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02/05/2007 6:23 PM

I am not sure how many of you out there have read the book A Taste For Blood but if you haven't I suggest it highly. So for those of you who have read it all you need do is jump into the post. If you would like to post anything about your character please do so here. Example your standard charater sheet. Weapons, age, name, as much history as you wish to provide but it is not a requirement.

For those of you who have never read the book I will give a brief description of the world and rules surrounding this RPG. The current year is 1500 (this is not the actual date in the book just as a side note.) The setting is any where in the Celtic Isles you wish to start. The beasties that inhabit the Islands are Werewolves and Vampires you can choose to be human too if you wish.
Human society is as it was during the high middle ages, a fuedal system. The English hate the french and dspise the Irish, Scotland is under British rule, yadda yadda. Vampires, at least most of them have started their own sort of fuedal sstem within their own ranks. The current Queen of the Vampire population of Scotland and most of the Emerald Isles is Queen Alyssa. Vampires in this story are not te blood sucking beasts some stories make them out to be they are more like the Vampires in Underworld, actually very much like them.

Here are the rules though. They do not turn into bats, A stake through the heart will not turn them to dust although a wooden spike to the heart will cause considerable damage and may weaken them. Beheading and sun will still kill them. They do not breath. They can eat human fod and not get sick. They canot see themselves in mirrors. Garlic will not repel them although they despise the smell and prefer not to eat someone who has eaten it. They can drink from some one without killing them. In order to turn someone they must let the person drink their blood. Silver although it will not kill a vampire immediatley can be very damaging to their systems as they are very allergic to it. Some vampire carry silver spiked walking sticks to protect themselves from others of their kind. Religous symbols wll repel weaker younger vampies but it is very hard to repel older stronger vampires. Also religous symols only work if people have faith in them. For example an atheist could not use a cross to repel a vampire just as a catholic coudn't use the star of david to repel a vampire. This also means that not just crosses will repel vampire but if a Jew uses the star of david or a pagan uses their religous symbol and truly has faith in it it will work. Almost done... Vampire blood is very alluring and once a vampire gets the taste of another ones blood they can become addicted. It is much sweeter than human blood and has (this is the only way I can describe it) the taste of power to it. Also although most Vampires do not prefer the company of werewolves they have been known to hold business relations or loose friendships and in rare cases romantic indulgences. I think this covers most of it. If you have any questions feel free to post here as some people may share the same inquiry.

Enjoy fellow creatures of the night.

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02/06/2007 2:53 PM

very interesting, I'll have to get a copy of the book and join in.

02/06/2007 7:41 PM

Oh absolutley. Men might like it especially so.... you'll see why if you get it. It is definetly one of my favorite fantasy books.

02/06/2007 8:17 PM

haha sounds interesting

02/09/2007 11:40 PM

Nice... I have to get into it since Im a fan of any kind of RP set in the middle ages or with mythical creatures of the night, and this has both. Also, Im going to have to get the book since you recommend it highly.

Name: Velan
Species: Vampire
Age: 24
Weapon: Two concealed short swords infused with silver dust, a custom made crossbow with the capability to shoot stakes, bolts, and small explosives.
History: Velan was very young when he was turned. He was about the age of 16 when a small band of vampires came to his home one evening. They killed his whole family and with the only strength he had he tried to stop them. As a cruel bit of punishment for injuring two of them their leader turned him. He has since hunted vampires and searched for a cure.

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02/10/2007 7:55 AM

Ooo a slayer vampire I love it. And tormented too it gets even better. As soon as you and Anime fairy jump on board this shouldbe quite an intersting post. Oh you made me think of something. When you give me your age (and I am very glad you did this) Mention how long you have been a vampire and at what age you were turned. This is imporant because older vampires are much stronger than young vampires and the age you are turned is important because your body ages very little after you are turned maybe only a couple years at mot so if for example you were turned at age twelve hen at most you would look 14. However i am willing to bend this rule alittle.

02/10/2007 8:03 AM

I really like the look of this- especially living in Ireland- though I haven't read the book.
I prefer to be at least a little prepared though, so would you mind giving a little more info/backstory?
With travel the way it was I'm guessing Edinburgh is probably the best launching point for a character, unless you're going to have separate story lines?

02/10/2007 8:24 AM

Aye Edinburgh is the best launching point but you can get almost anywhere in a couple days even in the High Middle Ages for they are smallish islands. Mmk so background. This actually will have nothing to do with the book so don't worry about following a specific story line but I will try to sum it up. The main character is Ryan a female vampire who has been following this one families daughters for about a century or so. Right now it is about 1700 i think and her lover at the moment is Cassandra. She turns Cassandra into a vampire and takes her from London into Scotland to its capital Edinburgh where they get married. (Everyone thinks Ryan is a man.) There you find out Ryan has a dark past and that she may be using Cassandra for some darker purpose. It is a heart breaking ending but a fantastic read. Jump in when you can. The reason I brought up the book is because I love the rules they use for vampires. Please jump in when you can I can't wait to play with people.

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02/10/2007 9:14 AM

So I take it were waiting for a few more people before we start posting or we can just start anytime?

02/10/2007 9:17 AM

Please start anytime.

02/10/2007 9:25 AM

Great, I'll take first post.

02/10/2007 3:04 PM

If i could have a character sheet to fill out i would be most gracious.

02/10/2007 4:01 PM

Okey. For those of you who need em here ya go:

Name: Be as creative as you want but be accurate with last names. If your Irish go with an Irish last name if your German go with a German last name. First names I don't care the more creative the better.
Species: Vampire, Werewolf, Human
Age: Age you were turned and the how long you have been a vampire
Clothing: Rember the year is 1500 so theres no flack jackets
Weapons: No pistols, perhaps some crude guns but i doubt they will be effective because in 1500 gun powder was brand new to europe.
Magic: Please be scarce with magic. I prefer to keep this as "realistic" as posible. Obvously vampires and werewolves have what we consider to be magic properties but get it oked by me first. I have allowed the use of a talisman that prevents other vampires from knowing that they themselves as are a vampire so thats good but just let me know ahead of time.
History: As little or as much as you want to tell.

Again you don't need to do all of this. I know some people like to reveal things as they play.

02/10/2007 10:05 PM

Name: Zanen Larthion
Species: Vampire
Age: Was turned at 23, has been a vampire for 150 years
Clothing: Black leather leggings, black undershirt with a grey over-shirt on top, Leather belt, Black boots, chain necklace, chain bracelets, a black cloak with red on the inside (clasps like Vincent valentine's from ff7)
Weapons: long sword and a dagger
Magic: none
History: When zanen was 23 he walked into a bar when he was traveling and immediately got attacked by vampires and was turned, since then he has been a wanderer never staying in one place for too long.

02/11/2007 10:00 AM

I'm interested in RPing a werewolf so if our gracious DMistress would mind telling me if, in this world, werewolves are tied to the moon or can change at will, and if they age at a similar rate to vampires or stick with human aging I'll fill in the blanks after. ta! ;) (I'll assume the usual conventions of heightened senses etc. unless you tell me otherwise)

Name: Sadhbh (sai-ve, sounds like the ive part of alive, lol) Ballach inghean ui Oisin ('Freckled' Sadhbh, descendant of Oisin)
Species: werewolf
Age: 24, only turned 3 years ago
Description: dark red hair and green eyes, with a splash of freckles across her nose, tall and gangly, with a look that can be described as 'hungry; (stereotype, moi?)
Clothing: nondescript, whatever she can scavenge so usually ill-fitting. Almost always carries a small black pouch around her neck to keep money etc
Weapons: again, usually scavenged. Prefers small knives
Magic: nada
History: Left her home in Ireland looking for her brother. Their father was a wandering poet, once an honoured profession in Ireland, and they would travel with him, stopping at great halls and taverns all around the country, learning from him music and the great stories. Her brother, a few years older, left Ireland when she was in her mid teens. Her father was killed in the attack that turned her, she was left alone and scared, with no idea of what happened to her. She tries to ignore what she has become; frightened by how these changes make her feel she seeks out familiarity- as she had never had a settled home she decides to try to find her only remaining family, her brother. All she knows is that he headed across the Irish sea to 'the mainland'; she started looking in Wales and has worked her way up north, loosing hope along the way. A country girl at heart she finds cities intimidating and confusing, although out of necessity she has become a reasonably adept thief.

