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02/28/2007 2:14 PM

Ok this is a Starwars thread (Duh)

The time setting is way back before the Mandalorian wars by about 300 years, as of yet there is no theme set of yet but my part of the story starts on Dantooine when we get a few people we can come up with a quest or battle or some such to bring them together.

There is no need to have a deep knowledge of Starwars, i have read most of the extended books 3 or 4 years ago and some games so I'll try my best but Wikipedia is good for any ideas

place a post if you want to join



02/28/2007 2:38 PM

Name: Yuna Xlander
Age: 15
Species: Human (Corellian)
Hight: 5'6"
Affiliation: Jedi
Wepons: Systeck blaster, limated force powers

Description: Yuna has Brown hair drawn in to a plat at the back, she has basic robes in a conforming grey, the only odd thing about here is her age, most people think it odd to see a young girl carrying a blaster.

History: Her parents were kill in a riot on Corellian, she would have been killed too if it wasn't for a Jedi master call Kelcoa Vey and his apprentice, being orphaned she join them both as they returned to Dantooine. Before this she was and average girl and lead a life befitting such, she had always wanders about space having never been until her encounter with a two Jedi. On the way to Dantooine Master Vey preformed medical tests on Yuna and found her to have a high Midi-chlorian count and began training her in basic ways of the force during the trip which lasted 2 weeks.

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03/03/2007 3:52 PM

Hrmm... I'm really excited to get a starwars thread running, so if you like, we can start things off just me and you.

Name: Vai Kried
Age: 16
Species: Zabraki
Height: 5'11"
Affiliation: Rebel Alliance Informant
Weapons: Nim Slugthrower Rifle

Description: Vai is a Zabraki male in his teens. Like many young people that feel the need to help the alliance, he acts as an informant, listening in on as much as he can from the stormtroopers and such that pass through his homeworld, Corellia. He often wears rebel commando boots, and is always dressed in dark blacks or greys. In foul weather, or even if it just a bit chilly, he wears a long black gunman's duster.

History (brief version):Vai's father is a rebel pilot, currently serving in Y-Wing squadron VAF 9987, Vai hopes to be picked up by the rebel academy, and begin serving. In the mean time, he practices with his rifle, and his Swoop bike.

03/04/2007 8:25 PM

Umm Well your about 3000 years from my character so far... Um so yours would work fine if he was in the Republic fleet... Also to really hit if off you could be the pilots of the ship the Jedi came back on, but thats just an idea if not we'll see were the story takes us...

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03/07/2007 12:34 PM

Well, I have wanted to do a star wars thread. I generally shy away from threads that get posted without being in the Interest Query forum first, but eh.

Name: Vanas
Race: Falleen
Age: 28 (They live to 250, so pretty young)
Height: 6'10"
Affiliation: Falleen ( I assume this is before they were part of the Republic, because (according to the Wiki, anyway) they did not join till a few decades before the Mandalorian War)
Weapons: ELG-3A blaster pistol, vibrowhip

Description: Wears Falleen robes of silver and green that conceal whatever weapons he carries. His black hair is worn in a topknot. Eyes are purple, and Falleen have serpent eyes.

History: Born into the ruling class, he has been steeped in the typical falleen arrogance his entire life. He has been traveling the galaxy with several of his cousins, as young falleen often do, to see what life is like off of their homeworld. They started with the "best," Coruscant, and then worked their way outwards. They have not been impressed with the rest of the galaxy so far.

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03/07/2007 1:31 PM

Name: janon sylorca
Age: 27
Species: twilek
Height: 2.15 m
Affiliation: bounty hunter
Weapons: 2 single light sabers, 2 blaster pistols, thermal detonators, sniper rifle, emp launcher

Description: he has blue skin, and one of his tentacles removed, also he is not a talkative man, and prefers not to ask question when doing bounty hunter business. he almost never runs away from a fight, and never turns down a job, no matter how suicidal, unless paid more.

