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02/20/2007 3:36 PM

1. You must have seen at least some Firefly or Serenity in order to participate (for an elaboration, see below)
2. You must read the OOC thread and post a character sheet before posting in the game thread
3. Do not step on another character's sovereignty--e.g. writing another character's dialogue or reaction to something your character says--UNLESS you and the other character's player have worked this out beforehand
4. If you write some Chinese dialogue, an asterisk with translation at the bottom would be nice--remember, practically every character would know what you're saying

Captain: Ai Xianyi
Intimidator/Muscle: Finn
Companion/Counselor/Executive Chef: Liliana
Pilot: Emi
Mechanic: Kate
Face Man: Rich "Padre"
Doctor: NONE
Chaplain: NONE
Scary Psychic Assassin Girl: We hope this isn't a requirement :)

Like the phoenix rising from the ashes, Firefly roleplaying returns in a blaze of glory.

I have only one rule: You MUST have seen enough Firefly (or the film) to be able to roleplay intelligently in the world it's based in... or be familiar enough with it to fake it. Do not make stuff up because you have no idea what's going on, or I will call hellfire down on your head. If you haven't seen Firefly and don't intend to in the near future, please don't try to join. I would hate to kick you out later.

Actually I do have one other rule, though it's more of a guideline... the Firefly series allows for people who have uncanny abilities (Kaylee for example), so your character is allowed to have uncanny abilities if you so desire. However, please limit it to one, and even that should have its own limits for the sake of interest and integrity. Everything else is fair game.

You can create any character you want to any position you want, but if someone beats you to posting a pilot character, do not then post another pilot character. Refugees from the other Firefly thread can feel free to bring over their existing characters. If LunaMaria is reading this and would like to have a separate ship with her own pre-existing crew: I would prefer not, just to keep things simple, but if you're absolutely dead set on it and you have a plot proposal for how a two-ship roleplaying format would work without too much of you roleplaying all by your lonesome for long stretches, we can discuss it.

I promise I'm not the evil overlord I appear to be here. I'm really quite flexible, and I encourage group input on the way things will go. Just say what you want and it'll probably be okay, as long as you defend it well.

Here's the character sheet, then:

Nickname, if one:
Proposed Crew Position:
Character Strengths:
Character Weaknesses:
Weapons, if any:

Physical Description: (give a few sentences or phrases on what you look like)

Character Description: (how do you behave, what do you like and dislike, how's your temperament, that sort of thing)

Character History: (where do you come from, where are you going)

Other: (anything else you feel is pertinent for other characters to know)

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02/20/2007 9:03 PM

caution- long and rambly. sorry, short version posted.

Finn dialogue counter: 1.75 words per post. (7/4)

Name: Finn Wayek
Nickname, if one: The Reaver
Proposed Crew Position: Muscle
Age: 21
Talents/Skills: intimidation, brawling, weapons, ambush, general combat, some piloting, general physical labor, gun assembly
Character Strengths: Strength, speed, endurance, chemically altered pain threshhold, crazy in a fight.
Character Weaknesses: Self-destructive, socially stunted, under-educated, follower, crazy in a fight.
Weapons, if any: Most any. Preference for hand to hand.

Physical Description: Large and without particular attention to the details of grooming. 6'5" 265 lb. Dirty blond, green eyes, Tendency towards several day old stubble, and hair generally around the level of the shoulders, and a pervasive apathy to fashion sensibility. A number of small scars on the face, including a bisected eyebrow, and larger, more identifiable ones on the arms. Strong jaw, big hands, would clean up nicely if someone made the effort and he stopped glaring like that. Tendency to stand unnervingly still in the most intimidating manner and location possible.

short version:

Character History: Child soldier for the rebels. Drugged up, abused, messed up, then abandoned when the war was over. Found and cleaned up by Xianyi, who he now works as muscle for.

Character Description: Quiet, sullen, shy, self-loathing with a touch of alcoholism, loyal, hates bullies, has a hard time interacting in ways that aren't fights.

Other: researches Cassandra and his dead family

Long Version.

Character History: Finn's mother was a teraform engineer on Cassandra, one of the outer planets. He does not know who his father was. Finn was eleven when the war of Unification broke out. The Cassandra guerilla militia suffered serious defeat early on and heavy civilian casualties, and it began to recruit younger and younger soldiers, because it doesn't really matter how old you are when you have a blaster, and a great many of their parents, including Finn's, were either dead or missing. Their major victory was in capturing Alliance supplies that contained experimental drugs intended to boost the combat efficacy of adult soldiers. They mixed these haphazardly with the amphetamines available on planet. By the time the war was over, Finn was a fourteen year old adict with at least twenty-five kills under his belt. With no commanding officer, he wandered aimlessly until he was taken up by Ai Xianyi, who found him while travelling to an arms deal. When the deal went south, Finn was the first to notice, and responded, as he had been trained, with deadly force that may well have saved Ai Xianyi's life.

The dealer provided Finn with structure and an unyeilding discipline that pulled him through detoxification, and in return Finn became an emensely loyal companion. Finn's exposure to drugs during the war permenantly fried some of his pain receptors and altered his endocrine system. To this day he is able to stand up to more punishment than would be usual for even a man of his size (nothing superheroic. He is not indestructable, more on the level that he will continue to throw punches with a broken hand, or crack a rib and continue fighting at around the same level, or the like). This is both an advantage and a disadvantage. While it means that he can fight longer and harder than most, it also means he is much more likely to sustain serious injury because he does not stop when a sensible person would. This problem is compounded by Finn's own self-destructive tendencies, increased adrenal production, and dirty brawler fighting style. In short, he's a bit of a berserker, and has permenantly crippled opponents before in hand to hand fights. Not afraid to gouge eyes and bite ears.

Character Description: Usually interacts with the world through mute intimidation. Or punching.

Finn doesn't really like himself. Though he would probably not be able to articulate it as such, he deals with his military career and the treatment he recieved therein by keeping his expectations of people and regard for human life, especially his own, fairly low. he tends to divide the world into a tiny group of people he thinks of as friends, a small circle of people he knows will not intentionally hurt him, and the rest of the world who are enemies until proven otherwise. His experiences have also made him very cynical about idealism, nationalism, and any general overwhelming passion. Too much commitment to an abstract leads to attrocity. What he does believe in are specific human bonds like the one he has to his captain. He would be more than willing to throw himself in front of a bullet for Xianyi. Also, to throw others in front of bullets for Xianyi, thus his current occupational capacity. In theory he might extend this loyalty to others as well. In practice such is not the case. He knows Xianyi is disappointed with him, and the self-loathing that causes leads him to more disappointing behavior.

He is not, per se, stupid, but is not well educated and has been dependant on Ai Xianyi for guidance planning and protection, which lends itself to his conception of himself as such. Because he believes it, he is particularly sensitive to other people calling him dumb. Does not tend to take initiative in planning or debate, but is dogged about following Xianyi's instructions no matter how complicated.

He is given to action more than talk, and will respond to threats, real or imagined, with fists and bullets. When fighting is not a viable answer he is at a loss. He does not take a great deal of pride in his fighting ability, but during a fight he feels comfortable (relatively)- in a place he understands even when he isn't in full control of his surroundings. Hurting makes sense. His awareness of his social ineptitude keeps him quiet, which keeps him socially inept, and his resentment of his impending social failures tends to make him gruff and standoffish even with people he likes (Xianyi being the exception after some years together, though it's not like they have heart-to-hearts while doing each other's hair). When no opportunities for violence are present, he often turns to alcohol and other substances, which in turn tends to produce opportunities for violence.

Finn has a sore spot that is irritated by people who pick on children or others who are significantly weaker. He has managed to avoid jail time for some of his barroom brutality based on testimony that he was acting in someone else's defense.

Other: Finn has a romantic fixation with his village and despite his minimal education will go out of his way to research information related to it. He is particularly interested in information related to his mother, of whom he has only clouded, angelic memories.

Favorite hang out spot is the airlock.

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02/20/2007 11:13 PM

Name: Emily Sin Keui
Nickname, if one: Emi
Proposed Crew Position: Pilot
Age: 19
Gender; Female
Talents/Skills: Electronics, Computer technology, Can fly the ship with her eyes closed
Character Strengths: Pretty, intelligent, level headed
Character Weaknesses: Cherries, scared of guns, scared of the dark, love of the ship
Weapons, if any: Soldering Iron or a Glock 33

Physical Description: 5"6, not imposing in fact if you aren't looking for her you might just miss her. Most of the time she wears whites, tanktop with overalls split at her waist, unless shes on the bridge, then she does up the overalls because the heating doesn't work up there. Long brown hair, tied back most of the time, green eyes and at points reading glasses.