02/11/2007 10:24 AM

The rules for werewolves were very scarce in A Taste For Blod so I am going to go on some Underworld rules here and I am going to try and interpret what there was. I am also going to throw in some of my own twists to make it interewsting. Rules for werewolves are as follows.

Werewolves age much like vampire. They look the age they were turned varyingonly a couple years or so but they are essentially immortal. Silver is highly poisonous to them. More so than in vampires and it can kill them even in small doses. Some stronger werewolves can hang ou longer than younger weaker ones but don't rely on that fact to keep you alive. At night they can change at will but they cannot change dring the day. During the full moon they have no choice, they must change. (for all you werewolves I will tell you when the next full moon is so you don't have to worry about missign it.) Yes werewolves have hightened senses, they can detect vampires by smell, and other werewolves as well. They do not have to feed on humans and some who feel guilty about hunting humans decide to hunt animals. Being wolves they often choose to travel in packs with other werewolves but it is not a requirment. There are lone wolves. Sometimes (this is very Underworld) Vampire form relationships with werewolves and have them as thir daytime guardians. However there is no war between the vampires and werewolves and they are looked upon with the respect of one creatue of the night to anouther. As I said before they do not prefer eachothers company but there are cases where they can become good friends, lovers ect... Werewolves although must turn during the full moon are also very powerful during the full moon capapble of doing things they normally couldn't on any other night. They are also slightly out of control and act more like animals than there normal reasoning human selves. For this reason they usually make sure they are in a secure or familiar area on full moons. Now there has been different descriptions on werewolves, the underworld variant (I like the best) and then th full out wolf. If you like you can turn into both. Rapid healing is still the same, beheading will kill them, breaking their neck, werewolves do breath by the way, they can be seen in mirrors, your standard werewolf ules. Alright i think that does it. Any questions feel free to ask.

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02/11/2007 10:38 AM

sweet, lol.
I posted before I read this (couldn't wait any longer) but I think I did ok. Let me know if there's anything you want me to change. I prefer wolfy werewolf rather than hulking man-wolf but shall oblige at the full moon (I'm slated by my friends for it but I do love Underworld)
Didn't head into the tavern yet because I didn't want to interrupt what you 3 had going on- but I'll be in the vicinity!

02/11/2007 10:51 AM

Oh don't worry about interruption, I am quite good at incorrporating people no matter the situation. And to each his own I really don't mind if you want to turn into a wolf wolf during a full moon. I have nothing against that species of werewolf at all. :-)

02/11/2007 11:15 AM

(btw- 'shaggy'? Cracked me up)

I'm going to reply again, if you don't mind. I'm always overly enthusiastic at the start of a new game and I figure it makes sense to get me inside the bar along with everyone else.

02/11/2007 11:19 AM

Oh believe me i don't mind. I am a fanatic as well. I am hoping people stick with this one as well be cause i have some interesting ideas but it could take a few nights to set it up.

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02/12/2007 3:09 AM

just to explain my most recent post- she's not split personality! The idea is that Sadhbh has fought the wolf inside for so long that she, herself, makes a distinction between the two. After changing it takes a little while for her conscious mind to take control so the more instinctual wolf has free rein for a short time, and has done things that Sadhbh (thinks she) herself wouldn't have.
As she's now seen how it's possible for her to live, as she's seen Mydria et. al living quite contentedly and accepting (prettymuch) of what they are, these 2 sides of her can be reconciled over the course of the story. God I'm thinking about it way too much.
Also, if it seems a little OOC for a werewolf to be submissive and doggy (dropping bones and wagging tails? Dear oh dear!) it's just that that's all she's known till now, it's habit from being stopped by Sadhbh nearly all the time- and she's not really an alpha by nature.

(and my posts won't usually be that long but I had a fair bit to do in that one)

02/12/2007 12:54 PM

Oh me oh my you wory too much! Honestly if you would like to kno you know what I did in class all today for seven hours. I wrote out Mydrias history and Kylees history year by year. The longer your posts the more excited I get. Your character has alot of depth and I find it extremly enjoyable to play with becaue it pens up alot of possibilities for me and the deeper your haracter is the more interesting this story is for all of us. So please if you want to post a hundred times each a page and a half in length go for it. You are also quite the talented writer so it makes it not only fun to read for your character but fun to read because it is an interesting style. As for the split personality i actually read the post before this and I got what you were doing. You did it quite well. As for werewolf personality. If anyone tells you that wolves have got to acta specific way smack em'. To each his own and the more diverse the more fun! I am actually afraid I might ruin your post by saying something stupid. so anyway I love it, I am in love with you posts I can't wait to hear more from you. I waited all day to respond to your post! See ya in the afterlife ;-P.

02/12/2007 1:17 PM

Oh wow, this is turning into a little lovefest, lol.
I'm blushing badly right now.
Thanks so much for your comments (VS? Verbal? Scrapper?). It's been a while since I PBPed- or did anything other than computer RPing so you're doing wonders for building up my confidence.
I only worry about the length because in a couple of other threads the 3 of you are in you have quite short posts, with frequent comebacks so I didn't want to affect your... rhythm, I suppose.
What I said about keeping the posts short would probably have been proven a lie anyway- I'm verbose to a fault, as you may have noticed- so I guess you'll just have to continue to enjoy them being long.

With several lifetimes already under Mydria's belt how long did it take you to write those histories, exactly? ;)

02/12/2007 1:22 PM

*big smile with a full hearted laugh* Lets see it is seven hours and I have two pages and that was just an outline really. When I actually sit down to organize and write them out it will probably end up like Reichtnom which ended up with a 22-24 page unfinished story and about a 16 page packet of information (which is also no complete.) my last lover actually broke up with me over it. She said that I was more obsessed by my RPing then with her. She might have been right... As for my other posts being short I have never had anyone to have long posts with so I was afraid to have long posts as well. I thought with such a long intro people wouldn't be intrested in this MB. I was ecstatic when you joined with your first long post so now I am just trying to keep up with you in length.

02/12/2007 1:42 PM

Great. I'll take that as free rein to post treatise-length posts, so.

Losing a lover? Boy, you do take your RPing seriously ;)

02/12/2007 1:51 PM

Ah she was a stiff. No personality, but anyways. Its my hobby. I'm not one of those dorks with a pocket protector and 8 inch thick glasses. Its just well it is something to do. Some people collect rocks, some people do underwater basket weaving, I write and I like tobring my art to life, quite literally. In some far off world I would ike to be a movie writer. I think I might have mentioned that. So i like to jump into my characters shoes to give em more personality so they can go on the silver sreen. (Dazed expresion followed by a dramatic hand to the forhead gesture) but alas it may never be. ;-P

02/12/2007 1:59 PM

You know, if we don't take it easy poor Zanen and Rath are [i]never[/i] going to come back.
C'mon guys! We're impatient!

And look! I made a short post! I feel like the little train that could.

