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09/03/2006 4:29 PM

I am looking for atleast 4 people, though hope the list excedes that by ALOT!!! This will be a series spanning across several, parts so be ready for this to be a story that lasts quite awhile.

All Participants have to fill out a Character Sheet:






Brief History:

All members will be required in this Part to begin their paths into the Seditious side of the System doubting the System. You will have the choice of remaining alone or connecting with other memebrs of the Movement. On a side note each member is allowed 3 other Secondary Characters.

The System is broken into a few classes. At the top are the Arch Angels, the council led by God, and is the main governing body of the Cities. Their is one Arch Angel for each City(this is an off limits class for characters at this moment). Underneathe them are the Angels, or major leaders of things such as buisnesses and Media Agencies. Also off limits but the number of people per each city varies. Ther is also the Angel Army of God, that keep he security and protect the cities, enforcing the will of the Arch Angels and Angels. Not off limits but discouraged, as a main character. Next are the workers and major living class of the city. Basic Civilians. Next are the Prisoners and Slaves, and/or escapees of society. They are hunted down by Spec Ops Angel Soldiers.

SO Any One interested.

Name: Eric Vos Hancock

Age: 27

Appearance: Caucasian, jet black full hair, emerald green eyes. Where's the normal civilian attire, except for a pendent around his kneck left to him by his girl.

City: London, England

Class: Workers

Brief History: Born in England, Eric grew up like any normal Angel Child, particpating the Angelic Academy, and New Church of God. By age 22, he was enrolled in the university of the Arch Angels, a high honor amongst the citizens, for academic excellence. In his second year, he met a young lady named Julie Ani Kanouff, and fell in love. However she was a radical and spoke out against the Church, and the Angel Leadership. Mysteriously one night she dissapeared, and he was discharged from the University. Now at age 27 holding on to hope his girl still lives he bgins to find a conspiracy taht is much larger than the silencing of one Radical.

09/04/2006 6:56 AM

AnimusAniKorSaxcian, I hope you don't mind me stepping in here....

Sir Justin... First of all, as stated in the OOC section, AnimusAniKorSaxcian asked for all participants to place a 'character sheet' with the above requirements.

Second, you really should use proper punctuation and capitol letters when applicable, otherwise many will consider you to be lazy and not worth their time.

Third, double space between paragraphs... this makes your post much much easier to read and not so much of an eye strain.


Kalia ~ Exec. producer for the FFRP

09/04/2006 12:51 PM

Name: Dekketh Kyaani

Age: 19

Appearance: About 6 with tan skin and slate blue eyes. Usually has on a black t-shirt and knee length shorts with a sand coloured vest and bandana over his raven black hair.

City: N/A

Class: escapee

History: Born to one of the many families that are just seen and not heard about in the lower hierarchy, Dekketh spent most of his time dreaming of the outside. Seeing his father come home tired and depressed day after day Dekketh started to have his doubts and his thirst for the out side grew. On his fourteenth birth day one of the men who Dekkeths father worked with came to their house to report that there had been an accident. Shaken Dekketh went into withdrawal believing he was doomed to die like his father. Six months later after secretly forming a chain of rebels hurt by the system they planned a break out to leave the system and head off into the east away from Vancouver.

After another six months of planning the day came using the cover of night they snuck out to the east gate which had stood locked and unused since the beginning of the massive city. Blowing open the gate with some of the smaller vehicles they had gotten together and making a mad dash into the mountains was the first part, It didnt go as planned after watching all but the remaining twelve die in that small stretch lowered their hopes but they pressed on.

Two years later in the now arid desert of south western Alberta they had begun to set up a more permanent camp with hopes of starting a rebellion and a new world order. Over the next two years of hiding and planning they prepared to launch a campaign to recruit more people and to find other camps if there where any among the ruins.

Not my best and im open to ideas on how to improove it ^_^ but here it is

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09/05/2006 3:26 PM

Wonderful, you are clear to begin posting Leo, Just be aware, this government and time is of an almost technilogically advanced Old World Culture; Meaning a mixture of Medival type weapons, such as swords, lances, bows, (Infact if any real rebellion was to be staged it would begin with those sorts of armaments), and Alienesque Plasma based weapons such as, Plasma Rifles, Blaster Pistols, and Power Swords (Only given to the ANgel Hierarchy and military). Now as for vehicles I suggest a mixture of different kinds. Old World Vehicles such as cars and stuff, Hover cars such as ones from Star Wars, as these cities in most cases are towering metropolises, and Chariot type Future Vessels. Your Vehicle attack is smart due to teh main landscapes untouched in the world after the great war and teh nuclear disaster.