Character Description: She's a pilot, quirky as some come, (Juggles geese, baby goslings) reading stories from earth that was is seconded only by the longing she had when she saw the ship, didn't care about anything else. Her dad is high alliance and if he ever gets the time he might come looking for his wayward daughter, she had father issues.

Long Version um..... i'll need time to work on that, still workin on that

How sweet, I missed it first time round you talked to me ;), I'm cool one day there'll be a spaceship Scifi and my crew will be ready to go , I'm avid to get going so I'll post my own starter for Emi and I'll take if off later if you want.

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02/22/2007 9:21 AM

Just reserving a place for myself... haven't had time to read the other characters and such, but this weekend I am going to do that and get one of my own characters together.

02/22/2007 3:08 PM

Hello - I'm new around here, but I couldn't resist a Firefly RP. So, without further ado, my character. I'm assuming he's a new crewmember, about to be hired (or so he hopes...)

Name: Rich Starke
Nickname: Padre
Proposed Crew Position: Negotiator, contact-broker, charisma-monger
Age: 27
Talents/Skills: Negotiating, haggling, bartering, persuading, orating; talking his way into things; talking his way out again (although this is more difficult)
Character Strengths: He has a flair for oratory (all that preaching did him some good), and a gift for persuasion - one of nature's negotiators.
Character Weaknesses: A tendency to talk too much at times; not particularly physically strong or agile.
Weapons, if any: A large and rather battered carbine he sometimes carries slung across his back.

Physical Description: Rich is tall and quite thin - some people have said stringy - with shoulder-length black hair and a permanent growth of rough stubble that might be fairly described as ten o'clock shadow. He isn't good-looking, but more generous observers might say he has a rakish charm. His eyes shimmer with good humour, as though he's laughing at a joke only he gets.

Character Description: Rich is a quiet sort of guy with a dry sense of humour and a wealth of far-fetched stories he's happy to share over a few beers... as long as you're paying. He's almost permanently sarcastic, but in a cheerful, ironic way; his most acidic comments are reserved for the rich, powerful and pompous, but he's not averse to a jibe or twenty at his friends' expense either. All in good humour, of course.
Deep down, he's not selfish, but he's never really been a man for causes. He's more interested in people, and would willingly fight for someone he considered a true friend, although he doesn't have too many of those. In fact, he'd be more likely to talk than fight, although as a last resort, his trusty carbine has won him one or two more robust arguments.
Having been a Shepherd, Rich knows his Bible, and he knows a bit about psychology. He's a persuasive speaker, whether addressing a crowd or talking someone into making a deal, and he relies on this ability to get him out of trouble. He also relies on it to get him *into* trouble, which is just as important when you've discovered you thrive on living on that precarious edge between risk and, to be brutally honest, painful death.

Character History: Rich endured a devout, almost puritanical upbringing on Kowloon, a dusty backwater moon. He chose the path of a Shepherd, and for a few years he travelled around with his mentor, preaching the word and watching over the flock. Then large deposits of metal ores were discovered in the Sand Sea, and the Alliance decided that actually, control of this previously unregarded little dirtball was vital to the wellbeing of its citizens.
The Unification War, previously far-off and unimportant, came to Kowloon suddenly and with devastating ferocity. Rich quickly became involved with the Browncoats, becoming something like an army chaplain to the brave few who resisted the Alliance. Of course, the Browncoats on Kowloon were doomed from the start. After the War, with his home (and its valuable mineral reserves) now under the Alliance boot, Rich felt a sudden urge to go somewhere else. He grabbed passage on a transport and began a new life. Or tried to.
With only his silver tongue and his wits to live on, he wasn't exactly going to be living in luxury, but he began to build up contacts. Friends he'd known in the Browncoats introduced him to people they knew, who introduced him to *their* friends, and pretty soon he was making a fair living as a go-between and contact-broker, "just putting people in contact with people," as he describes it. In particular, he put a high-up Alliance bureaucrat in contact with some rather reckless guns-for-hire who, rather than doing as they were told, decided instead to rob the aforementioned pen-pusher of all his worldlies and make a run for it.
They made the fatal mistake of leaving their unfortunate mark alive to tell the tale, which he did. The ungrateful mercenaries were summarily picked up by an Alliance cruiser a few weeks later and shaken down so hard their teeth ended up sticking in the backs of their throats. That meant that Rick was slightly persona non grata with *their* friends, and with the Alliance, which put him in the rather awkward position he's in now - looking for a ship that will take him on, not really caring where he goes as long as it's not in the direction of any of the people who want him dead, or at least want to talk to him in a way that might well involve electrodes or sharp objects.

Other: He has a strong dislike of both electrodes and sharp objects. Overuses the word "shiny".

02/22/2007 4:50 PM

I am [i]so[/i] tempted,.. especially with a doctor type still available, but I've just been impressed and/or intimidated to all bejaysus by the depth (and length) of Red Tim's post. No way I could even come close to that!

It's also been quite a while since I watched Firefly, and I'm CRAPPY at tech-talk, so I think I'll just have to be content with finding yet another thread to enjoy just reading.

Sounds like you're shaping up for a really great thread, though.

02/22/2007 5:33 PM

Ha! I knew a guy nicknamed Padre in college.

LOVE the attention this is getting, yay. I'll be with y'all in a day or two with my character sheet. I'm too sick to think straight at the moment.

02/22/2007 9:17 PM

Nanuk, you've seen Firefly and you can make a whole post without spelling or grammatical error! We'd definitely love to have you along. You don't have to have a super in-depth character, if you're comfortable figuring out who your guy/gal is through play.

Also, please don't consider yourself confined to just those options mentioned (you and anyone else reading or considering). There's always the space hooker option as well :) No, seriously, anything you want. We're open, man.

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02/23/2007 3:44 AM

and you can make a whole post without spelling or grammatical error!

Well, that just seals it- it's always so nice to find someone with the same values, lol.

if you're comfortable figuring out who your guy/gal is through play

I have a bit of an 'impressionism' approach to RP, start with the basics, develop through play, so it generally works out that way.

Okay, you've reassured me, so count me in.

God help me but I had actually been considering the space hooker thing! Don't think I know enough about companions, though.
Oh what the hell, my brother has the Serenity RP book, I can look it up!
Space hooker it is.

I'll be careful to make sure her skills and role doesn't overlap with the Padre's.

02/23/2007 10:46 AM

Damnit I have been beaten to space hooker and ambassador. *thinks* Well I guess I could be a techy... although my firefly engine jargon is a little off. I guess I will have to go find some episodes with some major Kaylee in them. So I guess techy it is then.

I think I like the idea of being the new kid on the block.

Name: Kate Lee
Nickname, if one: none
Proposed Crew Position: Mechanic/Engineer
Age: 17
Talents/Skills: Can fly the small space shuttles that come standard with the Firefly class ships, mechanical abilities can fix up anything from your gun to your mule to your sapceships engine. If it's broke give her a monkey wrench and a blow torch and she'll patch er' up.
Character Strengths: Although she is not Kaylee good with engines, she can maintain just about anyhing mechanical on the ship.
Character Weaknesses: Fighting and social situations
Weapons, if any:The Heckler and Koch VP70Z
Physical Description: 5"5' and your average weight, not too skinny not chubby, no defined muscles just your average looking girl. She is very fond of earth colors, not necessarily camo but rich browns, natural greens, some black but not too much, maybe a belt here or a pair of pants there. Most of her clothes are very durable made of leather or denim but she carries around the occasional cloth shirt too, although they often turn into sweat and grease rags. She has black hair coming from her more Chinese ancestors but not a very asian face. It has chinese cheek bones and a rounder jaw line but her eyes, forhead and chin are very European. Her hair extends only slightly past her shoulders in a clean straight cut. More often than not though it is tied back out of her face. Her body is not a memorable one being somewhat flat chested and not model skinny but it suits her all the same.

Character Description: Kate is not very social as she always feels like the wall flower. She is not stand offish by any means and not anti-social either she is just self concious about herself. She never really knows if people like her or not and so waits for others to make the first move. However this is only her social persona when it comes to business, she says what she needs to say and will assert herself. If she wasn't making a living being a mechanic she could probably make it in the business world. She has very strong professional relationships but very few, currently zero, personal relationships. She can be found in the engine room or in the cargo bay writing, reading, or fiddling with some piece of equipment. She likes to talk to herself while she works especially in stress filled situations. It keeps her head level and allows her to concentrate better. If anyone took the time to know her they would find she's a sweet young woman willing to listen to a story and tell her own or just talk about the weather.

