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10/18/2005 1:35 AM

Rome 1133 AD
Rome is in the grip of the Antipope Anacletus II, the German King Lothair II arriving with Pope Innocent II found the gates barred against them - more details can be found on many history websites.

To join, join as a mortal and make your life interesting enough so that one of the current vampires takes an interest in you. If is then up to them whether you are sired or eaten.

You can only play one vampire.

You can play as many mortals as you want even after you have been sired, however your vampire cannot feed on one of your mortals (that would be too easy).

We can make up more rules as we go along.

So write a little bit about your background in this section and plug away with an interesting entry in the RP section and see what's biting.

10/18/2005 3:39 AM

Mind if I join in? Here's my character

Name: Davian Alkatraz
Hair: White
Skin: Caucasian
Clothes: Black coat
Weapons: Katana and fistblade
BIO: This man is very dangerous, and is known to be a saintkiller. He has murdered 722 men of the cloth after his family was burnt because of a rumour. He is currently being shipped into the port as a prisoner, awaiting trial from the pope. The stench (or aroma?) of unholiness srrounds him. He isn't a vampire, but he's the closest thing to it.

10/18/2005 5:30 AM

Sorry but I found it impossible suspend disbelief when reading this bio.
He is more like a manga character than a person from the Middle Ages. Tone it down a bit and address the anachronistic elements (katana and reference to the Pope who is not actually in Rome).
If you are going for the tragic element, then make people feel sorry for him.

10/18/2005 6:05 AM

Name: Kuvanu Readas.
Age: twenty-six
Race: Caucasion.
Weapons: Long bow strung across her chest. Quiver that holds a seemingly endless amout of arrows.

Physical desription: Kuvanu is a typical Romanian Female warrior with a lust for blood and violence and death. She looks as if she is a vampire having her teeth slightly grown it looks as if she has fangs. She has a shortsword on her left hip and another on her right. She has Dirt brown hair trailing to her shoulders and gently flowing resting there. She has feint red eyes that have an almost red glow to them. Her teeth are white as fresh snow and her body is thin. She has a small nose and lips. Her clothing consists on leather boots upto her knee's, A leather skirt (Brown.) and leather tunic. She wears a small necklace that has a ruby with her fathers blood on it. Showing how she killed him and massacered her family while she was under control of a vampire. Her skills with a sword and bow are both pretty advanced.

Bio: you will find out in the story...

Occupation: Deamon hunter, Vampire lover 8).

10/18/2005 11:23 AM

Ouch, the pain! My tongue is bleeding...

Anyway, here's my character;

Name: Ennio Caruso

Age: 26

Physical Description:

Ennio has dark brown hair and green eyes. His appearance is very somber looking, yet quite handsome. He stands at just over six feet tall and is an average healthy build of about 175lbs.

Background info:

Ennio is the only son of a rich and well known nobleman. Ennio's father, Alberto is an elderly man who is respected by most of Rome's upper class hierarchy.

Alberto and wife Esta were unable to bear a child until quite late in life. When Esta finally fell pregnant, some rumours spread that the baby was the result of an affair. Regardless of whether this was true or not, Alberto remained loyal to both Esta and Ennio. While still a young child, Ennio's mother Esta became sick and died.

As Ennio reached adolescence, he became more and more disobedient towards his father. The boy was forever running away from home, only to be found causing trouble with the likes of common street urchins. He had absolutely no interest in mixing with the upper class of society, and if forced to would be quite rude, causing public embarrassment for his father.

Once Ennio reached manhood, his determination to get away from life as the son of a nobleman became too strong for his aging father to deter. Ennio rarely visits his father these days. Rumour is it that the young man is heavily involved in Rome's underworld. Some say he even controls his own organised network of prostitutes and thieves within the city.

Is that all okay, Mica?

10/18/2005 4:54 PM

Name: John Challe

Age: 23

Physical Description:

Medium hieght 5'6", and of a light but strong build. Dark hair, grey eyes, and rough features.