02/12/2007 2:05 PM

Ah there fine don't worry about them. they do this to me sometimes too. Believe me they will bounce back. And -
Ah! A short post. (heart stops) I don't know what to do with that.

02/12/2007 2:10 PM

the small post was because I thought we were stuck until the lads came back but you've proven me wrong!

You want I should stay a wolf for tracking or people-ify myself again?
Also, let me know what you want to do about the scent- whether it's something you want me to follow or just remain mysterious for a while. Mail me or whatever's handy.

02/12/2007 2:12 PM

Oh I can work my way out of any situation. ;-) um as for the wlf thing that is completly up to you. Tis your character. as for the scent well we'll just see what happens if you decide to tag along. ;-0

02/12/2007 2:14 PM

Oh you're cruel, keeping me hanging.
Just wanted to check there was nothing I wasn't supposed to do just in case I messed up a GENIUS plan you'd had- you've been warned!

02/12/2007 2:20 PM

Like I said I can work my way around anything. ok maybe not everything but i am quite adept. I'm just afraid my twist won't be all that mind boggling. Honestly as i think about it, it probably won't be. But I shall see what I can do. Let the mystery begin for all of us. (dramatic music)

02/13/2007 8:22 PM

*zanen listens to the dramatic music "ah crap, theres that sence of impending Doom again.....> I see you impending Doom!!" lol yeah.......

02/13/2007 9:44 PM

Umm hey just wondering is it too late for another lone wolf to join?

02/13/2007 11:08 PM

Cool by me but You're gonna have to ask Scrapper since she started this thing.

02/14/2007 1:54 AM

as if she's going to say no, lol.

but politeness is a good thing ;)

02/14/2007 10:05 AM

Sorry it took so long for my response but go ahead and jump on in. the more the merrier is what i alays say :-D

02/14/2007 11:43 AM

Thank you for your response I'll have a character sheet up in a little while and my first post soon after.

02/14/2007 11:51 AM

Sounds most excellent. Just in case you didn't know If there is information that you need to know to rpleplay I will mail it to you. So if your confused as to why posts might be lining up so well it is because I sent hem mail that allowed them to know exactly what it was that is goin on. Well not exactly but you know what I mean. Anyway have fun and knock yourself out!

02/14/2007 11:53 AM

Thank you for the information. I read all the posts in this RP and have a fairly good understanding of it but more info is always good ^_^ I am really looking forward to becoming a part of this roleplay


02/14/2007 11:56 AM

you can post now if you want. I oly send people info when it is necessary to the plot line. For example Sadhbh came on the hunt with me she needed to knowexactly it was that er nose was picking up on so i sent her a mail. Then zanen decided he wanted to be my lackey so i sent him a mail about our history. So go ahead and post away no need to wait for me.

02/14/2007 11:59 AM

Will do once I get one of my sometimes infamously long character sheets up ^_^

02/14/2007 1:53 PM

*zanen listens to the dramatic music "ah crap, theres that sence of impending Doom again.....> I see you impending Doom!!" lol, yeah.......

02/14/2007 3:41 PM

Name: Niko Saari
Species: Werewolf
Age: 29, turned at 17
Human form: Black dry hair, grey-blue (left eye) and green (right eye) downcast eyes. Slightly pale skin, about 5'11 with an average build.
Wolf form: A large timber wolf, heavilly built, same mismatched eyes.
Clothing: Black canvas pants and jacket, occasionally wearing a woolen sweater on top, covered by a heavy black cloak and warm soft leather boots
Weapons: A pair of clawed guantlets
Magic: None
History: Was born to a small familly in finland, living amongst the forest he learned how to track and hunt the game that lived in the forest. He also learned how to respect and keep the forest. He had arrived from a short hunting trip shortly after his seventeenth birthday to find his familly gone and a strange woman occupying his home. She proceeded to tell him she had killed his familly and that he was next. He awoke about a week later outside a small town with nothing but his clothing. Deciding that he had nothing more to live for than to avenge his familly he started up the long journey across Europe that eventually led him to Edinburgh twelve years later with the full knowledge that he was a werewolf and that he would be until he died. He has traveled far and is weary of the ways of people but also through the long trip his loneliness grew and eventually he stopped talking. Now he travels alone searching for what he dosn't quite remember...

Hope its good kinda died on the history idea heh ^_^

02/14/2007 5:04 PM

Good Good, the more vengence story lines and people with dark pasts we have the easier it is fro me to make this interesting for you all and the more unexpected it can become. Rath has got something up his sleeve, what I don't know but if he springs his story at the right time it could cause some pretty neat events to occur. I can't wait for your first post. ;-)

02/14/2007 5:05 PM

I thank you. I will try to bring in a bit of my own slightly macabre ways to the RP looking forward to RP with you all.

02/15/2007 3:27 AM

I found my own hackles raising at the thought of another werewolf- I'm getting WAY to into this, lol ;)

02/15/2007 4:04 AM

Haha. well good i ensures that yoy will remain on this thread and it will stay alive:-) I'm alittle too into it as well. :-P

02/15/2007 4:19 AM

clearly- it's what, 5 in the morning there? Get to bed, you crazy woman!

02/15/2007 12:05 PM

No it is only 7 in the morning when I posted last. Whos off on time now?
Ah Sadhbh you old gumshoe, i think you might be catching on.

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02/15/2007 3:06 PM

*sniff sniff*

02/15/2007 3:44 PM

Heh I accidently posted before I saw your post. I think I fixed it though. Not very gracefully but I was determined to get it in before someone else posted.

02/15/2007 3:47 PM

you and leo both managed to post while I was writing mine.

my excuse is I'm sleepy.

02/15/2007 3:48 PM

Sigh, I have no excuse... I'm just impatient.

02/15/2007 3:50 PM

Very sorry I'm currently recovering from withdrawl, I havn't been able to role play in a long time and now I'm a bit over the top with it ^_^

02/15/2007 4:00 PM

Welcome to the club, myfriends don't RP much and those who do... how do i put this nicely, They are really boring. So np I am fine with people being over the top.

02/15/2007 4:01 PM

Thank you, *plays cats cradle while waiting for new posts*

02/15/2007 4:02 PM

Sir yes Sir!

02/15/2007 4:11 PM

Well I am waiting on Nanuk to post so then I can progree yours and Kylees story line.

02/15/2007 4:13 PM

No problem I have a good piece of sting *holds up* and... *gets tangled* well as I am typing with one finger I will cut this short here...

02/15/2007 4:19 PM

Well nanuk has left us hanging so I shall proceed with our story.

02/15/2007 4:26 PM

what? hanging? what?
you can't rush [i]perfection[/i], you know.

And if that's your attitude I'm off to bed to go through bloody experimental procedures in my head. Gack.

May not be able to get on till late tomorrow evening so ppl freel free to do with Sadhbh as you will

(except make puppies)

02/15/2007 4:28 PM

(except make puppies)

O.o *listens to faint dramatic music* Uh oh this isnt good...

02/15/2007 5:22 PM

I didn;t know you were going to make that last post. i do apologize and of course I meant it in good jest. (Sigh) not only have I made Sadhbh angry I have have upset her writer as well. Pooft ah well alls well that ends well right?

02/15/2007 5:24 PM

Hopefully true, then Nanuk might just be tired anyway. Think positive ^_^

02/15/2007 5:59 PM

I am going to be a little choopy the next hour but after that I will be spot on promise. So I am going to hold on my next post until then. I shall see you in an hour:-)

02/15/2007 5:59 PM

I'll be lurking around somewhere see you then

02/15/2007 8:34 PM

Well there is my last post until Nanuk gets back I need you both for the ne part so I take my leave for now. I can't wait to get you guys more involved with this story. I have a plan but like i was saying before could take a couple nights to put together. We are getting closer, already you have seen mysterious Old Parker. Who is sitting at the bar, why is Mydria so guilty, who else was standing in that crowd listening to Kylee, wat frightened the hell out of an ancient vampire? All will be revealed on the next post of A Taste For Blood. (Ok I lie not next post but we are getting damn close.)

