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07/29/2006 1:10 AM

The Game takes place in 3,963 BBY, Or the Madalorian Wars. If you have played any of the Knights Of the Old Republic games, then you may already know what has happened. PM me if you want to join.

(BBY)=(Before the battle if Yavin.)


The Mandalorian Wars started because a Man by the name Mandalorian Neo-Crusader, had started attacking Republic worlds, and space with the hopes of restoring the Madalorian society. They also started conquering non Republic planets. Soon, they took the moon Dxun as their military outpost, and their leader, mandalore had began to invade Onderon.

Later, the republic begged the jedi to help them win the new war, but they were slow to act. They believed that the true threat had not yet shown it self, thus prooving it wasnt time to intervien. Then, two young jedi by the name Raven and Malak, had decided to take action, and help the people dieing on the outer rim. And this is where the story takes place, during the war between the Jedi and the Mandalorians.
The war lasted four years, on the moon Dxun and will end in 3,961 BBY.


You can pick to be any of the characters in the actual story, or make your own up. You can also be either part of the Mandalorian Crusaders, a Republican soldier, (Not a Storm Trooper) or one fo the Jedi whom have decided to fight for Raven and Malak.

1. No Invincability. (Get hit, its better for the story.)

2. No killing of a character with out permission of the person whom they belong to.

3. No autohitting (Achilles cuts off ________ arm.)

4. No God Mode.(Make a character thats believable.)

5. Know your history. If you have to, look up anything that will be an actually thing, place, time, or event in the Star Wars galaxy, then do it. Its better for the story.

6. Must have character sheet that gives the fallowing information...

loyalty(Jedi/Mandalorian, Republic, ect.):
Abilites(Force, Sneak, Firearms, Trading, ect. Note: if its force, put four of your most used powers, dosnt include Force Pull, Push, Speed, Jump, Sence, and Pursuade. These things are a Jedi's natural abilites.):
Weapons(Once again, do research.):
Random items:

Fallow this character sheet.


Name: Achilles

Sex: Male

Species: Kel Dor

Side: Light Side falling towards Dark Side.

Loyalty: Jedi

Abilites: Force: Heal, Shield, Force choke, Force Restore. Includes saber style Shi-Cho.

Physiology: Orange skin,A black mask which kel Dor's require to breath and to sheald their sensetive eyes from the bright light.

Personality: Dosnt care much for politics, and is intorested in Nature and the Living Force. His mind is changing from calm to sad. Although he is still trying to stay a Light sided Jedi, he cant help sometimes but to become angry, and slip farther into the darkness.

Mannerisms: Achilles will often walk in the open looking at the beautyfull forest, cities, or deserts.

History: Achilles was found early to be force sencitive. He joined the Jedi acadimy on Dantooine when he was eight, and has been studying under a women named Pay-La-Mie, a young female Zabrak. Their adventures together made Achilles grow into a powerful Jedi, but their bond became severd after he joined the Rauge Jedi in the Mandalorian Wars.

Weapons: Custom light saber, with a Blue crystal.

Random Items: Brown Knights Robe, Breathing mask, grapeling hook, and a pictuer of his late wife and son.

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08/03/2006 3:19 AM

I can't really join because my character doesn't fit this and I don't make new ones very often at all. I would like to say though, that it looks really nice!

08/07/2006 9:56 PM

ok, sorry about the double post, the internet is trying to kill me today...just bear with me please

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08/07/2006 10:02 PM

Pray forgive me, I have yet to properly figure out the PM system.

Name: SA-271 (Special Assalt 271)

Sex: Male Personality

Species: Droid

Side: Dark, more the shades of gray

loyalty: Republic

Abilites: Sneak, Firearms, Long Range Firearms Specialization, Humaniod Anatomy Index

Physiology: Droid; Immune to mind affecting, Immune to pain, vulnerable to Ionization

Personality: Often thought as a sadist, AS-271 is simply not burdened with any programing that would grant him a feeling of guilt. Though he has broken his original programing long ago, such a development has been quite long in coming, and AS-271 can't help but feel a certain satisfaction as a blaster bolt penetrates the eye of a target 350 meters away and turns their head into red silly putty.

Mannerisms: Tends to be quite arrogant about the superiority of droids to any organic life. enjoys arguing, but above all, loves the feeling of the shot, the perfect shot to which there can be no defense. Having only experianced this twice, he tends to become obsessive when speaking of it.

History: It was discovered early in the war that the now decomissioned SA droid series was unusually unstable and prone personaity quirks, even more so than the T-3 series. The line was discontinued, but several models continue to serve without memory wipes to preserve the reactive learning system. SA-271 has learned much of infiltration and in the six years since his construction his personality has bent away from the frontal assalt of his peers. All too often, such things have a rather high probability of resulting in permanent shutdown. He is currently assigned to Dxun as a sniper, taking advantage of training and precision that an organic being could only dream of.

Weapons: Aratech Sniper Rifle with Tri-Light scope, Looted Mandalorian Disruptor, Intigrated flamethrower, Intergrated slugthrower pistol
Random items: Droid reactive plating, repair kit, several power cells, Self Destruct protocal, Droid Awarness Upgrade.

08/11/2006 10:42 PM

Cool, i like your character, i hope you post something soon.

Its good to have you here.

08/25/2006 1:07 PM

I am a little confused. I thought that the Mandalorians took Dxun from the Rebublic 2 years before this rp takes place, and that the Republic did not take it back till the last year of the war. (Just going from Wookipedia) I was trying to think of an initial post and had a little trouble because of the aforementioned confusion.

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