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01/20/2006 12:56 PM

This takes place in a "normal" medieval fantasy world, bows and arrows, swords and staves, knights and priests and wizards oh my!. In this world, every person (or thing depending on your views of goblins and such) has a magical talent that they are born with. Most people don't know what their magical power is, either because they haven't figured out how to use it, or simply because they don't believe they have one. Most people believe the only magic is the stuff used by wizards and clerics etc .

The story starts out ( or atleast I am going to start out) in a large port city, surrounded by grassy plains, and a powerful wizard is seeking to gather a group of people to find their hidden abilities. Most take it as a joke, or believe he will fail, leaving the group primarily unfilled. Despite this, posters are still put up around the city, advertising the venture.

I'd like characters to be in a format like this, so it's easy to read and learn a little starting info about them.

Name: Grubb
Race: Imbued Ogre *see history*
Age: 28

Physical Description: Grubb stands a little over 10 feet tall, his thick body as sturdy as a tree, corded muscles toned from years of use. Dark gray eyes hide under his brow, which protrudes ever so slightly. His large nose makes him look almost comical when combined with his brow, a comic look that fades when he bares his large sharp teeth. His thick tanned skin appears to be covered in dirty, giving him an earthy look. Usually armored in thick platemail from his head to his toes, the shiny metal clashing with his own looks if he takes his helmet off.

Personality: Grubb is kind to a majority of people, not inheriting the ogre's constant need for violence and blood. He finds joy in many simple things, such as wrestling, listening to nature, and helping his father with manual labor. Grubb does not tolerate abuse of people who are unable to defend themselves, and especially for women, the ogre has been known to lose himself to his anger. Fighting for, and with honor is of the utmost importance to Grubb, he will not stab anyone in the back (unless they are running away).

History: Grubb was born of a magical experiment by a gnomish wizard named Gorandig, who had been experimenting with the magical combination of bloodlines. All experiments before and after Grubb had failed, leaving the wizard with but one success. Grubb had been born of primarily ogre's blood, but had inherited minor amounts of elf and giants blood as well. At first, Gorandig had planned on selling the baby into slavery, but quickly noticed that the baby was both strong, dextrous, and smart, making him decide to keep the creature.

As the years passed, he had Grubb trained as a worker, using Grubb to perform physical labor that no other man could achieve. When Grubb was 8, he was strong enough to begin training in combat, and the wizard paid for some of the best to come and teach his servant, for only in private did he refer to Grubb as his son. Grubb grew even stronger and he grew swift (for his size), quickly taking up hunting and sparring with the local militia, always sending them flying. Grubb has been sent on all kinds of work for his father, including mercenary work that Gorandig accepts, using Grubb to ensure the job got done. Grubb enjoys his life as a mercenary, always exploring new places, seeing new things, and killing new people.

If anyone has any questions, or if Shallandra wants to add anything, nows the time... or any other time because I'm not too terribly picky.

01/20/2006 1:55 PM

That's a great start, Demi! I'll work up a character once I get out of that Helter-Skelter mindframe. ;)

01/20/2006 2:59 PM

Hmmmm, I may very well be interested!

One wizard character coming up! ;)

01/20/2006 5:14 PM

Name: Simone
Race: Human
Age: 17

Physical Description: Simone stands about 5'7" and often wears loose clothing to hide both her feminine figure and physical strength. Her brunette hair is cropped short above her ears, and her green eyes exude intelligence, curiosity, and a certain driven stubbornness.

Personality: Simone seems rather matter-of-fact when she first meets someone. She rarely has the patience for small-talk - instead prefering to conduct whatever business is needed, and move on. Many would think her aloof or standoffish, but those who have the willingness to see beyond her hardened exterior often find a young woman with hopes, dreams, and a desire to live life to its fullest.

History: Having been raised on a humble farm, Simone is no stranger to hard work. Being the eldest of five children (all daughters), Simone stepped into the role of 'eldest son' early in her life. She worked for hours each day with her father on the farm, learning not only the ways of farming, but of living an honorable life. She was never very close to her mother, and she often wondered if her mother had become envious of the close relationship she and her father shared. As she drew closer to the marrying age of 18, she knew that her mother would be rather glad to be rid of her.

She was unsure as to what she would do once she left home. She of course, had the option of marrying, but knew she wouldn't be very well suited for the role of homemaker. Women were not permitted to own property themselves - so she couldn't go into farming on her own. She knew she would need to make a decision soon, but in the quietness of her heart, she often fretted over what that decision would be.

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01/21/2006 9:44 AM

I'm in.

