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07/30/2006 4:48 PM

Ok this is the first OCC page of Civlian Chapters: Part 3, we will start the story up soon. We need new recruits, so if your want to, come create your character in here. For new comers/readers here is what has happened in our story so far.

Part 1- As for the storyline it has been two weeks since the US went into turmoil, President Scheffeild the new President after Bush has issued the US to go to war in Iran to set up a new economic program there, and retrieve all oil, so the country would not have to resort to digging in Alaska. He said "With this plan, the Global economy especially the US's would change and we would get the benefits. Also part of his plan was to be a new Republican government (hes a republican) With his new government there would no longer be any democrats and everyone would live in a period of peace and prosperity. The government would censor more and the military would grow. All of this tick off a whole bunch off people, the United States has become war broken since the Iraqi war ended and the economy plunged in 2007. But the good thing that happened in 2007 was the new technology advance, which helped citizens with their personal economy. To make a long story short, when President Scheffield gave his speech about his plans to Invade Iran on Saturday June 27th, Millions of protestors became insane and started rioting around the US. After a few days of Riots, a wierd conspiracy occured. Zombies became present, creatures came and brought war and turmoil in the US. Alliances are being created and the whole United States is a war zone.

Part 2- Now at the end of Part 1, President Scheffeild announced that no one else was allowed in Mexico City due to over capacity, so now the people left in the US are stuck there, surrounded by zombies and war. We have found out that the government has been creating a highly advanced military for some time now. SCAGOA (Surreal Command and Government Of America) was being polished up during the war in Iraq. During the uprising, the Government and press covered up the new martial law by announcing that SCAGOA was a protestors union and militia. What else was found out about the society was the fact that SCAGOA was broken up into seperate branches. USOG (United Sciences of Government) worked on the militarys bio weapons. Turned out that the bio weapons were bio soldiers (thats where the creatures come in). The other branch is still un-identified, but will be reviled. The main purpose of SCAGOA is also still un-identified, but will unfold during part 3.

Here is the resume that was in the Civilian Chapters part 1 thread. Now you can just look it over here and create your player.

Name -

Age -

Occupation -

Motto -


Height -
Eye Color -
Complexion -
Build -
Hair -

Current Weapons:

Primary -
Sidearm -
Melee -

Current Supplies/Clothes:


08/03/2006 6:29 PM

I've really enjoyed this RP, but sadly I just haven't got the guaranteed time I need to post regularly. I may pick back up later with a new character but I'm only gonna slow down the experience for now. So with that, tragedy ensues...

08/18/2006 8:01 AM

Name - Xin Surugami

Age - 27

Occupation - Former SCAGOA Assassin

Motto - "What once was is no more, the final forbidden fruit has been plucked from it's perch. And now redemption has come for it's consumers."


Height - 5' 9"
Eye Color - green
Complexion - Oriental
Build - mildly built. Tall and slender yet toned and strong.
Hair - Jet Black, long bangs short back.

Current Weapons:

Primary - Sniper Rifle
Sidearm - Glock Pistol
Melee - Katana, and small CQC combat knife

Current Supplies/Clothes:

Clothes: Jet black, tattered, SCAGOA assassins combat suit. COmbat VEst and tight garments allowing for free movement.

History:Having been stationed at the Arizona Facility after the first incident, he was hired to erradicate any survivers to stop info from leaking out. However their he met a police, bar owner, and found hismelf helping the man to safety. However when word caught on to this a Second Assassin was sent out, this time biomutated and bred to kill. The Agent in an attempt to kill Xin instead killed the cop. Now grieving for the loss Xin has began a quest to end the atrocities and bring judgement upon the SCAGOA.

OOC: So anyone have any ideas of how I can jump into this????

08/18/2006 12:46 PM

Ok I have the perfect way you can jump in. Xin after many months of surviving on his own, fate leads him back to Hellton Lab Facility and Prison. The officers there do not know of what happen, so they station him in the prison. My character Joey will some how meet Xin in the RP.

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