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09/18/2006 2:20 PM

Hello and thanks for taking interest in this new Series of RPs, The Dumiar Chronicals.

Approved for posting: Ephialtes, AnimusAniKorSaxcian, Jawhun, Leo, Thanis

Waiting: Dyingstar


~Basic Info~
The world is called Ferwynn, and is filled with a multitude of races. There is an underworld to where all lost souls are taken (particularily yours if you die), and there are many gods, the main one being Caelesducis. The main race of the world is humans, but there may be a land far away undiscovered with more powerful and developed races. The technological level of the world is fairly undeveloped. There are no weapon such as guns, or fuel powered vehicals, but there are certain vehicals and military equiment that are powered by magic. Most weapons will be bows and swords and others of that type. In the world of Ferwynn the magic that people use is elemental, although it has been rumored that there are special characters out there that have discovered a new and more powerful kind of magic.

~Making you Characters~
In this RP you have a few choices for characters. They can be human, or of a race from teh unknown region of the world, but it must be approved by me. I will only be accepting 3 new races in this part of the RP, so if you want to get your race in, you better post it fast and hope it gets approved. All characters will only be able to tap into the elemental magics. The characters are allowed to carry special items and weapons if you choose. Skills are completely up to you, but i will be forced to nerf you characters if they are too powerful.

Note: As of right now, both sides of the conflict are open for characters, but we need more people in the resistance than in the empire, so until we get 5 people, i am requiring you to have at least one person in the resistance.

~Starting Points~
All characters will start in one of three places.
-The first place is the fire which the circle of men was gathered about. These men are the sons and daughters of the old leaders of the old kingdoms. They will most likely be leaders of the resistance.

-The second place will be a random town in the Dumiar Empire. You are allowed to name the town yourself. These people will most likely be soldiers in the resistance, and will join the resistance after being gathered by the leaders of the old kingdoms. This can happen either through notes given out by messengers, or by the actual leader of your kingdom. Also, any Empire characters will begin in Dumiar, although you are not limited to travelling in Dumiar.

-The third place is the capitol of the lands in the Unknown region, called Haldinar. All people that are of a race besides human will start here. The reason you will join the battle against Dumiar is that Grekthalamr has sent out expeditions to your kingdom, and you know of the threat he causes to you.

~Rules for the RP~

-No double posting, just edit you posts and let us know if you have editted any posts here in the OOC.

-No posting before a bio is submitted. Any posts made in this manner will cause a person to be permanently banned from this series, if not all RPs i ever host.

-While profanity is okay, keep it limited and in character. Be creative and create your own special curses instead of using the ones that we use in the real world.

-Grammar and Correct Spelling are a must in my RPs. Lack of grammar shows lack of skill, and i do not want to see messy posts. Just run your post through a writing program such as Microsoft Word before you post.

-No Godmodding or Bunnying without special permission from me. If another person wants you to bunny their character while they are away, you and the person you are bunnying will have to send me messages, and until i recieve one from both people, you will not be bunnying their character.

-Try to keep to the plot and if you have any questions or ideas message them to me before posting about them.

-Just because you see something OOC, does not mean you can use it for or against that character. You must discover it IC before you can use any information.

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09/18/2006 2:28 PM


I forgot a few critical things *cries*

~Your Mission~
-Resistance: You must find the seekers and enlist their assistance. Also gather as many people as you can to create a strong army. You also must survive, and the enemy will be sending out people to squash this so called resistance.

-Empire: You must try to discover the location of the resistance, and either destroy it or at least damage it.

You [b]MUST[/b] use this template for making your bios. I need at least the basics and some history so try to fill in at least 15 of the spots. It may seem like a lot, but it will help me decide if your character is acceptable, and also help me gauge your character creaton skills.

Name: (If you have problems coming up with a name try searching Google for baby names)

Gender: (Male, Female, Other)

Age: (If you choose to have an old character, make sure to tell in their history how they have survive this long)

Eye look, shape & color: ( sad, almond shaped, blue for example)

Hair color, texture, length, style: (Red, thick, long, straight for example)

Skin Tone: (pale for example)

Height, weight body and structure: ( 5-5, 125 lbs, thin for example)

Natural Features Not previously described : (tattoos, piercing, birthmarks, scars )

Voice: (accents, deep, high, soothing, soft, ect)

Clothing: (what are they wearing normally from day to day)

Weapon: (main weapon, also list out sub weapons and any special attributes they have and how strong they are)

Armor: (color, style of armor plus how well it protects against physical and magical attacks)

Birthplace: ( name of city, town, country, realm in which they were born)

Race and Class: ( Human, Hunter for example)

Profile on her Profession: (How they chose the class they are currently and how they were trained)

Discovery of her talents, slight history on her past: How they learned of their talents and abilities, what their life has been like till now.

Mission at this time: (Why are they where they are and what do they want in life)

Elemental Basis: (Thunder, Earth, Fire, ect. )

Creature Control: (Any special relations to animals? List those there )

Talents: ( Any special abilities that are natural to them - spell are not natural)

Spells: (Spells they have learned over the years, how powerful they are and how long they take to cast)

Possessions: (Anything they carry on them )

Flaws: (What hurts your character?)

09/18/2006 2:32 PM

Last but not least, here are my characters that I will be playing. The bios are long, but try to read them fully and get a feeling for who the seekers are.

Name: Arian the Seeker

Nickname: Twister

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown, but his appearance is of that of a 19 year old.

Birthplace: Unknown

Race: Unknown (appears humanoid)

Class: Seeker/ Air-Shaper

Height: 5 7

Weight: 130

Body Type: Arians body type is thin, yet he is surprisingly strong. His skin is pale white as if it has never seen sunlight.

Hair: Arians hair is white and long, and always hangs freely about his shoulders. It is cut raggedly, but it never seems to get dirty. The color of his hair often confuses people about his age.

Face: Arian has a thin mouth with small lips that are always frowning, and he has a small nose. He wears a black cloth, which wraps around his head and is tied in the back, covering his eyes. He has a long scar on his right cheek that looks brand new even though it is years old. It is rumored that under the cloth on his face, his eye sockets are sealed shut and horribly scarred.

Unique Markings: Arians arms, chest, and legs are covered with patterned tattoos of an ancient language and symbols of his mystical art.

Personality: Arian is an unusual and mysterious creature. All those around him hate him and fear him for what he is and what he does. He and Lenari slowly and randomly wander about the world, searching for the evil in all mens hearts and carrying out the orders of Diz. Arian is an uncontrollable wild card, and he listens to no one except for Lenari. His control of the air around him gives him a feeling of invincibility, even though he has been wounded in battle before, so he calls himself immortal and often calls his enemies mortals.

Clothing: Although no one has ever seen Arian out of his armor, under it he wears simple white clothes that match his hair. His armor is crafted of a lightweight black metal that will hold up to most normal weapon blows. It shows signs of wear, but he has not needed to repair it since he appeared in this world. He wears no pouches and carries no bags. He also carries no material weapons or possessions.

Weapon: Arian carries no weapons on his body. Instead of carrying a weapon, he creates one using the air around him, which he calls Craxion, the Fang of Judgement. Craxion is a uniquely styled blade of air, which is as hard as any sword crafted from metal and can cut through the unprotected flesh of a man as if he were made of paper. Although it is crafted from the air around him, once he has fully summoned it to his hand, it appears as though it is made of black crystal. The same symbols that appear on Arians body can be found along the blade of Craxion.

