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09/28/2006 3:34 PM

This is effectively a Star Trek Rp, this is a test to see if this will float on this board. This is hopefully going to be a rather long and in-depth RP, but we shall see how it goes. We are going to need at least 8 people for this RP. The more the better.

General Information about the RP that most will need to know:

We are on a ship called the U.S.S. Imperia. The ship is Sovereign class Federation Star Ship. It is the most advanced ship in the Federation fleet (In this time period). The major races at the time are: The Klingons(Allies to the Federation), the Romulans(Enemy), the Borg(Extreme Enemy), Vulcans (Part of the Federation).

Pictures of the ship:

[url:http://www.kitsune.addr.com/SF-Conversions/Rifts-Trek-Ships/Federation_USS_Sovereign.jpg] USS Sovereign[/url]
[url:http://content.answers.com/main/content/wp/en/c/cb/Sovereign-1.jpg]USS Sovereign 2[/url]


We are on a mission to take two ambassadors to a planet not far from a number of war torn worlds. These ambassadors are to negotiate the peace between these planets, however on the way there and after, we are to run into a number of problems, from attacks to system failures, ect. Most events will be random, and created by me, but others may have a hand in completing this task.

Every starship needs a crew. Here are the options for the crew positions:
Depending on how many people we get, some plays may have more then one job on the Bridge& have a look&

Tactical - The positions of helm, weapons, navigation, operations, and communications are the jobs normally held by Tactical Officers. If you choose to play a Tactical Officer, your primary duty station is on the bridge. Tactical Officers are usually good candidates to become Second Officers due to their extensive knowledge of bridge systems.

Engineering - Engineers, simply put, keep a ship or station running. If it ticks, beeps, or makes any sort of clanging noise, call an engineer to fix it
Science - Science officers are in command of all scientific resources on board a vessel and make valuable assets to any away team mission. Whether you are interested in astronomy, physics, botany or any other field, science is the career field for you.

Security - Security officers are responsible for insuring the safety of all crew members both on and off ship. They also handle criminal investigations and, on smaller vessels, may command the Star Fleet Marine detachment stationed on board.

Medical - The medical staff is responsible for the health and welfare of all personnel stationed aboard. The Chief Medical Officer also has the authority to relieve the commanding officer from command if deemed unfit for duty.

(The first 7 Characters, will be the rank of Lieutenant, when we have enough people, I will pick a 2nd in Command.)

Name: Adam Kingston

Position: Commanding Officer of the U.S.S. Imperia
Looks: [url:http://www.st-spike.org/images/officers/watters_tim.jpg]Here[/url]
Rank: [url:http://www.st-spike.org/images/officers/watters_tim.jpg]Captain[/url]
Height: 6'1
Weight: 190
Age: 30
Personality: Is an extremely hard worker, doesnt give up, and is extremely intelligent. He gets stressed when he fails. He likes to be the victor, like everyone, and doesnt like to lose. His commands with an iron fist, but also has a lighter side.

EDIT NOTE: Iosephos, you had this section backwards, the original post was set in the actual rp area, this is for the thread rp info, character setup/Recruitment

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09/28/2006 4:20 PM

Mkay, now that I got that switched around... I'd love to join in. I'd really like to use my main ST character, Raven Noble, and if you feel that she's worthy, to make her the CEO, (Commanding executive officer) for this ship, and can help me round out her history.

Name: Raven Noble
Rank: Lieutenant
Race: Human/? (At this time, she only knows her human ancestry...and I'm not giving away her other part right now...)
Age: 31
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark Blue
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 145lbs
DOB: June 12, 2347 (current year should be around 2378, give or take a few years, once you decide, I'll alter)
Position: (Current) Chief Security/Tactics officer

Entered Starfleet Acadamy in 2360. Graduated in 2368. Has a minor telekinetic/telebathy talent, can control the telebathy to an extent, the Telekinetic not so much, usually manifests when she's upset. She knows this, and does everything in her power to remain calm, she's even studied the Vulcan ways to keep the more intense emotions from her mind. Due to this, she's often regarded as a cold, and stern person.

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