02/15/2007 8:39 PM

Nice I'm looking forward to it. *goes back to lurking*

02/15/2007 10:31 PM

I finally posted my special little plot you mentioned earlier. Sorry about not posting earlier but I was super tired so I fell asleep on my couch. It's about 1:30 AM over here currently so I'm gonna play some Kingdom Hearts II (It's a video game.) since I'm way too bored to do anything else and way too hyper to sleep.

02/16/2007 5:41 AM

I'm gonna play some Kingdom Hearts II (It's a video game.)

ooh ooh! *jumps excitedly*

I cried near the end. And then I was VICTORIOUS!!
(have to replay it yet to beat Sephiroth... like that will ever happen...

I'm going to go read the posts since last night and see if I can get one quickly before heading back to school after lunch, otherwise I might be incommunicado for a while...

02/16/2007 6:41 AM

Sephrioth isnt that hard. I was level 68 with the ultima weapon keyblade and only a few good accesories equipped and I beat him. The guide says you have to be at least level 80 and need a few choice abilities equipped but I didn't have those abilities. Maybe thats just me...

02/16/2007 7:48 AM

Leo do you ever sleep Lad! You have been up forever! Hehe I am taking the day off from school oh yea! Anyway never really got into Kingdom Hearts, I watched my brother play purely cause I liked the story, but thats about it. I am a shooter person, gears of war, medal of honor, thats my stuff. Anywhoozer, no problem Rath, I am just glad you are back. I am starting to wonder where Zanen went... and a teacher who plays video games and roleplays, your students must love you. Alright to the posts!

02/16/2007 7:50 AM

What is this sleep you speek of? I'm a plant! water and sunlight and I'm good for life I swear! *stomach grumbles* after I go eat... heh but yeah I'm not s lucky and I'm getting carted off in the next hour for about six hours but I'll be back with infinite amounts of time to post -again-

02/16/2007 7:52 AM

Gears of war, Halo1-2, Medal of honor all great games. I own like every single Medal of Honor game. Leo is right! Sleep is for chumps! I miss way too much when I fall asleep.

02/16/2007 7:56 AM

Hmmm add the never sleeping habits of me to my character? It's an idea ^_^
Well I should last without sleep for the next week or so then I'm going to start sleeping before dark and waking up long after dawn... Its a cycle I think. anyways

Halo 1 had a better explosion animation for the needler
Halo 2 had a nice story and gravemind
Gears of war needs more weapon variation
Medal of honor kicks @$$ simply

02/16/2007 7:57 AM

lol i miss way too much when i am at school... not that, that is why i am staying home or anything. I have to whole next week off, Huzah for February vacation! So I will be on top of this post like stink on a monkey!

02/16/2007 8:02 AM

Yay? I look forward to your freedom and my cramming of posts into the time I have to post.
Anyway Rath I think I'm like a slinky ^_^

02/16/2007 8:06 AM

Does that mean I get to push you down some stairs? I don't get february break because my town has had an entire week off and we got today off too due to snow. We have like 9 feet of snow up here. Anyways, somebody post! I've been sitting here for five minutes eyeing the screen like a psyco, anticipating the next post.

02/16/2007 8:07 AM

Holy freaking moly, alright ladies and gents vampires and werewolves, this is about to get really chaotic so make sure you read al posts carefully because lol Rath seems to unleashed his past as I was about to unleash mine and to have them just leave now makes no sense what so ever, well to me anyway, I am a resoning freak like that. So this next post may take a while but I need to be sure of everyones placement and everyones baddies placement, so hopefully I am not being to anticlimatic so I am going to shut up and start writing.

02/16/2007 8:10 AM

Does that mean I get to push you down some stairs?

Yes yes it does

We have like 9 feet of snow up here. Anyways, somebody post! I've been sitting here for five minutes eyeing the screen like a psyco, anticipating the next post.

Unfair! I live in Canada and we have no snow but then again this is B.C.
(I have been refreshing the page every ten seconds too I understand)

Holy freaking moly, alright ladies and gents vampires and werewolves, this is about to get really chaotic so make sure you read al posts carefully because lol Rath seems to unleashed his past as I was about to unleash mine and to have them just leave now makes no sense what so ever, well to me anyway, I am a resoning freak like that. So this next post may take a while but I need to be sure of everyones placement and everyones baddies placement, so hopefully I am not being to anticlimatic so I am going to shut up and start writing.

Yays for overlapping stuffishness I'm gonna stop talking now

02/16/2007 8:12 AM

Ha ha ha ha ha.....Canada....

02/16/2007 8:16 AM

Ha ha ha ha ha.....Canada....

Is that an insult?

...If so no hard feelings I'm used to it.

Edit: Well I'm off see you in five hours

[Edited by Leo on Friday, February 16, 2007 8:21 AM]

02/16/2007 8:30 AM

Naw...it's not an insult. I'm canadian. My grandfather moved to the USA from Canada and his family lived there for like 5 generations or whatever.

02/16/2007 9:23 AM

Canucks used to be my favourite hockey team when we were able to get it on tv, Pavel Bure era.

Shooting games are lame. LAME! :)

I just find them boring. I prefer a more immersive game with a story line- preferably one that, like KH2, makes you cry, lol.
I have a mental block when it comes to Sephiroth. One winged angel comes on and I freeze in terror and awe.

(and I teach in an all girls school so they're not that impressed. When I was in the boys school I was 'sound' and 'deadly'. Deadly is a good thing, like cool.)

okay, enough rambling- I'm off to read this RP while my brother's distracted by wrestling.

02/16/2007 9:45 AM

All girls school eh? Sounds like hell on earth. Personally I say all anything schools, made specificaly for one thing are just bad waiting to happen, but all girls holy crap i would hang myself. Don't get me wrong i love my chicks but i can only handle so much estrogen in one place.

'Sound' and 'deadly' huh? That would be like I guess 'you're mad cool' or 'sick' er whats a really far out one... 'ballin'. You're slang is way cooler.

02/16/2007 9:56 AM


deadly and sound aren't so cool when they're said in a thick Dublin 'howayeh' drawl. shudder

single sex schools are pretty much the norm here, or were, so we're all used to it. and it's been shown that girls do betteer in a single sex setting- in mixed boys do better because they're trying to impress the girls (and the girls are a good influence of course) but the girls do worse because the boys are noisy and distracting. Proven science ;)

I'm feeling a little dizzy from a bout of hyperventilating (was [i]not[/i] pleasant) so I'm not sure if I can gather my thoughts enough to post. I'll try

02/16/2007 10:00 AM

Hyperventilating, something wrong? Not that I would be much use all the way in another country but hey couldn't hurt to ask. Hope you're alright, can't lose a valuable writer ;-) Not that we like you just for your writing or anything. Yea and as for the ballin thing I really have no clue what it means, my brother says it, I try to ignore him. Personally god old avorites are fine by me like awsome, cool, thats da bomb. I really try to stay out of the main stream, I'm a counter culture person.

[Edited by Verbalscrapper on Friday, February 16, 2007 10:16 AM]

02/16/2007 10:35 AM

was a minor allergic reaction I think, did not feel minor- especially as I was trying not to faint in front of a bunch of 12 year olds.
okay now, just feel like my breath's catching a bit and am absolutely shattered (exhausted- do you use it in this sense?) by the experience.