Character History: Kate is from a line that can trace itself all the way back to Earth that once was. But most of that has been erased and to start there would be just plain stupid. Her parents lived on the border moon of Beylix where she learned how to tinker with mechanical objects as the planet is a dumping ground for the Alliance. Here she revived her first engine, placed it into the hull of an old ASREV and had her first flying lesson. She found she did not particularly like to fly and was more content to sit in the engine room and watch the catalyzer turn the engine. When the war for unificaton broke out her father was there to answer the browncoats call. He hopped on to one of the rebels Angels and was never heard from again. Some say he was shot down in the battle of Serenity, others say he was captured by the Alliance. Either way he is gone now. Kate's mother still lives on Beylix but staying put was not for Kate so she took off on the first ship heading out. Now she's looking for work not necessarily for the pay but just for the love of adventure.

Other: Kate's number one fear is suffocating and thusly keeps a close eye on the compression coil. She is also fairly good with a bag of spices, a hot stove top and a chefs hat. She is no gourmet chef or anything but she can certainly keep food from becoming too bland.

By the way ladies and gents, if you didn't already know this is a great website to visit for Firefly information. I noticed it in the other firefly thread and gave it a visit and it is fairly informational.


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02/23/2007 12:08 PM

Dammit! I swear I have written in on my work-in-progress character sheet that I cook for the crew too!
First you steal Jack, now you steal my job.. ;)

Was on that site earlier- found it very good for nice, condensed tidbits

02/23/2007 12:13 PM

Well you stole being a hooker from me. As for cook you can have it I will take it out. I have enough skills already being a versatile mechanic. So I will edit accordingly. I would hate to upset my favorite Irish woman.

02/23/2007 12:26 PM

I didn't mean for you to change it! Don't be silly! I'm sure the galley's plenty big for two- hell, we can even bond while cooking dinner ;)

Name: Liliana Ladon
Nickname, if one: Lili

Proposed Crew Position: although a licensed Companion- and so a good source of legitimate income, as well as Guild contacts on many worlds- she also acts as a ship's counsellor of sorts, and assists with other ship duties such as cooking

Age: 23

Talents/Skills: (besides the obvious..) diplomacy, conversation, a thorough cultural knowledge, trained to observe and read characters, well educated with a good head for figures, food preparation

Character Strengths: Observant, intelligent, quick to assess a situation, capable in a fight if necessary,

Character Weaknesses: can be inadvertently condescending, devoted to the Guild, will not do anything in conflict with its interests.

Weapons, if any: as a standard part of Companion training she became an excellent fencer, has a small amount of martial arts skill (for defence purposes more so than attack), and though she dislikes guns has become accustomed to carrying a small pistol on her person during her travels.

Physical Description: 5'10, slender but athletic build, long very fair blonde hair, blue-grey eyes. Light coloured intricate tattooing running from the tips of the index and middle fingers of each hand, curving around to the underside of the forearm. While onboard ship tends to dress simply in darker colours, favouring mandarin-style long shirts over wide pants

Character Description: Although not exactly garrulous she interacts well with others and rarely makes enemies. Usually calm and composed, adept at making people feel at ease. A listener rather than a talker, she seems to be constantly observing and gathering information on the world and people around her- due more to a sequestered upbringing and desire to learn than any nefarious intentions.

Character History: Born on the core world of Persephone, raised in a wealthy middle-ranking family of the capital's strict hierarchy. The youngest of four sisters, she was given over for Companion training at a young age at her own insistence.
Enchanted by the almost monastic existence of a trainee, the ceremony and ritual, she fully embraced the life, loving the eclectic education and training. However, at the completion of her training she asked leave of the priestesses to travel, ostensibly to gain a better understanding of the worlds around her: feeling she would benefit from 'real life' learning as opposed to 'book' learning her request was granted. She chose to travel in a style perhaps a little unusual for a Companion, hiring onto small ships for short amounts of time, living the life of the 'little people'.

Other: while travelling she is charged with being on the lookout for unlicensed Companions- whom she fiercely detests- and potential Companion trainees. She is occasionally contacted by the Guild to meet clients.

02/23/2007 12:34 PM

I have this feeling like we are gonna have a Inara/Kaylee relationship which will be an interesting change since youseem to dislike Mydria and you are (or will be) competing with Meg. Heh, its bout' time we find some thread to get along in.

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02/23/2007 12:59 PM

Just working on my character (some more muscle), will have it up and posted in a few hours...


02/23/2007 2:29 PM

So the current crew is just captain, companion, and big scary man who breaks things. Looks like everyone else will be joining us in port. I guess we weren't going very far before coming in, eh? :)

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02/23/2007 2:37 PM

Or you just got rid of a bunch of crew members that you didn't like or a number of othr posibilities. I can't wait till this thread takes off though. I'm completly pysched about this.

02/23/2007 2:38 PM

I vote for this being the aftermath of a scary mutiny! That would be fun. Those of us on standing crew should probably figure out who we are to each other and how that went down.

Also, I don't think there's anything wrong with a little overlap. After all, you don't want there to be only one guy on a ship who knows how to fly it, in case he, y'know, falls and dies. Then you're in trouble.

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02/23/2007 3:06 PM

[Scrapper- I do like Mydria, it just seems like you hear someone had a part in enslaving your people you go off them a little bit ;) ]

Well it seems like Kate and Emi at least are new. I don't mind being either new or established- won't have time to post properly till tomorrow anyway.
And a mutiny gives us a nice little bit of extra baggage to start off with ;)

02/23/2007 4:50 PM

Reckon the Padre's probably a newcomer too (damn - I'm starting to talk like him already :) ). I like the idea of coming onto a ship that's just lost half its crew to a mutiny, although I might want to know [i]exactly[/i] how they left the ship... and whether they were in atmo at the time.

A couple of questions - firstly, where are we? Secondly, when? Is this set before or after [i]Serenity[/i]?

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02/23/2007 4:59 PM

I'm all for mutiny.

Xianyi is shrewd enough not to make use of a craft that could be identified to the authorities by ex-crew members who are upset with him (assuming Finn didn't kill them all...). To that end, Yun Tao is probably a recent purchase from a scrap yard, or an old retired one he dragged out of storage. Would explain why it's in poor repair, as fireflies tend to be. He is a GOOD gun runner, after all. :)

I swear I will get that character sheet up. Hopefully later this evening.

Ah, sorry RedTim, missed your question. It's definitely after Serenity, as Xianyi's primary customers are border world powers stocking up to make war against the Alliance. Right now we're probably on Persephone, which is a logical starting point.

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02/23/2007 5:14 PM

Good good, so my post still makes sense. I like mutiny as well, always adds a nice bit of edgyness. And a fixer upper Firefly, Kate is in heaven already. Take me aboard cap'n I'm yours to command. And after Serenity, so are we in year 2518...19...20. Year is not really important either way I am just curious.

02/23/2007 7:03 PM

Tentative mutiny plan:

(if anybody has suggestions for revisions, stuff they would have liked to do, or if you want to have been a part of the crew during this, just ask and I'll mix it up.)

Xianyi was pretty close to most of his crew and a good judge of character. He trusted his first mate, "Rooster", with most all of the details of his business to avoid a mutiny over information hording. The two were even something approaching close. The last addition to the crew was a young doctor by the name of Miya Fan. Ostensibly.

In actuality, Miya was an agent of one of Xianyi's more unscrupulous customers and had taken a job on the crew for the express purpose of making Rooster an offer. Either he could assist in deposing Xianyi and take over the business for himself with preferential service to her boss, or said boss would murder Rooster's family, and eventually him as well. The two of them managed to convince one or two other crew members to join the mutiny, and Liliana and one or two loyal crew members were taken hostage. One of them, the pilot, Marin, was executed unnecessarily and the loyal crew rose up to fight back. (Lili, I'm trying not to dictate too much what you did. I assume you would like to have been part of the fighting, but if you want to have abstained, that's fine too). At any rate, the terrific brutality saved the lives of the three (or more if anyone wants to be left over from the origional crew), but left the ship with less than a skeleton crew. Rooster, alive but wounded, took his own life, leaving Xianyi shaken faith in your ability to judge people but a desperate need for a new crew.

(also, for those of you interested in collaborating via IM (as narcissuspool and I often do), my AIM handle is Lezliweird)

(also also, I swear not everything I type is going to be bleak and tragic. I've just had kind of a lousy night)

(If no one objects I would like Finn to have caved in the skull of at least one mutineer with his bare hands?)

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02/23/2007 7:10 PM

Okay, here I am! Late to my own party and all. I hope everyone brought covered dishes.

Name: Ai Xianyi

Nickname, if one: Johnny--in general, to be used only by long-time friends in the smuggling business. He doesn't like it when crew members use it, but he'll deal with it to avoid causing unrest where none need be. But he may sneer at you behind your back.