Your group's location [i]is[/i] known about, the advanced scanners of the civilization are hidden but effective. You will be facing battle with the Angelic Army of God, and will face defeat as they are superior, however with defeat and victory your tech can go up, with stolen weaponry. They wear armor that look like a mix of Knights Armor, Halo SPartan Armor, and adorned with wings of some degree, depending on class. The wings are mettalic and may look like teh Cruxious Angels from Tales of Symphony if you are familiar.

Any Way I suggest you start by maybe sending infiltrators into the meeting houses within the cities. Just have Fun. I am sure you may get a taste of action here sooner or later.

Oh and For everyone, if you need any attacks to place or such ask me, and I will take control of the Angel Gov., and stage an attack. In fact until further notice I will be the only one permitted to take an Angel Leadership position. However if anyone wants to become a member of the Army, feel free, just be aware you are basically a soldier and you take orders, you dont know anything of teh conspiracy. You may however question your orders.

09/05/2006 5:19 PM

In my free time this week at school, I plan on writing a more in depth, document, drawing out the classes, the caste system, the Culture, and purposes of each of the 8 cities, and more importantly the Tech Sytems, and soon hopefully the Eternal Covanent Law System.

Keep Checking in. SirJustin, do not further post until I approve a Character Sheet, so post one here. Please...

09/05/2006 6:08 PM

Tis good i never meant to imply we werent known about. It makes the RP more fun with the hunted fealing in it ^_^ anywayim tired from school today and probably will post tomorrow afternoon some time... I look forward to this RP great concept and i cant wait to hear more about the world.

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09/06/2006 12:04 AM

Well this looks incredibly fun.

Note to self: Join when you get back to Internetsland on Tuesday.

09/06/2006 1:30 PM

Ok this is all very long. I simply want it all here so their is a reference, It is not required
to read just encourage cause of the work I put into it and the help it will give you. Within the week, I will have the Eternal Covanent Posted along with a brief description on each city and the Arch Angel controlling each one. As For now wing it, If something doesnt fit I will change it.:

[b][u]Angels Of Oblivion[/b][/u]

[i]The Caste System:[/i]

Arch Angels- Hidden Ordo of elite political, spiritual, and military minds comprised of 8
members; The major governing coucil.

Angel Hierarchy- Includes A list of Important Military Leaders, Buisness owners, and ministry officials, under direct orders from the Arch Angels.

Angelic Army- Elite majestically armored soldiers, and lower officers, adorned in full knight like body armor embellished with various wing types, dependant upon rank. Authroity and will of the Arch Angels and God.

Civilian Working Class- Dressed in simple drab colored tunics, white under tee-shirts, and drab slacks, workers are teh back bone of the culture obeying the Eternal Covanent.

Prisoners/ Rebels/ Heretics/ Slaves- A complete under class of the civilization. Either outcasts, escapees who look for vengeance, or unworthy godless people given slavation through slavery.

[i]Civilian Life:[/i]

The Cities awaken at 7:30 AM everday, to the sound of loud speakers and the HNN, Holy News Network, broadcaste upon their mandatory TV consoles. At 7:35 all citizens are to enjoy a ten minute sermon, by the Peoples Spiritual Arch Ministry, and renew their vowes to God
and the Eternal Covanent. Then they have five minutes to complete any hygenical practices and leave to go to their work places.

All jobs begin at 8 o'clock AM and end at 9 PM, with a three hour recess period starting at 1. This includes occupations such as Laborers, Carpenters, Janitors, Secretaries, and an endless list of other, necessary, yet mundane jobs. Those who break the covanent by being unruly, unproductive, or caught out past curfew or during the working hours of teh
day, are detained and brought to the Arch Magistrate of the city, where the Judicator, or Judge, provides the prisoner with an Arbiter, Lawyer (Just to make it seem fair), and then continues to deliberate the sentence and punishment.

Dotted around the cities, personal slaves and servants work to please their masters and be redeemed in the eyes of god, or are at work on priority and military interests. Prisoners who arent as lucky to be deemed well enough for the slavery program are sent to Covert Prisons, for what the Arch Angels Call ,"Rehabilitation."

