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05/26/2006 9:18 PM

I'm not finished with my post yet, and I will at a more convenient time. Please don't post until then. Thank you.

EDIT: Post has been finished, please read this before posting.

This thread will be closed to the first IC poster, after that no one else but me and them may post.


(I understand you may have set rules already, but just to avoid any confusion.)

The fighters may wield any blunt or bladed object. Plain ol' fists are allowed as well.

Fighters must be 100% human, sadly enough you may not have a gargoyle or angel battle against the pirate.

Weapons must be realistic, and cannot be ranged in any way, save for shurikens and throwing daggers (no guns).

When attacking, please make sure you check with the laws of physics (annoying little buggers, aren't they?) first. If your arm is broken, you can't cut it off and grow another one, at least not in this battle. Maybe next time.

SPELL PROPERLY! I know some of you may still go "u" instead of "You", and "r" instead of "Are". I won't mind a mistake, but please, don't go "Den he trew a daggre @ Faren & tryd 2 hit him". in this RP. Please try to understand that I need to know what you did. And I don't like having to get out a translator device to find out what you did, you aren't speaking german.

Attacks may only be up to four per post. Combos included. If you did a 1-2 punch, then twisted around on the ball of your foot and did a back-hand slap, that counts as three attacks. Yup. Three. As well as slashing. One slash diagonally up left to down right, is one attack, then bringing it up to right to left diagonally, is two. Yup. Two.

Certain abilities, such as tele/pyrokinesis, flight, alchemy, etc etc are allowed. Just don't overdo it.

Remember, we're in a meadow, don't just suddenly say we dissapeared into the deepest darkest realm of hell or something like that. Aaight?

The volcano is active, but will not erupt in this battle. Don't say it did and shot a flaming boulder at me or anything.

GODMODDING = BAAAAAD! I trust and hope most people here know that godmodding is frowned upon in RPing in general. Please, don't take full control over my character for an instant. K?

Effects from battle must be noticed as well. If your arm is broken, you can't use it, right? If I cut your thumb off, you can't grip things as well, right? Last time I checked anyways. Please, remember the effects that are caused through injuries and all.

Anything else, just ask here or something. =D

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