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02/24/2007 5:21 PM

This really is an out there RPG new ground I think.

No story line as such, just a break from seriousness, RPG therapy

There is a floating Island about a 6 miles by 6 miles across, cut off from the rest of the world. This island is in habited by RPG characters from threads past and present. At the centre of this island is a Pub/temple called "Olympus seat of the Gods," there rest of the Island is free to manipulate.

There will be little use for the OOC in this thread other than really un RPG chat, there is no need to post characters here, just describe them in your first piece.

Act around doing, what ever you feel like with in reason, in whatever RPG character you wish to have at that time.

eg I'll open up with Alexa from California or Bust and Luna from Fable of the Gifted Gunslingers.

Have fun in my first GM

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