Children are taken at birth, unless a second spouse is not available, and brought up through the Angellic Academy program, until they are18. After that they are either unlistedi nto the work force, or offered training at the Angellic University in London. From here you have teh chance at either military enlistment, officer positions, training tobe a magistrate or buisness owner, or the most high honor, to train at the Citadel to be a member of the Ordo of Arch Angelism. The Ordo ends up being military leaders and philosophists that advise the council of the Arch Angels.

Further needed notes; no civilian can be caught carrying bags, weapons, items of the archaeic age(before the Glorious ReAwakening). Such Commodities are saved for the military, and hierarch. At one time such things were legal, yet when Vancouver was attcked a few years back and the Rebellion of the heretics ensued, needs for more strict
laws were called, to keep safety and security.

[i]Tech and Weapons:[/i]


Arch Chariot-Flying vehicles looking like a mix of a Roman Chariot and a Star Ship. Reserved for only the highest of teh hierarch and Arch Angels.

Hovering Vehicles- Semi-Flying vehicles looking like a mix of normal cars and trucks mixed with that of a row boat.

Standard- Cars and trucks much like ours of this time.

[b]Civilian Tech[/b]- Much like that of our own age except with a few things different.

Computer-Advanced way beyond we could imagine, yet only public applications are in things such as libraries, and on the many mandatory broadcaste consoles within everyones home and on bill boards dotting the landscape.

Military Tech:

Swords/Blades- Basic Concept

Blessed Blades- Normal baldes enhanced with an energy aura. Saved For High Ranking members and Rare. Technology is unexplainable and dubbed as blessed by God, yet the Arch Angels know the truth.

Arch Rifle- like a plasma Rifle. Standard Army issued.

Arch Repeater Side Arm- Standard pistol version of rifle.


Arch Citadel- levitating Strongholde and home of the Angellic Ordo, and Council of the Arch Angels.

Arch Sail Destroyer- Mixture of Star Wars Star Destroyer and Final Fantasy Flying Sailing Ships. Used for Heavy Military operations, and large loads of men and armaments.

Arch Gunship Series- Small Transports, attack ships, and patrol Fighters.

Hind Gunchopper- Advanced chopper like vessel, looking much like the Soviet Hind D helicopter and the Half Life 2 Gunship. Patrols Cities and possible target zones.

Survailance Ships/ Pursuit Armored Vehicles- Series of vehicles, both hovering and non, used to show authority as a police force within cities.


Officer/Arch Angel- Elaborate WHite or Black Armor, embellished with shining, artsy, insignias and designs. Adorned with the Grandest and largest spanning sets of wings, giving hightened speed, meneuverability, and altitude in flight.

Standard- Gray, black or white, depending on brigade, full knight armor, adorned with brigade insignia and small spanning wings. Size depends of rank and accomadations.

[b]Rebel Weapons not in Angel Army:[/b]

Shivs/Blunt objects: Basically Random Sharp or blunt things.

Bows and Arrows:Ranging from crossbows to longbows, to even the new plasma bolt caster like long bows and cross bows.

Ancient Vehicles: Ancient cars left from before the change in power, used for transport and explosives.

*All cities, except Tenochtitlan, follow real maps, only difference is buildings, building sizes, and the out skirts of the cities are spread out farther.

[i]London, England[/i]
Leader: Supreme Chancellor, Grand Priest Arch Angel Lord Luc' Dei Ifer

Brief History: Broken into two sections, Central London has not grown up but instead kept true to it's old design, holding hierarch homes, the ministries, the London Angellic Academy, and the Renowned University of the Angels. Outskirts hold both the major businesses, and the working class homes. Unofficial Capital of the Angellic Society.

[i]New Moscow, Russia[/i]
Leader: High ArchPriest, Arch Angel Gabriel

Brief History: Large Spanning Metropolis, known for extremely, hard workers, and an active Mining and Factory Market. Much of the Societies metal goods, and weapons have been produced here. Also home of the Official Church of God.

[i]Beijing, China[/i]
Leader: Leutenant Priest, Arch Angel Rev. Uriel

Brief History: Much like Moscow, howeveri nstead of spread outward, Beijing has bilt upward and holds the second most important Port in the world. The Mile High Structures add to a very different life for the Chinese People. Ships, all major exports from Europe, Asia, and Russia to other Cities.