Proposed Crew Position: El Capitan

Age: 45

Talents/Skills: Excellent at reading people for who and what they are (leading to good danger sense). Very well-connected among smugglers and crime lords, having been in the business for many years. Can fill in any position on the ship if necessary, though he's no maverick pilot nor innovative engineer, and his cooking's not so hot, and finesse surgical work is best left to professionals, and... you get the idea. Learns new skills quickly, though.

Character Strengths: Very friendly, eager to make friends as opposed to employees (though this could be construed as a practical measure), good-natured about his age, shrewd enough that pride rarely gets in the way of his decision-making. Has a tendency to jump in the middle of things to mediate disputes, which sometimes goes well and sometimes does not.

Character Weaknesses: Pride is in there, and he's not real sure when to quit. Will defend his ward, Finn, despite any measure of personal image or common sense. He knows he's good at reading people and trusts himself on it, which leads to deep and embarrassing screw-ups if he's proven wrong (see mutiny).

Weapons, if any: Anything you could want, though what he'll sell you sometimes depends on who you know. His favored weapon is a large, obvious Winchester rifle, modified to include a small screw in the lever, causing the trigger to be pressed each time the lever is cocked--allows for rapid-fire one-handed shooting. It also distracts from the smaller, deadlier pistol in his left hand.

Physical Description: Very Chinese, with not a lot of else mixed in. Olive skin and black hair, about 5'8" and softer than he'd like in the middle. And is that gray hair you see along his temples? Naw, couldn't be...

Character Description: He's a gifted negotiator, good at reading people and offering what will appeal to them while cutting a profit on his own end. His skill with people applies both to making deals and keeping the peace vesselside (except that one incident that went completely beyond his control). He enjoys gambling, but does not do so compulsively. Once he decides to trust someone, he'll trust them completely, but it's not an easy threshold to reach. He believes in self-reliance and self-determination, which is why he hates--above all things--mood-altering chemicals. He does not drink or dope and will automatically have less respect for anyone who does, though he may not say so to their face. That Finn was forced into chemical addiction to serve the needs of others was perhaps Xianyi's primary motivation for taking him under his wing. He is privately devastated that Finn hasn't turned out more normal despite all his effort, but his not being dead is a definite positive, and the on-hand loyal berserker isn't really something he can complain about. His friends sometimes make disparaging comments about how he's raised the boy with the intention of berserker utility, but he ignores them.

Character History: Xianyi has been an arms dealer practically all his life, a trade he entered sweeping floors at an arms storage warehouse on Paquin (his whole family were carnies, acrobats after the Chinese fashion, but he lacked the physical discipline). He went from janitor to security to runner as part of a cartel, then took his personal contacts and went freelance about twelve years ago. He chose no side during the Unification War... his ideals were very much in line with the Browncoats, but he knew that a large Alliance government would be easier to dodge than smaller, more concerned local governments.

This neutrality changed when Xianyi caught wind of the broadcast regarding Miranda. Drugging an entire population to keep them compliant is something he could not forgive, with or without the awful aftermath it left. Since then, he has started offering his gun-running services to border planets he'd never have touched before, though only when a legitimate local power has made noises about mounting a local insurrection against Alliance control. It's a riskier route, far from the friends and contacts he's had for years, but it's a conviction he's willing to pursue.

Other: The mutiny has left Xianyi shaken, because he had long believed he was nearly impossible to fool, particularly on his own ship. Capable as he is at running any position, though, it's not at all possible for him to run all of them, particularly the massive shipping vessel he'd been using. It's been suggested that he retire, but he's too used to life in the black to live anywhere else, so he bought a much smaller firefly-class vessel out of a junkyard to continue his trade. Now he just needs a crew to fill it with.

02/24/2007 4:49 AM

Hey RedTim- it seems like it would be possible, perhaps even likely, that you and the cap'n already knew each other. Professionally if not personally, and he'd be looking for people he had some knowledge of to help out, perhaps even an intermediary to negotiate for him. How do you feel about that?

Good thinking, Batman... or something.

02/24/2007 5:29 AM

(Lili, I'm trying not to dictate too much what you did. I assume you would like to have been part of the fighting, but if you want to have abstained, that's fine too)

no, fighting's cool with me. Can justify it I suppose by the fact that she didn't know whether the new arrangement would leave her with the same amount of relative freedom, and the fact that generally she's just a pretty nice girl, lol- or that this boss of Miya's was involved in illegal prostitution. That's get Lili's goat..

I wasn't intending on being anywhere near a decent fighter but when I posted my character sheet seemed like we were in need of some ;)

02/24/2007 7:21 AM

Hey, Verbalscrapper... you're fine, but it's generally considered impolite to insert dialogue for characters you don't control. If you and Luna know each other and trust each other to speak for one another's characters, that's fine and I have no problem with that... but if not, you should wait for characters to react. "You talk to me" is not what Xianyi would have said in that situation, because he's trying to conceal the fact that he's in charge. Make sense? :)

[Edited by narcissuspool on Saturday, February 24, 2007 7:22 AM]

02/24/2007 7:32 AM

no, fighting's cool with me. Can justify it I suppose by the fact that she didn't know whether the new arrangement would leave her with the same amount of relative freedom, and the fact that generally she's just a pretty nice girl, lol- or that this boss of Miya's was involved in illegal prostitution. That's get Lili's goat..

I wasn't intending on being anywhere near a decent fighter but when I posted my character sheet seemed like we were in need of some ;)

Heck, if you like we could make his whore mongering and the likelyhood that you would bring the companion's guild down his throat a major motivator for his turning on Xianyi. Absolutely nothing about this is set in stone.

This seems like the sort of thing that would really tighten a bond of trust between the rest of the crew (such as it is) and your character. How do you think she feels about the whole business and the rest of the crew (such as it is)? Also, how long would you like to have been on the ship?

02/24/2007 7:49 AM

*blushes bright red* Sorry about that, just really used to it from other posts, figured it would be no big deal in this one. I can delete the post if you like, rewrite it edit it accordingly. I figured Luna wouldn't mind cause we've been trading a bit in Apocolypse but I didn't mean to screw up your character so soon. Whatever you need me to do just tell me Cap'n and I will fix it.

02/24/2007 7:50 AM

I'm not bothered, you can keep it.

02/24/2007 7:53 AM

Darn it, I have to get quicker at posting!
You got yours up while I was posting in the RP, lol.

This seems like the sort of thing that would really tighten a bond of trust between the rest of the crew (such as it is) and your character. How do you think she feels about the whole business and the rest of the crew (such as it is)? Also, how long would you like to have been on the ship?

Yeah, totally. I don't think you come through something like that without having it affect how you look at the others around you.

In my head I'm thinking she left the Guildhouse maybe a year ago, year and a half, not all that long, and wouldn't have been with Finn and Xianyi all that long- a few months, maybe? But as I said in my post longer than with other crews.

As for how she feels about it.. I see her as a bit of a sponge, eager to soak all kinds of experience up, good or bad, it's what defines character. Coming from her training the mutiny wouldn't be [i]shocking[/i] in and of itself, exactly- they're relatively sheltered from the harshness of the Rim worlds but they have to keep up with current affairs and need to know about the worlds etc.- but very.. hmm, I'm looking for a better word than [i]real[/i]? All she's ever wanted to be is a Companion, but she's seeing for the first time the reality of others' lives with this mutiny- and for her it (the experience) is not exactly a bad thing.

Being devoted to the Guild loyalty is something she would value in others, so she would've seen the betrayal by the crew as just that- even though she could sympathise with Rooster she wouldn't have agreed with the choices that were made.
I think she would like the Captain- he seems likable, and she's comfortable around men, of course, but wouldn't have really had a permanent masculine presence in her life. I don't want to use the word mentor but for somebody so interested in lives different from their own then Xianyi would be a wealth of knowledge.
Finn... I think she sees as a surmountable challenge ;)

02/24/2007 7:57 AM

Well I edited the post any way. It was no biggy and it was small changes didn't really pick at much more than a few sentences. Will be lurking.

02/24/2007 8:13 AM

Finn... I think she sees as a surmountable challenge ;)

Wow, I'm so willing to work with that :)

For his part, I think Finn is about as intimidated talking to her as she would be if she had to fight him.

[Edited by lesliweird on Saturday, February 24, 2007 9:32 AM]

02/24/2007 9:36 AM

Liliana floated through the scene like a dream of perfume and silk. She didn't look like she fit in to the grime and bustle of the port, like she ever could fit in, but she took it, shined it up just by being there, and made it her own. Even the boy carrying her bags looked like he might be a little in love with her. Finn gave him a an extra glare. Liliana's smile had a practiced dazzle, and he turned his eyes back to the captain as quickly as he could.

Loving it, LOVING it! lol.

