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11/24/2006 7:29 PM

}|{~} Story{~}|{

A tale of the Queen that had walked this Earth, day and night, feeding along side her kind, was long forgotten and barely murmured around the living&or the dead. Besides it was a myth, a legend something that a writer would imagine it his or her little 'crazy' world , if that is what you might call it. Who's mind was filled with paranormal things at times or too far fetched ideas to have a tiny part of realism .
Well just for you curiosity, take a look at this little old tale&.

Egypt. Think, six thousand years ago. From books, to myths, to legends, you surely know how the land vaguely looked like along with its traditions, am I right? Well, if not, then there were pharaohs and curses and tombs, pyramids and Gods& worshiped and feared. Yes, all of that was part of history. But was something left out? Something so deadly that it might devastate the very foundation of human history?
Queen Akasha. Mother of all those who are damned. She could not reject the gift that was given to her. To maintain eternal beauty, being the all powerful and living forever, no one would resist that. He and her king almost drank this earth dry of blood. Why not? They were superior, faster, smarter and stronger then any other ordinary human. They were Gods, but hated ones they were.
As time went by Akasha's King lost his will to drink, and without a mate besides her she also lost hers. They became living statues. Never to be seen again unless awaken by a sudden disturbance. But the unlikely would happen, after all who would want to wake evil and bring death to the world?

Well let us get away from all the myth and the tales and the lies, as some might say, and dive into the present. The world, ruling itself, chaos lurking in the dark corners in some parts of the world. But music had taken a little control and advanced it self. Our story, for the beginning at least, takes part in upstate New York. There few students, attending a high school are the best friends that one would find, or a clique some might say, a rock metal band. But what will happen when they decide to get out of their ordinary lives and travel, maybe to some other countries for a break from school. Performing miniature concerts at the school, the students love them. What else could they possibly desire?
A week away from all the studying wouldn't harm them,...... right? So during the start of this uneventful exploration, as Alex, Shane, Sara, and Jade would think, will there trust, friendship be tested, perhaps secrets revealed and lives would be taken?

Well lets find out &?

Summary : All four teens are in a small band. They perform once a month at school which raises money for what ever purpose. The music is ... punk but not all the songs. Or rock.... depends.
Anyways after the Christmas brake they are planning on going somewhere. They are most likely are going on a expedition or Egypt or Transylvania where some humans (Mafia) want to get their hands on Pandora's box, for they belive that it will spill the most presuous secrets of the world. Alex is finding this out, and knows he has to protect the Pandora's box because that is where 'Evil' is sleeping. Little do any of the teens know that the Pandora's box has been with them for quite a while now, in the form of their friend Sara Parker, and the magnet for many malevolent beings, Shane Parker. Unbeknownst to even the girl herself and her older brother, a curse was placed on their family by the vampire queen centuries and centuries ago. But without accuracy something went wrong, and part of the queen's soul was placed within the curse, and with it, much of her evil power. Not too long after this, the queen and her husband had lost their will to drink, and had gone into their slumber. Now, finally, as the teens near Egypt, the vampire queen stirs, feeling the power that she feels is rightfully hers nearing her resting place once more. The teens will discover more about themselves and each other in that time then they'd learn in a lifetime, and whether love or betrayal will prevail, and whether or not the teens can make it from the vampire queens grasp as she tired to get a hold of her, still, loyal minions, rests solely now on their trust for each other. here is the true test of love and friendship.



}|{~} Setting{~}|{

The start of the story :
Country: U.S.A.
State: New York
Exact Location: Blake Holsey High School, Up State.

Weather: Around 30 degrees F, mostly cloudy and strong winds. Although it might possibly snow later on.
Date: December 17th, 2007
Day: Friday, a day before their Christmas break. The day of their concert.
Time: 8:30 in the morning.

Later on:
Country: Egypt, Transylvania or England
Exact Location: +{ We will figure it out. }+

Weather: +{ I'll add that later}+
Date: +{ We'll see .}+

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11/24/2006 7:38 PM

For right now all you really need to describe other than that is the mechanics of how this will work... like, that all participants will be playing as your four pre-existing characters, and what their specs are so we can know who to pick and how to play them.

