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02/14/2007 12:35 PM

Post characters here, this is a basic fantasy setting, and just about anything goes (Unless I say no way) So please post we'll see where this takes us... :)

02/14/2007 2:40 PM

Well I am drawn to this although I am unsure of what I could be, so I am going to stick with something safe. Always wanted to roleplay a fanatic so I guess here's me chance.

Name: Lady Kristen Astra
Class: Paladin of the good goddess of love.
Armor: Finely polished full plate with designs of snake like dragons etched into it. Her shield, a large round buckler, has her symbol painted on it. (Will get the pick posted ASAP cause I can't describe it.) Her stead is also armoured and wearing the traditional extravagent jousting garb in the colors black and red.
Weapons: A long sword, the hilt is a dragons head with the blade coming out of the dragons mouth two clawed feet acting as the hand guard. (we'll see if we can get a pic of that too.)
Other: As I said before she has her loyal steed. A Morgan who she affectionatley calls Champagne.

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02/15/2007 2:37 PM


It would be less of an eye strain in reading your posts if you double space between your paragraps. This spaces it out enough so it's not so hard on the eyes (Look at my posts to see what I mean) try to break it up a little bit more k?

02/15/2007 3:10 PM

Will do. Sorry out that. I am unused to not being able to use my tab button which makes it so much easier to distinguish paragraphs.

02/20/2007 8:46 PM

M'kay finally found a pic that would represent Elyssia...

02/21/2007 8:30 AM

Wow almost dead on as to what I was imagining. Very pretty.

02/21/2007 2:30 PM

Rightyo, like I said I'm a little rusty but I'll try to join in. If anything is to your displeasure just say so and I'll either edit or delete.

Name: Kivan Vine

Race: Human

Age: 30

Class: Hunter / WoodSmith

Clothing: Brown & green hunters cloth (ragged and torn since falling into the earth)
Weapons: Knife, Hand Axe

Description: No family, very few close friends. Kivan leads a simple life as a hunter and woodsmith. Preferring the peace and tranquility of the forest he choses to live away from the towns and villages, although often visits them to trade, selling meat, skins, wood carvings, bows and arrows.

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