That's my last post for a while, until tomorrow most likely (I apologise for the crappy end bit, I'm not good at action) so feel free to assume that Sadhbh is mauling/being mauled and following Niko's more experienced lead ;)

02/16/2007 10:59 AM

Yea never good when the teacher passes out in front of the class, happened to my sophomore year teacher once, that was needless to say an interesting experience. Everything was alright of course but won't forget that one easily. I guess exhausted works not sure what shattered is, well here it is great for when someone just broke up with you, but thats bout it.
Don't worry ataction, i suck at it too which is why i was so glad noone was around Mydria cause arrying out two action senes not my thing, rather have story line but sometimes it tis necessary. I am going to wait for Rath, Leo and you to post again before i continue on. So see ya later.

02/16/2007 2:13 PM

Well I guess I will be seeing you all sometime around five in the morning again ^_^ funny how having to go to a place where they claim to "teach" me but really don't makes me miss so much alas I posted and will be off lurking

02/16/2007 3:12 PM

Noooo! My minions my beautiful minions! Lol idiots should have known better than to have messed with the bodies. Well I actually cannot do anything until you all decide your actions so Rath is actually kind of the GM for now as he is the one with minions on the board so the next moves are up to you all. (whispers: I think you should help him wink wink) So i shall continue to read and jump in when you all get to a point where I can post agin. Of course if you get lost I will bring in some baddies to point you the right way.

02/16/2007 3:20 PM

(whispers: I think you should help him wink wink)

I have a great plan! now that there are no more baddies lets go back to the tavern! after all there are only three of us *said in sarcastic voice*

Lesse... Will I die? Not likely... I see the tactics... *plays alternative metal*

02/16/2007 3:23 PM

I stumbled in on my way to refill my hot water bottle (heating's gone! it's bloody freezing! and my archos froze so I can't watch torchwood).

it's WAY to cold to hang around for posts so I get to anticipate all night, huzzah!

hopefully there won't be 20 posts for me to catch up on in the morning...

02/16/2007 3:26 PM

hopefully there won't be 20 posts for me to catch up on in the morning...

I'll try *grins*

02/16/2007 3:28 PM

I smell puppy love in the air... awwww. Lol well, too bad you don't have a lap top, then you could curl under the covers like me and not move. I beat the cold and I am entertained! alright then, to the MB!

02/16/2007 3:29 PM

I guess I'm just lucky I have my computer rightnext to my bed (yes its a desk top) so I am forced to be in bed to be on the computer ^_^

I'm out for a while cya in a couple hours

[Edited by Leo on Friday, February 16, 2007 3:59 PM]

02/16/2007 4:27 PM

Aww I think little Leo is trying to flirt. Told you puppy love! I just don't want your pups all over my bar. They pee all over the place.

02/16/2007 4:30 PM

Eh? I'm just throwing stuff in its nothing really. And why would I want puppies? don't you know how much they cost to keep?

02/16/2007 8:07 PM

Ah but the selling price when they're older makes it worth it. Just kidding! Please don't eat me Sadhbh! Now lets see, I believe you two just saved Valens life... so what to do next? Does the pack move onto the bar, or do they investigate further? Do they search bodies... or do they eat them? Do they leave them to rot in the streets only to be discovered the next morning by townwatch and civilians? So many questions, so many possibilities! Now What do I do next is the question cause I can't stand staying on the side lines.

02/16/2007 8:14 PM

Well Niko only eats the pretty ones ^_^ total ladies man. And on the topic of puppies Sadhbh would kill me sooner than that. Now then to wait, lurk, and avoid sleep...

02/16/2007 8:20 PM

Lol I just hope Sadhbh wakes up soon. (checks clock, does calculations....) Alright it should be about 5 in the morning there. Damnit Sadhbh wake up! 5 is plenty of sleep. Well my last post should hold me over for a little while. I am at my dads house now so I may not be able to stay on through the night but I think I can hold off until about two three in the morning if everyone gets distracted. which means Sadhbh could come back on while i am awake!

02/16/2007 8:36 PM

The plot thickens... Literally you've done a great job with this RP and I have actually lost daydreaming time to thinking of what to do next in this, and what day dreams I have had were about this oddly. Very captivating looking forward to our next little story that we weave.

02/16/2007 8:46 PM

Thank goodness, I have been so worried that I haven't been doing a good job. I really want you guys to be entertained and to keep this going for awhile. I enjoy all of your company your alot of fun. Wow I am getting tired, I am starting to repeat myself of course this is also my peak writing time if noone pisses me off.

02/16/2007 8:49 PM

Its kinda funny you say that because I am usually drained for creativity until night then I feel alive and adventurous and want to either maraud around town or write and draw ^_^ long live the creatures of the night...

02/16/2007 8:54 PM

Aye and bless their souls, I cannot wait until I live on my own, I am going all out nocturnal. Ok I lie, but I will definetly have the ability to be nocturnal as soon as I get my dorm. So ok now it is like what 6 in the morning there. Sheesh, thats a good time to wake up right? nah i'm just busting her, I don't wake up till 10. I am cautious to go to much further into this without Rath and Nanuk. Before when it was just Kylee and you it was fine but now that we have three people in one place its slightly different. Plus I want to see how Sadhbh interacts with you. I enjoy watching werewolves, they make me happy. :-D

02/16/2007 9:00 PM

Stop staring at my tail! I know its cute and all but!

I can understand what you mean it should get interesting with the three of us though especially as I am the outsider...

02/16/2007 9:28 PM

Mmk so I just edited the entire first page for grammar and such. I have clumsy hands when I type. My fingers, they love to trip over eachother, I am slightly dislexic too, but only when I type. Ah my back hurts from sitting on this stool. Nanuk isn't here Rath is asleep. Thats it you and I we are taking a plane ride to Ireland, shaking Sadhbh from her bed (hoping of course that she doesn't kill us) then flying over to Rath, wherever he is from and doing the same, except we will have Sadhbh with us so he will be forced to comply. Ah crap I am off by an hour. Now it is 5:30 in Dublin just looked up a world clock. (Sniff) might be waiting quite some time then.... yep just waiting here...

And dang this site is detailed, sun rises there at 7:40, there day is 4 minutes and 38 seconds longer today then it was yesterday, sun will set at approximatley 5:38 p.m. I wonder if there is a weather report to. Let me guess rainy.

[Edited by Verbalscrapper on Friday, February 16, 2007 9:32 PM]

[Edited by Verbalscrapper on Friday, February 16, 2007 9:36 PM]

02/16/2007 9:35 PM

Well Rath first would be easier asI think he is in the U.S. and as for Nanuk she's a teacher making her even scarier. Yes we may die but its a risk we must take in order to RP! Onward to the airports!

Edit: I am currently maintaining a full blown sugar rush ^_^ wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

[Edited by Leo on Friday, February 16, 2007 9:59 PM]

02/16/2007 10:02 PM

Yes this does make it slightly more riskeh. You know for until she told me se was a teacher I was thouroughly convinced she was a college student.
Oo Rath is on that means we don't have to gag and bind him, now with three of us we can surrond her house and bait her out with... hmm what do teachers like, what do Irish like. I have got it, Apple Cider! Then we will have to ... i don't know whats next actually. Oh crap she can read this. (quickly hides under blankets.)

02/16/2007 10:10 PM

*Is busy reading A Taste for Blood* What now? Oh right, well I could just run in make alot of noise and hope you two can supress her before she kills me. Sound good? If not I'm at a loss for Ideas.

Also looking forward to rath's post ^_^ new stuff to read and weave my tale around.

