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07/05/2006 8:39 PM

So, again. Like I said, I would prefer for you guys to destribe your characters in your posts. All that is really needed specificly...is the girl and Rikus best friend.

So...what do you guys think? Think this will work out?

07/06/2006 1:25 AM

The story takes place in what someone would call an Organization for Assasins, and as each goes there always seems to be some odd rumor going around. Someone in this organization will soon betray everyone for a female. He wants to run off with her, yet he isn't allowd as an assasin. No one can have any real social life as an assasin.
So, here's the story. This males best friend finds out, his best friend... will do anything for the group. He is the best afterall, but. He can't find himself to do it. . .
So, the rumor leaks on and on and somehow, someone finds out, and the betrayers best friend somehow gets drawn into the situation. They must run from it all, fight to live. Fight for life.

Now, I prefer for you to describe your characters in your posts, but, if you prefer a profile just tell me.

Riku (the best friend drawn into the situation): Played by~ Grave777
The friend: (name you choose) Played By~
The girl whose Riku's friend falls inlove with:

Organization Members:
None at the moment.


Now, you have a very solid story concept here, however you should be a little more descriptive and clarify who is who besides saying friend and best friend and girl. Otherwise, I have no qualms. One question though, are you concerned that with so much of the story already decided there'll be a linear feel to it?
Anyways, I am interested in the role of the friend. I do enjoy romance and love is very easy for me to articulate. Also, I know quite a bit about assasins, modern and ancient, from Yakuza strongarms to Fifth Freedom Counter-political units. I just have a few questions:
1: Is the friend "gothic" (God that stereotypical Clique namegiving bullshit goes against every fiber of my being! "Gothic" means 'basket weaving' I'm just a person who wears nail polish and a platemail gauntlet with my formal white shirts and instead of a tie! People, not "Goths"! All this predjudice is why there are so many hypocritical, poser, "I'm Gothic", self defeating bastards in this world! Sorry, forgot my meds...If I offended you I apologize...)
2: Do I just freestyle why you were left at a hotel and where the friend is?
3: Weapons, lots or a little? pistols, rifles, what?

If you're willing to allow me to play this role, please respond, if not, mail me and I'll delete my post. Once again, sorry if I came off as weird...

P.S. Is that YOUR eye? (it's pretty, just wondering)

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