Skills: Arian has been called a freak of nature for his ability to control the air within almost 200 meters of his body. He has such a mastery of control that he can do anything with it, from creating shields and barriers, to creating balls and sickles of wind which he hurtles at people, and he has even been known to use air to levitate himself into the air in a way that makes it seem like he is flying. Where Lenari uses more crushing moves with her power, Arian uses more cutting and slicing moves. Since Arian has been blind since his Creation, he has an incredible sense of smell and sound. He is able to pinpoint objects based upon the type of noise and vibrations that they cause from movement. He is not easily tricked just because he is blind. Both Arian and Lenari have the ability to create a portal to Dizs Lair using hand symbols.

Deep within the caverns of the underworld, a mysterious man of power reawakened the souls of two warriors. He crafted these two souls new powerful bodies, and instilled in them the power over air and the power of earth. He crafted the two warriors as opposites in almost every way imaginable. One would be male, and the other female, one would have black hair and intense eyes, and the other would have white hair and no eyes. They were made this way to fit each other perfectly, like the pieces of a puzzle, each having important qualities that the other lacked. Diz was a master at this art, and he ad created another perfect pair. Another pair to do his bidding and carry out his will in the world above. They were indebted to Diz, and he never questioned their loyalty.
They carried out his will in the world above, whether it be balancing power of nations, starting and ending wars, controlling the population growth, or just gathering information of current events. Not that current mattered that much in the world below. Time did not matter in the land in which Diz lived, and the timelines of both worlds were completely disconnected. He taught his minions which he called seekers how to travel to the world above, how to find the correct time and place to travel to using different patterns of symbol created with hand motions.
Their orders carried them around to different time periods, centuries and even millennia at a time, and they would prevent the destruction of the world, creating balance so that it would go on and on for Diz to influence as long as he wished. The seekers became legend and myth in many societies, sometimes called Harbingers of Doom. Whenever they appeared, people would recognize them for what they were and fear them.
Many people know that if they see a seeker, something is wrong in the world and to try to stay as far away from them as possible. Some people speculate that they cannot be killed, or that they are already dead, but no one knows for sure. They have been fought back against numerous times, but only Arian has ever been wounded in their millennia of battle and reshaping of the world.

Arian the Air-Shaper, and Lenari the Earth-Shaper. The seekers of Diz.


Name: Lenari the Seeker

Nickname: Crush

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown, but her appearance is of that of a 19 year old

Birthplace: Unknown

Race: Unknown (appears humanoid)

Class: Seeker/ Earth-Shaper

Height: 5 6

Weight: 120

Body Type: Lenaris body type is thin, yet she is surprisingly strong. Her skin is a deep and weathered tan color as if she I outside all the time.

Hair: Lenaris hair is black and short. It appears to have been cut raggedly. The color of her hair is so dark it appears to be absorbing the light that touches it. The length of her hair often gets people to confuse her as a man.

Face: Although from afar people may mistake Lenari as a man, once they get up close they see how beautiful her face is. She has no scars or abnormalities on her face, and it looks as though the creator himself took special care in making it. Her eyes are an intriguing dark blue color, but it is rumored that they change color depending on how she is feeling.

Unique Markings: Lenaris arms chest and legs are covered with patterned tattoos of an ancient language and symbols of her mystic art.

Personality: Lenari is an unusual and mysterious creature. People around her can fear her for what she is and does, and fall in love with her for her amazing beauty at the same time, but she treats everyone except Arian in a cold harsh manner. She is a disciple of Diz, and follows Arian everywhere obeying Dizs orders. She is the only one who can keep Arian under control in a heated situation. While Arian likes to jump in and fight, Lenari prefers to scope things out first and has a different view about peoples hearts than Arian.

Clothing: Although no one has seen her take it off, under her armor, Lenari wears simple black cloths that match her hair. Her armor is crafted of a lightweight white metal that will hold up to normal weapon blows. Her armor is hardly ever used and looks fairly new even though it is centuries old. She carries no bags or pouches. She also carries no material possessions.

Weapons: Lenari carries no weapon on her body. Instead of carrying a weapon, she summons one from the ground around her called Durandle, the Talon of Judgement. Durandle is an Ashandari summoned from the world of Diz, which is like a short staff with a small curved blade attached to one end. Although the blade is crafted from an unknown metal and the staff from wood, the staff is just as strong and cannot be broken. The staff and the blade of Durandle are the color of blood, and the same symbols that appear on Lenaris body can be found along the length of the weapon.

Skills: Lenari has been called unusual and talented for her ability to control earthen materials around her body. She is a master at controlling and reforming any type of earthen object to create walls, entrap enemies, and creating waves of earth, which she sends at her enemies. She is also known to cause the ground to move underneath her instead of walking. While Arian uses more cutting and slicing moves with his powers, Lenari tend to use more crushing moves. She follows Arian on their journeys, and she relies on his skills in reconnaissance, and backs him up while fighting their enemies. Both Lenari and Arian have the ability to create a portal to Dizs Lair using hand symbols.

Deep within the caverns of the underworld, a mysterious man of power reawakened the souls of two warriors. He crafted these two souls new powerful bodies, and instilled in them the power over air and the power of earth. He crafted the two warriors as opposites in almost every way imaginable. One would be male, and the other female, one would have black hair and intense eyes, and the other would have white hair and no eyes. They were made this way to fit each other perfectly, like the pieces of a puzzle, each having important qualities that the other lacked. Diz was a master at this art, and he ad created another perfect pair. Another pair to do his bidding and carry out his will in the world above. They were indebted to Diz, and he never questioned their loyalty.
They carried out his will in the world above, whether it be balancing power of nations, starting and ending wars, controlling the population growth, or just gathering information of current events. Not that current mattered that much in the world below. Time did not matter in the land in which Diz lived, and the timelines of both worlds were completely disconnected. He taught his minions which he called seekers how to travel to the world above, how to find the correct time and place to travel to using different patterns of symbol created with hand motions.
Their orders carried them around to different time periods, centuries and even millennia at a time, and they would prevent the destruction of the world, creating balance so that it would go on and on for Diz to influence as long as he wished. The seekers became legend and myth in many societies, sometimes called Harbingers of Doom. Whenever they appeared, people would recognize them for what they were and fear them.
Many people know that if they see a seeker, something is wrong in the world and to try to stay as far away from them as possible. Some people speculate that they cannot be killed, or that they are already dead, but no one knows for sure. They have been fought back against numerous times, but only Arian has ever been wounded in their millennia of battle and reshaping of the world.

Arian the Air-Shaper, and Lenari the Earth-Shaper. The seekers of Diz.


Name: Diz (His true name is unknown)

Nickname: The Hooded Man

Gender: Male

Age: Immortal

Birthplace: Unknown

Race: Unknown (appears humanoid)

Class: Master/ Soul-Shaper

Appearance: He appears to his seekers as a man in a brown hooded cloak. The only parts of his body that are visible are his glowing green eyes. He has nothing to distinguish him as human or demon.