Edit: Almost forgot *offers box of chocolates* good for keeping yourself awake

[Edited by Leo on Friday, February 16, 2007 10:11 PM]

02/16/2007 10:13 PM

Really you got the book? Cause if so I am very excited. I love that book I have read it oh maybe three times so far. As for the plan yes we shall send you out as bait. we shall push you out and then.
(Shoves Leo out of the bush and watch as he is being chased by a very angry Sadhbh. Sits back kicks feet up and slurps down a warm glass of tea. "Now this is entertainment.")

02/16/2007 10:18 PM

*Jumps right over VS* caution Leo crossing ^_^

Edit: Nevermind I was kinda tricked you see... but anyway I will get the book soon very soon *looks for money*

[Edited by Leo on Friday, February 16, 2007 10:22 PM]

02/16/2007 10:25 PM

Oh shit! Falls over lawn chair as a giant wolf knocks her to the ground. "Yea real funny leo."

Wow the entirety of the book. Nifty. You must tell me how you like it when you're done. It is a very tagic end. Sigh but aren't all vampire tales. i won't say anything though. Oh by the way if you happen to cross something about mirrors do tell because I believe there was actually something that said vampires have refections, I would look myself except that I left my book at my mother's house. (cries) ok 6:30 in Ireland. Getting annoyed of my keeping time yet? She has a half hour and then I am going in silver bullets a blazin'

02/16/2007 10:28 PM

Eeep As I edited in the last post I was tricked... some 5000 plus words of nonsence about vampires and a bit about a psychic hotline filled the middle do my dismay after reading the first three chapters. Well anyway I will get the true book soon just need to find my money.

And could I ask a favor? Keep the silver away faaaar away...

02/16/2007 10:32 PM

*Aims gun away from Leo*

Right then. *stretches.* I am all pumped and ready to write and alas I cannot. I suppose I could put in another scene description or edit the last one I posted or something. Wow are we fanatics or what. Maybe I will take a little nap, just for a little (yawn drropy eyes) while. ZzZzZ

02/16/2007 10:35 PM

*kicks dirt at* wake up! this is uhh the only time that only we three have been on we must be productive! or something! drink some sugar!

*presses refresh button like a psycho*

[Edited by Leo on Friday, February 16, 2007 10:37 PM]

02/16/2007 10:37 PM

Well well. While you two have frittered your time away I have been busy posting. Check it out.

02/16/2007 10:40 PM

Hazah Rath posted!!! I liked it too. My my don't we have a happy party. Now if Nanuk would be so kind as to post I would be willing to get this show on the road. Apparently I am awake now. *spits dirt out of mouth* but the ground was really soft.... *Puts cap over face to prevent further dirt damage.*

02/16/2007 10:42 PM

Well I started a bit of a post then realised it was only filler so I will wait for Nanuk to get on in the mean time I shall lurk wait and try to get my few msnish contacts to participate in a mini RP to bide my time

02/16/2007 11:00 PM

Damn the suspense....I cant wait that long for this little plot to unfold...

02/16/2007 11:03 PM

I understand *shovels more nearly pure sugar into his mouth* Sigh she should wake up any time now...

02/16/2007 11:06 PM

Well my good creatures of the night I must relinquish my grasp on the computer. Nanuk will have posted by the time i get back because I won't be getting the computer back until 3:00 her time. !0:00 my time. See you all then!

02/16/2007 11:19 PM

Righto, see you later than.

02/16/2007 11:24 PM

Well I will probably be luking but I wont post until Nanuk gets on so if ya wanna go off for a while you can. *pulls out chair and sits*

02/17/2007 2:17 AM



It appears I have been [i]very[/i] busy in my sleep.

33 posts on the OOC?! and I haven't even read the RP thread yet!

Good lord, people!

By the way- it's foggy, not raining, so you lose

apple cider? What am I? A Teenager? (ok, I do like cider, but here it's generally considered something only teenagers drink in a field, which is a pity)

And we do not have lawn chairs in Ireland. What would be the point?

Now look- you've made me go all teachery.

I better go and post before you get online again and I have more to catch up on...

02/17/2007 7:19 AM

*feels like an idiot for not knowing this about Ireland.)

The lawn chair I brought over from myhouse so there. It is great for watching things. And foggy and rainy the difference is slim and if i hadn't said one i would have said the other.

Anyway this is a stupid argument so on to the MB to find out what I can unravel.

02/17/2007 8:06 AM

I wasn't arguing, I was informing ;)

whether of not lawn chairs are part of a culture is hardly the first question people ask about a country, lol.

go, post.

02/17/2007 8:28 AM

I think we need to regroup so Leo and Rath if you don't mind I'm going to move Niko and Valen back to the bar so we're ready to roll when you people are online again. Which'll prolly be when I'm asleep, so feel free to return the favour ;)

02/17/2007 8:42 AM

Sounds fine by me. And I am surprised they are not on, Rath is snowed in and well Leo is Leo. So nanuk you have the stearing wheel right now. I am just worried that this had slowed down or maybe it is just me. I will try to throw something in to make it more exciting after nanuk is done.

02/17/2007 8:51 AM

man you're a hard taskmaster!

02/17/2007 8:52 AM

and I see Leo's on so I needed have puppeted Niko, darn it.
I played nice with him ;)

02/17/2007 8:54 AM

I demand perfection! Yea no thats a lie, I am hardly a perfectionist. Hard task master were all like 17, 18? We live for this, hardly a task if you ask me. Well cept' for you but you play like your 17,18 so as far as I am concerned you're one of the pups! I mean that with no mal intention. Anyway in about a half hour I am going to be on and off. But i will be around all day until tonight I am going to the movies then I will be back.

02/17/2007 8:56 AM

sod you, now I'm going to have to find something else to do ;)

02/17/2007 8:59 AM

*Yawns* Damn I missed stuff. *Stretches* Ok back to posting after my two hours of sleep ^_^

02/17/2007 9:12 AM

No I pissed off the big wolf again! *hides behind a sleepy Leo* *sniff* We love you Nanuk.

Hah you said Sod I love it! that is by far my favorite word. Too bad noone uses it over here... Well cept' for my friends and I cause we are UK wanna be's. Yes we are posers we know.

Well I am glad to have the gang all back online now if we could get Rath we would be all set.

02/17/2007 9:16 AM

*Blinks sleepilly* Eh? I say try going around saying toque to a few people in the states that will get you some funny looks. But fine is fine I posted and will continues to do so till A I pass out B I cant post any more thus I will sleep for two hours and try again and C I will find more sugar

02/17/2007 9:21 AM

get that sugar down you quickly, I've no idea what you just said.

I have to get dressed. This is disgraceful. I can be thinking about my post while I do so.

02/17/2007 9:24 AM

Toque I see is only known in Canada heh ^_^ uhh I should have a picture of one somewhere...

Toque: http://store.bioware.com/products/bioware/images/product_bioware_toque_680x530.jpg

Now that thats done... *eats sugar*

02/17/2007 9:26 AM

Yes what is toque and try pixie sticks, they really do help. Me I am a coffee junkie. Sugar is way to sweet for me. Ah maybe this is why the U.S is going down hill look at our youth.

Anyway, well at least three out of four of us are here. I assume Zanen is no longer RPing so I may use his character. Still procrastinating going to shovel snow. Well ok *grabs shhovel with absolutness* I am off. *Sits back on stool.* You can't tell but I am moving.

Oh a Toque, we call that a Beanie. I don't know why really we just do. My brother wears those, they are very popular with the punks.

[Edited by Verbalscrapper on Saturday, February 17, 2007 9:31 AM]

02/17/2007 9:30 AM

Heh I dont use pixie sticks after the incident where some one decided they were a coke (drug) replacement *shivers* dont shovel the snow and if you do put it in the road! prolong the snow! Now all I need to do is wait for Nanuk so that I have more insparation for my next post as I feel filler ish at the moment...

