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06/26/2006 12:35 PM

ways to insert your character...

All classes welcome...

" A paladin or good cleric in the party begins to have
dreams or visions of a falling infant. The details of
these dreams vary, but the central theme is always the
same: If the PC does not intervene, the infant will fall
into the clutches of some terrible, unnamed evil. The
dreams always leave the character with a strong
desire to head in whichever direction the village of
Elton lies.

" A wizard who specialize in planar research asks the
PCs to investigate the strange light that recently
appeared in the sky. She and her colleagues believe
the light to be extraplanar in origin. According to
their calculations, it appeared directly over the
hamlet known as Elton.

" Rumors of a strange orphan who speaks an unknown
language reach the characters ears. Supposedly, the
boy fell from the sky (or emerged from the earththe
tales are inconsistent) in the hamlet of Elton. Some
believe the boys appearance portends a coming catastrophe,
while others say he is gifted with marvelous
supernatural powers and has come for purposes of his
own. The description of the boy matches that of a dead
friend or relative of one of the characters.

The adventure begins when the characters reach the
hamlet of Elton, which occurs on the morning after his
kidnapping. The village bears the marks of a recent

06/26/2006 4:51 PM

NAME: Illiana Nitebane
RACE: High Elf
CLASS: Fighter/Ranger
NATURE (alignment): Lawful Neutral
DEMEANOR (ex: caregiver, prodigal son..etc...) Mercenary
SEX: Female
AGE: 216
HAIR; Silvery-Blonde
EYES; Violet
HEIGHT: 5'9"
APPEARANCE: Slender and lithe as all elves, moves with the unearthy grace common to her people. Her hair falls near to her waist, but she normally wears it tied back or braided. Clothing is of reinforced leather, and wears a mithral chainshirt under her linen shirt
EQUIPMENT/WEAPONS/MAGIC; Equipment: Light War Horse(includes riding saddle, saddle bag, bridle and reins); Backpack; Healing potions x3; Tinder Box (includes flint and steel); Hooded Lantern; 50ft of silk rope; Rations x5.

Weapons: Short Sword; Master Work Longbow; Quiver(includes arrows x40); Dagger.

Magic: Forest Sense: Can sense the tension in the forest around her, experiance can lead to a more accurate 'reading' and can even guage the thread level before the attack comes.

HISTORY: Unhappy in the elvish cities, Illiana moved to the forests, happy with the untouched splendor. Using her abilities to guide humans and other races for money, she frequently visits other towns.

06/26/2006 8:10 PM

NAME: Benjamin Tuffield
RACE: Human
CLASS: Cleric/Novice Wizard
NATURE: (I'm not sure I know these) Lawful Good
DEMEANOR: (Not sure I understand this either) Friendly?
SEX: Male
AGE: 19
HAIR: Blonde
EYES: Light Brown
HEIGHT: 5'7"
WEIGHT: 116 lbs
APPEARANCE: Short and skinny, he still has the grace of a teen going through a growth spurt. In fact, he still looks like a 14-15 year old, and resents it. He has a pallid complexion and looks rather frail. His hair appears much healthier than the rest of him, rather long for a male. It often falls into his face. He wears a slightly oversized brown tunic and a belt and bandolier that are covered with small bags of various items. Overall he looks rather unimpressive.
Equipment: A belt with many little sacks (including Rations x2; Flint and Tinder; A small torch; Healing Potions x2; Various medicinal herbs; Vials full of magic potions; A potato peeler; Colorful rocks (apparently because he collects them); Money; A lockpick; Etc); He has a gold chain with a key hanging from it; Probably has bits of string in his pockets...

Weapons: A short but functional sword (which he bought long ago for self protection, but has never seen any action past cutting his food and, once, cutting down a small tree as a test of sharpness); A small dagger that fits snugly in a sheath on his wrist.

Magic: Basic cleric magic (Healing, Detoxifying, etc); Very basic black magic (Conjuring light, starting a fire).

HISTORY: He never really picked up cleric magic quite well, or, anything for that matter. He stumbled upon some black magic books hidden in his school library. He returned later that night to practice and ended up setting fire to and burning down the greater part of the school. After being expelled, he set off to explore the country and hopefully find someone to learn from.

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06/27/2006 5:10 AM

*Nods* both look good to me...go ahead and post

06/30/2006 2:52 PM

If I wasn't already pushing it on the number of RPs I'm in, I'd be sign up in a second. I'll be keeping an eye on this one. Looks like it could be a good one. Good luck with it, Kalia.