Personality: Diz is a mysterious man that no one besides the seekers he created has ever seen. He can be described as neither cruel nor kind. He is omniscient of the world above, and sends his seekers to adjust the world as he sees fit to cause it to survive. He has a deep booming voice that causes even his seekers to get chills down their spines.

Skills: Diz is a soul-shaper and can create bodies and containers for souls he uses to do his bidding. He can give all sort of otherworldly powers to these beings, as his power in the underworld is infinite.

No one knows when Diz came into being, or what his real name is, but he resides in the underworld as a powerful immortal being. Unable to go out and affect the world above on his own, he created two being called seekers to do the job for him. He used the seekers to keep the world above in line and surviving. Centuries and even millennia have passed in the world above since Diz began to send his seekers into the world.
No one knows if Diz is good or evil, or even what his true name is. He is a being of mystery and his true motives are yet to be seen.

(Note: Diz is not the devil or UnCreator, he is just a being of power that resides in the underworld. Also, Diz is not his true name. That is just what he is known as to the seekers.)

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09/18/2006 3:22 PM

Name: Darius Enoch Maximus

Gender: Male

Age: 42

Eye look, shape & color: Full of anger and Spite, his pupils have taken up much of the faint brown iris. The Corners are permanantly wrinkled from his angered facial expressions. Oriental in slant.

Hair color, texture, length, style: Ebony black, hanging to touch his shoulders, and perfectly smooth. Either found in a Samurai style bun, brought back ina pony tail, or let hang free.

Skin Tone: Asian tanned skin.

Height, weight body and structure: 6'3', 225 pounds, and built in an atheletic muscled manner.

Natural Features Not previously described : Scar covers his right eye, along with a small tattoo of his leaders insignia upon his forhead. Both ears peirced twice.

Voice: Deep and Robust yet plagued with a slight draw of his clan he was born in in the unknown regions.

Clothing: Twilight Armor, looking like mix of A Knight and a Shogun Samurai. When in buisness he dresses in a fine tunic of black and mail of crystalline silver.

Weapon: Being stronger than most, Darius wields a variety of heavy weapons. When on mount he holds a massive lance reaching about 7 feet long. On ground his famed Blade of Dark Omens, becomes his main arsenal. Large at a length of 4 foot tall, and a maximum with of 4 inches wide this blade is inscribed with ebony designs across the blade and is his single most prized item.

Armor: His Armor is large massive, adorned with spiked Pualdrons and a series of intricate silver designs, that are enchanted to ward off Magical attacks. Only makes him resistant to small doses of low potency spells. Nearly impenatrable to most weapons the armor is made by the finest of Dumiarian Smithies. Slightly cumbersom, the Armor's only downfall is his inability to move at extreme speeds, though his strength makes up for it.

Birthplace: Born in the Unknown Regions, in the Clan of the Antiochs, the Dumarians quickly over ran the land and adopted him into the Royal academy in the capital city.

Race and Class: Human, Warlord

Profile on her Profession: Tactician, Warrior, and Studier of the Black Arts. Being enrolled in the Academy he quickly learned combat and perfected it with every raid into the unknown regions. Finally recognized by the Emperor, he was promoted to War Lord, and given control over a substantial amount of the military, High Comander of the Dumiarian Legions. Their he began to delve into the magicks of his Masters, and use them in his brilliantly thought out campaigns.

Discovery of her talents, slight history on her past: Brought up in his clan, he was taught basic magicks and weaponry skills. However at age 10 the Dumiarians annexed the region in which his clan existed in and enrolled him into the Royal Academy where he furthered his warrior studies and developed a formidable understandings of tactics. In the Dumiarian Military, he furthered his abilities until the hier powers noticed his excellence promoting him to War Lord, one of the highest ranks of the Dumiarian Military. Now he studies Black Arts of his Masters and plans a massive campaign into the unknowns.

Mission at this time: ANger for the weakness of his former people and wishes to instill power into the Unknow Regions or destroy them with the full onslaught of Dumiar.

Elemental Basis: Darkness

Creature Control: Only his ability to instill loyalty into any creature he feels a need to control. And this is limited to creatures of lower intelligence.

Talents: Natural charisma and ability to pursuade.

Spells: Fear-a powerful ability to with a simple look instill fear in anyone he meets. Mixture of Charisma and a simple spell of empathy and mind control.
Dreams of Allessa-A powerful God of Darkness in the Unknown regions and Dumiar, he has learned to tap into her power of evil through a spell of empathy altering ones surrounding to meet that of their worst nightmares. Still in working, and only semi succesful as of yet.

Possessions: Other than his weapons and armor, he carries a spell book of his Dark powers, and large pouch full of coins, and other mundane Items.

Flaws: Wounds to his Pride, and his own aroggance.

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09/18/2006 3:54 PM

Seems pretty good but might need to change a few things.

The leader of Dumiar is Grekthalamar, and he rules like a dictator. He has his council of 5 which i assume your main character is on.
~Read the first few posts in the RP and in the OOC if you dont understand much about Grekthalamar. I know it is a lot of information, but a lot of it will help you understand your setting.~

1st change: its not dumaria, its Dumiar, so fix that in your bio.

2nd change: his armor wont be able to deflect magic, but you can make it so that he is able to deflect enemy spells with his own magic, using shields of magic, not too much different.

3rd change: his creature control is a bit overpowered and will have to be limited to weak minded creatures, and really stupid humans.

4th change: If he is going to be recieving special power from a god he needs to be recieving that power himself, not channeling it into another person for fear. Possibly make the power of Allessa just a power boosting skill.

Other than that it seems fairly fit for one of the council of five, however before you post edit the bio and then create another one for a character on the side of the resistance. The resistance character doesnt have to be as strong or as detailed since you have already done that once for Darius.

Note to all other people interested: He had my permission to be one of the council of five, but if you are going to be on the Empire side, try to just make soldiers and scouts. Also members of the Resistance that are from Dumiar will not be allowed amazing weapons (Any good equipment was probably taken by the Empire when it was formed), but people from Halinar will be able to have good weapons and equipment (the Dumiar Empire has had no effect on them yet)

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09/18/2006 7:47 PM

Darius has been updated.

Name: Nachtun Ani Chutalan
Gender: Male

Age: 27

Eye look, shape & color: Wide an large, Yellow in tint.

Hair color, texture, length, style: Moon colored white, shorter slicked back.

Skin Tone: charcoal gray.

Height, weight body and structure: 5-5, 135 lbs, thin yet athletic and arobatic.

Natural Features Not previously described : Covered in tribal style tatoos and adorned with 4 ear peircings. Two for each ear.

Voice: Slovak like, raspy, yet quiet

Clothing: Black cloak, and standard black civilians tunic

Weapon: Small daggers used for Assassins work, and a Long Bow.

Armor: Light padded Ninja Armor.

Birthplace: Icnotar, Ferwynn. Underground city of the Dark Elves.

Race and Class: Dark Half Elf, Assassin Thief/Scout

Profile on her Profession: Seeing a growing tension in the land above, scouts were hired to learn of the problems. Most of the ones hired were those of the famed Assassins guild and theives syndicate of Icnotar. He was one of them.