Race: Latin, French/Spanish mix

Equipment: Chain maille, white tunic with red cross, dagger, short sword, Crucifix necklace, alms.

Background info:

Born and raised amongst the poor serf class he was a dedicated christian and obeyed the church. At a time when religious ferver was at its peek John was one of the many who was enlisted into the use of the crusades. Being part of the new order of the Temple Knights in the Holy Land he was trained in the ways of their martial prowess and also mystical arts. There are reasons why the church gave them special sanctions, they had a job that none other could take on.

He was mainly kept away from the battlefields though, working amongst the farmers and assisting the priests. Since their numbers were still small during this time John was employed to assist with the transport of missionaries. On this occasion he has just finished escorting a group of travelers back to Rome. Here he plans now to wait around for another group which would soon depart back to the Holy Land.

lol, I love being catholic ;)

[Edited by Aaron on Tuesday, October 18, 2005 5:28 PM]

10/18/2005 11:28 PM

Okay, sorry. I'll cange that....

Instead of a katana, it's a longsword.
Instead of the pope, it's a bunch of cardinals.
And no, he's not a tragic character, he accepts his place

10/19/2005 12:09 AM

Sakura_Shadowstealer - While a romanian tavern sounds lovely - this adventure starts in Rome - on the other side of Italy, so you will either have to find a way of getting there or carry on your story till something comes to you. Creatures of the night are not ten-apenny. This I feel dilutes the importance of the characters.

Flark - cool character. He has just enough flaws to get him into trouble and enough love of life to spark a vampire's interest.

Aaron - I think that a Templer will fit in quite nicely one way or another. They have only been around for a couple of decades and Hugh is probably still alive somewhere. I'm not sure when they got official papal blessing.

Tarott - fair enough.

10/19/2005 2:26 AM

lol, like I said I love being catholic, I believe they got their blessing in 1128, or at least I know that was when they went to the Pope to ask for more recuits. And as I figure my character has lived through four popes so far and at least five antipopes to be aware at least partially of the situation in italy in dealings with the Emporer from Germany and than also being of French origin knows who the rightful Pope is appointed and confered by the Cardinal Bishops instead of the Cardinal Deacons managed by facsist parties.

Though I was wondering, at this period in time mainly the use of the catacombs beneath Rome have been out of use for over a hundred years and basically forgotten by the mass publics. That being what is typically historically true, would it be acceptable of those who work for the church know of the faculties that the church has including a general knowledge of the Roman Catacombs??

10/19/2005 2:47 AM

All sounds reasonable - go for it.

I am primarily interested in starting a self-sustaining thread rather than dictating the plot of the game so add as much as you want if you feel it will add depth to the game - it is clear that you know what you are on about. :)

10/19/2005 9:02 PM

Name: Diane Olau

Age: 22

Weapons: She carries a short rusty sword, a pocket of lockpicks, and a couple of daggers hidden under her clothes.

Physical Description:

Diane has dark curly brown hair and gold eyes. She is 5'4', slim body, very flexible, and has fair complexions making her look quite beautiful. S

Background info: Diane's parents were killed by a group of theifs as they were robbed of their possesions. Diane, a orphaned infant, was spared by the leader of the group. She was taken in and raised among the theifs. Once the leader of the group had died, she was brutally beat and left in the streets. She managed to regain herself from the beating and carry on with the only way of ife she knows of, stealing and manipulating others.

A reputation follows her, for she is the most wanted theif. She has stolen many valuable jewels and great amount of gold. So far she has managed to kill 20 nobles, who interfeard wiht her plans or caught her at the moment. Her profession is still fresh, but very well known. Many other group of theifs had tried getting her killed, for her skilled were learned from the best. Her life is always in danger, she keeps cautious for both soldiers and theifs want her head on a platter.

Is that ok? I open for any suggestions.

10/20/2005 5:20 AM

Name: Diane Olau

Okay, post when ready.

