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10/22/2005 11:44 AM

Well guys all I'm wanting is simple characters, they can be any of the following:

Vampire (Explained later)

Prowler (Explained later)

Werewolf (Explained later)

Human (Unaware)

Human (Aware)

Human (Necromancer)

Human (Witch {female only})

Human (Warlock{male only})

Ok vampires aren't what the normal theory is. A vampire has many talents.
Firstly they can walk in the day,
Secondly they do drink humans, this is where their strength comes from,
Thirdly they have a sort of entrancing power that can get humans to obey them for a short amount of time, this only works on the weak minded,
Fourthly they heal realy quick, they can only be killed by severing the head

Ok Now onto Prowler, these hate all other races, and are like an evolved version of a werewolf, their wolf form walks on to legs and has talon like fingers when in wolf form.
Firstly they can look like a human or there 'wolf' form,
Secondly they are extremely strong in either form,
Thirdly they live for an extremely long time,
Forthly they eat flesh they prefer it raw.

Ok now the werewolves, these I am realy happy about because they are very different to the normal variation.
Firstly a werewolf's wolf form is acctualy a giant wolf, about the size of their human form on 4 legs,
Secondly werewolf is the strongest demihuman there are (demihuman = not normal),
Thirdly a werewolf takes a long time to change about 2 hours atleast,
Fourthly they keep there animalistic traights in its human form but has to change about every 4 days.

Humans that are unaware are just like me, you and you best friend. They've seen all the films but never in their wildest dreams though that they could be true.

Humans aware are humans the that know of the Demi-races but chose to carry on as normal seen as they have no special powers.

Ah Necromancer, if you've played DnD then you know exactly what I mean if not then its just a human who knows spells that can talk to, bring back or even control the dead. A human necromancer can also disregard the vampire mind trick.

Witchs are human females who learn spells like a necromancer but does it with a realy good affinity towards all magical things. They hate all Warlocks and would try to kill them on sight, Warlocks and Witches know each other just by looking into each others eyes.

Warlocks are the same as witches exept male.

Right once you've picked your race you'd better give me some info on your character.

Background: (Doesn't have to be long, short is also good aslong as we know what the character is like)
Equipment: (Don't go overboard unless you are a Warlock/Vampire or a Prowler.)
Mate: (Werewolves only, there wife/husband)
Spells: (Only humans.)

Well if you post a character wait for me to confirm it then you can go ahead and start playing. Oh and Carlos is a Vampire.

11/04/2005 7:29 PM

Name: Aredhel Vardamir
Age: 17
Race: witch
Sex: female
Appearance: dark hair, grey eyes, 5"00 height, really fast with words and speed.
Background: Professional in elemental spells and a healer by nature, Aredhel travels around the world trying to cure all turned into werewolfs and vampires, she is sometimes vulnerable to warlocks
Equipment: scrolls
Spells: Sak-nth-quin (lighting spell), Watergaenvocatus( water tsunami) firga(fire balls)

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11/06/2005 11:35 AM

That is great, I realy like the character. You can start posting straight away, sorry about the wait.

11/07/2005 10:23 AM

Name: Damon "Dark"
Age: 112
Race: Vampire
Sex: male
Appearance: black hair, blue eyes, 5"11', 165lbs Brown trench coat and blue pants.
Background: He was born in a noble family but was tuned at the age of twenty five and trown out of his country. He learned how to fight with every weapon. He hates humans for "betraying" him.
Equipment: his twin short swords are hidden behind him.

What do you think?

11/07/2005 2:38 PM

I like it ^_^;;;

11/08/2005 4:54 AM

Well I say quoting bart simpson AWESOME, the character has a real scence of evil. Get posting.

11/09/2005 5:49 AM

If anyone wants to sign up then just do it, but wait for me to confirm it.

11/13/2005 12:06 PM

Ok here's some more infomation for you guys:

[b]Warlocks[/b] have what is called a Cabal, it is an organization ran by a warlock family with assorted supernaturals in. It is normally a big lawyer company, they use it as a cover story for their mafia like controlling techniques. They are the moden day mafia and are much worse!