01/23/2006 3:40 AM

Well here is my knight character:

Name: Carlos
Race: Human
Age: 29

Physical Description: Well he is about normal height, stands about 6"2'. He is a well groomed man and walks with a sturdy step. His body is not overly muscular but he has a lithe quality in his muscles. His purple eyes give away some dark past that he doesn't even know. He has dark black hair that hangs around his shoulders. He has no facial hair what so ever. His normal garb is that of a knight. Half plate armour, two longswords by his sides and a Great sword on his back. He is normaly seen riding his black stag of a horse.

Personality: He is of stern up bringing and it is shown through the way he talks to his lessers, a very arrogant man when it comes to fighting. He loves to fight with his weapons of choice, his 2 swords. But sometimes resorts to the straight power of a Great Sword. He enjoys a good stout drink every now and then and is a true nomad. He only stops in towns to get a drink or supplies. He earns his money by doing his favourite pass time, enforcing local law. Most towns see him and think that he is a knight of some regal order but he isn't.

History: Well his history is quite borring up to the age of 20. He worked on a farm from the age of 12 and saved all that he earned for a pair of swords, once he had those at the age of 16 he started to save for some basic armour. The day came on his 19th birthday when his farther passed his a chest. When he opened it all he found was some studded leather armour. It was worn in some areas but still useable. He donned it straight away, a perfect fit. He slowly, in his down time from work, began to make a name for him untill he was 20. From doing odd jobs around the town he lived in he had earned enough for him to go off and become a traveling fighter. His farther was very happy to see this and gave him all the familys savings. So off he went fighting his way though forests and goblins and anything that got in his way. He made enough money from slaying enemys of the lands he traveld through to make himself a tidy some of money and his new armour.
So now he travels ever onward enjoying the town he comes by and using every opertunity to earn money, as long as it doesn't disagree with his better judgement.

Equipment: Half-plate armour of great manufacture made pefect for his lithe body, two longswords stained with blood and worn with use, his greatsword that he got from a poor town who had nothing but that to give as payment. And his dark horse, a gift from the elves of a forest that he had been given access they thanked him the only way that they could, a horsde and food for the journey. He alse carries the usual traveling gear, a long rope, a roll up bed, a tent, a feader for his horse, a bag full of rations, flint and a bit of tinder, a waterskin, a general medical kit to fix himself up as best as he can and finally a pair of steel manicles to hold any victims they need alive.

01/23/2006 8:24 AM

Sounds good to me, jump on in whenever ya want.

01/23/2006 8:53 AM

Name: Lysandro Silverspirit
aka: Starfire
Age: 264
Race: Elven
Profession: War Wizard

Personality: Cool, calm and collected. He possesses a will of iron and a resolve to match, quick witted, intelligent and swift to act, yet he knows when a situation requires consideration rather than brute strength. Starfire can be easy going, sometimes giving an aloof air, a feeling of superiority when amongst humans, but he has learned to tolerate them, travelling as much as he has done and through many lands. Not easily angered, but when enraged in battle, there have been few that have survived his wrath, and those that have done are often left with some form of wound.

Appearance: Like the majority of elven kind, he is tall and lithe, built for speed and precision, moving with graceful intent and deadly accuracy. Long flowing silver white hair, that is often tired back in a thick braid, he has silvery gray eyes that seem to shine with starlight. Handsome of face and somewhat pale, he had sometimes appear to be made of marble, adopting a cold expression sometimes.

History: Magic has always been in Lysandro's life. His mother was a talented sorceress and his father a respected Wizard, and so naturally, their only son followed in their footsteps. His youth was spent in front of books and dusty tomes, his mother teaching him the basics of magic and the words of the craft, whilst other children ran and played amongst the towering aspen trees. Lysandro never grudged them these things of childhood, he perferred mature and learned company, absorbing both word and knowledge.

Such was his childhood, and he was happy with it, it wasn't until he was 60 years old did Lysandro decide to pursue war wizardy, something his mother and father could not understand. What beauty was there in dealing out death with lightning and fire, there were more practical uses of magic.... which was true, but the elven lad saw war had its own beauty, and was drawn to it like a moth to a flame. Fate it seemed, was preparing the young mage for the years ahead.

Soon, war came to him, his family and the small elven town they had settled in. Many were slain by the roaming human bandits, wealth and life were both stolen, by a gloved hand of a flash of steel and blood. Some might assume three wizards would be more than capable of fending off a group of brigands, but his mother and father were not trained in matters of battle. Yes, they killed a few of the bandits with crude offensive magics, but it was Lysandro that showed what battle magery could really do. His arms rose above his head and he called forth his magic, speaking in the arcane tongue.

