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06/07/2006 12:26 PM

First we'll need your character's name (specify if your going to use your username).Your characters abilities, anything that you specialize in ninjitsu wise and your weapon proficency. Your aliginment, whos side are you on?, Even though were the Alliance, we need opposition so dont be shy, you can choose from:The Alliance= good, Wanderers= neutral, Fiend Worshipers= evil. Backstories, descriptions of look, etc.
well i guess ill post mine.

post yours next

Name: Ratagi
Age: 40 (your character's not yours)
Aliginment: The Alliance
Abilities; wind and thunder mastery
Weapon: sword of thunder and lightining
I was born in the Village of the Wind (Jyoti, is its Japanese name) , thats where the massacre happened. I was a boy of 5, then one fateful night my village was attacked by The Riders (a Fiend Worshiping clan), everyone around me mauled ( 4 empy lol). Then my parents... they... THEY WERE BEHEADED IN FRONT OF ME!. One of the riders found me. He took me and "adjusted"( beat) me until i renounced any ties to the Alliance. He taught me their ways. Then i was given the ritual.. i was turned, partially, fiend.. Then the night of my first raid i met the leader of the opposing village. Ill never forget that sword, it gleamed yellowish- white, like a sunrise. We fought and he knocked me unconscious. i was 10. He then took the demonic poison out of me. He raised me as his own and taught me the ways of the ninja. I turned my back on the Alliance once, i wont ever again..My eyes still burn. The scars left by my master's fight with me still lay on my skin, i wear them proudly...

06/08/2006 4:57 AM

Name: Draiken

Age: 45

Alignment: Fiend Worshipper

Abilities: Darkness and Fire Mastery

Weapon: 2 Secense Pata's (One of Darkness and one of Fire)

Description: I lead the attack on Jyoti. I had been a very powerfull disciple at the age if 10. I was called a prodigy among my clan. I found one child, younger that I, I punished him until he renounced his sins. I took him in and taught him our ways. He ran away from us, the next time I see that child, I'll finish waht I should've done 35 years ago. I'm gonna kill that little punk.

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