Lili shall be inside getting vegetables and such washed while you're all getting acquainted and the like ;)

02/24/2007 3:55 PM

I've got no prob with Verbalscrapper talking for me as long as it's not major to the story, that the way I'm used to playing it, or you can't do very long posts and if people are away then it drags out... BLAH BALH BLAH

But it's fine, I really think this crew won't fit the jobs it's gona have to do..,

02/24/2007 8:09 PM

Once again, please do not put words in my character's mouth (or anyone's, unless you've both agreed this is okay with you both). If you state something that requires a response in the middle of your post but want to continue on beyond that, just skip ahead and I (or whoever) will insert the reply in my next post.

02/24/2007 8:39 PM

I've got no prob with Verbalscrapper talking for me as long as it's not major to the story, that the way I'm used to playing it, or you can't do very long posts and if people are away then it drags out... BLAH BALH BLAH

I think it's the sort of thing you get a feel for more after you've played with people for a bit and you have a better idea what you as players want to do with your characters and what kind of relationship the characters themselves have. I think especially with an RP just starting out it might be best to give people a little more space to establish themselves and sort out who is what to whom, you know?

he already though her a threat, she saw this, he wasn't that good at hiding it.

I think it's perfectly fair for your character to make assumptions about what somebody's going to do, and act on those, but for something like this.... it was in this guy's character sheet that he's a relatively good judge of folk and has been making a living negotiating some pretty high pressure deals, so it doesn't seem like this is entirely the way he would react, you know? If she wasn't a threat, he would probably have some clue, and if he did think she was a threat, he'd probably be able to play it close to the chest. It'd be the same thing as... I dunno, like narcissuspool posted and said your character couldn't manage basic controls on the ship and Xianyi had to take over. It's just kind of poor manners, you know?

No harm no foul, though, right? We're all still getting used to each other.

But it's fine, I really think this crew won't fit the jobs it's gona have to do..,

How so? I'm confused by what you mean.

[u]Some other points of order:[/u]

what are people's schedules like? I work 7-3:30 most weekdays, and have a second job that fills up some nights and weekends (fluid schedule). I'm usually good for at least one post in the afternoon and one in the late evening.

What are people's preferences on handling NPCs (non-player characters)? I've played in games where if they weren't a player character, they were anyone's to toy with, which I think is dandy for minor folk. For major folk or folk specifically attatched to a character, I've seen it done one of two ways I like. Either 1) the player whose character is associated with said NPC takes the reins (eg. Emi's player also plays Emi's mom, if it comes up) or 2) player posts a short bio and someone else volunteers to take that character on for as long as they're "on screen". Personally I like 2 better, since it gives a better opportunity for less scripted conflict.

How do people feel about this? It seems like something worth discussing before it comes up.

[Edited by lesliweird on Saturday, February 24, 2007 8:48 PM]

02/24/2007 9:00 PM

Also, [b] for those still interested in joining [/b], we currently have: A captain, a companion, a big muscle guy, a pilot, a mechanic, and a face man/negotiator. You don't have to read all the sheets before you make yours, but it certainly would help you get a feel for who's on the crew and what we need.

Unless you're prepared to play someone with a lot of history with the captain, first mate is not open.

The ship runs guns. We're likely to need a doctor. Other useful skills would include forgery, hacking, information gathering, more muscle, piloting especially for shuttles.... if you can think of things not listed feel free to include them.

We're also certainly not closed off to off beat characters like... I dunno, musician, cryptographer, archaeologist.... so long as you can think of a good reason they'd be there.

HEY LION! If you're reading, you might want to edit the first post in both sections to include rules for joining and maybe a basic ground rule or two, or an abreviated roster. Punchy, like a resume, because you know how people hate to read :)

[Edited by lesliweird on Saturday, February 24, 2007 9:06 PM]

[Edited by lesliweird on Saturday, February 24, 2007 9:46 PM]

02/24/2007 10:10 PM

As for NPC's I have played with them a couple ways. 1) I have seen them bounced around to a bunch of different people until one takes a fond liking of the NPC and kind of takes control of it but really it is still anyones fair game. Kind of like Marie in California or Bust. I love my Marie. Or I have seen one character take complete control of an NPC like you were saying before such as in A Taste For Blood with Kylee. I think a combination of both is possible, especially if we don't get a doctor. The other jobs can be picked up by other characters, like hacking could easily be picked up by Luna or myself, and forgery by our muscle man, ect.

As for timing, well I am getting off my week long break Sunday so I will post in the afternoon round 4:00 ish and will be on all night after that. (I'm a bad student. ;) )

Just suggestions however, you and Narcissus are the jefes.

02/25/2007 3:17 AM

My schedule is GMT, lol.
I work 9-4 but have days where I'll have good amounts of free time during that, and can almost definitely get on afternoon my time- which'd be mid morning for most of you, I guess.
Can pretty much float for the rest of my day, getting corrections and such done but checking in to see if anyone's on.

My problem is on weekdays I go to bed around 11, half past, which'd only be mid afternoon for most of you, which can cause problems if the posting gets heated.
Usually in that case I'd say either to just let my character float in the background or, if they have something important to do (i.e. in Scrappers Taste for Blood thread) let somebody control them while I'm away- obviously keeping within the character and keeping their actual contribution reasonably minimal, but I've had no problem's with this so far (Scrapper's been doing a great job when it's needed).

Weekends I can usually check in a fair bit, but will usually have things on during the day- volunteering at the zoo, horseriding, boyfriend etc. lol- which usually works out fine as y'all seem to still be in bed ;)

I haven't really controlled NPCs, I don't have a problem with it- I generally assume whoever it was who introduced them to the thread will control them as they know them and what their purpose is (I always err on the side of caution and assume the person has a plan for the NPC that I could inadvertently mess up by taking control, lol).
If it's a minor character I think bouncing around is fine, but like you said if it's more major than a good idea is a bio sheet and either the originator can handle them, or if they don't want to/feel they've enough to handle with their own character somebody who's willing can take over.
If somebody had something they wanted to use that NPC for maybe they could mail whoever's controlling them with an outline of what they wanted to do and to see if they had any guidelines- this could be for either a minor NPC or a slightly more major one that wasn't being used all that much.

02/25/2007 3:34 AM

darn it- I was going to post, having dinner ready and everything, then realised it's only about 10 minutes since I went into the ship!

Also wanted to check- Persephone was mentioned as a starting point: are we actually there? Because it wouldn't really make sense for Lili to be there and not visit home/the Guildhouse.

02/25/2007 6:36 AM

The other jobs can be picked up by other characters, like hacking could easily be picked up by Luna or myself, and forgery by our muscle man, ect.

Well, we don't so much NEED them, they were just things that people might do if they were having trouble thinking of something we could make good use of. To be honest, I think not having anyone who's a good doctor (Xianyi can do patch jobs) could make for pretty interesting problems to solve. And isn't that what it's all about? Working around limitations?

Just suggestions however, you and Narcissus are the jefes.

Eh. Narcissus is the Jefe, I'm just a buddy. I just have more time this weekend to do the organizational stuff because Narcissus had the flu and a wedding. But I think, as with anything where a group is needed to make something work, it isn't fair not to at least get everybody's input. If this isn't fun for everyone, we're gonna lose people, so I'd like to figure out how to best make everybody happy. Besides, it's fun to work in stuff I never would have thought of on my own.

My problem is on weekdays I go to bed around 11, half past, which'd only be mid afternoon for most of you, which can cause problems if the posting gets heated.

The last RP I was on had a post limit, where you couldn't post again until at least half the people had gone before you. I think that's a bit extreme, and probably not the greatest idea while we're getting settled, but we might want to think about some sort of ratio you can't exceed.

On the other hand I do enjoy quick back and forth posting if two characters are in conversation, but, yeah, we want something that allows everyone to participate.

darn it- I was going to post, having dinner ready and everything, then realised it's only about 10 minutes since I went into the ship!

If you want to go ahead and make the post and note a certain ammount of time that's elapsed- however long you think- people could filter in after they were done up front, I guess... Or there's always the option of the "while cooking" post. Or if we're not watching Scrapper closely, she could certainly head for the food and you guys could strike it up. I know I'm not being all that helpful, but, yeah, it's really whatever you like.

Also wanted to check- Persephone was mentioned as a starting point: are we actually there? Because it wouldn't really make sense for Lili to be there and not visit home/the Guildhouse.

I don't think we ever said where we were, just that Persephone would make sense. You may certainly dictate our location, so long as it's not too way out, or you could have it as written that you'd already been to the guildhouse while we'd been there?

I wish Narcissus would get on :P I'm not technically the boss

02/25/2007 6:44 AM

Airiana, Arandur, Zagaadee, you guys still coming?

