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02/04/2007 5:47 PM

The thread will take place after a viral attack. 1 day In the virus the infected people get a bad case of R.A.G.E. Wich makes the persons mind think nothing but "KILL". day 2 They loose there sences and then aventually dont use nothing but there teeth to attack like animals. People are believing them as zombies and aventaully thats what people call it being as it is very contagious when it gets in your blood by bite,scratch,or getting victims blood in eye. People in the town have been using weapons to protect themselves. After that they decay but remain alive by the virus unless the brain is destroyed our the body is burned. There is a team that goes in to rescue people but it goes compleley bad. THE EVENT is 1 day before a humungace outbreak. You can be a Mercinary/Soilder or a citizen. The City is like Racoon City in Resident Evil games and will be reffered to as Racoon City. Unless somone would like to share there ideas.

Name: Rand S
Age: 27
Height: 6'1"
Job: Police Officer ( Rookie)
Story: Rand was hearing about the virus going around. Rand took note and went to the doctor for a shot that would amune you from the virus just after 1 shot. He then got a call from his parents. They wanted to visit him but he told them so stay put. A good move. He is currently parked by the Grave Yard waiting for speeers to go by.
Weapon: Glock 17 ( 4 clips) , Back Seat Auto Shotgun (7shells in gun no extra)

02/06/2007 5:07 PM

OK, just two ideas:
1: Either make it a Resident Evil RP or avoid using Resident Evil references such as town names or people.

2: Run your posts through a spell checker for accuracy.

02/06/2007 5:39 PM

This looks a little shaky but if Rei is down so am I

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02/06/2007 5:45 PM

I'm actually not interested, I simply made some suggestions to him...

02/06/2007 6:56 PM

LOL, I wasn't sure myself. I've been tryin to find an active zombie roleplay

02/07/2007 4:58 PM

i love the idea's and the whole zombie like thing, it's cool.
if i can join i will use
this guy

name: king (he took a blow to the head and forgot who is, will be unlocked later on in story)
height: 5'9"
job: n/a
story: is a homeless kid with a very smart and cunning mind, steals amunity shots for himself and the 'zombies' to use as antivirus (doesn't work but is worth a shot as far as he cares, seperated from parents at age 6 has grown up fighting to stay alive. is called king because his a master theif among homeless kids. more will be unlocked as the story progresses.
weapon(s): twin daggers, 10 virus shots, and a battery powered nail gun.
clothes: rags

hope ya like him

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02/08/2007 5:13 PM

Very interesting

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