11/27/2006 4:53 PM

}|{~} Vampire Facts {~}|{
1. Vampires die. They are not Gods, therefore they have weaknesses, as you may know from any books or movies that you've seen. BUT I altered many rules regarding on the living of vampires so please don't just skip over this post thinking that you already know it.
2. They are able to die if they bleed to death; their vital organs are badly damaged. (Ex. The heart is ripped out or, 'course, beheaded). Garlic or anything like that doesn't really work. Well holy water burns their skin. And if enough is spilled on a vampire, the creature will die.
3. Vampires learned to coexist with humans. The humans don't know about vampires but they still feed on humans.
4. They have a code of secrecy, and may not reveal themselves or the penalty most likely will be death, but of course this rule is avoided by out two blood drinkers.
5. To make a human into a vampire: First the Vampire must drink the humans blood until the last drop. While the human is still barely alive, the Vampire must let the human drink from him or her. Later, the human will go through series strong muscle spasms during which the body dies and becomes immortal from the blood of the Maker's blood.
6. Akasha has the power to burn other Vampires because she is the mother and every one of the damned has a hint of her blood.
7. I will add more facts as I grow to remember them.
8. Vampires are really sensitive. If the one that they care about or their friend dies, their sorrow is not washed away by the time.
9. Vampires are able to walk during the day but their bodies are weak and they can not be as fast and strong as they are during the night.

1: When a vampire drinks someone's blood their eyes change color, but it goes to blue or red depending on their type of victim, innocent victim being blue, sinful being red.

2: Vampires may not drink each other's blood, because that would drain the other too much and take away all benefits, while increasing the disadvantages. Sunlight would kill them then very quickly.

3: Vampires drink blood because of the nutrients that humans receive from their daily food. Babies is the best as the nutrients from the mothers are incredibly high. Also, a human that has just digested the food(Taken nutrients from it), will give a vampire an added boost.

4:Vampires have two ways to turn humans into more vampires. One is placing their own blood in a puncture wound(it doesn't matter whether or not blood has been extracted from the human).

5: Hm.... yep this is # 5 so ....

6: Vampires cannot transform or fly in any given way.

7: Sunlight will only hurt a vampire mildly after prolonged exposure. Directly stepping into it will cause some irritation after three hours, such as itching, random pains, and after five hours, burning, and death.

8: Holy water is effective against a vampire, as it is the polar opposite of their soul, of which they have none, and thus does damage, but it will only burn away the area it hits.

9: To kill a vampire, either the heart must be pierced through , merely poking it will not work, or its head must be completely severed from its torso. Also cutting of an arm, for an example will cause a vampire to die, due to the lack of blood.

11/27/2006 5:02 PM

}|{~} Rules {~}|{
1. First of all .... literacy. I think everyone is quite familiar with this word as many role play creators had used it. Therefore I will not tolerate illiteracy. If you see anyone just typing rubbish all the time then you can tell me. But if happens to all of us (which are writers blocks),I'm fine with it (just don't write one sentense). Also I do not want to read a novel ( as much as I like to do that, which is like five paragraphs, for one it takes loads of time to read and prosses it though and come up with a long respose [I really don't have tons of time for that]), but lets not write five paragraphs. First it takes some time to read it and to answer.
2. Next: NO CYBERING! Yes to kissing and just a little touching IS allowed, nevertheless remember this is erm....I don't know what PG or any thing this web is but let's keep it PG16, so come on everyone lets keep it clean and nice, and be cool. Besides I honestly don't want to read any of that. You have your own outside-computer life, so use it there! Overall, if you break this rule I WILL REPORT YOU.... and I will be very disgusted with you!
3. Another thing... be respectful. You wouldn't want someone treating you or just saying awful things to you, so lets, again, keep this nice and clean. Also, if I do not accept you into my role play, understand I have my reasons, so don't go about yelling and cursing.
4. Cursing - We are ... old enough to know it is a sigh of disrespect ( again... sorry >.>). And I know it is sometimes hard to express your character without cursing. Therefore!... you can curse, but not every other sentence or when ever your character speaks.
5. Just number 5 ...
6. Alright, people, I want this role play to last, therefore if you don't post in a couple of days without a reason, I will sent you a warning. And then if you don't respond, I'm sorry but I'll have to replace you. You know how hard it is to find a replacement, so save me the trouble of going through all of that.
7. Another thing, no ultimate power& be reasonable, everyone has weakness, even vampires. Refer to 'Vampire Facts'.
8. Yes I have pre-made characters, as you may have seen in the story, therefore for right now I don't think I'll accept any made ups, however, towards the end, I think we might need some extra characters...... but not right now.
9. One more rule, please read all the vampire facts and everything about the characters. They are vital to the story so I would be glad if you would be already aware of what was happening.
10. If you read the rules this far put 'Wicked' as the subject of you Message for the request of a pre-made.