02/25/2007 6:44 AM

I'm up for any computer Shindigs in the story, I get need to get her to fit in with the crew, thinking time

I agree problems are great things to over come, build up relationships

02/25/2007 7:02 AM

Luna, we love you and definitely want you on. We're just having that uncomfortable shuffle you get when you first move in with a room mate and, say, one of you likes rap and the other likes country. We're just working on finding where we're comfortable. We will absolutely get everybody fit in, we just need a little time to sort things out.

What did you mean about the crew not doing all the jobs it needs to, by the way?

[Edited by lesliweird on Sunday, February 25, 2007 7:03 AM]

02/25/2007 7:06 AM

Um, with regards to the above, you do not need to wait for me to make rulings on big group decisions. I have no grand framework of plans in mind for this RP. It's gonna go where it goes, and if other people would like to dictate that, that's awesome.

I am not married to us being on Persephone, though I think somebody (RedTim?) already mentioned the Eavesdown Docks.

02/25/2007 7:08 AM

i don't know whats worst that i said that or I don't remember saying that (I always remember my writings)

Just at the time, (My brain didn't work) It felt really odd because you said they were going to be gunrunners, just two young seemingly nice girls don't quite fit with that, But I guess life is random and most folk take the jobs they can... it would make more sense to me if they did all types of jobs but the first one is a gunrunning one.

02/25/2007 7:10 AM

That is probably the reality of the situation. Big arms trafficking contracts don't come along every day, and probably take longer to complete than the average pay period, so there would probably be other lesser (maybe even legitimate) jobs in there.

[Edited by narcissuspool on Sunday, February 25, 2007 7:11 AM]

02/25/2007 7:14 AM

I am not married to us being on Persephone, though I think somebody (RedTim?) already mentioned the Eavesdown Docks.

So he did! I guess it's settled that we're on Persephone, then. Isn't my face red :P

02/25/2007 8:16 AM

I'm afraid so :)

Timing-wise, I'm in the lab from roughly 9.00 - 18.00 every weekday (that's GMT), but I can probably post from there, as long as my supervisor's not around :D At weekends, my schedule's a bit more fluid.

As to roles on the crew, Rich spent long enough with the Browncoats on Kowloon that he probably knows some basic field medicine (patching people up, giving them adrenaline, etc), so if we end up with no doctor, he'd be slightly less out of his depths than everyone else if we need to do any life-saving surgery...

02/25/2007 12:26 PM

and Lili'd have a thorough knowledge of anatomy... she could be Physio ;)

02/25/2007 12:29 PM

sorry, I just noticed-

Executive Chef: Liliana

I'm going to put that in front of every title I ever have from now on. Executive biology teacher. Executive giver-of-lifts. Executive dog-walker. Sounds so much better. lol.

02/25/2007 12:45 PM

You are too funny.

02/25/2007 2:40 PM

One tries..

Mantou, by the by, are small buns often eaten in chinese meals. [i]We[/i] are having them as a sweet, deep fried and dipped in condensed milk. Kinda like doughnuts, I'd say.

ah crud, I had some other reason for posting.. damn my deficient brain... oh, yes: I, personally, have no objection to Finn caving someone's head in with his hands. Once it wasn't me it makes me feel, slightly perversely, safe. ;)

02/25/2007 2:49 PM

What can I say? I'm a believer in grand romantic gestures :P

02/25/2007 3:06 PM

[Posted By lesliweird on 02.25.2007 6:44 AM]

Airiana, Arandur, Zagaadee, you guys still coming?

Yep, I'm here. Just read through everything. Debating on whether or not I should be a doctor character... would make things interesting if one wasn't around. Or maybe... I come in a little later, so y'all have time to realize a doc on the crew is more than necessary? My thoughts are either that, or else be a stowaway running from her bookie that makes herself useful once she's discovered.

What are your thoughts? What type of character do you think you still need aboard, if any?

02/25/2007 3:13 PM

A doctor would be damn handy, and you'd have the extra fun of working against a stigma the crew might have developed against doctors :) But really it's whatever character you think you would have the most fun playing. Now's definitely the easiest time to get onboard, though. Unless you'd like us to pick you up once we're in space, which is also fine.

02/25/2007 8:53 PM

Well it seems you already have a bit of a line formed outside the cargo bay's door, so I'm not sure I want to show up right now, lol. Maybe there is a little tangle before the ship leaves port and you call for a doctor? Then I unwittingly am forced to remain aboard (reasoning being entirely up to you and the rest, if you can whip up one)?

I'll start getting a doc together... may just alter Leroy to fit the situation, since I didn't get much use out of her...

02/25/2007 9:18 PM

Do you still talk much to Set? I haven't seen her on in a long time and she seemed really cool. We'd love to have her along as well, if she'd want to come.

Also, if you'd like to be a hot young man, you'd pretty much have your pick of cute girls on the ship, as the rest of our male characters are old, scraggly, and sometimes scary :D

[Edited by lesliweird on Sunday, February 25, 2007 9:39 PM]

02/26/2007 5:02 PM

Damn you Nanuk! After I read your post I wanted mantou so bad. Of course now I am going to make some of my own. So I am off to cooking.

02/26/2007 8:36 PM

[Posted By lesliweird on 02.25.2007 9:18 PM]

Do you still talk much to Set? I haven't seen her on in a long time and she seemed really cool. We'd love to have her along as well, if she'd want to come.

I only ever knew her from that thread. Think the only communication I've had with her outside the old Firefly thread was the email I sent her about us making this thread, and I didn't get any response from that.

02/27/2007 1:33 AM

Setsuna, is it7?
she's currently in the Gunslinger thread and Roots Bloody Roots. Also the thieves guild one I think.

02/27/2007 5:12 AM

No, not Setsuna. Setsuai_kijo. Haven't seen her about in several days.

Speaking of... I think maybe Luna doesn't love us anymore. I'm sorry! I didn't mean those things I said! Come back!

02/27/2007 5:26 AM

maybe she just had a busy day yesterday.

She started a thread of her own so I doubt she was intending on being away.

02/27/2007 3:26 PM

Okay, RP's been up a week, we decided it's more than time for us to get off world. We posted the beginning of a mission. Anyone's welcome to control Mabel so long as she's bitchy and dispensing the orders. We should be in the black and in pursuit of our goal soon. If you're not on the ship by then, you have to wait until the next port, or convince us why you should be floating in space.

Zagaadee, if you're reading this, please post something, or Lucas becomes an NPC with the following general guidelines:

Lucas, 24, 5'9, brown hair, brown eyes, still a little bit of "babyfat" on his face. Lucas is honest and friendly and hates dishonesty more than anything else in others. He married an older woman who wanted him for his farm on Persephone. Once she had a legal claim on his property, she made his life so miserable that he eventually walked away from the whole thing, and, with no direction left, decided to pursue his dream of seeing other worlds. Lucas is a hard worker and has a good hand with machines, especially those related to teraforming and life support. He can pilot a ship but not make it dance. He also has a small cache of plants and would set up a garden in the ship if accepted.

Lucas is not plot essential and anyone can move him.

Nanuk and Scrapper, that means if you want to interact with the outside as well as in the kitchen you have a vessel now

[Edited by lesliweird on Tuesday, February 27, 2007 4:30 PM]

02/27/2007 3:26 PM

Everybody give a warm welcome to our new NPC...

(Lesli wrote this, but I'm posting it because I have this mystical aura of authority.)

Mabel Wu. 61, 5'4", right arm prosthetic with retractable poison laced spines. High middle man in the Phoenix cartel, based on persephone. Inflated sense of self importance, tendency to speak in the most degrading way possible to establish her superiority. Has a vast memory for trivia of how to piss people off. Will know Xianyi, Finn, probably rich and possibly Lili. Weapons- previously mentioned spines and a ten shot pistol which she weilds in her left. Her principal protection is her importance to the cartel.

Mabel has a package for Xianyi to get to the moon Hecate. She can distract the aliance guards watching her cartel for one or two hours, enough for him to get it out of their warehouse so they can replace it with a decoy. They need it off planet by midnight. Because this is important to them, they're willing to pay very well, but Mabel will try to exploit Xianyi's vulnerable position to get smuggling for less.

By the way, anybody can feel free to invent NPCs, especially if it's for the purpose of plot motion. Hooray motion.

[Edited by narcissuspool on Tuesday, February 27, 2007 3:30 PM]

02/27/2007 4:05 PM

Hecate is a moon near Hera. Just as Hera is the solar system's breadbasket, Hecate is the solar system's stock pond. The moon's surface is 90% water, with scattered port islands and floating monitoring stations. Hecate has a thick cloud layer that produces a stifling greenhouse effect. Everywhere on the planet is hot and dimly lit. If a ship comes down in the day, it parts the clouds like a fireball from heaven.

