with him. His anger was uncontrollable and he almost killed his new father. Derrick had to leave before it was too late. When he was 18 he flew to the USA and lived in a shelter in New York.

Around this time the IAF was formed. The whole City was one big club. Soldiers walked the streets, meeting with the Rave locals. He did not like this life.

FS (Fighting Style Bio): His Ti Kwon Do is powerful. The Old Man taught him well, and he uses the skill greatly. When he moved to New York, he entered boxing tournaments and he picked up the ways of the boxer. Combined, his new fighting style can cause serious damage.

03/06/2007 4:22 PM

To make life easier, would it be too late to change my char's location to New York?

03/06/2007 6:19 PM

Sure, but I forgot to add, that this RP is a mix of an FFRP and a traditional RP. By all means though, yea it would make life easier.

03/06/2007 6:48 PM

..What on earth does that mean? ^^; I'm probably being silly..but i've never played any other way then FFRP (I think) So...what is Traditional?

03/06/2007 6:53 PM

an FFRP is a free form rp where you don't have to interact with the other characters. You can but your not forced, were as the Traditional RP is were the characters interact throughout the RP.

03/06/2007 7:09 PM

...okay *shrugs* That shouldn't be problematic...unless you want the interaction to start immediately, in which case I can change my post slightly I suppose.

03/06/2007 7:17 PM

we'll interact immediately i guess, keep ur post, and is she at the club derrick's about to go to?

03/06/2007 9:24 PM


03/07/2007 5:12 AM

Name: Rand S.

Sex: Male

Age: 27

Weight: 180

Height: 6'1

Apperance: He wears his unioform for the "Rave" group. His eyes are a mix of blue and green, more green. Hes a big guy for his hight, not fat but he can take you out liek a fat guy. He wears transition lenses on his face to see since he has bad eye sight but he enjoys the "old fasions" glasses.

Location (Country/City): New York =P

Profession: He works the streets with other Raves to make sure order is in place.

Fighting Style: Aikido, Judo, Tang So Do

Bounty or Rave: Rave

Bio: He does not like hurting people but he does if you fight back. Secretly he will often help people hoping not be caught. He doesnt like the idea of killing people for being out of the line but he will if being watched by a fellow Rave. This is not the Cop type job he picturesd as a kid. His family is safley away in another city and they are ok. He sodemly misses them and hopes for the best. But now a days he feels somthing big is ganna happen.

FS (Fighting Style Bio): It was standard to learn these techniques to be in Rave but not Tang So Do. His dad taught him much about it for his saftey. Not much to say about his fighting.

Weapons: Glock 23 (in side holster.) Primary MP-5 Navy ( with laser sight by flashlight )

03/07/2007 3:07 PM

hey buddy, a "Rave" is not a military personal. It is a person affected by the "Raves" and will kill for the government. If you want to be a military person, you can make your guy associated with the IAF, but a rave is basically a raver, one who is a techno slave.

03/08/2007 4:43 AM

OK ^.^

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