And my willpower just might fail me and force me to give it a shot anyway. ;)

07/01/2006 2:15 AM

Where are you, Kalia? You just dissapeared!

07/01/2006 4:10 AM

nope, havent' yet... will be along soon, plan on posting tonite.

07/01/2006 8:44 AM

NAME: Ashtallion Silversoul


CLASS: Sorcerer/Elementalist

NATURE (alignment): Chaotic good

DEMEANOR: Indifferent, cold, proud.

SEX: Male

AGE: 312

HAIR; Silver/white

EYES; Silvery grey

HEIGHT: 5'10


APPEARANCE: Tall, slender, slightly pale. Flawless features and a face that is considered beautiful more so than handsome. Ashtallion always wears a soft, unadorned white robe with a silver belt at his waist.

EQUIPMENT/WEAPONS/MAGIC; Large warhorse called Spirit.

Weapons: Curved dagger, the handle is made of bone. The handle has strange runes carved into it.

Magic: Ashtallion primarily uses elemental forces, air, water, fire and earth, but also light and dark. He uses no words to direct and unleash his sorcery, aside from the higher class spells. Although not technically blood magick, Asht does, though very rarely, spill his own blood using his dagger, if he wishes to empower one of his spells.


Ashtallion started his training in the mystic arts when he was roughly 50 and so has spent decades mastering his power. While young, it was his mother that spotted the potential, and though his parents bore no offical standing they managed to enroll him a School for Magecraft. The talent within him was unusual, something noted by his teachers, yet it was never anything that gave them concern. He excelled in his classes, mastered spells in half the time it took some of the other students and became the star pupil in the school. When congradulated by his peers and teachers, Ashtallion would merely shrug. He was never boastful, he just didn't care about their words. Even as a child, he was somehow detached and it would take great anger to cause him to even so much as frown slightly.

Growing older did not change this, it only strengthened it, as did his skill in magic. In a calculated decision, Ashtallion focused mainly on sorcery in warfare and began selling his power to the highest offer. Wheather it was with an army or a solitary mission, he would lay waste to whomever was considered the enemy. Despite his detachment, the growing mage still had his own sense of justice and morals. Much of his power is collored by his emotional state, getting upset or incredibly anger is not something many would wish to see.

(not my best Kalia! but hey)

07/01/2006 4:28 PM

glad to have you along!

07/02/2006 12:33 AM

Fabby! Will post an intro soon ;)

07/12/2006 4:40 PM

Name:Eluin LightBringer









Appearnce:Tall, slender, peachy, Is always seen in his armor and some people say that hes handsome(these people are the ones that have only seen him once outside of his armor)

Equipment/Weapons/Magic:A strange book

Weapons:An elven enchanted longsword it has elven chars carved into it, Oak Long bow,Quiver(60x arrows)

Magic:Eluin only uses light and fire magic


Eluin started his training in the art of weilding weapons around when he was roughly 20 since he was young and in experinced it took him a long time mastering a sword and a longbow over the past 60 years he has learned to use new moves with the sword and how to hit a specific target with 1 arrow. He has mastered them both. When he started training in the magical arts when he was 100 he accidently set fire on an orc scout as he was riding by. it took him more than 80 years for him to not burn anything or make someone blind. With his skill he defended his village from many attacks until 1 night they planned asurprise attack the only problem was when thery reached the village and orc screamed waking up Eluin. Eluin tried to fight them off but there was too many he fleed into the woods making it his new home he has not been heard from or seen since he fleed and rumor has it he plans to try to kill them all by himself.

((hey srry if i made bad char))

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07/22/2006 2:47 AM

I really don't want this RP to die. I have plans for this character! I put a lot of thought into his characterization and personality! Please don't let it die! Please!

07/22/2006 4:16 PM

I'm not trying to! honestly... *cries* My creative streaks are odd at times.... sometimes I get a good idea, then the whole thing falls apart... I need some dedicated people to prod me into some sort of action, usually by interacting with my character of some sort will get me going (I even allow minor controlling of my character as long as it's within 'character' so to speak....

07/22/2006 7:37 PM

uh question is my profile ok? can i join??

07/23/2006 12:45 AM

I need some dedicated people to prod me into some sort of action, usually by interacting with my character of some sort will get me going

Well, I was going to wait until everyone arrived at the town before I did anything else... But I suppose I could pull something out. Just gimme like a day...

08/07/2006 8:04 AM

ok well......this sucks i'ma just delete my profile and not comeo n here nothing seems to be working

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