Hecate is home to a cult of minimal technology that began after the war of unification. Think of them as a more militant amish. The residents of Hecate have been known to intentionally break sophisticated equipment if they don't see it as vital to their survival or the fishing industry, and even the essential technology is often patched in the most low tech way possible. Anyone born on the planet is deathly pale because of the lack of sun through the cloud cover.

Cui Zedong of the Phoenix cartel makes his home on a modified floating monitoring station. He finds the inhospitability of the location and the clouds' electromagnetic interferance make his business of repurposing stolen aliance tech particularly hard to catch.

02/27/2007 4:20 PM

Ah, by the way, if any of you have a plot you would like to happen, just mail me or narcissus and we promise as long as the RP is alive and kicking, it will happen eventually, in some form or other.

02/28/2007 7:30 AM

Nanuk and Scrapper, that means if you want to interact with the outside as well as in the kitchen you have a vessel now

Boh- I'm so addled I didn't get what you meant until just now. I need to sleep more.
Just posted quickly so that we're all ready to go- didn't think the Captain'd appreciate me hiring my own help ;)

02/28/2007 11:11 AM

Luna, could you give your posts an extra read through before you send them?
Not trying to be rude but I found that last one really confusing to read.

[Edited by nanuk on Wednesday, February 28, 2007 11:13 AM]

02/28/2007 1:11 PM

Thanks (none taken) but i could find that much wrong with it. It was rushed but other than the odd coma that could be a full stop...in future if i make such error or I missed what you were getting at please be a bit more clear about which parts.

02/28/2007 2:18 PM

(http://photobucket.com" target="_blank">
(http://photobucket.com" target="_blank"> I'm not generally in the habit of posting things before I'm done with them, but I've been kind of busy lately, and I'm not sure how much time I'm going to get for these in the near future. For the Lili one, I want to add some detail to her top and make that circle behind her a chinese window out onto space. Finn... well, clearly not done. I've got starts for Xianyi and Padre too, but neither of those are nearly so done.

[Edited by lesliweird on Wednesday, February 28, 2007 2:23 PM]

02/28/2007 2:23 PM

Woa those are really freaking nice.

[Edited by Verbalscrapper on Thursday, March 1, 2007 4:34 PM]

02/28/2007 2:43 PM

Dong Ma

A variation of Mandarin Chinese meaning "understand."

Similar in use to "capische?" or "comprende?"

WOW nice pics (How to you post pics on this site?)

02/28/2007 2:45 PM

they're posted to photobucket. They give you a link code.

02/28/2007 2:53 PM

Wow - even half-finished, those are impressive drawings. I like Finn's badge - a nice little touch.

02/28/2007 2:54 PM

Is it odd to be in love with your alter ego? ;)

Wow. I sound like a moron but.. wow.

God we have talented people round hereabouts..

02/28/2007 3:02 PM

Also, just noticed- the style of drawing in both is a little different. Is that something you often do or more to do with the time spent on it?
I'm so impressed.
(and yeah, the badge in the kicker, lol)

Luna- it's amazing what those commas did, cleaned up the whole 2nd paragraph so my tired brain could understand it no problem!

now [i]this[/i] line is still giving me trouble, lol:

Taking a second look, maybe this would be such a job for a girl that had never work on a firefly that they wouldn't need someone of her skill ever.

so... she thinks she's too talented for this ship? Or have I got that wrong?

02/28/2007 3:22 PM

Both saying she's to good for the ship and that Kate Lee might not be able to fix it, therefore never needing her.

I'll change the her to skill to Pilot

02/28/2007 3:30 PM

Oh, right, I get it now!
I thought you were talking about Emi, didn't realise it was Kate at all! Once I knew that it read fine!

sorry for the shortness of my last RP post (and it's non-descriptive crappiness) but I'm just about to pop to bed and was determined to get something up in case I came back tomor and found myself left behind!

02/28/2007 8:13 PM

Don't think Kate could handle it. *snorts* Yea I think I shall get a quick post in too before I go to school and find myself left in the dust.

03/01/2007 5:18 AM

Hey scrapper, I was looking at your character description for things that might lend themselves to drawing, and the physical description is a little bare. What does Kate look like?

03/01/2007 8:59 AM

Luna, I think perhaps we're not understanding each other. Emi told Xianyi she had terms. He asked what those are. She hasn't given them, and has instead reacted as if she's been ignored. Xianyi hasn't given her any terms or indicated that he has any, other than "answer my questions." So I'm a bit confused by your responses.

03/01/2007 10:54 AM

Do you want a "Scary Psychic Assassin Girl" or Boy?

If so, I think that would be fun. I've seen Serenity, and almost the whole season of Firefly, but it was a while ago. Reading through the posts I recognized almost everything, I just couldn't have said it by myself. ;-)

I have an idea of a Scary Psychic Assassin-Doctor Girl. Basically, she'd be a reader (was that the term used in the show? I forget...gah! it's been so long!), and extremely intelligent (reminiscent of the movie). Part of the same experiment, but deals with it differently. She takes a surrogate family and does everything to protect them; because she felt so much suffering, she tries to ease the suffering of her 'family.'

Example: Say in a mission a crewmember falls off the mule, and starts getting attacked by reavers (extreme example, but a good one). She would jump off the mule, and first attack the reavers, and once they weren't a threat she would take care of the crewmembers' wounds.

Potential problems for the future:

- If a 'familymember' puts him/herself in danger for someone else, she could try to prevent them to keep them from danger.

- When a 'familymember' is injured, she won't leave them until they are better, or stabilized. Also, if in the infirmary, she takes on an Alpha Female role and won't allow anyone else to help while she works on the injured person.

Idea for introduction to the story:

Part of old crew, but couldn't handle mutiny so was basically useless in that instance. She would run to a corner ball up and try to block it all out. Reason being - they were all family, and she couldn't help anyone because they were hurting each other. She didn't know what to do. Family isn't supposed to hurt each other...

The mutiny will leave her scarred, and she will be distant from new members for a while.

During the hiring process, would be hidden somewhere (such as ventilation system) where she can see everything that is going on without being noticed by the strangers. She doesn't like strangers.

She can be introduced slowly to certain characters at certain times.


Ok, I got a little carried away there. If that is acceptable, that would be great. I like mysterious characters. :-D

If not, I can make a different character.

[edit] Oh yeah, I forgot...the only thing I haven't worked out is how she came to be a part of the orignial crew in the first place...if this idea is acceptable, I will flesh it out and come up with that, unless someone objects to the character in the first place. [/edit]

[Edited by Max on Thursday, March 1, 2007 10:57 AM]

03/01/2007 11:48 AM

If she were part of the original crew, she probably wouldn't be a doctor... not the officially titled one, in any case, because that role went to Mia who started the mutiny. Or we could just change that part of the story. Nothing's written in stone here, and I'm not especially picky about characters.

If we keep Mia, I see one of two ways your character could go... either she was part of the crew as an unlicensed doctor (either medical assisting, or as a field medic or something), or she joins the crew after the RP starts (either here on Persephone or wherever you want). She could maybe be in the docks while we're running back from Mabel's weapons mission, up and grab somebody who got injured as they run past, and pin them down while she worked on them. That would be fun!

Oh, also, if you decide to go with being a reader (that is the correct term, by the way!), be very careful you don't put words in another character's mouth when you do the mind-reading thing.

[Edited by narcissuspool on Thursday, March 1, 2007 11:51 AM]

03/01/2007 12:09 PM

Hey scrapper, I was looking at your character description for things that might lend themselves to drawing, and the physical description is a little bare. What does Kate look like?

You know it just occurred to me that I have no physical description. I should put one in. Slaps forhead. Obviously being sarcastic. I will edit my character sheet so if you recheck in a bit I will have one posted. :)

03/01/2007 12:13 PM

As a reader, I would mainly work with reading NPC's, and maybe reading some PC's once we start to mesh well and are comfortable each other. And then I would mainly work with reading their soon-to-be actions, not words. Again, that will wait until we're comfortable.

She could maybe be in the docks while we're running back from Mabel's weapons mission, up and grab somebody who got injured as they run past, and pin them down while she worked on them. That would be fun!

The only problem with this is that my idea was for her to worry about the ones she accepts as family, and not care about anyone else.

As for Mia...I was thinking that maybe Mia could be the main doctor, and have my character be a "Field Medic," like you said, or doctor in emergencies, until after the mutiny in which she would take over all medical procedures as an increased effort to protect the 'family' that is left.

Also, would you like a guy or girl? It doesn't matter to me, they both have their ups and downs.

