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02/05/2007 5:27 AM

Please join. If you have any questions please ask me and if anything goes wrong lets discuss it here or if you have suggestion.

03/02/2007 12:43 PM

My character...

NAME: Achshaph. Also, the Gift-Giver, the Angel of Deceit, the Knight of the Bloody Rose, Gideon Wormwood.
AGE: Older than shadow, older than lies.
SPECIES: Fallen Angel.
HISTORY: A disciple of Lucifer from the First Rebellion, the creature that sometimes calls itself Gideon Wormwood is a master of deceit who delights in giving gifts which turn out to be curses. He was given his name, which means 'wormwood', six thousand years ago, and has kept the name, on and off, throughout his dealings with the world of men. These days, the name Gideon Wormwood is known to many as one half of Wormwood and Roke, solicitors, a high-class law firm in London. He travels the world in luxury, and takes joy in watching men and women ape his master, the Father of Lies, as they weave their petty webs of deceit and self-love.
APPEARANCE: Gideon Wormwood is a tall gentleman, thin-faced, with impeccably neat hair greying slightly at the temples, combed into a widow's peak. His face is unlined, and his beard is trimmed so precisely you might think he had clipped every hair. He tends to wear expensive clothes - Armani shoes, Paul Smith suit, Rolex watch - and a gold crucifix hangs always around his neck. His eyes, behind the lenses of his Gucci glasses, are usually a dull, indefinable colour - perhaps grey, or blue, or possibly green - but from time to time they blaze with sudden, silver-white fire.
His accent is not English as such, but there is some faint, hard-to-place note in his voice and manner of speaking that suggests Europe, possibly Germany.

03/02/2007 2:15 PM

Uh....this thing is kind of dead..... sorry bout that.

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