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11/30/2006 3:03 PM

Setting- On an unnamed planet in an unknown galexy. The planet is covered in Thick forests and towering mountains. The planet was like the Garden of Eden. Though one thing was different, The plants were all Carnivors and the fruits that the plants grew were very toxic. It was kill or be killed, hunt or be hunted. The planet was divided into four major territories. The Four Rings (Just like a Clan basicly) are the Sun, Earth, Moon, and Night. They all had different ways and many wars between who would become the ruler of them all. The branches of the ring were: One-the name of the strongest member almost like the king. Two- second in command or in many cases the female. This is because on the planet there are not alot of females so One-they are usually two so they can be protected and Two-They get to pick who they want to marry and usually its the One. Finally the Three. He is the trusty servant to the One and usualy acts like the general in some case.

Your role in the story is, you are a new member to whatever clan you want, and you must gain the control of all four Clans. Please Use the following:

Job: (There is no such thing as magic in this world so no mages or what ever)
Ring: (you can also put none and become a member of the Wild, where you belong to no one.

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