[i]Tokyo, Japan[/i]
Leader: Keeper of the Covanent, Arch Angel Lord Metatron

Brief History:Built upon a hill the Official Archives of the Angellic Order Rest, over watching the sprawling city, built of mile high buildings in the middle, and smaller traditional Japanese Style buildings in the back. Home of the most important Port and Tech Factory, doing much of the Research for better Tech in the Society.

[i]New Cairo, Egypt[/i]
Leader: Arch Angel Dr. Raphael

Brief History: Much like London, this place has grown to stay true to it's tradition, and is known for it's Medical Colleges and Research Centers.

[i]Vancouver, Canada[/i]
Leader: High Chairman, Arch Angel Gen. Sariel

Brief History: A Festering Metropolis, and known as teh home of the Movement to the Rebels. Here Citizens enjoy Martial Law and it's major export is Fish.

[i]Washington F.D.C, USA[/i]
Leader: High Commander, Arch Angel Micheal

Brief History: Major Center of the military Command Consul. Stages and traines the best of the best soldiers and operations. Built in a Orderly Fashion the City is the essence of Martial Law and sports it's only exports as Agriculture and a small amount of Wild Life and Cattle.

[i]New Tenochtitlan, Brazil[/i]
Leader: High Mage, Arch Angel Raguel

Brief History: A Sort of Cultural Phenomenom. Built much like the ancient Tenochtitlan, yet bigger and grander in scale, this city is known for it's rising arts and literature, only beaten by London. Also Known as the bread Basket of the Angels, as it's exports include large amounts of agriculture, Wild Life, Cattle, Milk, Fish, and plenty of wood.


[i]God swore to the world his wrath and dissapointment for the evils engulfing souls
God Pleaded that we cease our sins
But Judgement Came
Those who Defaced the Lord, and ignored his call were taken away
All the temptations that led men off the path were hidden
A New Order was Made
Seeing a dieing World God had Mercy on us
Sending his Arch Angels a New Path and Covanent was erected
They proclaimed, "For your submission and unwavering loyalty to the God In heaven, We shall grant you the protection of our order."
In that the Glorious ReAwakening began, and the 8 cities were erected.
Before Finishing the ArchAngels Declared;

"A New Law is Made. A Law not of simple Man.
Obedience to our Order and to God is key.
Thou Shalt Not Doubt Our Decisions, for God is our guidance
Thou Shalt Not Live a Life of Freedom, Yet instead a servanthood to the heavens
Thou Shalt Abide By all Proclemations within our devine power.
Thou Shalt Worship no Other, than Our God and his holy Council
This is your Salvation."

The World Accepted the Offer and now lives happily
In peace and prosperity under the Divive Leadership of Those Chosen by the Angels to Represent or Own Arch Angels.

This is the Covanent, written for you, undeservingly
This the Way, to Salvation and God
The One Way the Only Way Our Way.

Obedience means Community
Community is of Unity
Unity Leads to Power, Safety, and Security
All Gifts from our God.[/i]

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09/06/2006 3:48 PM

very nice i should post in about an hour... but it is really well thought out i hope i can keep this alive

09/07/2006 1:09 PM

Name: Rand .S

Age: 26

Appearance: white male, black hair not very long. Wear standard given clothes and has red shoes(hidden and very out dated) and black boots he wears sometimes when off duty. Handsome , is fit not skinny and is strong looking.

City: London

Class: Worker

Brief History: Rands birth place is unknown to many people including himself. Growing up he has always wondered what would become of himself. In his dark stages of his life when he was 21 he was on his own in his house and met a neibor thathe secretly had a crush on. Like many others girls he liked he found that they dissipeared. Rand knows he is not crazy but doesnt know why. He is now sad and alone once agian. All Rand wants is to find some girl that might turn out to be his future lover. But all seems hopless at this point in time.

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09/07/2006 1:20 PM

Few changes need to be made.

As a worker you are held to the kind of clothes you where. As a male tunic, white under shirt and slacks, along with boots and an overcoat. Black is fine, just ensuring you know the styl isnt free for you to choose.

The Red sneakers must be kept secret as they are illegal, and also must be from atleast 70 years ago.

Also Definantly need a City. You are a worker so You need one of the 8 cities.

Also Just to help you out, I would suiggest finding conatact with the Movement soon, then you will be able to start your doubting.

09/07/2006 1:24 PM

"Also Just to help you out, I would suiggest finding conatact with the Movement soon, then you will be able to start your doubting."

Do we have to have more than 1 character ?