History: Janon Sylorca is an ex jedi student, but he learnt enough with his time there to use very basic jedi moves, push, pull, mind trick and slow heal. he was expelled from the jedi academy for secretly excepting money as a bounty hunter, and using his traing to assassinate targets for others. 2 years after that, he was told to assassinate his old master by a very wealthy hutt named moga hutt, who needed to see janon's dedication to the next misson he would be assigned. however, his master being skilled in the force saw this coming, and while janon and his master battled, one of the tentacles that grow on every twileks head, was cut off, and he has never found a doctor who can surgically replace it. inspite of this wound, he managed to kill his master, and is now a wanted criminal to the jedi academy and the republic. not only that, but shortly after killing his master, he said he quit, and now moga is after him to. so with so many enimies he has escaped to hoth, where he trains himself in the force, and does business with trusted contacts who won't reveal his location.

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03/08/2007 9:37 AM

Ok jam i already said you could join... just a foot note the academy is on Dantooine...

Benjmn come right on in RPing with you so far has been great

Just gona check on the other threads and write up my next bit.

03/14/2007 1:30 PM

Just looking over my saved Pictures and found some that match My RPs really well

(http://photobucket.com" target="_blank">Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket)</div><br />
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03/14/2007 3:44 PM

can i join, i'll get a character shhet set up asap, but i'm typing this at about midnight and need my beauty sleep, otherwise i would look like a tusken lol.

03/19/2007 2:31 PM

i was wondering if i could have two characters? cos i;d really like to go into more depth with moga, and besides, none of us really have an evil character yet, i don't mind if he gets killed off either, but if you do agree, he has to be in it for a while

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03/19/2007 6:20 PM

Jam, posting in the OOC section will bump the thread. You did not need to do the "Why hasn't anyone posted" comment in the rp section. Just letting you know, not criticizing. No one has posted because you had the last post and I am waiting for Luna to respond to your post. You know, the one where you had her wake up screaming. She posted somewhere, you may not have seen it, that her replies are going to be delayed for a while. So we wait patiently for her next post :).

03/20/2007 2:03 PM

this is my second character, cos luna said i could have another one over msn

Name: Moga Hutt
Age: 150
Species: Hutt
Height: 3m
Affiliation: Crime lord
Weapons: No weapons, has body guards, and big palace filled with traps to protect
Description: Moga is just like any other Hutt really, big, slimy, and very greedy
History: Moga is one of the most feared Crime lords in the galaxy, too fearsome for the republic to intervene in his affairs. The only person with as much power as him is another crime lord called Damiken, who is a geonosian. Damiken isn't as greedy as Moga, and has a kinder heart when it comes to who is expendable. Moga has placed many bounty's one of which is on Janon, a young twilek who went back on a deal he made with Moga. However Moga has recently been approached by someone even more powerful than him, who has more diabolical motives than he could imagine. Yet Moga has no information about this being, he only gets voice transmissions from this person, giving him orders, and threats if they are not carried out. So Moga does as he's told.

03/20/2007 2:06 PM

lol, as much as i'd love to wait till luna posts, i'm too impatient, i think i'll just post another story, with a different character, sorry but i don't like waiting.

04/03/2007 3:43 PM

good Idea

# 3,997 BBY- The year Exar Kun Falls to the Darkside and becomes the Sith Lord. We can set this in the time of those wars: Great Sith War. I will be Exar Kun. SO you won't have to worry about a major enemy. I am knowledgeable of Star Wars. I promise I can make this quite exciting.

Name: Exar Kun
Age: Unknown
Species: Human
Height: 1.90 meters
Affiliation: Sith Empire
Weapons: First Double Bladed Light saber. Blue Crystal

Description: Former Jedi Knight, Kun has become a rash and arrogant Dark Lord. His rule his Iron Fisted yet brilliant in execution. His mind has been twisted by the desire for power and he will stop at nothing to crush all in his path.

History (brief version): Exar Kun was a rash and talented youth: these qualities resulted in considerable arrogance, an unbecoming and dangerous quality in a Jedi. In his training, he frequently dueled with and defeated his fellow Padawans, Sylvar and Crado, his rage and confidence clearly visible. The temptation of power overwhelmed Kun when he briefly viewed his master's holocron.