02/17/2007 9:33 AM

Yes nanuk does seem to be our glue. Good for inspiration she is.

02/17/2007 9:35 AM

Yes I also dont want to do anything that may ruin some ones ideas before they get them down ^_^ Now if only I could get the people I know to be this dedicated it would be great... SUGAR! *eats more sugar*

02/17/2007 9:35 AM

oh, a toque.
we call them 'hats'.
outlandish, I know.

I want a bioware hat.
Then I can pretend I work for them and go shout at them for KOTOR II. Grr.

I'm dressed now, everly so as the heating's finally working again, so before I start sweating I'll go post.

Might get a cup of tea first. Coffee is the devil's sweat.

02/17/2007 9:39 AM

I want a bioware hat.
Then I can pretend I work for them and go shout at them for KOTOR II. Grr.

Yep that would be good very good.

Might get a cup of tea first. Coffee is the devil's sweat.

Yay some one who agrees with me about coffe being bad!

not sure how this got to the bottem

oh, a toque.
we call them 'hats'.
outlandish, I know.

Not really every country is different thats waht makes them so great.

02/17/2007 9:41 AM

Lol you are soo... Irish. Alright well, beanies, hats, toques, I think I like Toque the best. Alright new slang! Shakes snow from body. I am a icicle. *Achoo! Sniff. Hits refresh goes back out into snow.*

02/17/2007 9:43 AM

*Wishes for snow to come here* then I could irk the local people (not from this area) and roll around in the snow in shorts and maybe a shirt ^_^ that would be perfect.

*goes back to hitting refresh like a madman*

02/17/2007 10:06 AM

by the time I'd gotten that last OOC posted you two had each OOCly posted again!
You're too quick for an oldie like me?

Irish how?
(have you seen the Father Ted? It's a great comedy about priests, and as Irish as they come)

Trying to dredge up some more slang for you..
oh I know, one I hate; shift. Verb, to kiss, as in to shift someone. "I shifted my bestfriend's bloke last night. It was great." (note: I do not condone this sort of thing)

my most recent RP post was cruddy I know but my brain's still a little foggy.

02/17/2007 10:10 AM

"I shifted my bestfriend's bloke last night. It was great."

If I happened to say that I'd get more funny looks than I already do ^_^ but its an idea for the future *plots* Hopefully learning this slang will remove the image board stuff that has been forced into my head.

02/17/2007 10:21 AM

well, you see, you're not limited- you can say "I shifted my bestfriend's girl", or brother, sister, uncle, mother, dog, or simply bestfriend. It's very versatile.

Although 'meet' is also coming back in fashion, when I, in my innocence, heard students talking about meeting someone the previous night I thought they actually meant they met them. Oh no, I was enlightened.

What else... 'skanger', the Irish equivalent of 'chav', someone who wears tracksuits with gold jewellery, usually accompanied by a labelled baseball cap, is a rough troublemakery sort and general ne'er do well. "He's such a skanger", "did you see that skanger with the mod'ed ford fiesta? What a lamer."

guess we have to wait for our illustrious leader to get back

*twiddles thumbs*

02/17/2007 10:36 AM

I see good to know well until our great leader gets back I shall watch an anime named after a cleaning product...

02/17/2007 10:40 AM

mr muscle?

I'm dr who-ing it up still.
And refreshing refreshing..

02/17/2007 10:48 AM

Your illustrious leader has returned! It's really hot out to be snowy. i love it. *compiles a large list of slang and giggles* I am gonna knock my friends socks off! alrighty to the posts what did i miss?

02/17/2007 10:49 AM

a defection, not much else.

02/17/2007 10:51 AM

mr muscle?

No its simply called Bleach alas I have nothing better to do but watch anime

I'm dr who-ing it up still.
And refreshing refreshing..

Dr. Who is a great show I wish I could watch more of it but I avoid T.V. Like the plague

And yes Zanen left but otherwise nothing has really happened that I know of

kekekek cant spell

[Edited by Leo on Saturday, February 17, 2007 10:52 AM]

02/17/2007 11:04 AM

Anime is tv.

More interesting than most tv, granted. I'm watching it online from tv-links.com because I missed a good bit of the Chris Eccleston series. Means I can refresh at the same time, lol.

Still waiting for a post though, illustrious leader...

02/17/2007 11:09 AM

Anime is tv.

I watch it on the computer only with subtitles. That is why I dont consider it TV

*goes and watches the episode that for some reason has to do with vampires*

02/17/2007 11:20 AM

Well then I'm not watching tv either. Except I will be shortly as there's a new programme on I want to see. Looks Dr Who-ish/X Filesy. We'll see.

02/17/2007 11:36 AM

*watches anime while waiting for and opening to post*

02/17/2007 11:41 AM

Sorry it is taking me so long to post but I just got a kick ass plot twist and I was soexcited I had to think it through while in the middle of the post but I think it will be fun. The only probem is I have no idea how to get you guys in there and keep you alive. Lets see checks game time... I think it is about maybe 2:00 in the morning, the vampires are severly injured so it is up to our werewolves to save the night.... what can I throw at you to give you a clue to my evil plan...?

02/17/2007 11:44 AM

Anything but squeeky toys! anything but squeeky toys! But yeah looking forward to it

02/17/2007 11:51 AM

*throws squeaky toy and laughs evily* Go fetch boy. *litte does he know thzt it will explode as soon as he bites down.* Oh crap i just told you

02/17/2007 11:56 AM

*pokes it with a ten foot long stick* Well that was nice of you. ^_^

02/17/2007 11:58 AM

well I can take whatever you can throw at me because I've just faced the horror of realising I've somehow gotten doughnut jam in my beautiful, freshly washed hair!
Don't even know how because it's right at the bottom, well away from my mouth. Grr!

02/17/2007 12:04 PM

Shit cotinuity error and I can't fix it for another 20 minutes. Um alright see what you can do and reread my last post I edited it before I saw nanuks post so it makes things a little difficult. Heres what happened, Before nanuk walked in the innkeeper was slain. I aam going to assume that Leo followed Nanuk up so you both came up after the bartender was slain. If that doesn't work I will edit the post again and make it fit.

02/17/2007 12:07 PM

Well... how can I do this... well its looking like no one is going to know my name for a while if this is how it works out...

02/17/2007 12:08 PM

how about he wasn't killed in the taproom?
Down in the basement getting food or upstairs with the girls?

(and 'tasty'? cheeky bugger!)

02/17/2007 12:11 PM

ok, i just actually read your edit so it does look a little difficult.

02/17/2007 12:16 PM

We will find away some how ish I just need to figure out how to edit my post so that this makes sence

(and 'tasty'? cheeky bugger!)

What? he eats people! And you happen to look good to him!

02/17/2007 12:19 PM

it's cannibalism!

...and just a bit saucy

02/17/2007 12:20 PM

Yes I know, but thats what makes him unique he portrays people as potential meals unless they disgust him.

Edit: Edited my post

[Edited by Leo on Saturday, February 17, 2007 12:22 PM]

02/17/2007 12:24 PM

yeah yeah, you just have unnatural urges and you know it ;)

I'm reluctant to post in case Meg does while I'm doing it, so I'll hang on for a bit. Have to go out in about half an hour though so probably won't be able to post for the remainder of the night.. probably...

02/17/2007 12:24 PM

Yea but last post i saw you only eat the cute ones. Alright you guys keep your posts don't edit them, I will take care of this. You guys are still having a romantic conversation by the fire, there is a bowl of stew for you mister , i will not have you eating my barmaids, and um well read my edit wwhen it is done, i can fix this.