Silver white flames spewed forth, engulfing the raiding party, or at least several of them. Lysandro stood in the centre of the flaming vortex, almost bathed in starlight. Once the small skirmish was over, he was given a new name. Starfire. For his flames were surely from the stars themselves.

Soon after, Starfire knew he could no longer be content with sitting in a small town for the remainder of his days, and so ventured out into the world to seek adventure and coin, lending his skills where they were needed, so long as the cause of morally appealing also.

Weapons: He carries only a small dagger as a last resort, and a staff of white wood. His magic his is weapon, and he deals mainly in elemental spells of an offensive and defensive nature.

Familar: Along his travels, Lysandro has aquired a familiar, a large female white wolf with blue eyes. She is strong and fast, and acts as another set of ears and eyes for her mage master.

01/23/2006 9:04 AM

awesome, all we need is a midgit now and we'll be all set! :) jk, jump on in when you find a place that suits you.

01/31/2006 10:40 AM

Hey balthazer (sorry if I mispelled yer name), you want to make an intro post? Or did you want to come in at a later point? Trying to figure out if I should get the story rolling or wait for you a little longer... what say DM and Shally? Since you guys are in already should we get started and let him introduce himself later?

03/07/2006 6:17 PM

Did everyone lose interest? I know I haven't been very active lately because I'm visiting my parents, but I still have the last post and I was just checking.

03/07/2006 8:19 PM

Name: Ashethezar [osh-the-zar] or 'Ash'
Race: Human
Age: 26

Physical Decription: Ash is of about normal human build. Approx. 5' 11" and 200 lbs. Tan, rough skin, brown eyes, dark hair, and two stitches covering the corner of his mouth. He has slightly narrow eyes. Ash has small, round ears, a small mouth, and a long nose.

Personality: Ash has a somewhat optimistic outlook on life, enhanced by his happy demeanor and cheerful disposition. Smiles come easily to him, and he sees the good in everyone. This optimism is slightly tempered by his nervousness and loner attitude.

History: Ash was born in a desert city situated next to an oasis. The city was mostly peaceful, with only the occasional unsuccesful raid from goblinoid bands. His family was part of the merchant class, and was in the middle class. When Ash was three, the temple priests took him to the temple to train as a cleric. He excelled, showing utmost faith to Undra, the city's god of the Sun. However, not all was well. His city's guards, so used to small raids, was caught off-guard by a full-blown siege. His city was destroyed, and a cursed blade left a scar across his chest, and a gash extending his mouth. Only a few citizens survived, and they escaped to a city across the desert. The city, unfortunately, was extremely strict and intolerable of other religions, and the survivors worshipped Undra in secret. The guards found them, and killed the survivors and destroyed their temple. Ash was away with a merchant caravan when this happened and survived. When he returned, he found out about what happened. Not letting this depressing act weigh him down, he continued to follow Undra's simple doctrine and help others, especially those in need. Although Undra has only one formal follower left, he draws his power from all good deeds, and thus Ash can still weild his magic. Ash has since become a wanderer, helping and healing those in need.

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04/11/2006 7:50 PM

this looks good, think ill try and get in one this

one question though....can i have two characters? i can work just as well with one but it was a thought, if i CAN then ill put in the bio for my second character.

heres my character anyways

Name - Mycroft Mcdohl
Race - Human
Age - 45

Physical Description - Mycroft is of a muscular build, hes 6'2, weighs 236 lbs, has rough dark skin, jade green eyes, is bald and has multiple scars. The most recognizable being a deep one in his back which probably came from an attempted stabbing and several cutting wounds on his chest. He has an average sized nose, a small mouth, round ears and ordinary round eyes.

Equipment - Mycroft wears a full platemail suit made of steel. Which he only takes off to clean or repair, oddly enough however it is green. His weapon of choice is a greatsword made of steel yet he has been known to be quite the pyromaniac in battle, using liquor and a match as a weapon. Aside from this he keeps the neccesary equipment for any travelling adventurer, a tent, some tinder, flint, several bottles of whiskey, a waterskin, several matches, a sleeping bag and military rations.

Personality - Mycroft has an overall dark outlook on life, especially society. He is very untrusting and can often be quite paranoid, he takes his work seriously however and when given any kind of assignment he finishes it to the best of his ability. He usually tries to help people in small ways as it will ease the burden that is life but he has from time to time, worked for organized crime. He doesnt necesarily enjoy it but you gotta put food in yer gut, gotta keep from being penned in the dead book and you gotta look out for you n yer buds.

