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08/07/2006 8:06 PM

Ok you may think this is the wierdest rpg you have heard of but let me tell you, it is going to be hilarious. In the Sims: Roleplaying Haven, anything goes, but of course there is a main story. I've been playing the Sims 2, and I have a sudden erge to make a story out of the gameplay. So everything will be based on Maxis's simulation, so that includes items used. The items used in this rpg will be from the Sims 2 game and or original Sims. You will be able to do what ever you want to do. Start a business, be a pickpocket, have a baby, and be the first Sim in space. This rpg will be freeform as you can tell by now, but the twist is this.

The main story is simple. The neighborhood of RollingPoint (which you will live in) has just been hit by a new craze. Wizards and Robots, the newest board game, has everyone going crazy. They are selling out every where. The thing is, the citizens of RollingPoint find that everything is changing. Kids are forming W&R rivalries, secret society groups are forming, and people are just acting wierder ever since this game came out. You can say the Sims hit roleplaying fever.

So basically you will create a Sim or Sim family, put them in a house and then do what you want to do from there on out. There is the City of RollingPoint, RollingPoint park, Rolling Point Airway, RollingPoint Space Center. These places you can travel to. If you are new to the Sims franchise my advise is play it, or just wing it in this RP. In your post try to make it wacky and fun, this RPG is ment for a good time, and great ideas.
Here is the character sheet:

Sim Name (you can add more then one if you adding a family)-



Eye Color-

Hair Color-

Overall Build-

Job (You can put un-employed for now, and then in the game, you can get a job)-



Starting Simoleons (this is how much money your character starts out with, it can be from 20,000-40,000)-

Invantory/Clothes (What clothes is he/she wearing, and what are they carrying with them)-

Quick Bio-

Ok now for the Job sheet this will tell you what jobs you can get and the salary you will recieve. In order to Job advance you must post your Sim doing something amazing while he is working with his current job. You may only do this every ten posts. Every time you post your Sim going to work or working, you earn that much money to your starting simoleons.

Theif Career 1. Pickpocket- $200 2. Crook- $400 3. Mobster- $700 4. International Terroist- $1000

Medical Career 1. Ambulence Driver- $200 2. Emergency Room Aid- $400 3. Nurse- $700 4. Doctor- $1000

Military Career 1. Reserve- $200 2. Privet- $400 3. General- $700 4. Chief Commander- $1000

Atheltic Career 1. Mascot- $200 2. Rookie- $400 3. Starter $700 4. Coach/All Star- $1000

Videogame Career 1. Tester- $200 2. Story design- $400 3. Programer- $700 4. Lead Producer- $1000

There are many more jobs, you may create a job, and post it here in the OCC page. You can email me at nfrat33@yahoo.com for questions.

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