10/20/2005 8:46 AM


I open for any suggestions.

Hey, if you like you can refer to my 'extra character' Giuseppe as leader of the group of thieves who are hunting you. I would like to remain primarily in control of him, but feel free to use any referances and I'll play along. No worries if you choose not to take me up on the offer, but I just thought it would be fun and make things a little more interesting.


Ah ha ha, maybe that's not such a good idea afterall! Can you tell I read the OOC first? Nice one Mica. ;)

[Edited by Flark on Thursday, October 20, 2005 8:56 AM]

10/20/2005 5:34 PM

Thank you, that would make things a bit more interesting and help my character in making her entrance. Instead of adding more 'extra characters' as you say.

10/20/2005 5:41 PM

LOL, too bad the G thug was just killed...oh well. Hmm I think Im gonna have to find a way to get the setup for such a religious dude to meet the vamp on my own...soon enough soon enough...patience, no need to rush..hehe.

10/21/2005 3:10 AM

Hi Tarott/Davian,
I think that you have missed the point of a historical medieval rather than pure fantasy setting. This is meant to be as mundane as possible with the exception of the vampires. I really should have pushed the point earlier, but killing more than a dozen priests would have been unheard off. A good fighter is one thing a manga character is another.

Also being a warlock completely destroys the importance of vampires as something beyond belief.

Essentially (in my mind anyway) the core of a good medieval vampire story is that the vampires are very powerful and the only hope humans have is luck, religion (when it is pure) and numbers.

Oh, cigars - not around for a good few hundred years.

Please adjust your post.

10/22/2005 12:14 AM

the only hope humans have is luck, religion (when it is pure) and numbers.

LOL, hence why my character is part of a Holy Order before it was deemed corrupt, has managed to live throgh long treks ((Jerusalem to Rome)) and is part of the Catholic Church which reaches to the ends of the known world.

killing more than a dozen priests would have been unheard of.

This is true, the priests had more power than the local barrons. That and no one had a problem with a single priest because those where the ones which enteracted and aided the common practicioner. People had issues with the Cardinals and Bishops. If for some reason two priest were MURDERED in a local area all hell would of broken loose. that is of course only in the mainland of europe, it was common to hear of missionaries slaughtered by the locals such as was in England but at this point all of Europe was under Christian domain. In general the Catholics of that time period arent as bad as most protestants make them out to be...that and very few people had even a few hundred kills if even a hundred...mostly they used scare tactics.

As far as Demons, its nothing mythical, I can tell you that each Diocese has its own exorcists to deal with such things. As for witchs, back in that time 'witches' were completely different than those new age witches of today. Back than it was something cultural, and though there were those who did find a way to slip through, the main culture was that of Christianity so that witches were basicaly those pagans who still held true to the old gods. The thing with the catholic church was that it seldom changed customs, but rather it changed the focus....dont think i need to delve into that.

[Edited by Aaron on Saturday, October 22, 2005 12:56 AM]

10/25/2005 1:20 AM

Flark - sorry for the undignified siring but could not think of a faster way of getting Ennio alone and thought that the thread could really do with its first player vampire.

10/25/2005 4:22 PM

Flark, it's ok. his death actually made me think of a good intro. So either being alive or dead would have helped. I hope my first post was ok.

10/25/2005 8:58 PM

I'm kind of looking for a fairly slow-paced RP to get myself back into the RP groove with, would you mind if I joined? Probably won't post consistently, but....yeah...

10/25/2005 11:47 PM

Sure, create a character.

10/27/2005 3:39 AM

Flark - sorry for the undignified siring but could not think of a faster way of getting Ennio alone and thought that the thread could really do with its first player vampire.

That's okay, Mica - although I must admit that my knowledge on vampires is not all that extensive. Part of my reason for joining was to find out more on the subject. Since I'm to go first, is there anything important I should know about being a newly sired vamp? How should I react and how long until I become a full vampire?