Discovery of his talents, slight history on her past: How they learned of their talents and abilities, what their life has been like till now: After a almost unacceptable preganncy of his mother by a Human Invader, he was born and hoped to regain renown for the Chutalan name. Training in the Assassins guild was his only option. Soon he became part of the Great Ascent into the light, where the dark elves went to discver the threat that had come the land.

Mission at this time: Make contact with other races and determine whether the threat is large enough for the Dark Elves to take up defense along side the resistance.

Elemental Basis: Darkness

Creature Control: Able to instill loyalty in mountable Animals.

Talents: None all were learned and worked for. His gaien talents are acrobatics, sneak, mercantile, pursasion, and of course assination by dagger or marksmanship.

Spells: Invisibility and Sound Dampening both taught by the Assassins Guild.

Possessions: Pouch of Coins, lockpick set, quiver, and a small medallion handed down by his mother.

Flaws: He is weakly armored and trained for quick surprise combat. Far less skilledi n large scale conflict.

09/18/2006 8:20 PM

[b]Name:[/b] Nihaj (Of the Te'aht clan)

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Age:[/b] 35 (Appears, 18; his clan age very slowly compared to normal humans. It is believed that a long time back in their lineage they were made up of elves as well as humans; their long lifespan and litheness due to their genetics)

[b]Eye look, shape & color:[/b] Intense, slightly almond shaped, hinting of Elvin descent. Long lashes.

[b]Hair color, texture, length, style:[/b] Sandy blonde, thick yet smooth. Cut about ear-length, messy and windblown.

[b]Skin Tone:[/b] A dark tan of one who has lived in the sun their whole life.

[b]Height, weight body and structure:[/b] 5 foot 9 inches, 125 lbs. Thin, very toned muscles. Strong despite the apparent lack of bulk. Little if no fat on the entire body. Extremely flexible and agile.

[b]Natural Features Not previously described:[/b] Tattoos signifying his clan alignment around his right ankle, and various spiritual tattoos on his right forearm, on his heart, down his spine and on the upper back, and on the shins. Two lines on each cheek, thick at the top near the cheekbone, curving back and thinning as it moves toward the back of the head, then another smaller underneath. A sharp tooth hanging from the lobe of each ear. Many scars on his hands and feet from existing in the desert.

[b]Voice:[/b] A voice a little higher than average in tenure, a little breathy, musical, powerful and commanding with a thick accent of his native language.

[b]Clothing:[/b] Very thin cloth made from the hide of a camel. Similar to a vest, his arms and chest uncovered. The pants, however, cover the legs in their entirety, and are similar to the pants of Arabians. Neither is tight, but could hardly be considered loose. Frayed at the edges from wind and repeated wear. Moccasin-like shoes of a thin and flexible, yet extremely durable leather. Signs of wear, but no rips or tears. A mystic belt sheathes his daggers horizontally behind his back, the hilt of the larger accessible to his right hand, the smaller accessible to his left, both blades facing down. A few runes painted on to the sheath seem to keep the blades from eating through the leather and falling to the ground. Small clasps keep the blades from falling out, and yet are easily removed for quick access of the weapons.

[b]Weapon:[/b] Two daggers of enchanted bone, used both in combat and in spells. The first, Ky'rim, The Dawnbreaker, about the length of his forearm, sharp on curved side. The second, Ko'rah, The Nightbringer, a third of the length of Ky'rim, is sharp on both sides. Both are long and thin, and extremely light compared to metal. Mystic runes are etched on the surface of each, and when stared at for a period of time, appear to shift and move. Despite the etchings, the surfaces of the blades are smooth to the touch. The blades are extremely sharp, and remain sharp due to the spells cast on them. With enough momentum, they may be able to pierce armor. Also has a short bow and quiver of arrows, bone tipped.

[b]Armor:[/b] None.

[b]Birthplace:[/b] Born on a cold desert night like every other of the Te'aht, his exact birthplace is not known. His clan is nomadic, traversing the desert and trading gold and salt and other goods to traveling merchants. He was born in a large desert in the southwest of the current Dumiar Empire.

[b]Race and Class:[/b] Human, with a hint of Elf. Nihaj was a top hunter and apprentice shaman for his clan.

[b]Profile on his Profession:[/b] He was taught to be a hunter (as was his father), and grew very skilled in the taking down of large game. After being discovered to have inborn magical abilities at the age of 16, he began training to be a Shaman. He picked it up remarkably fast, but the current Shaman died before he finished training (10 years later), taking many secrets of the clan with him. Before his death, the previous Shaman passed on the sacred weapons of the clan, Ky'rim and Ko'rah. Since then Nihaj has experimented in the arts of his clan, and may be even above the level of the previous Shaman.

[b]Discovery of his talents, slight history on his past:[/b] As he grew older, it became apparent that he was a great fighter during the rituals of the clan. This fighting style (One long dagger, one short) was taught to all males of the clan, as once a year they would have a ritualistic tournament. His life was happy and carefree until his clan was attacked three years ago by the Dumiar Empire. His father was killed in the raid, but he was able to escape. Most of his clan was killed or enslaved.

[b]Mission at this time:[/b] He seeks the freedom of his clan from the evil grasp of the Dumiar Empire, and revenge on the soldiers who killed his father.

[b]Elemental Basis:[/b] The Te'aht are connected to all elements, but most specifically earth (sand), as they are desert folk.

[b]Creature Control:[/b] He is able to understand the feelings of all creatures in nature, although that hardly means he can communicate with them. He is able to tame some animals, but is much better at hunting them.

[b]Talents:[/b] Nihaj is extremely agile and quick, the greatest fighter in his clan. He also is an excellent hunter and tracker, and is, although he hasn't had much experience, a great strategist. Due to his hunting prowess, he can move around stealthily and quickly.

[b]Spells:[/b] The spells of the Te'aht all involve chanting. Rather than the monotonal chant usually associated with spells, Te'aht spells are sang, the melodies beautiful and intricate. Most all of the spells Nihaj knows were taught to him by the last Shaman. Many of his spells require some sort of sacrifice, usually the blood of the caster. Most of his spells are practical (summoning water in the desert, revealing the cardinal directions, etc), but there are a few combative spells. All combative spells much be cast through the medium of one of the sacred daggers; Those of Ky'rim being mostly defensive, and those of Ko'rah being offensive.

[i]S'en Ky'rim[/i] uses the enchantment of Ky'rim to summon a cloud of dust which blinds and confuses the enemy. A Te'aht would have a huge advantage in this situation, having lived in the desert their whole lives. It can be cast in a few seconds by sacrificing a drop of blood to the tip of Ky'rim, which is then thrust into the sand.

[i]S'aht Ky'rim[/i] Invokes an enchantment of Ky'rim, creating an invisible armor on the caster, about the same amount of protection as chain mail. It requires no blood, but does take a few minutes of chanting in order to cast successfully, and only lasts approximately half an hour.

[i]Jin Ky'rim[/i] heals the caster a significant amount. It requires about an hour to complete, and while the physical body is healed, it drains one's spiritual energy which may take weeks to recover. In addition, the sacrifice is about a gallon of water; a huge sacrifice in the desert.

[i]Sh'ek Ko'rah[/i] this coats the short dagger in a paralyzing neurotoxin. This requires more than just a pinprick of blood; in fact, the poison only covers where the blood does. This spell can use any blood, and thusly is more useful in battle after a successful blow. It only takes a few moments to cast, but requires full concentration.