03/01/2007 4:30 PM

Scrapper- thanks for posting that description, it helps lots :)


She would jump off the mule, and first attack the reavers, and once they weren't a threat she would take care of the crewmembers' wounds.

I don't know about narcissus, but I'm not entirely comfortable with your character having that kind of badass quotient just yet. Maybe if you picked just one of those three things to be good at: doctor, pyschic, or ninja.

If you want to be on the crew, how long have you been and how did you get there?

Crew seems pretty evenly split male and female right now. Either would be fine.

[Edited by lesliweird on Thursday, March 1, 2007 4:32 PM]

03/01/2007 8:47 PM

I was trying to fulfill the "scary psychic assassin girl" slot, based on River. I was trying to limit the comparison to River on the far-out personality, due to messing with her brain.

Don't get me wrong, I don't mean she would go and kill a hundred reavers with her bare hands (although that scene at the end of Serenity was [i]awesome![/i]).

It wouldn't be an easy task, but those would be her goals. I don't know if they would be realistic goals, but that is what she would be focused on accomplishing.

I don't want to make a supercharacter, hence the severe personality restraints and the fact that she is those things may be a hindrance at times (which I tried to point out). For another example as such, there may come a time when a fighter may be more in need than someone to help heal someone, but her concentration is healing that person, therefore she won't be where she is truly needed when she thinks she is doing what is necessary. Make sense?
I'm good at balancing characters' abilities and realities, if you are willing to trust me.

In order to be a reader, you have to be super-intelligent. If you are super-intelligent, it would only be natural to be able to fulfill the duty as a doctor.

Ok, that's my final defense. If you still are uncomfortable, just let me know.

(I'm sorry if I seem hard-headed, but I'm not one for letting a good character idea die without a fight.) :-D

03/02/2007 4:16 AM

Since the captain is already shouldering Finn as an emotionally stunted berserker guy, and that already saps most of his energy, I doubt he'd have had your character on the crew previously if it were his choice. He's charitable, but not that charitable. :) So either somebody's got something on him and forced him to take your character for whatever personal reasons, or your character joins later (possibly as a stowaway).

I don't think River is/was sane enough to be a doctor, so if you're basing the character on her abilities, you might want to take that into consideration. Could she perform brain surgery, probably... but would you want her to? She might tear apart your brain and try to "fix" it the way she did with the Bible, whether or not it's what was asked for. She seems like the sort of mad scientist who would transplant organs in the wrong place just to see what would happen. Or she'd see something shiny and wander away while the body's still open on the table. Being a doctor takes focus and precision, a level River used when she was killing people, but not in normal conduct. And killing people is much quicker. :)

03/02/2007 9:25 AM

The level of focus that River put into killing people would be the level of focus my character puts into healing them. Helping them is more important than her own life. She wouldn't be as martial as River - she could fight, because she intellectually knows where to hit and how to hit and all that jazz - but 99% of the time she would only fight to save someone else.

03/02/2007 10:00 AM

River was designed and surgically altered to be a weapon. It seems unlikely that they would create a doctor as part of the same program - after all, they have plenty of doctors, and they seem to regard medicine as a noble profession (c.f. the presence of the Medical Elect, who seem to carry a lot of prestige). I doubt they'd create a weird-psycho-doctor, since the point of altering River was to turn her from a person into a weapon, from a thinking, feeling being into something they could do with as they pleased.

Please don't take this the wrong way, but we don't actually need a Reader on our crew. In fact, it would seem a little familiar if we were on a Firefly with a big muscly guy, a genius engineer girl, a Companion, a Shepherd (well, ex-Shepherd) and a Reader. I appreciate you like the character, and I'm not the arbiter of anything around here so feel free to ignore me, but I get the feeling you could create an interesting character without needing to be a modified clone of River.

03/02/2007 10:24 AM

I was actually thinking the same thing about the modifications on my drive home from work just now, so, thanks RedTim. :)

03/02/2007 2:32 PM

I'm with Red Tim on this one. I'm not fundamentally opposed to the concept of having a reader, but this character seems very close to River. Also I have questions I would like to see answered in your backstory, when you write it-

1. How did you get out of the top security secret government facility? (River couldn't. It took Simon blowing several lifetimes' worth of money and favors to break her out of there)
2. How did you meet and join up with Captain Ai?
3. How do you get along with the crew as is (Ai, Finn, and Lili. Also, optionally, dead crew.)?
4. What prevented you from reading Miya and stopping (or at least mitigating) the mutiny?

03/02/2007 2:37 PM

Well I'm not going to worry about it.

The reason I was putting forth the idea is because it seems to me that most of the crew so far was a "modified clone" of the original Firefly crew. I'll think of something completely original and put it up here, but it'll probably take a day, because I have other things that need to be done right now.

No hard feelings, I'll make another character.

03/02/2007 2:39 PM

Sorry to seem pushy :) It's awesome that you took that so gracefully.

03/02/2007 3:23 PM

Well, I could have answered all of your questions, but it'll be easier and better to make another character.

The last thing I want to do is cause dissention within the group.

03/02/2007 4:17 PM

The reason I was putting forth the idea is because it seems to me that most of the crew so far was a "modified clone" of the original Firefly crew.

My point exactly :D We're all awaiting your new character with bated breath now.

Completely OT, but a random thought just went through my head - can anything other than breath be bated? Or is it like betiding, which only woe ever seems to do?

03/02/2007 6:21 PM

Gah, Luna, I'm sorry, I didn't realize you had edited your post. Which is why it took me so long to get back to you, and everyone. Sorry, sorry.

Xianyi is now going vesselside, so at this point any characters who want to newly join the crew will have to wait until we leave the ship to complete our weapons-stealing mission, or be already on the ship (I am not opposed to stowaways).

"Bate" just means to moderate or scale back something (as in "abate"), so you can bate anything you like. You could bate the charge, bate your elation. Not quite as common as bating your breath, though.

03/02/2007 8:11 PM

I wonder then when it is proper to use "bate" and when it is proper to use "abate."

It seems to me (just mulling it over in my head) "bate" seems more personal, if that makes sense...Ok, I just tried to write my next sentence 5 times and I couldn't make it understandable, so I'm going to bed.

If anyone has any clue as to my question, I'd be interested to know the answer.

03/03/2007 5:54 AM

The dictionary makes no real distinction between the two; both have transitive and intransitive definitions. But, in my experience, "abate" is traditionally used intransitively (the subject of the sentence does it to itself--"the storm abated"), while "bate" is used transitively (the subject of the sentence does it to some other object,"bated his breath").

03/03/2007 9:38 AM

That would make sense.

I think I was trying to say something like that, but you put it far better than I could.

It probably doesn't help that my grammar vocab isn't up to par, but hey...:-D

03/03/2007 5:46 PM

Hey guys... just wanted to pop in and say sorry. Don't think I'm gonna have time for this thread, much as I want to be a part of it. I will definitely keep an eye on it when I can, though. And if you like, I can do a little bit with the NPCs from time to time, but I honestly won't be here regular enough to do more than that.

03/03/2007 5:55 PM

Sorry to hear that. Thanks for dropping by to let us know, though!

03/10/2007 12:22 PM

so, interesting discovery. If you go here:


you can use the OOC forum for this thread. Wonky, huh?

[Edited by lesliweird on Saturday, March 10, 2007 1:31 PM]

03/10/2007 2:31 PM

that [i]is[/i] wonky.

I put in that "At least around her" in my thread in case you wanted to decide later that Finn [i]was[/i] that kind of guy, lol.
i always over-analyse any post I have dealing with someone else's char in case I mess something up accidentally. It makes me neurotic!

03/10/2007 9:21 PM

:P Hey, don't sweat it. I think you do a lovely job. Like you said, you figure out a character by play, even if you had an idea where you were going. Besides, Lili's thoughts on things are always valid as Lili's thoughts.

(http://photobucket.com" target="_blank">Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket)<br />
<br />
And maybe I'm just a wuss, but I like to think Finn actually isn't that type of guy ;)</div><br />
		<div style=
03/14/2007 11:47 AM

If it's ok I would like Emi to come back but i jsut don't have time at the mo... (thinking near future)

03/15/2007 5:31 AM

And maybe I'm just a wuss, but I like to think Finn actually isn't that type of guy ;)

Well I'm glad- I'd hate to think my/Lili's judgement was off, lol.

I'm assuming it's not just for me that no posts are coming up as new- didn't realise our Cap' had posted till I double checked the thread here, and the last 2 OOC posts above mine weren't down as new either.

I'll PM Scrapper just in case she doesn't realise there are new posts, it's not like her not to post for this long, lol

03/15/2007 11:22 AM

Luna - Your ship can encounter ours whenever. The more the merrier.

And yes, I don't register new posts either. Bah.

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