[b]Vampires[/b] have covenants, they are big house holds or places with lots of lane witch a matron mother/father owns. The whole group must live there. They live in harmony using cover stories to pay for all they need. Vampiric covenants are almost always all vampire.

[b]Werewolves[/b] have packs, much like wolf packs. They live in the wild and are nomadic. They travel across from city to city. Atracting attention by killing and maiming then moving on. They are the scum of the supernaturals and they know it.

[b]Prowlers[/b] they have packs but are very different to a werewolf one. They pick one building and occupie it. They live in very cloase quarters. They think they are the highest in the food chain and in most respects they are. They eat every kind of person and animal. They have a strong heirachy. You cannot just choose to kill the alpha nd become the alpha. You have to move upwards or stay where you are.

[b]Witches[/b] have no name for them because it is very abnormal for more than 4 witches to be in an organization. They tend to act on there own.

thats all I can think of. Hope you guys like the more info.

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11/13/2005 1:18 PM

Cool, now lets go back to the story

12/03/2005 9:32 PM

Name: Ephan Ser
Age: 802
Race: Prowler
Sex: Male

Appearance: Human Form: He has bright amber eyes which seem to absorb more light than they reflect, short black hair, 6'2, 178 lbs. Blue jeans, black skate shoes, green athletic "A's Shirt". He has the appearence of an average twenty year old tan college student. Usually wears a black hat backwards. His countenance is dark as his first impression, as he is a homicidal maniac. He has a tattoo on the back of his neck of the letters "XUAT". They have significance. But only to him at the moment.

Background: He's been around for 800 years. He has enough history to write a thousand epics. He's started revolutions, he has burned empires, executed kings, slain villages. He finds himself here for an unknown reason. Drawn by something unknown. Maybe it might be just blood lust. He hasn't decided yet... He has met many prowlers in the past and has killed just as many. He finds it almost ironic, that he seeks mostly to kill his own kind, which freud would claim that he really seeks to kill himself.

Equipment: A single sword forged when he was 200 known as "Rose". He doesn't much need anything else as he is one of the strongest creations ever to exist.

12/06/2005 1:35 PM

I'm not so sure about this, he seems a bit like a character that would try to be the boss all the time. I don't think I understand his hatred for his own kind yet. He shouldn't be called 'one of the strongest creations ever to exist.' he realy should me called a extremely strong prowler not a strong creation. Maybe weaken him abit then he is fine.

12/10/2005 8:58 AM

Okay everyone I'm still here but I'm waiting for Thanis to return and post, don't want him to get left behind. So I'll give it 3 days from now, if he hasn't posted we shall move on without him. Sorry dude just want this RP to go well so much!

12/10/2005 2:34 PM

everyone wants that Balthazar, I'm glad you are still here dude

12/10/2005 3:53 PM

I want to wait for him.

12/15/2005 1:41 PM

hey boys, I'm gonna be out for a couple of days, too busy with college aps and stuff and I just can't get my mind in one place at a time, keep on going with the story I'll catch up.


12/17/2005 1:17 PM

Hey sorry for all the delays. Im a Marine and cant allways post. Thanx for the understanding. We'll miss ya Namiko, come back soon.

12/19/2005 2:37 PM

Back for holiday recess only my darlings lets make this story fun. Get me to the house already boys

12/20/2005 7:39 AM

welcome back

12/22/2005 2:35 PM

thank you Thanis its nice to be back, where is Balthazar anyways?

12/24/2005 1:48 AM

Good question. He hasnt been around for a few days. Im not sure if we should go a few posts with out him to keep things alive or what. I dont know were we are going with this thread anyway, I think it needs to move just a smidge faster into the main plot...just my opinion, I could be wrong! :)

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12/24/2005 8:37 AM

Yeah I think we could make a couple of things a little bit more interesting lol, but then again, its Balthazar's story we are just part of it, try sending him a message

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01/02/2006 4:30 AM

HERE'S JOHNNY! Sorry I mean I'm back. I feel the same way, but I want all the formalities out of the way so we can get down to the nitty gritty! So just a few more posts about backgrounds then we go hunting!!