[i]K'ahn Je'rokna[/i] translated literally as "Final Burial," this skill summons a mountain of sand, taking out an area of up to a mile in radius, destroying everything. This spell must be cast using both of the swords. It only takes a few minutes to cast, but it requires the willing sacrifice of not one, but two lives.

[b]Possessions:[/b] A water bladder (with a long, thin rope over his shoulder, hangs diagonally over his body, and sits on his waist); his daggers; his bow and quiver; a variety of small pouches on his belt, containing various spell-related materials (powdered bone, flint and tinder, spring water, sand from the Te'aht holy shrine, a glass flask full of air); A small pack of essentials (dried meat, roots, etc).

[b]Flaws:[/b] He relies a lot on speed in battle. He has never faced someone faster than him, but if he did, he most likely would lose. He is very used to fighting others of the clan, and while he is quick to adapt, his lack of knowledge of the other fighting styles limits his ability to fight with them. He also doesn't speak the common language of the Dumiar Empire very well, limiting his ability to communicate.

And that should be good enough, for now at least. I hope it's not too much to read.

[Edited by JawHun on Wednesday, September 20, 2006 8:34 PM]

09/18/2006 11:20 PM

Animus, your characters are fine now, and you are approved to start posting your intros for both characters. Darius will have to start somewhere in the Dumiar Territory, and you can start Nachtun in any of the three starting points, it is up to you.

Jawhun, glad to have you aboard. One you make a bio and post it please await that characters approval before you make your intro post.

Im a taking as many people as i can that want to join, and you are allowed to RP up to three characters (id advise only two). Im going to try to keep this open as long as i can since i am going to need an army (leader-type figures would help).

09/19/2006 12:16 PM

If you need any help such as like a co GM or just someone to help things go smoothly i am here to aide.

09/19/2006 3:49 PM

I take it that most of the FFRPers on this forum are gone for a bit or too busy, cause no one else has joined yet.

09/19/2006 5:46 PM

no some are just slow to post. But I have began to if you want to be the Emperor that would be dandy unless you wouldl ike me to take his role.

09/19/2006 10:57 PM

My character has been created. If there's anything that needs to be changed in particular, please tell me.

Jawhun, glad to have you aboard. One you make a bio and post it please await that characters approval before you make your intro post.

Of course.

09/20/2006 4:51 AM

thats alot ................hmmm

09/20/2006 9:42 AM

I like it I'm just lacking energy... I should have a character by the end of today.

09/20/2006 10:06 AM

Jawhun, go ahead and make an intro.

Dyingstar and Leo, if you want to join just post bios at any time.

Edit: Animus, i will play out Grekthalamar at any time it is required. Also, try to get your other character's intro up too.

[Edited by Ephialtes on Wednesday, September 20, 2006 10:39 AM]

09/20/2006 12:09 PM

Scince im planning to write my character in class today can my character be a shapeshifter?
If no then I have another cahracter that I can use.

09/20/2006 3:13 PM

A shapeshifter should be fine, just try to limit the things he can change in to. Try certain simple forms, such as animals and trees.

You can play characters on both sides if you want, and it may help since people are joining kinda slow. People in the Empire will generally be stronger than people in the resistance, and im sure Darius could use some subordinates.

[Edited by Ephialtes on Wednesday, September 20, 2006 3:17 PM]

09/20/2006 3:25 PM

Yes Darius is a leader, and while he is a master warrior and would school most of you in battle, he is not much for hands on, and is more of the tactics expert. So Subordinates would make this job so much more fullfilling for me. Hahahaha so in true Propaganda fashion

[i] Uncle Dumiar WANTS YOU!!!!
For the Dumiarian Legions!!!!
Fight for your country with your blood!!!!!![/i]

09/20/2006 3:33 PM

Well who ever pays me more in the RP gets my allegance...

09/20/2006 6:44 PM

My character:

Apearance is of his favourite form.

Name: Sayn Kelyoth

Gender: Not Applicable

Age: 21

Eye look, shape & color: Dark, Almond, Amber. (Has the pupil of a cat.)

Hair color, texture, length, style: Red, Medium, Medium, Slightly wavy.

Skin Tone: Tanned

Height, weight body and structure: 6 foot 1, 180 lbs, Athletic

Natural Features Not previously described: Intricate Tattoos down his fore arms showing no bare skin.

Voice: No determinable accent, voice carries easily.

Clothing: Black canvas pants similar to what we call cargos, grey wool tee shirt, and a black canvas jacket with an upside down triangle in red on the back. He also wears soft soled leather boots.

Weapon: Iasthai, twin iron daggers. Iasthai is a falchion with a second hilt jutting out where the pommel should be at ninety degrees from the blunt side of the blade. Its only special ability is that while fighting near bodies of water the user can direct blades of water in the arc of the slash which can pierce leather and cause minor bleeding through chain mail but has no effect against plate mail. Iasthais blade also never needs to be sharpened.

Armour: None

Birthplace: Was born in the far reaches of the unknown world.

Race and Class: Shape shifter, Freelancer (Combination of a mercenary and assassin)

Profile on her Profession: Sayn choose to be a freelancer due to the lack of restrictions and freedom to choose to do what ever he wished. Sayn was trained in a free form style of martial arts that is similar to Tai Chi and Muay Thai in one of the towns in the unknown world. His sword fighting style is mostly self taught but also incorporates many aspects of his unarmed combat style.
Discovery of her talents, slight history on her past: Sayn discovered his abilities when he was about four years old. Sayn had envied one of the older kids in the small town where he had grown up, had without realising it shifted into that boy until he had walked beside the boy and realised that he was the same size shocked by this he had reverted but was deemed a demon and exiled at the age of ten when the guilt of the towns folk about sending him off as a child had subsided. After that point in his life Sayn wandered from town to town barely making his way by until the day he collapsed on the door step of a martial arts master. The proposition the man made was simple Sayn could stay there and collect himself and eat as long as he helped out around the house and small plot of land and agreed to train in the martial arts. Sayns life was going well until on his fifteenth birthday his only friend and mentor was killed by a mercenary from a kingdom far away. Shaken again Sayn left the town as the very mercenary that killed his friend after exacting his revenge while the man slept. Sayn spent the next few years working as a freelancer to make ends meet. During one of his many missions Sayn discovered a strange sword which he took from its resting place in a small pool of water. Slaying his target with the newly acquired blade Sayn soon moved on towards the tales of an empire&

Mission at this time: Sayn is currently looking for work to test his skills.

Elemental Basis: Water

Creature Control: None

Talents: Can shape shift into most people and currently a black cat.

Spells: None at this time.

Possessions: Sayn currently carries a small amber pendant.

Flaws: Sayn cannot stand up against most armoured foes due to his own lack of armour. Sayn also does no like sunlight when he is in his most common form.

09/20/2006 7:22 PM

You my friend have found your new boss hahahaha. It seems your skills may be perfect for a scout/spy. And I do need to find that damn resistance.

"Know the enemy and know yourself; in a hundred battles you will never be in peril. When you are ignorant of the enemy, but know yourself, your chances of winning or losing are equal. If ignorant both of your enemy and yourself, you are certain in every battle to be in peril."