Alright it is edited, so this works out just fine now, Leo just needs to go back to his original post and it will be all set. now since you are werewovles you can track this guys scent, he is not trying to disguise it in anyway. For Nanuk, it does not smell like Old Parkers people, nor does it smell like the people who ambushed you this is yet a third link in a deadly chain.

[Edited by Verbalscrapper on Saturday, February 17, 2007 12:33 PM]

02/17/2007 12:36 PM

Aw poop, more mystery!

So I'm heading out shortly, so whichever of you wants to control Sadhbh work away. If you don't want to do it directly just assume she's tagging along, belly rumbling

02/17/2007 12:38 PM

ooh look- Rath's on too so it'll be a big 20-minute part before I leave, lol.

02/17/2007 12:38 PM

beh post edited...back. I have prooven that I am not aloud to control other peoples characters so its up to you great illustrious leader

02/17/2007 12:41 PM

ok, so quickly because you know how slowly i write- Meg do you want to have Mydria up in the bar or will we just react?

02/17/2007 12:46 PM

React, react, this is up to you my friends, mydria won't be up till tomorrow night, kylees gone valen is down. Werewolves unite! Awoooo!

02/17/2007 1:00 PM

sigh. okay, child.

okay, I'm done. Lame as lame could be but I am ridiculously tired today, think I'm coming down with something.

I am off for the evening- if, [i]if[/i] I am back on tonight it won't be for another 3, 4 hrs minimum, so work away, do what you will, give me something to come back to.

ciao bambinos!

02/17/2007 1:05 PM

I am off too, I really need to think this plot through, find away to get Valens back into this. So I will be back later today, and I refuse to use any character more than necessary. So I will see y'all later tonight, and we when I come back expect a very long infomative post filled with intrigue and danger.

02/17/2007 2:48 PM

I'm just lurking about waiting for a good place to come in as there isn't more than four lines that i can write with my current info

02/17/2007 2:50 PM

Jesus.....I fall asleep for a few hours and come back to find a mountain of posts. None of them really relivent. We have nine pages of OOC.....I see now that I can't leave you all alone together for fear that I will come back to find 15 more pages.

02/17/2007 2:51 PM

I promise we will stop after 100 or so ^_^

Yeah I need to either think of something to do or I have to wait for a while

02/17/2007 4:10 PM

Alright I think that gigantic post should hold you all off for awhile. I feel it is pretty significant. Have fun with it.

02/17/2007 8:25 PM

*drowns in the words* Good good now all I have to do is think of what to do and maybe find a way to start increasing my posts in size...

02/18/2007 6:21 AM

I had rotten writer's block so I apologise for the pedestrian quality of my last post.

02/18/2007 10:11 AM

Lep and Rath I apologize greatly but I did not send you an e-mail as to what you were following. (hides head in shame) and my internet went out for awhile so i couldn't ump back on in time to tell you that. I have failed you. So I will send you a post now as to what you will find and allow the plot to get even more exciting....

BTW after I send you the information you don't need to delete your posts or anything, it worked out quite well actually. You realized that it stopped at a building, I specified the building in the e-mail. Valen, my valiant Valen how can I make things more difficult for us?

[Edited by Verbalscrapper on Sunday, February 18, 2007 10:23 AM]

02/18/2007 12:19 PM

Sorry I wasn't on earlier I actually slept in for once. The lack of information wasn't bad though makes me have to be creative. ^_^

02/18/2007 12:58 PM

I'm lurking, waiting for my illustrious leader to spring the surprise of who I was following before I post... ;)

02/18/2007 1:48 PM

I am at a loss as to what we would do without out great leader ^_^ I think? Anyway thats fine as I usually spend most of my time lurking *goes back to bowl of ramen*

02/18/2007 2:10 PM

Wish I had some noodles. Instead I'm making out notes on moles and stoichiometry for students. Lazy students.

Don't know what chinese takeaways are like in Canada but over here they're pretty crummy, all MSG and gunky sauces. I ordered what was called 'japanese noodles' last week, and while it did have soy I can't say what else was japanese about them. Also there were bits of shrimp, beef, chicken and lamb in it which, as a veggie, I found quite unappetising, lol.

02/18/2007 2:14 PM

Don't know what chinese takeaways are like in Canada but over here they're pretty crummy, all MSG and gunky sauces. I ordered what was called 'japanese noodles' last week, and while it did have soy I can't say what else was japanese about them. Also there were bits of shrimp, beef, chicken and lamb in it which, as a veggie, I found quite unappetising, lol.

I don't usually trust retaraunts so I have to unfortunately buy the packaged stuff -_- but other wise If i got bad food thats when I show up with a knife and a fork and my favourite barbeque sauce. ;)

02/18/2007 2:46 PM


I don't usually trust retaraunts

me either- do you know how hard it is to get food that doesn't have meat in some way or form in it? Or hasn't been cooked with meat? I don't eat an awful lot of fast food- evil, soulless corporations- but even if I would I couldn't- McDonald's don't do a veggie burger any more, Burger King changed the bean burger recipe so it's horrid, and Supermacs (an Irish fast food chain, you have to try it if you're ever here, hilarious concept, and the staff are on average 30 yrs older than in any other fast food place), cook their veggie burger in the meat fryer. Logical? Hardly.


C'mon Scrapper! I need distracting from empirical formulae!

02/18/2007 2:59 PM

Ah moles!! Stoichiometry!! Empirical formulas!! (Hides under covers and shakes) I hate chemistry, hate science. No offense Nanuk. ok so rolls out of covers. What was posted?

Alright you guys seem alittle lost. Regroup at tavern ok check. So everyones here. Will post and then lets see if we can sort out the tangle I have created.

[Edited by Verbalscrapper on Sunday, February 18, 2007 3:03 PM]

02/18/2007 3:03 PM

What was posted?

Me I was posted I think? *cowers behind his minions of SH*

02/18/2007 3:03 PM

I'm a biologist so chemistry is not my favourite either. Loved it in school, not so much all the organic stuff in college.
Biology is far more interesting and less damaging for your eyesight.

Go read the posts, you lazy so and so.

Also the brief email I sent you explaining what I did

02/18/2007 3:17 PM


Alright I think I can fix this problem. Nanuk I completly messed up who you were tracking and just figured it out now. I am an idiot. Alright so here we go I am going to post now might take me a couple seconds.

mmk so now if you so decide to go into the fray I am going to send you an e-mail thouroughly describing what it is you are going to explore. Rath I will send you an e-mail concerning my plan as to how we trick Queen Alyssa. or I will explain in a post... well to the e-mails.

*turns on flogging molly for inspiration.*

[Edited by Verbalscrapper on Sunday, February 18, 2007 3:34 PM]

02/18/2007 3:47 PM

hurry up, I have to go to bed. I'm exhausted- or shattered as we say.

oh I never gave you your slang for the day... lemme see... mental block... ah:

gombeen (I've spelled it phonetically), idiot, as in "You burnt the house down? God but you're a terrible gombeen"

02/18/2007 4:18 PM

Ok, that's me for the night.
On midterm now so should be able to stay up a little later at least a few days this wk- though I'm woken early by frenzied howling and having to get up to clean up pee. If only they made nappies for puppies with too-small bladders.

I know that last post didn't do much, so if Scrapper wants to take over Sadhbh while Mydria's waiting for Rath and Valen, or if Leo wants to do it- or just have her tagging along quietly, feel free.
I'll check in tomorrow and hopefully find a wealth to respond to.


02/18/2007 4:23 PM

The bombs are done ish ^_^

I might get this done and over with but first I need to know what our illustrious leader has to say.

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