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09/07/2006 4:50 PM

Just wondering are their two resistance camps? because i meant to put mine in southern Alberta which would be desert especially after a nuclear apocalypse and the lack of irrigation from the people who lived there...

09/07/2006 5:01 PM

i would like to be an angel warrior for the army if thats cool

09/07/2006 5:39 PM

not a bad idea Leo

09/08/2006 1:15 PM

First no you dont have to just an option if you need to use other characters.

Two their are many but the one I was afetr is yours, now that I know that I will edited it. Sorry.

And renegadeirishman, that is fine, infact you can particpate in the first attack starting, youwill be under control of LT. Rascuel, and Angel Comandante Nimrod. Still need to make a Character Sheet though.

And Dyingstar You are approved for play

09/08/2006 1:36 PM

thanks but i dont think i can keep up its to much writing. but thx for the offer

09/08/2006 1:39 PM

could i find a gun shop in the city im in? or have all such wepons been collected and/or destroyed already?

09/08/2006 1:58 PM

Dyingstar, dont be discouraged your writing style depends on your size, short can be just as effective as long, play at your own pace, dont quit, you are a welcome addition.

And Leo I would say that, much of the weapons were confiscated or used up in the anarchy and period just after the nuclear war. However Underground storages were probably at that time covated and hidden, so they would hold major stocks of them. So Say their is a military base at Alberat or a secret underground peice of the gun store, the open stuff owuld have been looted, destroyed, used up, or confiscated.

09/10/2006 4:01 PM

Im not at the camp so what happens there is beyond my control. If you send the people to the city to look for any who may have escaped then you may find me ^_^

09/11/2006 1:56 PM

Well before this day is over you will meet battle just let me tell you that hahahha

09/16/2006 11:41 AM

Ive been reading through this idea, and i think i love the V for Vendetta-style world. I would love the honor of being able to play as an archangel, but i have a few quick questions for you. First of all, are they open to be RPed? Second, do you already have set names for all of them, or just Michael? And lastly, how often are the Archangels seen to appear to the common-folk, on a regular basis, or rarely?

My other question: Is a character on the sedition side mandatory, or can i just play one on the Angel side? Playing two characters is fine by me.

09/16/2006 11:49 AM

I will allow you to play an Arch Angel, only because the member count of this RP is relatively low. No you dont need another one and yeas their are set names, check on teh first OOC page for the cities, you will find the Arch ANgels in charge of each cities names their. One thing London's Arch Angel is off limits. I am Rping his stuff in the future.

Now WIth this said, I also ask that before you make huge decisions you talk to me, via messaging. A Character Sheet is still necessary. In fact message it to me also, so I can suggest any changes and explain to you the conspiracy with this whole place, so you are informed.

Oh and the Arch Angels vary, that is completely your choice.

Message me with your answer and your Character sheet.

09/16/2006 3:08 PM

Got it. Ill just PM you all of my questions i have about Archangels and the system from now on as to not give away the secrets of the RP.

10/03/2006 6:17 PM

This sounds interesting, it reminds me alot of the book, "1984" so here's my character sheet.

Name: Janus Hassassin

Age: 28

Appearance: 61, Steely blue eyes, medium length dark brown hair, muscular, but toned, dresses in drab, black slacks and the body armour of an Angelic soldier that he killed when escaping the maze of torture chambers underneath Vancouver (hides the body armour under a heavy, dirty brown cloak.

City: Vancouver, Canada

Class: Heretic

Brief History: Born into the society of underground heretics underneath the streets of Vancouver, Janus was the only son to Amillia Hassassin, and the product of rape by an angelic soldier. His mother loved him with all her heart, using her son and the reminder of her rape to fuel her extreme activism. At age 15, Amillia was caught and taken away to a place Janus couldnt even imagine. Fueled by the abduction of the only person who loved him, Janus set out to find his mother at 20, only to be caught and arrested at age 23 with not so much as a clue of where his mother was. Tortured and beaten and interrogated for two years, Janus finally found a way to escape, killing and stealing the dead soldiers body armour. Three after his escape he wanders silently through the streets of resistance camps and tunnels, aiding them where he can.

10/05/2006 4:04 PM

You are in and free to start when you please, just know you are in for a life of peril and these camp in the city will be sparse and small, somewhat like the resistance camps in Half life two I suppose. You may want to search one of two mediums, escape Vancouver, or gain recruits secretely. The latter is much more dangerous.

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