09/20/2006 7:25 PM

But what if you know your enemy so well that you literally walked in their place?

09/20/2006 8:10 PM

That is why one must know themselves as to not become that which they swear to fight. No matter do you except a contract if I were to summon you??? Read into my last post and you can see what just happened. I am here looking for information and informants.

09/20/2006 8:39 PM

Dum dum dum. Leo your guy looks good. Since it looks like your planning to be evil im hoping we get more good guys.

Animus, you can't just send him a contract. You have no idea about him since you havent encountered him yet. If you do encounter him, chances are that you wouldn't just hand him a contract. You may think he is a rebel at first, or a very stupid villager for even running in to you. Dont forget that things posted in the OOC arent known by characters.

Edit: Hahahahaha your trapped now.

[Edited by Ephialtes on Wednesday, September 20, 2006 9:48 PM]

09/21/2006 12:37 PM

I understand this, Darius next move is to send out recruiters. that is how I am hoping he discovers him. I t is up to him really i just want to leave it open.

09/21/2006 3:04 PM

Hope this thread is still open because I'd really like to join!!

Name: Chaos Dark

Gender: Male

Age: 210

Eye look, shape & color: His face is hidden under his hood with only his red, large, slanted eyes peering out.

Hair color, texture, length, style: The hood covers this short white hare that stays unruly

Skin Tone: Pale since he rarely removes his clothing

Height, weight body and structure: 6'5" 250lb large build

Natural Features Not previously described: His face bares one of the only scars that remained on his body. His left arm has his symbol.

Voice: Deep and smooth from years of commanding armies

Clothing: His body is covered in black old cloths that have kept their color over the many years. He wears a long sleeved shirt under a jerkin, with a hooded cloak over that. His hands are hugged with gloves and his legs are hardly protected by this slightly tightly pants and high boots. His belt is simple with a metal buckle that matched his clothes.

Weapon: He keeps an unbreakable ninja sword under his cloak, strapped to his back, and hidden from the view from others. Its handle (when exposed) is on the lower end of the sheath, pointing to the ground. The sheath has a open end for Chaos to easily unlatch the blade.

Armor: His only armor is this black, lightly battle scared gauntlets given to him by his lord and master Thanis (a god of power and war). These gauntlets are solid metal that extend from his lower elbow to his hand. Thou they are metal they can move like liquid.

Birthplace: In a cave on the outskirts of Dumiar and lives in a very small town called Kemp.

Race and Class: Human

Profile on his Profession: Chaos was created by his god for war. He was bread and trained to fight in one of the god wars but after the quick defeat of his master he was banished and reborn on this planet. His master is lost in an abyss of time. Since then he is an open contract hit man and ex-soldier.

Past: Chaos was born to lead armies of the god wars but was banished to this planet after his master, Thanis, was defeated. He quickly joined the Dumiar military but was sentenced to death for killing his C.O. for leading his squad into an ambush. Since then he has stayed on the out skirts doing any kind of work he can. Lately he has been a sword for hire.

Mission at this time: To take out the Dumiar Empire with every last ounce of energy he has.

Elemental Basis: Energy

Talents: All of his abilities are natural. He uses the abundant energy in his body to create a form of energy blasts, telekinesis, and an ability to heal very quickly.

Spells: He has no magical abilities.

Possessions: He carries a small pouch left side of his belt for money.

Flaws: Like any normal man he has a weakness for two things: The bottle and women. This combination has gotten him in trouble many times and almost killed on more then one occasion. Thou he is a genius in battle he isnt much for social graces or accepting that "sweet & beautiful" women can be deceitful and evil, even though several have tried for his head.

[Edited by Thanis on Thursday, September 21, 2006 8:27 PM]

09/21/2006 3:34 PM

Thanis, your character seems good, but im not so sure if kinetic would be considered an elemental basis instead of an energy source.

09/21/2006 3:36 PM

You want me to change it then???

09/21/2006 4:43 PM

you yourself said their are a fewmagick styles undiscovered??? Energy based could be that???

09/21/2006 4:50 PM

Animus sure I'll follow you sounds fun

By the way am I clear to post?

09/21/2006 5:11 PM

Oh and Ephialtes, I do know this your Rp and you are the gamemaster but the two or three who are attacking the city right now, are may I say it nothing compared to an entire army in lines and fortified at the town center. I dont want to rruin your story but i would think it is unbelieveable if you guys defeat Darius here.

09/21/2006 5:22 PM

Yeah, I could easily change to magic. I would really like to keep it as just the abilities of a god maked person. (you said thier are many gods, so why not some one created by one?)

09/21/2006 5:54 PM

Thanis, energy or lightning is fine as an elemental basis, all i was saying is that the word Kinetic doesnt really fall under one. Your guys will be fine, just change the basis to say Energy.

Animus, i had no intention of outright killing your guy, and i also doubt that 2 would be able to take on 150. They have only killed about 16 people and that wasnt at the same time. Without some people to back them up they will most likely retreat at the sight of 150 people standing together. One on One or even 5 on one they may appear unstoppable, but going up against large numbers would be suicidal.

Leo if you check out the first post in teh OOC your name is under the Approved to post section, so go ahead.

Also don't plan on being contacted by Darius until after the siege on the city, unless you are in Yaruth Ak A'lar if you are looking to be hired by the empire.

09/21/2006 5:57 PM

Thank you I will post sometime soon.

09/21/2006 8:27 PM

May I start posting??

09/21/2006 8:43 PM

lol same thing i told leo, if your name is under the approved to post section of the first ooc post, the its obviously okay.

09/22/2006 1:11 PM

Well Come out in the square anyone if you wnat, it may make for an interesting dialgue.

Oh and You Leo could possibly be starting in the castle walls already awaiting the for the seige to come to an end.

09/22/2006 1:21 PM

Oh and if you Thanis are referring to the seekers and the city we have taken you are in the wrong place. The capital is deeper within Dumiar, I and they are in the Unknow Regions at a Larger Town named Arsingoth, which after the battle and securing of the city will be named Azingard.

So if that is where I would change your location to Azingard, which wouldnt have the same temples and stuff, nor has the general or emperor ever been their.

09/22/2006 1:59 PM

Thanis your post was okay, just change your setting a bit. I responded as if you were in Arsingoth, so just change the setting of your last post. It is a small city with a fortification in the center.

Animus, if i were to say how many were killed or wounded in my last attack i would say about 20-30 of the 150. Not too many.

09/22/2006 9:52 PM

Hope that one works better for ya. Is Leo gonna post??

[Edited by Thanis on Friday, September 22, 2006 9:54 PM]

09/23/2006 5:35 AM

Name: Rand Demeoni Matroshka

Gender: Male

Age: 31

Eye look, shape & color: Dark purple color of death although he is a very nice guy but once his hlmet is on his eyes look narrow MENASINGLY.

Hair color, texture, length, style: black hair, hanging not very long but not short and soe what spikey.

Skin Tone: light skin color for a white person

Height, weight body and structure: 6'2, 199 pounds, and built in a muscled manner.

Natural Features Not previously described : twice.

