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02/28/2006 11:33 AM

Ok I not for sure how tis is going to work out but yeah.

What I want is some info on your person. Here is mine.

Basic Info
-Name: Lance Ranu
-Allis: Draco, Sparky
-Age (Actual): 500
-Age (Appearance): 19
-Sex: Male
-Occupation: Bounty Hunter Fighter for Hire
-Personality: Lone Wolf, Punk, Dark, and Mysterious
-Place of Birth: Tokyo, Japan
-Name: Lucifers Angel
-Info: A Lucifers Angel once was a regular angel or a fallen/dark angel that has completely fallen to their rage, this happens by the loss of a love one/someone really close. When they turn their hair, eyes, and wings turn a Blood Red. The can change their eye color, dye their hair, and hide their wings.
-Height: 6
-Weight: 130
-Hair Color: Black
-Eye Color: Ice Blue
-Head: Black Bandana
-Torso: Black short sleeve shirt
-Waist: Studded black belt, belt for katana holster
-Left: Studded wrist band
-Right: Studded wrist band
-Left: Glove
-Right: Glove
-Legs: Black skater jeans (Zero Pants)
-Feet: Adio Eugene Shoes (Black With Pink)
Noticeable Features
-Head: Scar over right eye
-L. Arm: Tattoo (Just a bar that goes around his arm)
-R. Arm: Tattoo (Just a bar that goes around his arm)
-Back: Scar right on his spine
-Chest: Scar vertically across his chest
-Head: Nothing
-L. Arm: Nothing
-R. Arm: Nothing
-Wrist: Goughtlets
-L. Hand: Glove with little spikes on the knuckles
-R. Hand: Glove with little spikes on the knuckles
-Name: Batsuti
-Color: Dual Silver
-Type: Katana
-Description: Lances Sword, Batsuti, is an ordinary katana but it is rusted from all the blood that has been stained on it
-Name: Dragon Buster
-Color: Black with silver blade
-Type: Bladed Spear
-Description: A bamboo spear with a knife type blade
-Fighting Styles: Tai Qwan Do, Tenth degree black belt
-Element: Chaos, Any other Chaos Element Ex: Chaos Fire
- Name: Dragon Fire Twister
-Weapon Used: Batsuti
-Element Used: Chaos Fire
-Description: Lance holds out his katana to the side and starts to spin causing Chaos Fire to surrounds him, them he unleashes it on his foe
- Name: Blood Lust X
-Weapon Used: Batsuti
-Element Used: None
-Description: Lance, in order to use this attack, makes a cut on himself, mainly his arm, and lets the blood drip onto his blade. After this he makes to slashes in the air, in the form of an X, and it attacks the opponent like a sonic blast. This is by-far his most powerful attack
Lances history is shrouded in darkness. He has been traveling the world over and over just to find what he doesnt know. Lance is the only kid in his clan that received the angelic bloodline; he got it from his mom; what was weird because everyone in his bloodline received the demonic bloodline.

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