Master Baas was greatly displeased upon learning of his pupil's meddling; the knowledge of the dark side was dangerous in the hands of such an unpredictable mind. Indeed, it was becoming apparent to Baas that Kun's supreme pride and ambition was beginning to consume him; Kun was convinced that he could master the dark side, learning its powers and techniques while remaining uncorrupted, and return to teach the Jedi Order his new discoveries. Baas tried to save his pupil, warning him to heed his lessons and to avoid the snares of the dark side, but his pupil disregarded his instructions. Abandoning his master, Kun declared himself a Jedi Knight. Kun then followed his curiosity and traveled to the war-torn planet of Onderon. There, he learned of a tomb that the Jedi had captured at the end of the Naddist Uprising that housed the mortal remains of an ancient Sith Lord, Freedon Nadd; the Jedi had sealed it in Mandalorian iron and secreted it in a remote section of the moon Dxun. But these barriers were insufficient to deter the young Jedi and he made his way to the dark glade.

There, the spirit of the long-deceased Sith Lord appeared to Kun, and, using the young Jedi's curiosity and ambition to his advantage, the ancient Sith instructed Kun to continue his quest to the infamous Sith tomb-world of Korriban. Kun agreed, plunging straight into his fall to the dark side.

On Korriban, Kun delved deep into the mausoleums that encrusted its surface. The spirit of Freedon Nadd, and those of the other Sith Lords, decided to test the wayward Jedi. Unable to use the Force to aid him, Kun soon found himself trapped under a large pile of rocks after a deliberately engineered cave-in. The ghostly Sith offered Exar Kun the only means of escape: the complete embrace of the dark side. His pride and ambition overwhelming him, Kun refused to accept death, calling upon his rage and hatred to fuel the dark side within, temporarily escaping his fate. He emerged from the hallowed tombs of Korriban a corrupted shadow of his former self.

Provided By Wikipidia...

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04/06/2007 9:03 AM

This would fit the dark side of the story, and give a reason and face to the higher power....

So join up... sorry bout my lack of being of late but my laptops bust, exams and coursework getting on top of me it's gona be like this for a while =(

You don't have to wait for me to post for this reason but I'll try to catch up on whats happening even still

04/09/2007 3:28 PM

Hmmm The Dark Side looks awful tempting in this role play, I won't lie to you.

But I'm interested. We'll see how things go then shall we?

Name: Altrea Kiethenan

Age: 23

Species: Human

Height: 5.5 ft

Affiliation: Coruscant diplomat

Weapons: modified blaster

Description: Altrea is a slender petite woman with bright red hair that swings at her waist. She has high cheekbones with a usual small flush to her cheeks. Bright sea green eyes sparkle from beneath her long eyelashes, but there is a firmness to the set of her chin that often brings the onlooker to a wrong conclusion. She is curvy, and is often seen wearing deep purple robes trimmed in silver with a small emerald amulet around her neck.

History: The youngest diplomat for Coruscant, Altrea began her post a year ago, after successfully clearing up a difficult situation on her home planet. As a diplomat to her own people, she, through one way or another was able to cease the warring between two peoples on her planet - causing notice by another diplomat, sent to take care of the problem by the Republic. He asked her to return with him for training, and now stands ready to take on whatever is sent her way. But a cloud of doubt and deceit lie over her fate and destiny, one that will haunt her as threats from the Sith Alliance grow ever closer...

If I'm not accepted, delete my post.

04/17/2007 7:51 PM

I think this is dead

04/19/2007 4:01 AM

Name: Jaden Korr
Age: 16
Species: Human(origin unkown)
Height: between 5'8"-5'9"
Affiliation: Force sensitive
Weapons: none at the moment, hoepfully a lightsaber later

Description: Having been born on the outer rim planet of Tatooine, he was not sensed by the republic for having force ability and therefore received no jedi training. Spending years unaware of his gift he travels from one planet to the next.

History:After an instance where the force becomes audible to Jaden he sets of to find out what it is, his journey leads him face to face with the darkside

04/23/2007 9:36 AM

Back guys

All joins go for it

A event will soon happen to shake it all up more


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04/23/2007 10:08 AM

wahh! not an event! can't wait, hurry up and post!

