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12/15/2006 8:12 AM

Plain and simple, this is one huge grudge match based entirely on trying to build and refine combat writing skills set in a High Fantasy world akin to Lord of the Rings or Earthsea. Armies are of a undetermined size (say roughly ten thousand soldiers a side) and the technology of your army is restricted to Middle Renaissance weapons, use of gun powder, magic and mythical beasts is allowed. You can have any race or culture you can think of or even have a mixture of races in one army, the sky is the limit.

Simply posts some details about your army and chosen character and we can get going, guidelines for both are below:

Army. This information can be used to help other players guess as to how their foes should behave and react to certain situations.

Technology (what level of technology does your army have?)
Speciality (what does your army excel at? Are they crack shots with a bow? Good with horses? Masters of the sword? etc You must have at least one. If none exists, simply write "Balanced")
Weaknesses (Likewise, what are they lacking in? You must have at least one)
Personality (what is the army like? Honourable? Merciless? Organised? Compassionate?)

Character. Same as with any other RP but a bit simpler.

Type (Archer, surgeon, rider etc)
Weapon and Armour

12/15/2006 8:27 AM

Your army/character information could look similar to this.


Race/Culture: Human (Medieval English)
Technology: One Hundred Years war (no gunpowder). The force composes mostly of knights, conscripted archers and infantry, several ballista and a wizard.
Speciality: Good healers and cavalry.
Weaknesses: Poor infantry and magic.
Personality: Honourable yet merciless, which is rather ironic for a culture with good healing prowess. They dislike the use of gunpowder, seeing it as a cowardly choice of weapon.


Name: John of Hillside
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Type: Knight
Weapons and armour: Sword, lance, shield and plate armour. John also has a horse that is kitted out in full horse armour and barding. John's heraldry is a green dragon rampant upon a yellow field and he has a sprig of holly on his helmet.
Personality: A typical knight of his realm, John has a good sense of right and wrong, chivalry and knightly conduct. He has a seething dislike for elves, orcs/goblins and dragons and will fight them upon sight. John also has the habit of killing anyone who surrenders so as not to burdern himself with prisoners and slaves.

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