01/02/2006 1:16 PM

Your name is Johnny? XDDD, anyways welcome back, now we have Thanis missing great, so I'm a sitting duck until you guys talk about whatever you guys have to talk and then decide if I'm turning or not, its only gonna take a post so it will be short and clean. Lol, I'll just check around once in a while

01/05/2006 9:18 AM

Hey guys, I have a few more posts in me for then next couple of days. Im going to Houston for a training deployment (Im a Marine). So I'll try my best to keep up to date but cant make any promises.

01/06/2006 10:41 AM

No "HERE'S JOHNNY!" is a quote from a film called the shinning. And ok, we can do the turning while your away.

01/21/2006 9:49 AM

"Honey, Im home!"

01/28/2006 10:49 AM

Ok Im sorry but your last post just confused me. WTF is going on??

02/02/2006 6:19 AM

I don't know what its going on either maybe because I'm sick. Sorry guys but you'll have to have patience with me since I caught the flu while in NYC so I'm out for one more week.



02/04/2006 12:21 AM

Bad Namiko, Bad!!!

02/15/2006 11:25 AM

Okay I'm feeling a little better now, I've been in bed all week so I guess that helped.

02/15/2006 3:10 PM

hello, I was curious if it is too late to join in?

02/15/2006 3:22 PM

I don't think is too late to join. You post your character infor and then wait for Balthazar to see if he likes it ^_^

02/15/2006 4:27 PM

Name: Samuel (Sam) Silmiras
Age: 32
Race: Human (aware)
Sex: Male

Appearance: A strongly built man of his age, he acquired numerous scars in his battles with what he calls The Others. His usual attire consists of a T-shirt and worn blue jeans. his short-cropped hair is designed like the rest of him, built for survival and combating the Others. His black boots (brought for 12 dollars at an army surplus store) are a size 11 and he stands at six feet tall.

Background: He became aware at a young age when his parents were brutally murdered by a raving pack of lichen. After that he worked odd jobs, some legal, some not so much, in order to survive. When he had sufficient funds to supply him, he quickly learnt all he could of this dark underworld. He has used rudimentary spells in order to gain acceptance and eliminate groups of mainly the magic users. And when confronted by the other types of creatures, or he doesn't feel in a particularly adopting mood, he resorts to his weapons first. Also has a slight knack for picking up things he considers valuable from the Other's hideouts.

Equipment: A Knights Templar sword, usually worn on his belt, along with a car full of emergency goodies such as guns, blades, and spellbooks, the car being a 1966 Thunderbird original which he takes an extreme amount of pride in.

Spells: Despite a vast wealth of knowledge buried somewhere in his car, Sam has mastered one main spell; the Arcandium Lunitarundis- a spell designed to sound, look, and act far more complex than it is. It shoots out a flash of light to temporarily blind nearby enemies. Other books in his trunk are usually used as bargaining chips.

*I can change anything you want.

02/19/2006 9:02 PM

Well I like the sound of your charactor. I think he will go well with our small yet growing coven of missfits. If, that is, your willing to join the darkside. lol...

02/20/2006 8:17 AM

Hehehehehe, good one Thanis. And yeah I like his character too but where has Balthazar gone too, I mean we can't admit a character, unless someone pm's him. We need to get this thing moving and yeah I would like to see him turn to the bad side.

02/22/2006 2:05 AM

Yeah, I feel ya. Where did Balthazar go?


Lol, that rymed...sorry im a loser.

03/01/2006 4:48 AM

You are not a loser Than, anyways I have to give news so might as well get over it with. I'm starting college next week in Ecuador and I'm not going to be able to come as often. Someone just send me an e-mail whenver Balthazar decides to show up.

03/02/2006 1:06 PM

Ok, well have fun. We'll try to keep you up dated. :)

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