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01/20/2006 6:50 PM

Ok folks, as you can tell by the first post, tis set in New York in our own time.

As you will also see, elementals are a major part of this plot and as you will expect, air, fire, water and earth and the four main. There is an evil that exists, thought to have been vanquished eons ago by a powerful Wi'tch of Spirit and Stone, but this evil has persisted, gathering his strength over countless centuries, for he has needed that time to regenerate his dark power.

The Black Heart, an ancient evil of the world that has long been forgotten, as have the many races that once populated the earth, all have mingled and bred into one, such is the time that has passed since the Black Heart, whose true name will not be revealed just yet, last set foot upon the Land he once tried to corrupt.... and suprise suprise, he's at it again.

He has a few ill'guard under his dominion. The ill'gaurd are a loathsome set. Once they were elementals, that have been corrupted by the Black Heart, whose power can turn the silver flame of an elemental into fuel for dark magicks.... whatever the elemental power the human possessed is turned into a perverted form, used only to hunt and kill. There main mission is to hunt down other elementals and pervert them also, using the dark flames of the Heart to scar their souls and burn away the traces of their once human lives. Even the dead have no escape from the dire fires of the Black Heart.

Now, you do not need to be an elemental, more information will be given on the ill'guard, and on the elementals. Mages and Wi'tches no longer exist, their power fading from memory. The Black Heart seeks a way to corrupt the very Earth itself, and by doing so, the people that populate it. Many in this age do not realise the connection they have the land, elementals are more in tune with it, as it is the Land that gives them their power.

The strength of their elemental gifts vary from person to person. Vince, naturally, is very strong and talented, he doesn't like using them though and is reluctent to do so. He has as of yet to meet another elemental of any kind.

I will be posting more imformation, but feel free to post questions and queries!


01/21/2006 9:07 PM

Okay.... I'm game.. (as usual...;)) Okay you said Earth, Air, Fire and Water being the four main... but you've left room for one of the more common, and cousin of Air and Fire ;) Light :D (if that's alright with you...)

Name: Illysen Hikari
Age: 21
Ethnic Apperance: Asian
Hair: Black
Eyes: Light Blue
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 117lbs
Element: Light (Easily mistaken for fire, as most light gives off heat...)

Illysen is the only child of two highly prosperous people. Her father is the head of a programing corperation, filling his days with board meetings. Her mother, a highly recocgnized surgeon, barely smiles and nods at Illysen's accomplishments.

Illysen graduated as Valedictorian in high school, and went on to Bard University, in hopes of completing her bachelors in music, when she realized her hopeless situation with her parents. They only cared about their own little lives, in their own little corners of the world. So Illysen took her leave of them, took what she could of her inheritance, packed her car with everything she could, and moved to New York City.

While in Bard University, She had found her talent with light, and taught herself what she could. In hopes of finding someone else who could help her strong innate power, she searched the streets in ernest every night.

01/22/2006 4:54 PM

I'm liken this idea! If earth, fire, air, and water are the four main what else can we have? What about Dark? If so:

Name: Abbys Black
Age: 50
Ethnic Apperance: Abomination (was white)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Light red
Height: 8'1"
Weight: 600lbs
Element: Darkness

Abbys cant remember anything was a few years ago when he met a freak in a bar, after that everything changed. Now he is masive, strong, deformed, and puke green. His eyes burn every time he takes his shades off unless at night or in a dark room. His hair is thick and long, constently in his face. And his nose has shrivled along to with his ears. Every where he goes some one is trying to kill him, at every turn a gun or blade. To compisate for this he carries a double bladed axe hidden behind his masive black trench coat. And his nails are long, hard and sharp. So hard he can't clip them. And to top it all off that damn voice wont get out of his head, "Find them, kill them! One by one, group by group. Destroy!"

01/23/2006 2:18 AM

Not bad, but I would like to ask if this character is to be evil or not? Also just one other thing, in future before you jump into the actual RP wait until your character has been approved first, ok? Not meant as a slap on the wrist, just to let you know is all. This goes for any others wishing to join in, post your charcter here first and then once approved you can jump in on the fun!


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