Voice: Deep but not very very deep

Clothes: He wears black armor of death and hasa helmet that once is pout it on you cant see Rands face only his dark purple eyes glow

Weapon: A long sword. Like a Katana but much wider and broader. Also carries Ninja stars

[Edited by Dyingstar on Saturday, September 23, 2006 5:38 AM]

09/23/2006 10:39 AM

well the number has grown just so you know. Recruits from my recruitment endeavor gained a nice number. So i would say 250

09/23/2006 2:48 PM

I think Ephialtes or Leo should like, um, post...yeah...or maybe is just me...

*ducks under a large styrofoam chicken*

09/23/2006 8:14 PM

Guy sorry if it seems like im slow to posting for the next two days, im moving into my dorm.

Edit: Dyingstar, might want to put a little more work into the bio such as a short history. Also explain the armor of death. Is it leather? plate? special material? what color?

Edit: Edit: Oh shit Animus, i was just gonna run away and hide lol.

[Edited by Ephialtes on Saturday, September 23, 2006 8:42 PM]

09/24/2006 6:28 PM

Can we have pets?

09/24/2006 8:44 PM

i see nothing wrong with having pets. Just nothing to out of the ordinary.

09/25/2006 7:44 AM

Oh ok, nvm then...

09/25/2006 12:33 PM

you can still run, my character still may quite teh formidable foe.

09/25/2006 11:40 PM

I should post tomorrow I was dragged out of town unexpectedly on friday anddidnt have a chance to tell you I was leaving I will have a post or more tomorrow...

09/29/2006 11:05 AM

Is this thread dead?

09/29/2006 3:37 PM

No im just too busy to post atm.

10/02/2006 8:17 AM

No i have just been alil slow

10/02/2006 11:57 PM

I'm sorry, I just had midterms, but I'll post tomorrow, fo sho.

10/05/2006 4:07 PM

Anyone interested in Mercenary work go to the city I occupy, and find a way to learn teh whereabouts of the feast i hold. If you get their I am willing to make deals and such. Leo this is for you to look out for. I am waiting for you to sit at the table, to come out.

10/05/2006 5:45 PM

I might but I can't post as the last one in the RP is mine...

10/06/2006 8:08 AM

Well as no one else is popsting i am sure it is fine you can post again just to get this thing moving

10/07/2006 8:59 PM

Im kinda busy with my college classes, but i will continue to post when i can and try to keep this moving along. Please keep posting and moving along with or without me.

10/10/2006 10:35 AM

Guys keep posting, and get this thing moving again.

10/13/2006 9:30 AM

Im not gonna post again til you guys get all caught up lol.

10/15/2006 5:20 PM

Once Leo's character is caught up all mine will be on the same day.

10/15/2006 8:06 PM

I'm back from uhh sickness but yeah I will keep ative...

10/15/2006 8:51 PM

If you could clear this up for me Animus...

So you say Dumiarians don't know where Haldinar is? Then how did the seekers get to Haldinar? No real explaination, is there? Or do they have GPS? No, they were taken there by a man with a cart, a travelling merchant. Which makes sense.

Besides, I don't remember hearing that Haldinar was unknown to those of the Dumiar empire. It's the capital of a nation, they must have an IDEA of where it is. Especially if they're traders, who travel long distances to sell their goods. They know the lay of the land, and they, of all people, should know where Haldinar is.

Besides, if you're going to tell me that I can't go to Haldinar when the seekers are already there, I'm going to have to call 'bullshit', thankyouverymuch.

I'd like to hear what Ephialtes has to say about this.

10/15/2006 11:48 PM

Jawhun, no Dumarians know where Haldinar is. The seekers get there because they come across a merchant from Haldinar, that was travelling from Azingard, which used to be a resistance controlled town. It was on the edge of the Dumiar Empire, but not actually in it. Almost all of the locals in Azingard were killed, so the empire does not know where Haldinar is still. It is the capital of the unknown regions, and they are called the unknown regions because they are unknown to the Dumiar Empire.

10/16/2006 2:54 AM

My character had saved some of the locals from Azingard from during the raid, and therefore it makes sense that they would know where Haldinar is. If you want me to remove my previous post, so be it, but I still say I'm correct.

Besides, Nihaj is from the "unknown regions," and would most likely be able to get there on his own. It isn't specified whether he knew it already, and if it was the capital of the unknown regions, he probably knows. I figure he doesn't, so he can stick with the travelling merchant and I can do some character development.

So if you think I should change my post, then say so. I'm cool with that if you guys really feel like I shouldn't be in Haldinar yet.

10/16/2006 6:06 AM

My character, if allowed

Name: Cyranthir Strife
Gender: Male
Age: appears ageless

Eye look, shape and colour: his eyes shine like a bright blue light

hair cloour, texture, shape and length: long dark blue yet natural looking

Skin tone: a pale purple colour

Height: Approx 7 foot, thin, but obvious muscle

natural features: a scar across his face from his nose side of right eye to the lower left part of his nose. (see FFVIII Squall)

Voice: deep and refelctive

Clothing: leather armour covered by a dark brown cloak

Weapon: main weapon is dual daggers but also uses a two handed sword and will use a

longbow when he can.

Armour: typicl leather armour good against small glancing attacks but not much else, he seems to have a natural resistance to some magic types.

Birthplace: The forests in the unknown regions
race and class: humanoid, Hunter

Profile on profession: After learning that he was the bastard son of a famous deamon hunter Cyranthir chose to follow in his footsteps and become a hunter. Using his, now dead, father's notes he self taught himself many skills that even the best human could not of learnt so quickly.

Discovery of talents: All of his race, though very few in number, in fact they only number half a century now, are dead eye shots and some develop natural tracking skills at a very early age others become one with the land, in extreme circumstances, mainly female, they develop a bond with their goddess whom is unknown to all other races. Cyranthir became a natural tracker through his father, his uncle had for seen this and had set up his path.

Mission at time: Cyranthir is searching for a reason, a reason to why the empire is as it is so and why the rebellion defys it so, he also wished to decide for himself which side he will take if his help is ever needed.

Elemental Basis: nature

creature control: cyranthir can tame any beast (birds/mammals/lizards not humanoid monsters or dragons etc)

Talents: Cyranthir's race are naturally aility based and o appear to be able to dodge things that a normal race would not. Also his race appear to be able to almost disappear at night, this in itself is just a trick, his race has long since learned how to use the shadows to their advantage. Also Cyaranthir is unnaturally good at tracking, without ever seeing what it is Cyranthir can tell the type of being it is within 300 yards of him, albeit only whether it is humanoid or beast.

Spells: cyranthir can change how is body works to match a certain animal, His eyes can become sharper like a hawk, his muscles can move as fast as any four legged animal, if only for 5 minutes, or his body becomes even more agile and allows him to dodge around like a monkey.

possesions: Cyranthir, at the start will travel with a bag, a medium quiver full of arrows, a long bow and a dirty blood covered great sword.

Flaws: Cyranthir, as with all of his race, hungers or the gift of true magic and is tainted by daemonic blood. All though he stands for the light and justice this mix of hunger and corruption makes him chaotic to be around and an unstable individual.

10/16/2006 12:55 PM

No just edited the bit about Haldinar. You said something about us knowing where it was. We don't.

10/18/2006 10:22 AM

Sorry about that guys. Im a marine and got pulled to and aircraft carrier at the last minute. I got back last night I will post as soon as I catch up.

