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02/05/2006 2:06 AM

This is gonna take place before the start of the book Dragons of the Autumn Twlight. Since I can remember some of the book but not all, Been forever sense I read it. It will take place just off the coast of Qualinesti, to begin with. My character can't remember anything. Most of her clothing is gone, and she is very cut up and badly hurt. Her name is on a necklace she wears. It's Li'aara. On that necklace are two feathers and a very pretty blue gem. Her hair is a very long and goes to her waist, and is a very rich black. The people who found her are elves, and well the rest is up to who ever posts. I"m not one for a very long entrance I like the rp to write it's self. I hope I get some replies. ~smiles and bows~ Again sorry for my awful spelling. >_< If there are errors please tell me.

03/14/2006 3:03 PM

ack...well it seems I missed this one :D well I'll join in once I find a suitable character K?? hope you're still around Lunar :D

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