04/23/2007 10:54 AM

OK we are plunging into the Great Sith War due to the style of play so far "right into my plans" so now I'm back lets get fast

You go JAM been a while =p

04/23/2007 3:54 PM

goin to sleep now, this has been fun shigatomo but even writers need sleep *clutching a final cup of coffee* we'll carry it on tommorow.

oh yeah, great to have ya back, p.s i noticed the date in your thing is one year before the mandalorian leader Canderous Ordon is born, was this intentional or something, cos i might include his birth in my story somehow. Been on wikipedia

p.s, BBY means before the battle of Yavin, i doubt the board would have predicted that battle taking place 4015 years later. We can't really have the characters mentioning BBY unless they can read the future somehow.

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04/24/2007 1:05 PM

True but that was reference for everyone else to look up

04/24/2007 4:40 PM

woohoo! We made it into the popular catagory everyone!

04/27/2007 2:21 PM

Hey Jam you want to come to Collectomania in Milton Keynes on the 5th with me... I'll be your date...

04/27/2007 3:07 PM

This might be the wrong time to jump in and want to join the game, but i'm really interested in this star wars thread, and it would be nice to join in.

Name: Frain Braler

Age: 47

Species: Human, Taris born

Height: 5.10 ft

Affiliation: Former Jedi, currently Unknown affiliation

Weapons: modified blaster

Description: Frain is a tall man, with short, slightly spiked brown/grey hair sticking backwards. His eyes are like the blue seas of Manaan, full of determination and willpower. His face bears a faint burn that could only have been caused by a lightsaber, as it crosses from just under his right cheek up to the skin below his right eye - which is always half-closed now. He wears the tunic of a jedi, but he wears a heavy coat made from Kinrath leather and leggings similar to those of a pilot's jump suit. His belt carries an old style blaster pistol, and what can only be described as an antiquated-design lightsaber. The only other distinguishing feature of his appearence is that he always weats a black glove on his left hand, even after taking his coat off.

History: Frain came to the order as a young boy, like so many other padawan's before him, and went through the rigourous training on Dantooine. He spent his time learning about the Force, using the lightsaber, and about the "necessary" history of the Jedi order, the Sith and of Republic. He was an enthusiastic student, and progressed in his studies. By the age of twenty, he was made a Jedi Knight and began his career as a Guardian of the Republic. He never really made a reputation of himself - he assisted his fellow Jedi more than took charge or acted independantly. However, time changes a man, and Frain went through his changes... ones which he regretted for a long time.

He turned to the Dark Side of the Force. He was lured to the temptations when he was forced to kill another Jedi he believed was acting against the Code, but did so with anger and rage in his mind. That one act led him down the long path of darkness, and forced him to hide away from the Jedi Order and any Republic-loyal man. For over twenty years Frain Braler lost himself in the bowels of the Outer Rim.

One year ago, an aged man stepped into a bar on Telos, keeping to himself and searching for a way to move through the galaxy without attracting too much attention. He persuaded bankers to gain credits, and gave them to a merchant of trading vessels. Shortly after, he left Telos and started venturing through the regions of space that were once his home... Frain Braler, after spending twenty eight years away from the temptation of the Dark Side, of using the Force and wielding his old-style green-bladed lightsaber, returned a more cautious, independant man of exploration. However, today, he made the wrong decision... his vessel, the Saratoman, has just arrived in the Coruscant system, his first sight being the Republic Fleet fully engaged in battle against - from what his strong sense of the Force told him - loyal followers of the Dark Side, the Sith.

05/02/2007 9:10 AM

Sure thing jump right in .... I may have to add a few npcs unless people with out force powers start joining...

05/03/2007 1:08 PM

Well, if you've ever playerd Knights of the Old Republic 1, hes kind of a Jindo character - but more secretive about his past, and he keeps his force powers at bay more often than others. If anything, 90% of the time he relies on ordinary skills and abilities rather than a fancy lightsabre and the Force - and if your really good, he might even reveal the reasons why :)

05/03/2007 2:51 PM

Sure luna, I'll be your date to collectomania...

...lol, I don't think they know yet...

05/04/2007 11:40 AM

They will never know Jam, now I'm cool with the war not being over but ask me before major things like that are laid next time, K?

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