Ephialtes, is there a specific person that is following you or can that be me? It fits what I was doing before? If not I can just add myself in there somewhere.

[Edited by Thanis on Wednesday, October 18, 2006 11:19 AM]

10/18/2006 11:25 PM

Sorry I overreacted a bit about that Haldinar thing. Just got defensive... I do that sometimes...

11/06/2006 11:12 PM

We havnt died now have we?

11/08/2006 8:15 AM

No I actually tried to post the other day but it failed. Could you do me a favor and post again explaining you completing you night mission and reach Sun Antioch???

11/08/2006 3:32 PM

No plroblem... hmmm what to do.... *ponders on what to write*

11/09/2006 3:34 PM

I just edited my last post to show me arriving there... So you can move on now.

11/17/2006 5:08 AM

err, is my character allowed?

11/29/2006 1:16 AM

Im really hoping that this thread isnt COMPLETELY dead. It still has potential.

11/30/2006 9:27 AM

I think its alive...ish...

11/30/2006 12:46 PM

No I am awaiting the continuation of Leo's mission, my forces are coming close to the jewel of Sun Antioch.

12/13/2006 4:48 PM

Name: Arkheilis (Ark)

Gender: Male

Age: Physically - 38. He has existed for much longer.

Eye look, shape & color: His eyes are different from most. They seem wild, unusual, solid white, yet he isn't blind. Sometimes they have tendencies to light up, like electricity flowing out... Partly due to his genes.

Hair color, texture, length, style: Black, Thick, Rugged and down below his chin.

Skin Tone: Light, but not quite pale. Some tone to it..

Height, weight body and structure: 6' 5", 245lbs. - mostly muscular, stern.

Natural Features Not previously described: He has a birthmark on his back, behind his right shoulder, which was unnaturally an X. There are many scars on his body, mostly noticeable -without armor- are three gashes in a line, slanted across his torso, from an unfortunate encounter with a large beast... and one from over his left eye, down below his lips. From an encounter with an assassin, long ago, whom had escaped him.

Voice: Very deep, and gruff. No noticeable accent. Just rough.

Clothing: He almost always wears his armor, because just about anything can happen.

Weapon: His main weapon is an ancient broadsword of his. It would be held as a two hander for most people, but he uses it as his main hand weapon. It is broken off about 4/5ths of the way down the blade. This sword was created, and used way before Ark ever came into existance. It is imbued with the elemental magic of lightning, and it glows a bright white when out of its sheath. The blade is very rare, and special indeed.

His secondary weapon is just his knife. It is silimar, yet different from his sword. It has the attributes of fire. It burns as hot, and as intense as the weilders passion. Whether is is for war, revenge, or love, this blade will grow just as intense.

Armor: It's just the color of gray metal, not light, not dark, with red trim in some places. It looks very old and worn, but is just as strong and resilient as ever. It is plate armor, with scratches here and there. He wears leather under it, in uncovered places, and cloth under that. Over his plate armor, there's cloth wraps all about his armor in certain places, making him appear patched all over.. And a white cloth wrap about his lower face, and lower head, which drops upon his shoulders. His armor protects well against physical attacks, and partially over elemental/magic attacks, but not greatly.

He also bears a shield, which matches his armor. It looks like a lengthened Aegis shield, it bears his name down it, as well as ancient runes bordering inside the red trim. This shield is just extra defense.

Here. (http://www.myspace.com/Arkheilis)

Birthplace: Unknown. Outsider to these lands.

Race and Class: Human, Paladin/Warrior

Profile Profession: Ark grew up fighting with his friends. Not seriously, but with sticks, until accidentally causing the death of one of them. He was condemned, as a little boy, and locked away for some time. He still practiced working on his own shape, as well as fighting. His kingdom was overrun though, and he was taken by the invaders, and later sold to a slaver, which in turn ended him up as a gladiator. He was an older boy, and learned over time how he had to survive. How to pick out weak spots, how to fool opponents, and how to eventually defeat them. Fighting had been the only life he had ever known. He grew into it, through a long journey, and changed alot.

Somewhere along the way he was brought into the power of the light, and magic of healing, and protection. He joined the order of light, and helped fight a grave war against the darkness in far away lands, and in the end, when it was over, kept their teachings, but knew this wasnt the calling for him, and left for his own goals.

Discovery of talents, slight history on past: He learned his talents as he grew up, they were never much, not until he got older and fought in real battles, real wars. Still while he discovered them he never really understood them. He just knew that he had some sort of dealing with lightning.. As if it were part of him. Almost as if he were an elemental himself. But he was human... For the most part. He developed these skills when he fought though, and honed them so that he could use them more often, though he wouldnt need to.

Mission at this time: Arkheilis is nothing more than a vagabond, travelling through unknown lands to himself currently. He does not seek battle, but instead it finds him, and he rarely backs down - unless he knows the challenge is too much for him. He would be accepting of offers though, as a mercenary, a warrior, a treasure hunter, or anything of the sort.

Elemental Basis: Lightning, it courses in the very blood within him, not just an acquired feat or anything imbued upon him. It is in his bloodlines.

Creature Control: Just his horse, whom has always been faithful and loyal as long as he has had him.

Talents: A few skills with lightning, and electricity.. Most of them he rarely ever uses, if at all. One being a 'shocking touch' - acting like a zap to stun someone for a short time, it doesnt use much energy and doesnt take much time to channel, but doesnt do any damage either..

He can also summon ligntning novas, which are raw and uncontrollable, in size and power, but are short range, and use alot of energy. They deal a fair amount of damage though and usually stun or drop anyone within its radius. It takes a bit of time to focus and pull them out.

Spells: Light heal, outside, light magic that Ark learned. He can lay his hands on someone, and fully heal light wounds, and help with the healing of deep wounds. Its fast to cast, but works slow, and drains vitality as he channels it..

Barrier of Light, with focus, Ark can summon either a partial shield of light before him, or a full bubble around. It absorbs the impact of whatever hits it, but with the force of impact, it drains certain great or small amounts of energy from Ark. So if its something powerful, it could sap Ark pretty bad.

Possessions: Mostly just his armor, and weapons. He does have a frail necklace under his clothes, with a small gem stone entwined in silver. It is so small, but extremely valuable to him, and him only. It's been with him since his childhood.

Flaws: He can lose control sometimes. Out of rage, close danger, or emotional unstability, like thinking of his lost love, who will never leave his mind and heart. It can send him spiralling into a berserker mode.. Where he would be subceptive to all sorts of trickery, or traps. Illusions can bring it on easily.

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12/14/2006 3:28 PM

well i think the old GM left... so really it mught be up to animus now if he gets online

12/14/2006 3:52 PM

Oh, I see.
Hopefully he gets on some time.

12/19/2006 2:26 PM

WOW You are hardcore. That is a very indepth character guide. You are in. I will assume GM over this.

12/20/2006 8:46 AM

Is it still possible to join in?

12/20/2006 3:05 PM

Most Definantly just look into what was already posted, and begin your story where you please.

Oh and For everyone to know, Sun Antioch Will Fall, that is for sure. That does not mean you cannot battle hard for it. The significance of this is it will start a formal war against the Dumarian EMpire.

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