11/27/2006 5:08 PM

Pre-made Girls Characters ::

I'm giving you some freedom on filling in the missing pices of the character's profile, we'll see how that will work out. And I will probably tell you the key points that MUST be in the Biogrophy ...

Name: Sara Parker
Age: Seventeen
Gender: Female
Band Member/ Position in Band: bass/ sings along with Jade
Vampire/Human: Human
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Potential Love interest: Alexander Trent
Played by:

Name: Jade Reeves
Age: Seventeen and a half.
Actual Age: 234
Gender: Female
Band Member/ Position in Band: Guitar/ Sings one song. ( Before I'm Dead )
Vampire/Human: Vampire
Sexuality: Heterosexual, but some people think she is bisexual.
Personality: Jade actually has a really peculiar character. One moment she can be as happy as ever but the next just plain old self, and no she is not bi polar& well maybe just a drop, but usually it comes from the ideas that rush into her head. Besides that, the teen doesn't handle stress too well and because of it she can overreact over miniature things. Frequently, a lot of details have to be perfect in her work and she might appear obsessive. On the other hand Jade is quite goofy and ridiculous at times. So, essentially, her human qualities pertained with her for all her & prolonged life.
Bio: Jade Reeves was born on October 1st, 1773 in a little town near London, England. Always a frail one, her mother had died in labour. Her father, perhaps guilty that he have been the instrument of his wife's death and turned to drinking and gambling. Now before that, they were a prestige family having quite enough money to buy luxurious things. But at this point, Jade's father would beat her savagely when in those stupors, especially when he'd have a bad night at cards, which was often. Then he would make her sleep in the coal basket. Often he had a lady with him, who would laugh a lot and make bawdy comments. It was a different one every time.
When she was eight, she remembered towering on the hard, shifting bed of dirty rocks after a particularly vicious beating, tears streaking her face, and hurting in more places than she could count. And she remembered the towering shadow of her father storming out of the door, no doubt in search of a drink or a whore, or both. He never came back. This happened when Jade was ten and he left her alone. Alone, that is, except for the enormous debts he had accrued through his gambling.
For two days she awaited his return. Jade was used to cooking and housework, so she took good care of herself. When there was a knock on the door, she opened it, expecting to see him back again. Instead, it was a moneylender, which two hard-faced bailiffs. That was when she discovered that she was in debt, too. Her father had bet her on a hand of brag. And lost.
It was illegal, of course, but there was nothing she could do. Now an orphan, Jade was sold to a workhouse for two shillings.
Seven long years it was. Day in, day out, stitching till her fingers cramped and then stitching some more. A life of endless toil, of sweat and heat and pain. But those were the most interesting years of her life, until now. Back then, she fell in love with boy, who she planned to escape with.
So one brilliant day, Jade took off on her own to make a little money, so both of them could live on it for few days at least, and that was when Jade Reeves encountered Alexander Trent. Right there and then, her life turned to death and her death turned to life. Like a new born child, Jade was curious about her new state of being, undead.
Without showing Alex any gratitude Sara escaped from her creator and wanted to get the boy that left behind. But of course she was inexperienced with holding in her hunger for blood and killed her lover. Not intentionally, the ' monster ' as Jade used to called fearsomely, had taken her lover from her.(And swearing that she would not love again for the pain that it caused her) Partly she blamed Alexander for it because of what he had made her into, but with time, she needed him. He was her friend, her lover, her brother and her father and mother. Jade Reeves could not be alone without Alex, but soon that fact was disproved as she slowly started to realize how she was yearning to be human and be with humans.
The new era came and new school, new place, new people, new control. And new love and passion for music.
Potential Love interest: Shane Parker
Played by: PolyLiquid

11/27/2006 5:09 PM

Pre-made Guy's characters::

Name: Shane Parker
Age: Eighteen
Gender: Male
Band Member/ Position in Band: drums/ might sing along with Alex few times.
Vampire/Human: Human
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Potential Love interest: Jade Reeves
Played by:

Name: Alexander (Alex) Trent
Age: Eighteen and a half
Actual Age: 356
Gender: Male
Position in Band: Lead singer (vocals)/ guitarist/ alternate
Vampire/Human: Vampire
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Potential Love interest: Sara Parker
Played by:

11/27/2006 5:10 PM

By the way, narcissuspool, thanks for helping me!

11/27/2006 5:12 PM

And...I think I'm done!

..... This will be an Extra post!

Any announcements or any other important info. that I forgot ( or any important questions that will be asked ) will be posted up here!!

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