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08/07/2006 9:28 PM

Check recruitment before posting. I need four people, no more, to run this epic. If it gets off they ground I'll add more, but I'd like to keep it nice and managable at the moment. Mind you, this is no magic, think early Gunpowder age. Firearms exsist, but are VERY rare (IE, you won't start with one)

What I need:

Personality Traits:
Description of Mental and Physical facuties:
Combat Training (if any):

I know its demanding, but the rewards are well worth it

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08/10/2006 8:30 PM

Name: Cirrus

Race: Human? Melyannan? Not sure what my choices are here.

Skills: Hand-to-hand combat (this is not publicly known), endearing people skills. Currently applying himself to learning basic labor in mining, farming, and carpentry. He is a quick study.

Personality Traits: Cirrus is a relative newcomer to his town, having arrived out of the blue to make a home for himself with little else but a hopeful smile and an infant girl on his back. He has a posture and refined speech suggesting military or nobility, though he tries to integrate with his new town and its people as much as he can. He is not very forthcoming about his past. He is shy and reticent by nature, but friendly and happy to chat if someone approaches him first. He is willing to do any kind of day labor for hire, and this is most of how he makes his living while developing his own tiny property and caring for his daughter. She is abnormally well-behaved for a baby her age.

Appearance: Late 20s/early 30s, tall and sinewy, fair skin with dark features, noble chin, usually looks a few days unshaven, usually wears rough practical leathers he sews himself. Burns readily in the sun. Almost always seen with his infant daughter in a pack he wears on his back while doing less strenuous labor.

Description of Mental and Physical Faculties: Cirrus is obviously a novice to self-made living, but he's quite bright and eager to learn how to tend his home and property. He has above-average strength and exemplary muscle control, as if he had done much physical training.

Combat Training: Very familiar with the use of firearms and sidearm swords for sport and warfare, though he does not possess such weapons. A layman can look at how he uses blades for menial tasks, and even how well he packs, and deduce that he has had military combat training, though whether he was a soldier or simply a tutored aristocrat is unknown.

Profession: Day laborer for hire, attempts carpentry for profit in his spare time. He's getting better.

08/11/2006 1:17 PM

Any of the 'standard' races are good to go here, and I like the Everyman work...not going to let go what might happen to the inf...nevermind.

Any case, nice work, with three more, I'll be able to get this rolling.

08/11/2006 3:07 PM

Should I post something now or wait for a full group?

08/12/2006 10:10 AM

I'd wait for full, just in case

08/12/2006 10:16 AM

I'm on a short hiatus, but I wouldn't mind joining later if you still have a spot for me...

08/14/2006 12:21 PM

Name: Sun Hai Xin

Race: Oriental Ancestry

Skills: Scholar, Martial Artist

Personality Traits: Having traveled from a far he remains shrouded in his dark cloak, observing to simply learn of the culture and ways of this new place. Seldom is he seen long enough to discover anything from his posture. Only few have ever even heard him speak.
Apperance: In his late 20's though unknown by the inhabitants of the town, he is tall and mildly built adorned with a head full of Jet black long hair, and a full un-groomed goatee. And his eyes are mezmerizingly emerald colored, yet set at a very oreintal like squint.

Description of Mental and Physical facuties: Willing to take advice and knowledge from anyone, Sun Hai is eager to learn and expand his already great amount of knowledge. Though a Novice to homely existance, he has managed to survive alone in the most various of circumstances. He also seems to be very mildly built when it comes to strength but his focus and speed surpass most when it comes to his Martial Arts conditioning.

Combat Training (if any): Trained in the ways of the Chi Martial Artistry, at an unknown place, and self learned in the ways of living and surviving. Also carry's dual Katanas a make from an unknown region, and is seldom seen using them, but when he has he has shown more than proficient in it's art. Familiar with firearms, in the manner of being able to use one well enough if needed, but has never been seen with one or desired to have one.

Profession: Scholar, and advisor to those who ask. He also delves in teaching spiritual lessons to those at temples and monastries. Tactician for hire.

08/20/2006 10:09 AM

Hows this? I've been wanting to try out a character like her so this should be good.

Name: Her true name is unknown but here she goes by the name of Lilith Darnell.
Race: It has never been openly said but most belief she has elfin heritage
Skills: Lilith has an extensive knowledge of plants and herb lore as she once trained as a Healer but circumstances meant she was unable to complete her training. She is also very adapt at using blades and a bow and arrow although it has been some time since she last required those skills.

Personality Traits: Lilith is very illusive and as a result very little is known about her. Whilst she appears outwardly friendly she has the ability to talk a lot without saying much. She can also appear quite arrogant as being literate herself dislikes those who speak with the commoners slang and sometimes takes to correcting them.

Appearance: Her appearance suits her personality as it reveals very little about her. At a first glance Lilith appears to be in her early thirties, skinny beneath the overly large shirts and baggy trousers shes fond of wearing with messy hair that often covers her dirt smeared face. However on further inspection Lilith appears much younger with a slender but well toned figure perhaps purposefully disguised beneath loose-fitting clothing. Her messy hair is dark gold and when pushed back from her face reveals exquisite almond shaped eyes that are jade in colour and framed by ebony lashes. Her otherwise flawless complexion is marred by a faint scar that cuts across her left eye.

Description of Mental and Physical faculties: Lilith has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge particularly concerning anything that can help with her work as a healer. Due to her smaller stature Lilith is not particularly strong and often employs others to help her with the harder labour. However what she lacks in strength Lilith makes up for in agility and determination. She is strong minded although rather stubborn, she despises it when people tell her what she cannot do and often goes to great ends just to prove them wrong.

Combat Training (if any): Well trained in the use of blades, she often carries several on her although she rarely has a use for them. She is also an excellent markswoman however her skills lie mainly in the use of the bow and arrow which with the introduction of firearms means that her bow and arrows are less effective.

Profession: Lilith is recorded as a shop keeper who owns the local grocery store; however she also works as a healer.

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