10/27/2005 4:04 AM

This is closer to Interview with the Vampire/Dracula than Masquarade so keep it traditional.

Crosses etc - it is the faith of wielder that is important, so a Star of David wielding Kaballist will still affect a Christian vampire. Same rules for the holiness of the location and blessed ground.

Young vamps cannot stay awake during the day - that comes with time, but they will always be weaker by day.

One final thing stakes and sunlight - yup they destroy a young vampire - powerful vamps may only be 'torpored' by stakes and become immune to sunlight.

You are now the only other vampire in the whole of Rome - have fun.

10/27/2005 4:31 AM

You are now the only other vampire in the whole of Rome - have fun.


10/27/2005 8:53 AM

Okay, I'm working on a character sheet now:)

a Star of David wielding Kaballist

Not to be nitpicky, but Star of David is a cultural symbol, not religious. A Chai would be more appropriate, but it's your RP. *shrug*

10/28/2005 12:15 AM

Not to be nitpicky, but Star of David is a cultural symbol, not religious. A Chai would be more appropriate, but it's your RP. *shrug*

The star (Magen David) is a new invention - post 17th century for the most part unless I am mistaken, and various symbols have been imposed on jews by European culture since the Middle Ages.

This said it is not the symbol that is important. The kabalist may be armed with a Magen David, the Torah or even a prayer - as long as there is something that can be used to focus his faith he can wield it. In the words of George Michael: You gotta have faith, oooohh ooh you gotta faith, faith, faith... baby.

10/28/2005 2:31 AM

See so like in this time period in a place like Rome, you can go and feeed on a cardinal or a bishop, reason being is that their faith is more in the temporal of man in stead of that of God...hence all the political blunders of that time. However the peasant who truly believes in in the prayers to Our Lady and the Cruxifiction than wielding a Rosary, or string of prayer bead is as bad as sunlight.

and I apoligize for my delay in posts. Just to be clear we are all on the SECOND night correct?

[Edited by Aaron on Friday, October 28, 2005 2:55 AM]

11/17/2005 7:06 AM

Flark, if we do not get any response from Tarot soon or some other interuption to the scene - feel free to munch Davian.

11/17/2005 10:12 PM

I'm back guys..... sorry I thought you'd kicked me out after the little 'incident'. You are the boss, so I wont complain..... Consider me an obediant subject....

12/07/2005 9:14 PM

I'm sorry for my absence, but I had some personal issues. This rp is very interesting and I've noticed that it has been either been abandoned or put on hold. I'd really like for it to continue.

12/08/2005 8:31 AM

Fear not good peoples, for the Flark is here also... :P

Sorry I hadn't got around to posting, but I also thought that it had been abandoned. The other reason for my delay was that I didn't really want to kill Tarott, especially since there are so few of us. Anyway, I've got an idea now so I'll get to it. :)

12/08/2005 12:40 PM

Well my character was left in a pending state...so yeah kinda had to wait for a responce. I dislike control posting unless it is required. So yeah.

12/08/2005 2:29 PM

OOC: Does this mean I'm a vampire now, or am I just skrewed?

Not sure matey, I guess it's Mica's call. If he doesn't turn up soon, I'm happy for you to become a vamp...

12/09/2005 4:55 PM

Aaron, I'm sorry, I thought you were in a seminary. I think I got confussed. I feel dumb now, thought it's a good thing Diane's a little out of it. I guess that covers up, heh.....

[Edited by OneBeautifulSoul on Friday, December 9, 2005 4:57 PM]

12/11/2005 3:37 PM

No you are right, my character was in the seminary. Its just that there was nothing that directly told your character that she was in a seminary...besides the fact that she collapsed outside of one. Thats why I was saying there were other possibilities, seeing as how nearly everyone knows there are no girls allowed in seminaries.

((I was actually in one for a while.))

12/11/2005 4:45 PM

Oh, alright that clears thing up. Your right about nothing directly telling my character where she was. Thanks for that, I'll try to prvent it in the future.

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