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12/05/2006 11:02 AM

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12/28/2006 7:42 PM

Nathan. . . Joseph. . oh yeah, this feels like Middle-earth, already.

Just an idea here, you may want to work on the feel and style of Middle-earth a bit more closely, otherwise you're just fantasy RPing, not Middle-earth RPing. I would love to join a Middle-earth RP. Always enjoyed the setting. But this one definitely needs a lot of work, man.

02/26/2007 11:42 AM

How might i approach that, any suggestions as to what i could change?

02/26/2007 6:51 PM

Outlining some kind of plot in the first post of this (OOC) portion of the thread would be a good start. Work on what you want the RP to be -about-. You can do a lot of things with Middle-earth, but making it a generic 'we're in Middle-earth, start adventuring' kind of thing just doesn't work. RPs are not about YOUR character, they're about all characters. As the thread starter, and therefore the Narrator, it is your job to get the characters together and help them move through the RP. Saying the plot is 'my character is going to Helm's Deep' doesn't help anyone else decide what they're supposed to be doing. There's no cohesiveness to it. This should be about all the characters, not just yours.

And before anything else, remove this: "Preferably, characters need to be LOTR related"

No. If it's a Middle-earth, RP, characters absolutely MUST be Middle-earth characters. Drizzt and Conan should have absolutely no possibility of being in such an RP. If it isn't a Middle-earth style character, it should not exist in an RP claiming to be based in Middle-earth.

Next up, character names should be something you would expect to read in one of Tolkien's books. Tolkien didn't name his characters Nathan and Kyle. He named them Aragorn, Frodo, Halbarad, Fingolfin, and Feanor. See the difference?

After that, work on tone and feel. Middle-earth was wondrous, in the vein of the great men of legends. Read the stories and try to identify how various things affected the characters. Take your opening post for instance; your character is hearing a fell voice carried on the wind, dark and forboding and full of malice. It's not just 'yelling in Elvish.' Tolkien's world is one of mystic proportions, where even the untrained ear would recognize that fact. Yet your character simply shrugs it off.

Of course, due to the geography of it, and the magic involved, your character shouldn't be hearing it at all.

Take the post after yours as another example: Elves don't use saddles when they ride horses. They don't need to, nor do they like to. Secondly, the Elves were not at Helm's Deep, and even if you use the movies instead of the book as reference, no Elf would be 'excited' about such an endevour - as it was a suicidal mission in the first place. It would be a grave responsibility, not a happy little adventure. And he'd be travelling with a large contingent of other Elves, which are not mentioned at all in his post. Besides the fact that nothing in that post has any feeling of Middle-earth.

Then there's your next post. . which I didn't even bother to read because it's an eyesore. Paragraphs. Use paragraphs. And while we're on the subject of grammar, almost every sentence in your first post started with 'He.' That's terrible writing. You should work on that.

There's so much more I'm sure I could mention here, if I could be bothered to read further in your thread. But honestly, it's depressingly bad RPing all over. It needs a lot of work and clean-up to make it a Middle-earth RP, and even more to make it a -good- Middle-earth RP.

02/28/2007 7:49 AM

Alright thanks, i am used to RP chats, this is the first Forum i've ever done, so i know i need a lot of practice, but overall i think i can handle it. Thanks for the tips.

03/10/2007 4:30 PM

hay i had no idea this portion of the site existed. but thats my fault i guess i dont spend the time to read directions sorry

03/16/2007 6:53 AM

its ok. hey try not to bring real world countries and stuff into the mix, its supposed to be middle earth, so change france to like a fortress built into the misty mountains or something. cuz then i don't have to worry about some senate guy comeing and telling me that my rp sux cuz of that, try it, look at a map of middle earth and pick somewhere that's never really used, l somewhere in the north or something. k?

03/24/2007 3:33 PM

ill change it but wont like it and if some senate gut comes knocking at your door saying your

rp sux cuz of that

they can come to me and bI*** to me

03/24/2007 5:40 PM

they can come to me and bI*** to me

Okay dokie: The OP started a Middle-earth RP. That means you're RPing in Middle-earth. Plain and simple. If you want to play in France, start an RP set in the real world (or ask the OP to have his RP transferred into the General Roleplay section).

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