History - Mycroft is from a very distant kingdom that no longer exists, when he was young he was fairly poor and he learned to survive on whatever you could find or "borrow", he managed to get work as a blacksmith's apprentice at age 10 but at 16 he was drafted for the war effort of his kingdom. Leaving his allmost complete blacksmith training, unfinished.

At first he was there on the front lines doing battle with the forces of his enemy, he fought in many a battle and while he only had a few weeks training in comparison to the years worth of his enemy. His strength and equipment were of considerably superior quality and his resourcefulness in combat quickly lead to the promotion of lieutenant. He served in the war until he was 25 at which point he was allowed to return and finish his blacksmith training, he finished at 27 and was sent back for more combat training and to return to the front.

It became apparent however that his country was losing the war and BADLY. Before his people could begin any kind of negotiations or cease fire a plague had spread throughout the kingdom and added with the long war and the terrible affects it had on the general populace, his kingdom was soon conquered. As far as mycroft knows there are NO other survivors and he has been a travelling adventurer ever since, looking out primarily for himself.

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04/16/2006 5:12 PM

looks good, although I don't know how many people are still interested. As you may be able to see I tried to ask who was still around and what not, but no one answered. Perhaps I'll repost the general idea and the primary post and try to get a new crowd, or to lure back the people who were originally going to take part.

Are your characters (assuming you end up with 2 of them) going to travel around together, just giving you a little more dimension to your RPing? I just wanna hear your motive to having 2 characters, but I'll probably let you have them, providing we can get this RP off the ground.

04/17/2006 9:29 PM

yeah, my two characters would travel around together and (i hope anyways) also engage in scenes which are......odd yet amusing to say the least, my second character was going to be a cynical dark elf archer (i rarely see archers, much less dark elves), this gives them a sort of strength in teamwork whereas most people are elite swordsmen or super awesome mages with huge doomsday spells their strength comes in teamwork and they must keep each other out of trouble, the dark elf is more or less the brains of the two and mycroft is the muscle

i can work just as well with one but two makes it easier to do comical stuff and well thought out attacks

ill be honest though, i was beginning to think this rp was alittle dead, you didnt reply to my post in 2 weeks

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05/31/2006 8:45 AM

Hi.. I think i'll give it a go. ok... heres my bio sorry if it's sorta long!

Name: Jinko
Nickname: Kitten
Gender: female
Age: refers to herself as 14 years old
Birthplace: unknown
Race: human
Class: thief

Appearance: She is of a very petite build and some would even say she looked like a mere child. She has short jaggedy hair the color of black lace that stands out more than anything when first seeing her. She has deep brown eyes with a peculiur hint of purple gathered around the pupil.
She has a light tan skin tone that sets off her dark hair and eyes. People often mistake her for a poor orphan child because of her build. She stands at 5'2" and weighs about 95 pounds.

Voice: Her very soft voice is another reason people tend to underestimate her. She sometimes speaks very quickly, often making it difficult to understand her.

Personality: Though she may be soft spoken she does not like her opinions to go unnoticed. She is a loyal friend and would do anything to protect the ones she respects. Some would consider her a coward because she is hesitant to get too deeply in a relationship with anyone. She often does not stay in one place for long and is forever looking for something she can live for. She has a very adventurous side and is almost always willing to help people in need. She makes her living as a theif because it gives her that sense of adventure she is searching for.

Clothing: She often wears earthy colors so to not stand out to much in a crowd, after all she is a theif.

Weapon: She owns a small dagger that has an odd symbol carved on the worn out handle, other than that she has no use for any weapons...

Profession: Theif! When she was small a young bandit leader took her under his wing. He soon learned she was quick, quiet, and proficient. She developed an ability for almost always landing on her feet, which earned her the nickname Kitten.

Background History: Orphaned as a young child she was befriended by a fifteen year old bandit leader. She soon learned the skills of a theif and how to defend herself. At the age of ten her group of bandits were caught and forced to go their own seperate ways. She has no memories of her parents and has no interests in trying to gain any... for now anyway.

Elemental Basis: Earth

Talents: She has a knack for picking lock and escaping from locked rooms. She is small so she can fit places larger people would not be able to. She has good fighting skills, but prefers to talk calmly instead of fighting it out.

Spells: None... but she does have a unique ability of talking to plants, which makes them bloom

Possessions: She carries a small brown backpack with a few small items in it.

Flaws: Since she is so small most people underestimate her. She is terribly afraid of fire and will not go near any kind of flame. Even though she may be good with a dagger she is horrible with a sword and it is fairly easy to counter her attacks.


06/02/2006 1:56 PM

your stuff seems good but something tells me this rp is more or less dead, the last post before yours was a month or two ago and i myself havent seen the guy who started the rp online very often.

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