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05/29/2006 6:01 PM

Ok this is a X-men based storyline. It has been a year since the last stand, and the world seems to be at peace. Mutants and Humans try to fit it. Somethings wrong, storm and everyone know this after watching Stryker who was supposed to be dead, give a speech about the new MHoc plan, or mutant freedom plan. Not only does this bring suprise, Logan begins to hear Janes voice replay in his mind, he knows shes alive and he knows scott is too. While he is figauring out that puzzle, Nightcrawler returns and tells the xmen about the morlocks, or refugee mutants. Too make things worse, Iceman finds an mutant incampment in alkan lake, and senses Magnetos is alive and the brotherhood is rebuilding. So basically all this is happening

You will be able to take control of these characters.

-Jubalee (new student)
-Gambit (new student)

I will be logan aka Wolverine.....I will unfold most of the main plot, but as for these characters

there is a sub-plot that fits in with the main plot and if you choose that chracter yuou must stick to tht subplot here they are

ICEMAN: After all the relationship drama between him/rouge/shadowcat he decides to take a break off school for awhile. He heads to aklaine lake. After ventureing threw the forrest, he stumbles upon a camp, quietly he senses something wrong. He sees Pyro alive walking form the camp with others. He investagates further and gets caught, so hes trying to leave the lake whiel being hunted down by the brotherhood.

NIGHTCRAWLER: He was absent in the movie, and finally comes back bringing secrets about the morlocks. You will have to come up with a story about his abesnece form the third movie, and tell about the morlocks and how they can help

STORM/BEAST: Basically they have the same subplot. They are dealing with the mysterious return of stryker. You will tell the story of how they are dealing with it and how they begin to really the students at xaviers academy.

OK comment back for recruting.

05/29/2006 8:00 PM

Here's some words of advice. . .

When using an established license for your RP setting, it's generally a bad idea to allow anyone to play existing characters. The long and short of it is that RPers, by and large, do a very bad job of portraying existing characters. It ruins the feel of the RP as other RPers are not 'convinced' that the player is playing the character properly. To put a finer point on it; We have certain assumptions and perceptions of characters and how they act as established by their creators and writers. Allowing some random person to fuck with that is a bad idea. And it's bad RPing.

Another thing is to learn how to spell and use grammar. The storyteller/GM of an RP should be able to know how to use capital letters -consistently- for example, as well as be able to spell the names of the main characters of the game (Colossus). Furthermore, and do not take this as an insult, judging by your opening statements and the rather short, not-so-helpful presentation of your idea, you have no business playing a major, leading character like Wolverine, regardless of how much you like him. You won't be able to do any justice to the character.

So there you have it. Take it or leave it.

05/31/2006 11:56 AM

Ouch, Damien.

The spelling however he is correct on, Rogue, Jubilee, nightcrawler and the mention of Gambit, who never was a student at Xavier's school but immediately taken into the X-men. These are things a GM needs to be aware of. Bad spelling will keep away players, even if they were interested in the start.

Lastly, you assume everyone has already seen the third movie, were as in some countries it is not even released yet, due to the translation.

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